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Working in medicine is not easy because a lot of people rely on your skills – however, that’s also why some doctors find it it so rewarding!

Our question to you for this discussion is simple: would you like to be a doctor or work in medicine? Why or why not?

Try to reflect on your learning from your classroom discussions and some of the other doctor-shortage discussions on the Hub!

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  • Your question here may be a dream for me during this period, and difficult in my country in particular. Certainly, the dream exists, but the requirements for that profession are very difficult. The beginning of the journey will begin with a specific educational rate requirement to enter the field of medicine, in addition to the exorbitant fees, and the high prices of tools and requirements for that study, or wait. To obtain a scholarship, we are living a dream that can become a reality and hope exists because I wish to become a doctor to treat my countrymen and serve the sick, and raise my national status in Arab and international forums...

    1. I loved your beautiful comment, and I hope that the conditions in your country will change and become better so that you can achieve your dream of being a doctor and maintain your determination, determination and success to become the most beautiful and creative doctor to serve the people of your beautiful country ...

  • Yes, I strongly desire, because it is a noble humanitarian profession that works to fraternize souls and breathe life into poor, weak souls.
    The medical profession is one of the noblest professions on the face of the earth, as the doctor in his white robe appears as an angel of mercy to the patient, and when seeing the doctor, souls calm down and feel reassured, as he spends his time, effort, and life as a price for the comfort of others, and the doctor must have many qualities in order to be Life is higher for him, because the medical profession was established with the beginning of human development and became a necessity of life, as there is no healthy life without the medical profession. When their loved ones are cured of life-threatening illnesses.

    1. I do not think that you are able to do that easily. You will find difficulties, problems and obstacles. This does not discourage you, but the years of study are long. I think it is 5 years. I wish you luck and success.

  • Would you like to be a doctor or work in medicine? Why and why not?
    I do not want this for reasons first, because of studying for many years in medicine, it is tiring and takes many years of a person's life.
    Secondly, I am afraid of using and handling medical instruments
    Thirdly, I am afraid that I will meet patients who cannot be cured or that they will die because of me. This is enough for me not to enter the field of medicine
    Although I love the position of a doctor in societies, there are reasons I would like to overcome before I go to university to study medicine.

  • I want to study and work in medicine. I think medicine is a beautiful but tiring path, but I will reach my goal and achieve my goal. I will do the impossible to continue medicine. I will learn oral and dental surgery. I think it is easy to do in my country because there are many private and public clinics in my country. And I fell in love with this specialty thanks to the dentist. She inspired me to get into medicine. I will do the impossible to become the best oral and dental surgeon in good, light and fast treatment. With determination and persistence, a person achieves what he wants, and this phrase sums up the woman's goals, whatever they may be.

    1. @bold_apple it's great to hear you have a real passion for dentistry! What education or work experience do you think you might need to achieve this?

  • I wouldn't want to be a doctor because it takes a really long time to train for being a good doctor and it's really stressful to know that if you mess one thing up, a person could die. On the other hand, it would be interesting to work on humans or giving them medicine because you could save dozens of lives. What do you think? Do you want to save people's lives by being a doctor, even if it takes a long time to become one?

    1. I agree with my comrade above . medical course in Nigerian universities take the most years ,its about six years and above .something as delicate as surgery needs a perfectionist for the job and perfectionist aren't made in a day. if you don't have a qualified personnel for the live saving duty then alot of lives will be wasted. and I as a person does not have the patience to be a perfectionists in that area .

  • I wanted to be a surgeon 3 years ago because I was watching a series about kids that got helped by doctors and they recovered from serious diseases everyday and I liked studying about parts of the body, but later I found out that they need 6 years of college. After a lot of work they go to work sometimes 12 hours a day and sometimes they work in the weekend too. Even if they are paid more then regular jobs they work a lot and they usually do that under pressure. On the second hand I think that it would be great to be a doctor because I can help people and it would be intresting, but as I mentioned earlier it is very hard. In conclusion there is still a small chance of me being interested in being a surgeon but I now have other interests too. The problems doctors face today has made my decison harder.

