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I suggest that strikes are not always the best solution because you can strike and you can't... Strikes are not always the solution 14/5/23
first of all, nepotism is the practice among those with power or influence of favouring... Where does nepotism start? 09/5/23
Teens agree that social media has taken away from the time they could spend with friends in... Teenagers and social media 07/5/23
I think the kings should not have absolute power because they might use it to rule people the... The role of royals 07/5/23
young people should share their opinions about the news there are many things that their elders... STEP TWO: get ready for the competition 06/5/23
students can contribute to saving the earth by by reducing waste by reusing, recycling and... Save the planet 06/5/23
instead of using things that use non renewable resources, people can walk . to add on that... Save the planet 06/5/23
in Uganda, some doctors are underpaid due to their low pace at work because they have the... Working conditions 05/5/23
i think the best ways for people to reduce on their carbon footprints in Uganda are consuming... Climate change in your country 04/5/23
I agree because... he is bringing out good vocabulary and i think his next points will be more than this. Climate change in your country 03/5/23
AI helps artists to experiment with new styles and techniques. AI tools are also being used to... Student suggestion 03/5/23
Undoubtedly, AI tools are having a major impact on the art world. for example, they allow... Student suggestion 03/5/23
I believe that we need the artificial intelligence because it has the potential to open the... Student suggestion 03/5/23
if the workers cant protest they cant achieve their goals because some of their bosses are to... Can everyone strike? 28/4/23
like of the recent news in Uganda, i heard that most members of parliament have been striking... Can everyone strike? 28/4/23
Most parts of Uganda, experience tropical climate characterized by stable rainfall patterns. The... Climate change in your country 26/4/23