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  • Does the AI affects people or the people that have used it how did they get it

    1. First, I would like to thank you for this question, and secondly, I will answer your question
      1 negatively affects their talents because they may have hidden talents and through artificial intelligence they will not be shown
      2 removes creativity and art from society
      3 will not be important in the future for artists
      But it has advantages, including
      1 saves time and effort
      2 facilitates drawing
      3 Low price (I think)

      1. What determines the value of art, enigmatic_duck?

        1. I like your question🧡
          The value of art lies in the feeling, creativity and thinking of the artist.

        2. The value of the artwork is influenced by the aroused emotions evoked within the audience.Another relevant element of art value is societal meaning. Art indeed is a means of communication, as it passes ideas, values, feelings, concepts, which might be received differently by each observer but still propels thoughts concerning society and human condition. When producing art, an artist shares a story, beliefs, cultural elements and the moment people discerns it, they also understand it and devise their own stories, sentiments and mores. Besides, the social value of art comes from the size of gathering individuals for the purpose of a mutual experience.

        3. I liked your question very much, and I will answer it from my point of view, many things that determine the value of art, such as
          1 Moral expression and scenes in the drawing
          2 colors used in the painting
          3 The opinion of the people in the painting
          4 The emotional feeling that is present when the artist paints the painting
          5 techniques used in painting
          Like the Mona Lisa painting
          1 The beauty of the painting
          2 painted by human art
          3 The expression denoting an old farmer
          4 When you look into her eyes, she moves with you
          And other wonderful things

        4. I liked your question. Some of the topical talkers answered that the feeling and creativity emanating from an artist is what determines the value of art, and I agree with them.. But I had an idea that might increase the value of this art.. What if a basic scientific subject was included in the College of Fine Arts about artificial intelligence And how can it be used to improve drawing.. I think that if this intelligence is used by a creative artist.. here artistic talent will meet with artificial intelligence and the result will be creativity without borders.. I would like to know your opinion of my idea?l will be happy if you tell me your opinion.

        5. International art standards contain the beauty of the painting and the use of techniques that preceded its era, such as Van Gogh's painting and Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, which relied on showing the third dimension and depth, as well as its rarity. The money that people pay to buy them, and you also find that the story is the most popular thing about artistic paintings. The abundance of legends and stories makes us enjoy looking at a painting, contemplating the details of the story in it.

        6. A great question, but the real question is, will the use of artificial intelligence reduce the value of art and artists? The value of art may not be understood by many people except artists because they are characterized by an artistic view. They delve deeper into the meaning of paintings, unlike us, but what makes us appreciate art? You think that the Mona Lisa is famous, or let's say what is special about it is that his Mona Lisa is unique because it made us feel the realism of the painting. If you move in any direction, you will feel that the painting is watching you wherever you go. The artist reflects his feelings in his paintings. Why, because artificial intelligence is just a machine that will not work except through specific programming, that is, its thinking is limited, unlike artists who find inspiration in anything, and here we know that the one responsible for artificial intelligence is a human being. Distinguished thinking, if he makes a machine, then this means that he can invent something that is more distinctive, or prove to the world that he has the ability to manufacture a machine and overcome it.

          1. I believe that because the use of AI is increasing, most kids/ teenagers who want to become artists won't be able to because by the time they are fully grown up the use of AI would be increased and your normal jobs wouldn't be available, as AI would have basically taken over the world, i mean we are in 2023, and the use of AI has been made basically everything. By the year 2025 we'll probably be having a robot scanning our food shopping, and giving us service in restaurants. It's incredible how Artificial Intelligence works, but we don't want it taking us over.

        7. In my point of view, the thing that determines the value of art is the meaning of the painting and the feelings of the artist who painted this painting. Also, this value and this meaning change from one person to another, and this is according to different points of view and opinions. In my opinion, this is a very beautiful thing that we can Interpret any painting through our feeling towards this painting .

        8. For me art is the expression of human creative skill and imagination, in a form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or "EMOTIONAL POWER", I made emphasis to the emotional power, because I think art is meaningless and worthless if it does not portray emotions and have the ability to make the viewer of the art work understand what the person felt before making such at artwork, even though many have different opinions about things, which I to respect as much as possible and I believe everyone too should.