    1. I agree because I have been in the same situation. I wanted to be a doctor but due to certain factors such as poor salaries for doctors, length of the study period for medicine, cost of studying medicine, overworking doctors due to shortage, and poor working conditions that are present in my country, I don't think I want to study medicine anymore.
      I would like to know more about the challenges associated with choosing medicine as a career in your country. Is the cost of studying medicine in your country high too? Do lecturers of medicine usually go on strike in your country?

    2. I agree because... i have faced similar problems the way they work is out of this world and very stressful, believe it or not doctors are constantly learning, new information comes out everyday and they have to be well acquainted with them. My dad is a doctor and when I see the way he works to save lives it is encouraging but also intimidating, I mean what if i want to follow in his footsteps will i experience everything that he is experiencing.

    3. I think you should follow your dreams and also pursue your of being a surgeon don't look at the challenges that you need to face before you can become a surgeon, once you are determined there is nothing that should hold you back and also there is this saying that goes like this it says "change begins with me" look at yourself as the doctor who is going to make a change. Though doctors face a lot of problem what we should focus on is how we can tackle those problems.

    4. I agree because... I also want to become a surgeon in the future, and I can say that it is my biggest dream and the most difficult one to achieve. Your words made me think more about this field. It made me think whether I would give up this dream or not because
      The psychological pressure that will afflict me
      And I am a person who does not like to take a lot of time to achieve my goals, as I said that every day it took 12 hours to study, and this made me a little further from my dream of becoming a surgeon, but I will do the impossible to achieve it

    5. I believe that you should pursue your dream because it is your dream since your childhood. I want to tell you that heart surgery is also my favorite profession. God willing, I will become the most beautiful heart surgeon in the world. I don't care how much I work in a day however. What interests me is that I help patients and those who need treatment, and this is what makes me most happy to see smiles on the faces of others

  • I wouldn't like to be a doctor because is very hard and the doctors have big responsibilities but the most important thing is that people's life is in our hand. They have a big budget but this don't matter. I don't want to see people who die because of me.

  • I would like to be a doctor because I like to help people to save people who are dying. It seems to me a very hard job but at the same time very beautiful. During college you learn a lot, but when you become a doctor it's so beautiful, to see people you help happy and healthy, it's the greatest joy you can have.
    I would like with all my heart to be able to become a doctor , although I am aware that is very difficult.

    1. Hi Tranquil_Orangutan - I read your post about wanting to be a doctor. Do you know how to become a doctor in Romania? I know you say it can be difficult.

  • Personally I wouldn't like to be a doctor because:
    -it takes a long time to learn everything perfectly
    -You spend double the time than other people at university (6 years)
    -Saving peoples life is a job you cannot just bail on. People need you at all times.
    -Me and pressure aren't really best friends
    -Seeing poor people struggling with different disabilities would just upset me all the time.
    -Being a doctor is too of a big responsibility. I don't want to risk anyone's healthcare.

    With this in mind I can see why others may want to be a doctor because:
    -Being the hero in people's life is awesome 👌
    -You will get paid a lot. (If the country dosent underpay you)
    -You can help people with different sorts of problems
    -Can meet a lot of people. Maybe even make a friend for life. Social jobs make people happier.
    -you won't need to pay all those big expenses to do a check up since you yourself can do that.

  • No, I wouldn't, because I am pretty forgetfull, and I sometimes make mistakes because I am not paying attention, and I am afraid not to do something wrong.
    On the other hand, I would love to help people in need, but I'm sure I can do that from a different position. We can all make life better for people one way or another.

    1. it is nice to hear that you love to help people in need illuminated_chameleon! Can you think of an alternative job to a doctor that you would enjoy doing that helps people?

