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World hunger isn’t an easy problem to fix, especially since a lot of people all around the world... Why haven't we solved the problem of world hunger yet? 24/11/22
As someone who doesn’t care a lot about having lots of cloth i find that i need about 7 items of... Sustainable style - be a designer! 24/11/22
Although I'm still a teen but it is still entirely possible for me to be able to raise a charity... Expert challenge: what could you do? 24/11/22
Well i think that there should be other beings in this world, cause i don't think that god... Space: a positive human future? 24/11/22
Personally, i think doctor shortages in my country are because of how hard it is to get into med... What causes doctor shortages? 24/11/22
Working conditions is one of the most important things to look out for when looking for work.... Working conditions: what’s acceptable? 24/11/22
As someone who enjoys this kind of stuff and aiming to be a doctor i find it pretty neat, but in... Would you…? 21/11/22
Space is the most mysterious thing in this world, i think it will be so beneficial for humans to... Space: a positive human future? 21/11/22
Watching world cup on tv is already so interesting and fun, but watching it first hand might be... Coming to a town near YOU! Or not? 21/11/22