      2. I don't think so. Even though, every thing in this world will always have a positive and negative side and I believe it will even bring the hidden talents in them. How? When you think of something as in what you intend to draw you click on your AI it's gives you the insight of what you want,with that, you are able to see where and where you need to add some finishing touches.
        It can't remove creativity and arts from the society because it been in the society and will always be.What A I did was to make creativity and arts easier and faster. You don't have to over work your self in thinking too much before you could create. moreover,it has it own challenges, because you will also need to learn how to use it before you could use it.
        Let's wait and see what the future have for us. 😊 May be some thing more than AI will emerge in future.
        Seriously, a lot of advantages
        Saves time, energy and accuracy

      3. Thank you for your comment I think you are right when you say AI is cheaper. But actually feel more proud of yourself if you make something by your with your two hands than using AI.
        Its human beings that created AI so they have more imagination and creativity than what they made.

      4. No, I think that it will develop more arts and technology, and perhaps they will use art in drawing their drawings in art, and then use it in technology, and it is also important in our lives as human beings.

    2. Thank you for asking this question.
      I think that the AI affects people greatly in some aspects of their lives.
      For example:
      1. The AI helps us youths with education greatly. For students who have different types of phones. For example. The iPhone, the iPhone has a built in AI system in it and it's name is siri.
      2. The has helped us to create cures that prevent humans from dying and that has reduced the average deaths all around the world.
      3. The AI has now become able to solve global problems around the world.

      1. I agree because siri is the Ai in an iphone but the question is can siri hear and see everything we do and is siri or any Ai bot controlling us? well we will never know.

        1. Can we know this? How would we go about finding out?

    3. I believe that it will not affect people negatively, but it will affect positively and make them more developed and it is possible to change their lives for the better and make them developed people and this will facilitate life for people and facilitate communication

    4. Artificial intelligence might change our view on jobs because AI is being used in factories to make items quicker to produce. However, this takes away our ability to do 'said thing'and it deteriorates over time, being forgotten about. It is good that we have the ability to do things and not really let AI take over.

      On the other hand, it might be useful for contacting people in emergencies, calling for appointments with a doctor, and more. Sometimes the internet can be useful for getting research on topics that might have a lot of people commenting. After spending hours on the internet, you might feel like you need the internet. this when there might be nothing to stop.

      really likes the comment it is interesting😄

    5. Artificial intelligence’s impact on society is widely debated. Many argue that AI improves the quality of everyday life by doing routine and even complicated tasks better than humans can, making life simpler, safer, and more efficient.

    6. Your question is really interesting.
      Well as we know that artificial intelligence is an imitation of human intelligence and creativity.
      It helps us in many things. It also affects our lives greatly, as it allows us to process large amounts of data very quickly, in addition to helping to save many human lives, by improving the methods that predict the occurrence and strengthening means of dealing with disasters Before or after its occurrence, it also affects the world of food as it helps restaurants to predict consumer taste and encourages innovation in line with new trends in the food world.
      Artificial intelligence is not limited to affecting our daily lives, but rather affects many areas.
      A simple example is that it interferes In many activities related to art, such as evaluating works, creativity, and even reproduction.
      Artificial intelligence is also used in fields beyond our imagination.

  • I really want to know you guys point of view about AI and why do we really need AI???

    1. I think that our minds really have been translated into the need for artificial intelligence, just as we are today. We cannot give up our phones and we cannot live without them, but in the past they did not use phones. My mother always tells me that in the past phones were not of this quality and there was no Internet. I am really surprised and start asking her how were you You spend your time with timeWhich we cannot protect in giving up our phones or the Internet, because we were born in an era in which phones spread, so we need them a lot, and also when artificial intelligence will spread in abundance, it will be difficult not to rely on it

    2. I also want to know everyone's point of view about Ai how does it affect people

    3. Good question!
      I believe that we need artificial intelligence, especially in our daily lives, because it facilitates daily life:
      Where artificial intelligence has provided us with many important applications that have facilitated our lives in many aspects, the smart phone is the biggest proof of that.
      And also in the field of medicine and medical care:
      Where artificial intelligence systems provide medical care to humans; This is through surgery simulators, applications that help detect neurological disorders, and radiosurgery applications that help remove tumors without harming the surrounding healthy tissues.

      1. I disagree because As you said, the smartphone is good, and I do not agree with you, because if you look at the real world, you will find that it is a cause of corruption in the nation, and the biggest evidence is that it is a cause of autism and isolation, but I agree with you in medicine and treatment, but it also causes unemployment and a small error in the computer may lead to wrong medication and then death, unlike a group of Doctors talking to each other

    4. Yes, I think that artificial intelligence is useful and negative for humans because it facilitates our daily lives and saves time and effort and many areas. Certainly, people need artificial intelligence. Without artificial intelligence, people would not draw information. I think that what is bad about it is imitating human activities. I pray that you benefit from me.