  • I wouldn t want to be a doctor. I absolutely hate biology. I prefer art. I am usually pretty calm, but I am definitly not the best person to remain calm under the presure of doing a surgery. I already have a path I would like to follow. I tryed to think of the good parts of being a doctor,but I didn t find any for myself. Helping people is wonderful, and I want to do that, but not by being a doctor. I wouldn t be a good doctor, because I would just hate everything I would do. I think I rather do what I like and be good at it, then do what I hate and be bad at it.

    1. I respect your perspective, it's your choice what you want to be but it's not about hating biology and it's not that you are bad at it, it's just that you want to do something that makes you happy and interested and that is the best way to live life, we shouldn't follow what makes others happy, we should follow what makes us happy and you are totally correct you can not just help people by being a doctor.

    2. I agree with you and respect your point of view, when we have people like you who know what fields they suit to perform their work efficiently, then nations will grow and develope fast. Being a doctor is not that easy job actually from many aspects and the most horrible is that you are responsible for life of your patients which is the most expensive thing they have. You have to make no mistakes because it will hurt their health and may cause death. Being a doctor is great job for whom is aware of what being a doctor mean and can realize what are the difficulties that faces him and know how to struggle it. I hope you can find your way and be a suitable person in a suitable place and help many poor people as you liked.

    3. I agree because Because your last words reminded me of a phrase that used to say, "Do what you love in order to love what you do." We, as people, have very different opinions, and each of us likes to go to his appropriate opinion and differ in opinions, dreams, and goals A blessing, its difference led to a difference in many fields and led to the making of this universe, and every person in society has its importance, as we see that the teacher teaches the students and creates a good generation from them The doctor treats patients, the janitor keeps the street clean, the architect builds and builds houses, and there are countless jobs that we take for granted, but they are really very important in our lives. That was my opinion, thanks

  • I personally wouldn't want to be a medical proffesional because first of all I cannot bear the pressure of a mere exam and they have to handle the pressure of having a life in their hand dangling between the grim reaper and life. Other than that the amount of stress and hard work isn't even near worth it when looked at from the pay point perspective and the extra 7.5 years of extra study adds up to the cons as I hate school right now and studying 7.5 more years to just go into those conditions! not for me.

    1. Thank you.. If you do not want to study medicine, how can we solve the problem of lack of doctors? And what is your goal in the future?

  • I wanted to be a doctor earlier but now I have changed my thoughts on it. Earlier I wanted to pursue medicine after school, and for that in my country we have to study hard to give an exam called NEET UG to get into a college which is highly competitive, then you have to study medicine for more than 5 years and if you want to do masters in any particular field of medicine, you have to again give an exam NEET PG to get into a college then you have to study 1.5 years for your masters. That's a process of 7 years, that is so long and I don't think our generation has so much patience to pursue this long course to become a doctor.

    1. generous_lime if you don't think your generation has the patience to study to be a doctor, how do you think the next generation of doctors will emerge?

      1. We would either have to decrease the time of impractical work like studying and giving exams and increase the efforts in practical experience by selecting students on the basis of their practical exams instead of making them study and give exams.

  • Would you like to be a doctor or work in medicine? Yes, my dream is to become a doctor because I love this specialty and I am happy and also my father has always called me a doctor and he is dead now and I want to realize his desire to become a doctor but the study of medicine is notIt's easy and you need a lot of money and long years to become a doctor, but I have to fight all these difficulties in order to achieve my dream and my father's dream as well, and that can treat and help people, and that's something that makes me very happy.

  • Would you like to be a doctor or work in medicine? Why and why not?
    Work is worship and honor for everyone who works.
    Medicine is a great human profession that no person acquires unless he strives himself and persists and studies for years and years with diligence and diligence.
    I have wanted and loved the profession of medicine since I was young and I loved this profession so that I can help patients and relieve their pain and ensure their comfort.
    And I would like to say in the end to every person who does not work or practice a profession that he does not accept
    ((Practice a profession that you love until you master it, and strive hard until you reach the goal of your dreams, for after hard work and diligence is a rest))

