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Thanks you for mentioning all days related to climate change and we can really learn from it. I... EARTH DAY: How to Save Earth 19/5/23
I think AI should not copy other artists style because the original will done with their hard... Inspiration... or stealing? 07/5/23
I think there should be restriction on key public services Strike like doctors and fire... Can everyone strike? 30/4/23
I am choosing Nev for going to strike for emergency services .In hospitals if they go for strike... Pick ONE person 28/4/23
I think if strikes can happen everyday it may affects many children and old people. It can... Can everyone strike? 26/4/23
I think everyone has there own right to strike for there problems.Strikes may be carried out in... Can everyone strike? 26/4/23
I think people in the metaverse should be in the same standards as in the real world because... A new realm to rule? 18/4/23
I think metaverse will be Very good for the world because ,The metaverse will help take... The metaverse: marvellous or madness? 17/4/23
My opinion not to have many law based on climate change because change in climate is temporary... Earth Day poll results! 14/4/23
I think there should be hub discussion about saving water and saving plants because there are... Suggest a discussion 12/4/23
My idea is not to use this law because per day we will use electricity time to time ,In hospital... The law in your hands? 11/4/23
The simplest and easiest ways to reduce carbon food print by 1.Avoid using plastics 2. Use ... Climate change in your country 11/4/23
To Cope with the heat in the summer by taking cold food and drinks or use cold water to make our... Climate change in your country 11/4/23
1.Our Country is affected by Changes in weather and climate that leads us to live in risk. Heat... Climate change in your country 10/4/23