    5. Great question well from my own perspective artificial intelligence is the ability of digital computer to perform tasks that mostly higher grades of animals can do e.g. humans and since AI was created by us humans we made it to ease our stress by programming it to think and perform actions that are similar or typical of a human being but remember that AI is not real that means it does not have a soul or anything like that so it cannot feel or express emotions and it cannot empathize or sympathize with normal people and for your second question do we really need A? and why answer is indefinite you see AI is a technological milestone in human's history of development and because to ease of stress we created a machine that has enormous capabilities and they can reduce time, energy and resources that we could have wasted doing the same thing but also AI has the capability to perform actions that humans can do and even more better and efficient than we humans and that is why we see AI in transportation, arts, creative writing and music, cooking and cuisine, health and even education and this is good because they won't ever be a case of strike, revolts or protests and they won't need to pay them but also AI increases the rate of unemployment in different sectors and we all the consequences that follow when people are sacked or released from their but rather than that AI actually is a good to society but another things is that AI can be used for the wrong purposes when given to the hands of fools and delinquents so it has to be closely supervised and safe guarded before our creation would be the cause of our whole extermination( just being dramatic) but seriously AI has the potential to be what could take this entire civilization to a whole new level. So do we really need AI it depends from which angle you look at it...

    6. My point of view towards artificial intelligence is: We now use artificial intelligence a lot, and many people currently depend on it. We need it in many ways, such as:
      1. Artificial intelligence helps us in our studies
      2. It helps people develop their arts
      3 . Helping people by giving them any information they need
      4. The abundance of games in artificial intelligence helped children enjoy their time.
      As you can see , today we are in dire need of artificial intelligence and its importance helps us in our lives.
      that is my point of view .

    7. My point of view of the AI is that it is just a type of robot that is just programed to be very intelligant and to do thing like humans and I don't think we need it .

    8. I like your question, well I think AI has a lot of importance, for example it makes high-performance computing possible, easily and affordably having loads of data available for learning.
      In addition to accelerating and facilitating business and providing a more comprehensive understanding of the available data flow.
      As artificial intelligence contributed to helping teachers and lecturers by liberating them from office work that often consumes a large part of their time. In addition to all that, he can process massive amounts of data effortlessly, with speed and efficiency far greater than any human being.

  • More and more people are investing time in art and more and more people are applying for art school. However, if the AI can produce a piece of art that we would do in days in just a matter of seconds, are artists relevant anymore? Why and why not? Feel free to share your ideas!

    1. I think that yes, everyone invests in art well, and also, yes, they are very suitable. Why? Art cannot be completely dependent on artificial intelligence, because it will greatly affect artists, so it will take great fame in the world, and no one will buy from artists or their works, so some of them will retire from work, but don't you think of mixing artificial intelligence and natural intelligence together? That is, for example, we create something from a person, so we make the artificial intelligence work half of it, and the other half is completed by the person, so in that way it does not become negative, but the natural intelligence and the intelligence of artists spread, so many people like it... But is it possible to answer yourself yourself? I would really like to know how you think........ Thank you

    2. I think that the value of a work of art is in the techniques and creativity, it is true that AI can produce really creative works, but nothing that a human being cannot do, with more or less time, but it can be done. What I was saying before, the fascinating thing about a work of art is the time, the dedication and the technique used by the artist, we have the example of the Sistine chapel that took years to be created and that is what is really impressive about the dedication of the artist when creating the work, surely if said work had been created by an AI it would not have had the great importance it has, since the story behind it is what a human is really attracted to.

    3. I think artists are relevant because artists create arts to convey how they think and feel about things which some AI are not programmed to do thanks.

    4. Yes, artists are still relevant today because, despite AI's outstanding ability to make art really, really, fast, nothing can ever replace the effort that people put into their work. Artists put all their time, efforts and emotion into creating their own unique, beautiful artwork, and it comes out amazing. The same way it took Michelangelo 5 years to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, time has value. I would much rather purchase a quality artwork that took time over a quality artwork that didn't. Wouldn't you?
      In the words of the great basketball coach John Wooden, "Good things take time, as they should..."

      1. agree with your point that artists are still relevant today despite the development of AI in art. While AI can produce art quickly and efficiently, it lacks the human touch and emotional depth that artists can bring to their work. Art created by humans is unique and carries the artist's personal style, thoughts, and emotions, making it more meaningful and valuable to those who appreciate it. It's also true that the time and effort that artists put into their work make it more special and worthwhile. In summary, AI may be able to create art, but it cannot replace the value of art created by human beings.