  • When I was born, I was born weighing 500 grams, and the chance of my survival was 1%. At that time, no hospital received me, and some demanded a huge sum of $15,000 just for my treatment. I stayed under special care for a whole month, and no one was allowed to visit me, so my situation was dangerous.
    Now I think how many people suffered from it and how many people died because of greed???How many children around the world die every day from diseases, including mild ones??? Where is the humanity that characterizes people??
    Until now, I still suffer from some diseases, but that will not stand in my way. I want to become a doctor who saves others for free, to let the world know that humanity still exists as long as there are those who believe in it. I want to become a doctor who does research and visits the world, treats the poor and the needy, treats those who cannot pay for treatment, treats every pain in the world and draws joy on everyone's faces

    1. This is a very noble intention aware_leaves. How would you fund the tools and medicines you might need to treat people? How would you make sure you had a sterile environment to work from?

      1. As for medical and other tools, I am now doing some of my own projects to save enough money to buy them.
        It is true that I am under the legal age to practice the profession, but selling handicrafts such as embroidery, making bags, and others may be beneficial.
        My friends and I established charities to help the needy, especially the sick, where we collect donations and communicate with some hospitals to pay for operations and provide homes, food and other things
        There is nothing better than that smile that adorns the faces of those children and patients after we try to ease their pain.
        For me, after high school graduation, I want to enter the official university of the state because it is considered the most difficult university within my country and it is difficult to graduate from it. All this is to ensure that if I graduate, I will be able to assume any responsibility that falls on me as a doctor.
        I do not need to work in a hospital, but I prefer to travel and visit places that lack medical aid and others. My goal is not to collect money, but to save lives that other souls are related to.
        I know what it means to lose someone dear to you, so I don't want anyone to feel that way, no matter what the situation is. I will study hard and work with humanity for a better future for all

  • Do you want to pursue medicine, how will you do it? No, I do not want it. It is true that medicine is beautiful and wonderful, but I do not want it because I am afraid to give the patient an injection, and this is the basis of medicine. I am also afraid of seeing blood. Also, the medical profession involves fatigue and hardship, and it is a task that requires precision and focus, because the lives of patients are safe in the hands of doctors.

    1. Interesting reasoning sceptical_journalist! What job would you rather do instead and why?

      1. I want to become a famous fashion designer, because when I was a child, I used to design clothes for dolls. I also make beautiful and attractive clothes. I want to travel outside the Strip so that I can study fashion design.

  • I have always dreamed of becoming a doctor, and this is for several reasons, including and it is the first source of my inspiration, which is that this is the dream of my family, and I think they hope that I will become a doctor, secondly that I have experienced the disease one day and I know what it feels like The patient, and that is why I would like to help him get rid of this pain. Thirdly, I want to save lives and gain people’s love and approval.

    Medicine is a difficult job and its journey is long, but I will stick to my dream, but with these years that I will spend learning, I will have the skills and experiences necessary to help people, and that nothing comes easily, you must be tired and work hard until you get what you want you want

  • Medicine is a very good, wonderful and enjoyable career path, but not everyone deserves this job, because in our days, those who take a doctorate degree are fraudulent, or by knowledge, and a medical defect occurs, and people die in it, and they laugh at us and say a medical error, so this is the reason for the medical error that people complete about. The nights and his eyes turn red from lack of sleep and drinking coffee for a night, and I am the one who wants to become a doctor, and by the permission of the Creator, I will obtain this certificate from my tiredness and hardship so that I do not waste people's lives for the sake of money. And I will not listen to their advice, but I am in my family, many of them are doctors, pharmacists, teachers and engineers, but they took over their jobs by staying up late and tired, and few of them obtain this certificate through fatigue and hardship, which is very difficult.

  • Yes, I would like to be a doctor so that I can help people and provide the necessary treatment services for everyone in times of peace and times of war as well.
    Regardless of the wages or the time required to study, because this is my dream and I will do everything possible to achieve it
    Until I became a doctor famous for my morals and my skills that benefit others.
    I will not allow the words of the frustrated to affect me by undoing my goal.
    From now on, you must take responsibility and show courage, patience and strength of heart.

  • I don't want to be a doctor. Medicine needs a scientific mind. I don't like science subjects. I love literary subjects. I can't see the blood, and I can't get the medicine in, because I might do something wrong that will lead to death, or give an injection in the wrong place, which will cause paralysis.

    1. I agree because... doctors lives depend of people and you have to have a scientific mind to work with medicine and you have to know how to take care of people.

  • In our country, being a doctor has become a wonderful and dazzling thing, but our people believe that it takes a long period of time, but from my point of view it is easy and requires a calm, patient and alert person at the same time, and I hope to become a doctor in the future
    , are you wondering why?
    I will answer your question, I believe that the medical profession is suitable for my personality and that it gives a wonderful feeling when you treat a sick person.
    1 Do you want to be a doctor?
    2 If you like, do you feel great doing it
    3 If you didn't want to be a doctor, what would you be?

  • I would honestly and happily want to study medicine because I love to help people and know what kind of treatment He or She will be needing in order to recover well and be better. Becoming a doctor isn’t a bad idea but this kind of course requires a lot of concentration, determination and willing to spent most of your years becoming a certified and a successful doctor, a lot of self motivation is indeed needed to achieve such a goal and dream. Only people that are willing to obtain this kind of attitude and determination are willing to study such a course like this in my country because the years one spends to become a doctor is 6 years, if we should add the strikes happening in our public universities and the issues that prevents one from going to study, is should be at the rate of 2 or 3 years. Medicine itself as a course opens a whole new branch of various medical career choices you can be in other to help people in different ways. I would need motivation and serious to became a successful Occupational therapist, it is not kind of difficult for people with self motive. I would need to do a Bachelor's (undergraduate) degree in a related Science subject (popular choices are Biology and Chemistry) before I apply to a medical school. Then,I can enroll in a Medicine degree that usually lasts 4 years.

    1. You have done a lot of research into medical careers blithesome_imagination. Why have you chosen the career path of occupational therapist?

      1. It is because i feel that occupational therapist are the real doctors. A doctor must not be a person that is excepted to render drugs to people who are not feeling too well, and also attend to an individual once and conclude the problem of that individual, finding out one's problem takes a lot of time and a series of tests both physically and mentally and that particular doctor must have the determination and patience to solve one's problem effectively well, that's when an occupational therapist comes in. The duties of an occupational therapist excites me and makes me want to do it forever, i personally really want to help people in solving their physical, sensory, or cognitive problems and also want to help with barriers that affect a person's emotional, social, and physical needs because i feel that everyone is the same and i want to help people and be equal in what i am doing.

        1. That's a very considered response blithesome_imagination. With that drive and desire to help people in all aspects of their wellbeing I think you will make a great occupational therapist!

  • I want to become a doctor, it is my dream since I was young, I want to help people in my country, because of the many wars that happen here; So this job is required for us, despite the difficulties that doctors face, such as the lack of salary, but a lot of suffering.
    Although it is very hard job, but it's interesting
    May my dream come true

  • I'd like to be a doctor once a day, to help patient people to get their cure and live peacefully with a life which is full of health and welfare.Illnesses eats happiness and attacks one's relaxation, so I do not like to see any patient suffers and can not finf his cure. The best thing to introduce to others is a happy life which is full of healthy and kindness.That's it.

  • The doctor contributes to alleviating people's aches and pains, and he is like a refuge to which people flee in their attempt to treat their pain of unknown origin, and they find reassurance with him by diagnosing the cause of that pain.
    That is why the position of the doctor in society was and still is different at all, as he is respected by the old and the young, and he is respected by all the different groups of society because of his great role.

  • I don't want to be a doctor because its something that is not of my interest. I respect doctors alot as they are life savers but in my opinion its a great responsibility and I don't feel myself eligible to take this responsibility.
    To be a doctor in my country is toughest because there are very limited medical colleges and every 1 in 10 students wants to be a doctor. Moreover to get a good job, you have to gain great experience. Many people don't even find jobs due to lack of medical institutes.