    5. Good question, if people use alot of their years in school learning something that can be easily produced by AI they will end up having no jobs to do and wasting their talents. This making the artist irrelevant but the artists is still relevant in society because AI cannot do everything that the artist can do like molding sculptures, mosaics landscaping and many more.

    6. Artists are still relevant, why, let me explain. AI technology has made significant progress in generating artwork, picture and music. It still lacks the creativity and human touch that is skilled to art. Nowadays, it's simply referred to as AI-generated art. Thanks to major technologies development in the field of generated AI system, just about anyone can produce stunning AI images, just like I said that it lacks on the creativity of human touch. So in this time and world of technological advancement has change the way we do certain things, a lot faster and easier, AI technologies has made artwork a lot faster and easier with just a matter of second, AI and human creativity go skillfully hand in hand to create beautiful art work. AI will not make artists less relevant in fact it will make them more relevant, I guess if the whole world is using AI as a tool in art, I think everyone is an artists.

    7. You can agree with me when I say that artist are unstoppable and limitless. They not just produce arts out of fun but out of emotion and passion for it, they invest their time and even money just to create this artpiece. The fact that AI can produce some piece of art in just a click doen't mean that they are more relevant than the people who originated the work. Of course AI produces beautiful art piece that are sentiment but artist are more sentimental in their work. The Guiness book of records was broken by Luca Fruzzetti who sent 5 month on an artwork, this art of emotion shouldn't be compared to am AI which produces some sort of art in just a bit of time. So yes, I strongly believe that artist are more and still relevant in the world today regardless of the invention of AI

  • No, I did not discuss, but I am following the development that is happening to the world, and I also have an application of artificial intelligence that turns pictures into artistic paintings. My question is: What is the relationship between artificial intelligence and data, and why is artificial intelligence important to everyone, and how are inventions and businesses arising from intelligence protected? Artificial, waiting for an answer....

  • I suggest that the field of art be in artificial intelligence for education, that is, to teach students or beginners the basics of art and methods of drawing, or by analyzing one of the drawings of famous artists to know how this artist drew this drawing, what colors he used, or did he combine any two colors together. I think this is the most appropriate way to learn art through artificial intelligence.

    1. I agree with you that AI can be a valuable tool for art education. By using AI to analyze the techniques and styles of famous artists, students and beginners can gain a deeper understanding of the creative process and learn new skills that they can incorporate into their own work.

      Additionally, AI can also be used to create interactive tutorials and simulations that allow students to practice different techniques and experiment with different styles. This can help to enhance the learning experience and make it more engaging and interactive for students.

      Overall, I think that the use of AI in art education has great potential and can help to democratize access to art education and make it more accessible to a wider range of people.

    2. I agree with you. Artificial intelligence is be the best way to teach people the basics of art. AI can really help teach more about art and its basics. Not only artificial intelligence can help, people can also help in teaching more about art like when it comes to the drawing and you make a mistake people like your teachers can correct you and make you understand better. So both AI and people can really help a person learn more about art.

    3. I can agree with that and at the same time see it as a disadvantage. Introducing the AI into the field of art will improve the efficiency of the students as well as the teachers. But, i suggest that for the beginners, they shouldn't be introduces to AI as an intro. They should learn the basics from fore hand artist and how they go about making arts successfully without depending on an invention to potray their talent will set and be a good start for them. Also they would be able to battle with their brains to do more work instead of relaying on artificial intelligence.

  • Artificial intelligence is an amazing application, but it is not supernatural. You may ask it questions and it does not answer them specifically (confusing and neutral answers). But my question for today... What is the application that is a means of talking to artificial intelligence... If you would like to respond, dear speaker and dear experts, please explain your response

  • since everyone has access to AI equality?
    because I had a discussion with a mate and she said since everyone has access to AI does that mean everyone is equal.

    1. If everyone has AI the artist and non artists will be equal and the artist will become irrelevant in some ways. Artists can make more improvements on AI and make creative art that the AI can't make.

  • A question I have about AI and the arts is art created by an AI really art if it takes ideas from other art pieces that have already been created? How exactly can it be art when someone has already created the idea and put their time and effort into their very own art. Does AI take away the value of unique personally made art?