  • I contemplated myself while I was wearing the bright white uniform with its color and beauty, ❤ I contemplated myself while I was walking in the courtyards of the hospital, I contemplated myself while I was sending reassurance in the hearts of the nurses and the peace they dreamed of while assisting them in treatment, Since I was a child, I aspire to become a doctor, because medicine is a wonderful, great profession. When I help people, I earn God’s pleasure and the priceless love of people. I like to be a doctor in order to relieve people's aches and pains and to try to make our lives free of disease and danger . Medicine is not just a word... Medicine is a profession with a deep history to which everyone bows in respect and respect to doctors who were the cause of diseases and people’s happiness How great is this profession, I love it so much ❤

  • I wanted to be a surgeon 3 years ago because I was watching a series about kids that got helped by doctors and they recovered from serious diseases everyday and I liked studying about parts of the body, but later I found out that they need 6 years of college. After a lot of work they go to work sometimes 12 hours a day and sometimes they work in the weekend too. Even if they are paid more then regular jobs they work a lot and they usually do that under pressure. On the second hand I think that it would be great to be a doctor because I can help people and it would be intresting, but as I mentioned earlier it is very hard. In conclusion there is still a small chance of me being interested in being a surgeon but I now have other interests too. The problems doctors face today has made my decison harder.

    1. Are there ways to address some of the problems to make being a doctor more attractive?

  • Reasons why I would and why I wouldn't become a doctor:

    Some reasons why I would not like to become a doctor include
    -It takes a very long to become perfect in this field.
    -If you are not perfect, then people might not want to go to you and you might not have any patients which means you spent a long time getting perfect and it didn't pay off.
    -If I made a mistake, it could cost a life. I don't want to be the reason for people dying.
    -There it to much pressure and I would get really stressed.

    Reason why I would become a doctor include:
    -Because you help people and you can save their life.
    -If someone in my family or my friend needed a check, then they wouldn't need to spend all the money as I could do it for them.
    -It is a job for life and you don't have to worry about other careers if you ever get fired.

    Overall I would not like to become a doctor because of the stress, pressure, time and working 24/7

  • Medicine needs to be appreciated and in the present age everyone wants to be doctors and nothing else, and everyone tells me you are fit to be a doctor, but I would like to be otherwise, and I am not sure because I am good at many things. The surest thing for me is programming so that I can contribute to the development of technology or a world, but these jobs are not very much available in my country, but whatever the job is, the important thing is that society benefit from it and be convinced of it

  • All professions are great because they serve man and nature, but the medical profession is one of the greatest professions because it saves the human soul. By saving this soul, it will ensure the continuity of life, so I agree to be a doctor because it saves human life and relieves people’s pain, and whenever I can relieve the pain and pain of a child, an old man or a woman I will be at the height of my happiness, so I will thank God very much that he has enabled me to be in this profession

  • If you wanted to pursue medicine, how would you do it? For example, what education or work experience do you need? Is it easy or difficult to do this in your country?
    1- Medicine is very hard work, and if you want to specialize in medicine, study hard to reach your dream, continue and walk faster in the ladder of success, because the doctor is an angel of mercy, but before you enter this specialty, think carefully .. and ask yourself, will it be easy for me to treat chronic diseases, will it be Source of money, but do I want to be a doctor
    When I was young, I wanted to become a doctor to treat my parents when they grew up. After I thought a lot, I saw the specialty that suits me.
    In the end, if you have a dream that you want to achieve, resist all challenges, whatever they may be.
    Never give up... no matter what difficulties you face

  • Yes, I want to become a skilled doctor, in order to help those who need help and those who suffer from diseases that they thought had no cure and lost hope for a cure. I want to help families who cannot provide the money needed to treat their children, although there is a cure for their diseases. There are many diseases that some thought had no cure, but they were wrong, and I also have another reason to become a doctor, which is to find a cure for diseases for which doctors have not yet found a cure, and they have lost hope in finding a cure. Also, I am confident that the profession of a doctor is a very important profession, as it saves the lives of many people and restores hope and smiles to those who lost it.. In my country, Gaza, because of the high rate of unemployment, we cannot achieve what we want, and many students are denied entry to the universities they want and study what they want. I hope that every student's dream of studying becomes a reality.. And I hope in the future to become a skilled doctor to help others and find a cure for their diseases.