  • I think an important discussion that should be talked about here is the replication of human voices by AI. It has started off relatively tame, but it does have the potential to ruin lives. There have already been replications of multiple presidents voices on Tiktok and they have been made into funny videos, but what if someone decided to try to frame a president for something they didn't do. Controversy spread like wildfire on social media, and it could have a political figure under fire for something they didn't do. Perhaps the scariest part of it all though is that the AI only needs a couple of seconds of audio to replicate a voice. If someone can discreetly capture audio of somebody else they can replicate their voice almost exactly. The only real disadvantage of AI voices is the tone that they speak in can be vastly different from the subject matter, and that can be changed in editing. All in all, I think that AI voices are a interesting topic that should be discussed for the festival.

    1. Yes, I agree with you, but I think that this is one of the disadvantages of social networking sites, and it is now in a dangerous stage because of the widespread and rapid spread of bad news and rumors, and this affects the psyche of any political figure, because they did not do anything, so they are criticized for something they did not do.

    2. Well I think it does have the potential to ruin lives, we are both coming from the same point of view, the sooner rules are made to guide the use of AI's the faster it will be to reduce the rate which it will ruin peoples lives, I also feel children should not be allowed to use such AI gadgets because it may just train them to feel that they can't basically live their lives without the help of AI, This will then reduce the rate at which they will want to work hard. Some AI's have emissions that may damage the world as we saw in the other climate change topic and earth we, what ever we do now should be good and an advantage to the earth as we have been privileged to learn about what human activities are doing to the earth in present day. If the rules are not made as soon as possible it will be a great disadvantage to many and the earth at large.
      >I think there should be a discussion on the rules we can device to guide the use of AI's.
      >The things the government can do to help.
      >A way which we can make people see from our point of view concerning the use of AI's

    3. I agree because the replication of voices may actually cause confusion in society and make people turn against each other leading to disunity and disagreements between one another which will affect society negatively...

    4. I agree with you, we need this discussion because there are people who have accounts on different platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter and Facebook, and many of them take the voices of certain characters or the shape of their face and put them in an inappropriate place, meaning that the character did not do that, but the corrupt people do that to ruin the reputation The personalities talked about, as it gets on the YouTube platform, there are many scandals for specific personalities, and all of them are through the installation of bodies, voices, or the shape of the face

    5. completely agree with you that the replication of human voices by AI is an important topic that should be discussed. As AI technology advances, we are seeing more and more examples of how this technology can be used to replicate human voices, which can have significant implications in many areas, including politics, media, and entertainment.

      As you mentioned, there is a real concern that AI-generated voices could be used to create fake news or even manipulate public opinion. The ability to create convincing fake audio can be incredibly dangerous, especially in the hands of people with malicious intent. For instance, audio deepfakes could be used to frame people for crimes they did not commit, spread false information, or even manipulate elections.

      Moreover, it is true that AI voice technology has the ability to create convincing replications of people's voices with just a few seconds of audio, which makes it much easier to create these deepfakes. This can be incredibly dangerous, especially if the audio is obtained without someone's consent.

      Therefore, it is important that we discuss the implications of AI-generated voices and how we can mitigate any negative consequences. We must explore the ethical and legal considerations surrounding the use of this technology, and create policies and regulations that ensure it is used for good and not for harm. Additionally, we should educate people on how to identify deepfakes and how to protect themselves from the risks posed by this technology.

    6. completely agree that the replication of human voices by AI is an important topic to discuss. While the technology behind AI voices is impressive, it does have the potential to be misused and cause harm to individuals and society as a whole.

      As you mentioned, the ability to replicate someone's voice with just a few seconds of audio could be used to spread false information or even frame someone for a crime they did not commit. This could have serious consequences, particularly in the political sphere where false information can quickly spread and cause widespread controversy.

      It is important for society to have a discussion about the potential risks and benefits of AI voices and to develop ethical guidelines and regulations to govern their use. This will require a collaborative effort between AI developers, policymakers, and society as a whole to ensure that the technology is used in a responsible and transparent manner.

      Additionally, it is important to consider the impact that AI voices could have on individuals' privacy and security. If someone's voice can be replicated with just a few seconds of audio, it raises questions about the security of personal information and the potential for identity theft.

      Overall, I believe that AI voices are a fascinating and important topic to discuss, but it is essential that we approach their development and use with caution and consideration for their potential impact on society.

  • After delving into my thoughts, I wondered about how artificial intelligence (AI) can influence the arts in the future. Will it lead to the creation of new art or a change in traditional forms?

    What are the tools and techniques used in developing AI to analyze works of art? Can this lead to new value being presented in art?

    Can AI be used in developing new works of art? And if so, what are the expected results of using this technology?

    Can AI simulate human creativity in art? Can art created by AI be considered true art?

    What challenges do artists and designers face in using modern technologies like AI? What are the positives and negatives of the collaboration between AI and the arts?

    Regarding the discussion I saw on Hub, I liked how they analyzed the impact of AI on creative industries, including art. I think it's interesting to explore ways in which technology can be used to develop art and culture around the world.

  • 1. No, Using AI to create art does not make someone an artist. It does not make somebody and artist because to be an artist, you need to make art by yourself and not to use an AI generated piece of art. To be an artist means that you should be working on doing you're own kind of work. Your're own portraits. Your own sculptures. You're own art. This is why using art that is generated by an AI does not make you an artist.

  • no, a person who creates are using ai is an aritst because your the one telling or typing it .AI is an artist. It's a creator, and it's an innovator. AI helps artists create more art, and it can help them improve the way they do so. AI can help artists find new ways of expressing themselves, or it can make discoveries that artists didn't even know existed—like what happens when you combine two colors together?

    AI is not just a tool for artists, though. It's a tool for everyone who uses art in their lives: from the novice to the professional.

    1. I agree with you AI is a remarkable technology with numerous benefits, but it can also be a double-edged sword that needs to be used with caution. Excessive reliance on AI in art may lead to the marginalization of human creativity and, therefore, must be balanced against the need to preserve artistic expression and originality.

  • 1. I don't because when someone draws art they put their name or signature under it.
    2. I think people will be more interested in art because the people can see the colorful art and make them feel like to do it. 3. Maybe AI will copy famous art and the AI can take the famous famous place and be the new famous art just in case something bad happens to the Old paintings.

  • I believe that everything has its pros and cons, so can you tell us about the cons of this topic

    I would also like to ask, do you think that artificial intelligence makers are hiding from us the serious negative aspects of this topic

    1. I think that its negative aspects are the lack of economy and the purchase in human art shops, which leads to the retirement of artists and the spread of poverty, etc. As for the positives, it inspires some people to art and diligence in it, and it works on the development of arts

      1. I do not think that these are the only negatives, as it is possible that the negatives that they hide are the negative effects of artificial intelligence on human lives and their relationships, and it may affect children's physical and mental health

        1. Yes, of course, this is sure that it controls our minds as children and youth But we can turn these negatives into positives in several ways For example, with the development of technology, mobile phones and communication sites have developed, which leads to a large number of alms on the Internet, but this can be a good friend for you and keep you away from the feeling of loneliness, etc. It is possible to benefit from information from the Internet, and also artificial intelligence can teach people the arts and make them artists and famous

    2. The cons I would say that is occuring slowing and might be a great disaster in the future will be robot dominance or better still AI dominance. Scientist are improving day by day and are working on different inventions to better the world. There have been recent development on the invention of workplace robots who will be in charge of the business activities instead of the humans doing it. This shouldn't suprise you because David Hanson succeeded in creating a human robot named Sophia, so with this, they would be aspired to do more work and great inventions which if not well programmed and reasoned well with might affect the coming generation.

  • Are there people who prefer to see art through artificial intelligence? Or do they prefer to buy art made by artists?

  • How are inventions and works arising from AI protected and what is the debate about intellectual property policies? This is my question

  • What is the importance of artificial intelligence?? Does it have positive or negative effects??? and what are they?? Will we need it that much in the future?

  • Imagine if it wasn't artificial intelligence... what would life be like and would it negatively affect many people or some people and why?

    1. I think it will negatively affect our lives because many people depend on artificial intelligence in many things and fields such as:
      1. A lot of artists will not be able to draw difficult drawings because they use artificial intelligence to make some ideas about these paintings
      2. There will not be many fun games for children
      3. The student will have difficulty learning some things in the academic subjects
      4. There will be no AI people talking to lonely people.
      As you can see, there are many negative effects in the absence of artificial intelligence, which is a blessing that we must appreciate.

    2. Artificial intelligence is a new thing in our lives, and it is not one of the basics of life. It's just a thing that imitates human intelligence to solve some problems, it was not like that before, and we continued our lives normally. We have intelligence, and our intelligence cannot be like artificial intelligence. We are much smarter because man invented artificial intelligence. Other than scientists who invented a lot of great things, and if artificial intelligence draws drawings, then we have artists who draw the most beautiful drawings, and we don't need them.

      In my opinion, it is natural for me to part with it, because it is not new in human life. A person has a mind, intelligence, and art that complements his life

      1. Well....but how will we keep up with the current technological revolution

  • Do you think AI-generated art has the same value as art created by human artists? Why or why not?

    1. Ummm Good question I believe not. It does not carry the same value as the original artists, because they are the ones who created and invented this art, as it is never compared to it. Human art is better than art and artificial intelligence. Human art depends on creating new things that did not exist before, but artificial intelligence and art is imitation or innovation of simple things inspired by nature or reality, but despite this, human art is much better.

  • Hello, as we know that artificial intelligence affects human creativity positively, and works to develop the mind and skills of humans.
    Well, the question here is:
    Can artificial intelligence tools replace the human mind?
    and can it serve many areas more than the human mind serves these areas?

  • As we know there are a lot of works produced by artificial intelligence and artists.
    Some deny the merit of the artists in the production of these works, as artificial intelligence has been used in many fields.
    So I want to ask, does the contribution of artificial intelligence in these areas really deny the work and creativity of the artists in producing these works?
    Who is credited with producing these works, is it artists, artificial intelligence, or both?

    1. In my opinion both artist and the artificial intelligence should credited because the AI uses its creativity to improve the artist work. As such if the masterpiece gets popular, the work of the origanal artist and the person that used the AI will both be famous and recognized. I also think in terms of income both should be compensted because the main work will be a represention of the artist and AI using the human creativity and AI

    2. well, that is a very good question, trying to bring about a balance between AI art and the art of the artist. First of all no one is to be condemned or denied credit in this case because as humans we are all unique in our various ways and seeing that the aim of AI is to become like humans, we the humans should also treat them like humans in order to encourage those that made them and as humans, we should encourage equality and fairness. The contribution of AI in those areas does not deny the work nor the creativity of the artist in producing the works rather, it just gives the artists more ideas and insight on what to do. AI has a wide range of imagination and due to the technological advancement, their imagination may supersede that of humans but they may not have the right emotion to express that and that is where humans come along, the humans can see where the AI is coming from or their idea and with the aid of their innate human abilities they can modify it and bring out the perfect outcome. With this, we can see that a balance and equality has been brought because both humans and AI have the chance to participate and with the aid of both human and AI abilities, we can produce a perfect art work of which both parties will be given plaudits or credited of.

    3. I agree because... I think both of them have their own signature and I think using AI as a tool for artists to create more interesting and attractive works and the results are really amazing! It can be used in art to create new and unique works of art. The use of AI in art is just the beginning, but the potential is great. Artificial intelligence will help artists make better decisions about what colors and materials to use when painting or sculpting their work. It would also allow artists to produce more realistic images by giving them more knowledge about what certain colors look like when mixed together on canvas or stone. Artificial intelligence has the potential to dramatically change the art world, and not just by creating more digital art. It can also help create new types of art

  • Did the inventors of artificial intelligence notice and explain its negatives and positives?
    Could artificial intelligence suddenly disappear?
    Are people going to like the idea of ​​artificial intelligence

  • Good!
    According to my research on this topic, my questions are:
    But what is the percentage of the contribution of artificial intelligence in these works and arts? Has it completely replaced the artist's genius? Or could he in the future?

  • I think that artificial intelligence is a very beautiful thing, through which we can express our opinions in a fun way and broadcast useful things to children because children act according to what they see on television, and it facilitated communication, learning, education, and the creation of devices that we did not expect to be able to innovate. This thing is very beautiful, but it can have disadvantages For example, if a person relies on artificial intelligence completely in terms of study and work, and it is also possible in terms of lunch, and blurs his creativity and thinking

  • This technology (machine learning) makes it possible to access and publish huge amounts of data and processes without the need for much human intervention. With the development of artificial intelligence, it has become possible not only to achieve improved results than was the case previously, but also to predict and even plan what can be done in the future.

  • I am thinking that can we exploit artificial intelligence properly and accurately? I mean by things that people benefit from in their daily life, for example, robots that can solve the complex of daily life. I ask you, my colleagues, are there useful things that we can exploit through artificial intelligence and be a focus of attention for people, as they say that artificial intelligence has become a part of our lives?
    I would love to hear your answers and opinions🤍

  • Will Artificial Intelligence be used in art education and others? And what motivated you to invent this amazing invention of artificial intelligence?

  • Do you think that artificial intelligence will attract many people around art? Because in my opinion, artificial intelligence is an attractive thing in all its forms if it is used in entertainment, education, or other forms and fields.

    1. Yes it will. People are attracted by advanced technology and one which is said to create art will obviously be attractive. Art was always thought to be something only people could do but not technology is beginning to mimic human activities which is most definitely attractive. AI art will also be attractive because of its creativity, an AI can create art that is novel and unique, giving artists access to new creative possibilities that may not have been possible before. But I think what makes it more attractive is that AI art constantly evolving. The technology is always changing, which means you can try new things and experiment with your artwork. This keeps things fresh and interesting for both artists and viewers alike.

  • Hello guys.
    I want to know your views on the topic (artificial intelligence).
    Do you think it will be useful or not?
    Does a person need artificial intelligence?

    1. Yes, I think that artificial intelligence is useful and negative for humans because it facilitates our daily lives and saves time and effort and many areas. Certainly, people need artificial intelligence. Without artificial intelligence, people would not draw information. I think that what is bad about it is imitating human activities. I pray that you benefit from me.

      1. Yes, of course .
        This is something that is negative.
        That is why I advise against imitation and other things, so that artificial intelligence is always positive

        1. Based on your comment, I am presuming that you believe imitation is a negative. But it can also be seen as a positive from a multitude of perspectives. For example, if artificial intelligence proposes a great art piece already produced by someone, I would feel proud that my work of art is honoured and presented to other people worldwide. Meanwhile, I would understand if the producer was not asked permission to magpie something. I would consider this plagiarism and theft but it is important to learn from others and generate more conceptual creativity by looking from different perspectives. So, terrific apple, I believe, you should reconsider the positives as well as negatives of the AI.

      2. I think it is sometimes wrong for artificial intelligence to interfere in many areas, as this will raise the unemployment rate for workers, and the number of graduates will increase without finding jobs, and this will affect the amount of their income, and the dependency ratio will increase significantly, which will lead to great negative results for the individual and society.

    2. Artificial intelligence is sometimes useful and sometimes negative on our lives, so it is useful when it helps us to know useful information that helps us grow our mind and mature thinking, but it is negative when it causes problems and causes domination via the Internet. Yes, it is development and technology, but it has negatives and positives. And I think that man does not need artificial intelligence much, because man is much smarter than artificial intelligence, because he invented it, and of course he is smarter than him.

  • Does AI have a negative effect on society?
    If AI does art what will be the artist source of living?
    since the ai has taken over many aspects including art , what happens to those who have passion for it ,will they go out and find a job that they will not do with passion?

    1. some good questions, I'm keen to know what your answers would be to your questions?

  • Indeed, when we were in the school library, I read a book that talks about art, and it gave me some important points and questions that I did not think of, and questions that came to my mind and I could not find a solution to them, for example a question How many arts and what are they? After the emergence of many, many classifications of arts developed by philosophers such as “Maurice Nednoncel” or “Emile Charter” or “Shellin”, “Etienne Soriot” presented us with his vision of classifying the arts, dividing them into seven, each carrying two degrees: pictorial / abstract
    And I found this question that is related to the first question What are the seven types of arts? There were only six arts in the beginning, and the ancient Greeks classified them for this classification, namely: architecture, music, painting, sculpture, poetry, and dance. After that, cinema was introduced as a seventh art to the list of these six arts. The Italian-French critic Richiotto Canudo, who was born in Italy in 1879 AD, but this question I asked myself What is the role of art in human life? Art contributes to refining and refining the general taste of the recipient, because art is beauty and the demand for it elevates a person to positive human values. 2. It also contributes to identifying community issues and the way to address those issues in ways that are self-friendly and attractive to take rootIn mind the noble human values.the art teacher asked Is music an art? Music is one of the fine arts and one of the most important things that express the people’s psychology and nature, and paints for us images of their feelings that speak of joys and pains, joys and sorrows, and it is the language of emotions that all nations of the world share in their different races and classes. Science proven.

  • I saw a small discussion on the HUB that I want to spotlight, I have modified it a bit -"Many people say that art requires fellings and emotions so art created by AI,printers or xeroxs machines should not be considered as art ?because the machine itself doesn't posses feelings or emotions.

  • In the class, we discussed many interesting questions, and I said to attend them so that you can learn from them, answer them, and benefit from them. Is artificial intelligence easy or difficult? And why?
    What are the harms and benefits of artificial intelligence?

  • Well, I think that AI serves a lot of areas, and there's a lot of business that AI produces.
    And of course, artificial intelligence serves many sectors, and these sectors benefit greatly from artificial intelligence. Therefore, artificial intelligence has a major role in serving society, fields and sectors.
    So I want to ask, how can sectors benefit from AI?
    Who are the main beneficiary sectors?

  • After my study of the subject of artificial intelligence, a few questions revolved around my mind: 1- What is the main goal of the idea of ​​artificial intelligence? 2- Did the idea of ​​artificial intelligence appear since the modern era, or since ancient times, and in what year and century did it appear? .