  • As soon as I heard about medical school, it popped into my head. My father dreamed of seeing me in my college graduation gown. It is not only my father's dream, but it has been my dream since childhood. In my imagination, I always see myself as playing an important role in the hospital. I treat my patients, prescribe the right medicine for them, and do some other things. Analyzes as well, and in fact I live in an area where there are fewer hospitals and doctors, and today I am striving to reach my dream, and I hope to God that I will reach it. In conclusion, I hope that everyone clings to their dreams and strives to achieve them, regardless of the difficulties.

  • I want to do so very much, because there are many advantages that motivate me to be a doctor, including: the fact that the profession is one of the professions with high salaries in the world, and because it is characterized by a high rate of employment in it, so you rarely find a doctor who suffers from unemployment, in addition to that it is a profession that provides the possibility of traveling and sharing Medical and humanitarian experiences with many countries, and because one of the most important advantages of this profession is the feeling of positive returns and the clear impact on people’s lives, improving the lives of patients gives a highly rewarding and satisfying feeling, and because it is also one of the professions that gives its owners job security, you rarely find a doctor who is concerned about Losing his profession or job, and because the medical profession gives you new research and new developments every day, as long as it is related to the human body and its functions.

    1. You have provided lots of positives to the role of a Doctor blissful_fruit. What do you think the negatives are?

  • I want to be a doctor very much, because as a doctor this means that I am respected and appreciated all the time, and because my work as a doctor always makes me in a dynamic work environment full of movement, events and situations, and because the feeling of saving someone's life or receiving gratitude from family members for helping someone will give me that Permanently enjoyable experiences that are almost daily. Being a doctor means that I am a human being in the first place, with many scientific skills, competencies, exciting experiences, and renewable developments in this field.

  • I want to be a doctor in order to make monthers who spend the night watching over their children less tired and afraid, by contributing to providing vaccintions and treatments for children who are born with many diseases, including those that need medical treatment, and others that need surgical treatment at the hands of skilled surgeons.. I want to be a doctor because medicine is a great human profession, as in helping others you gain the approval of God and obtain the great reward and then you gain the priceless love of people. It qualifies them to obtain this honor in serving people and providing them with a helping hand

  • As Medicine is a respected profession, everyone dreams about pursuing it as their career, I do want to be a physician and I’m exploring the possibilities. I get inputs from my Aunty who is a doctor, and she serves from his clinic. I’m from a small town, I could see the respect for my aunty in my town is more welcoming, she gets unique respect from the local people, because of her kindness and the correct diagnosis of general illness, and the positive results of her treatment. She is my professional role model.

    In my country, National Medical Commission (NMC) governs and conducts exams to qualify a student to pursue. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the single largest medical entrance examination Candidates who meet the NEET exam eligibility can pursue BDS, MBBS, and other medical courses. I hear from my aunty getting through these exams is not easy. It is operated under various criteria and categories for students in a different quota system based on the community group to which a student belongs like Scheduled Caste (SC)· Scheduled Tribe (ST) - Backward Classes-(BC) and Most Backward Classes-(MBC), and further categorized into unreserved and reserved the eligibility marks vary from one community to other.

    The government owns this, and it ends with high competition among the students by scoring good marks in the entrance exams. Eligible students with high result scores can pay minimal fees as per government guidelines, Private medical universities offer a very high price, which is not affordable for everyone.

    This now becomes a great business model for private universities

  • I do not want to become a doctor because I am nervous when emergency situations occur and I am afraid and also because medicine needs a lot of skilled people who can take responsibility and also the economic situation does not allow this because medicine is very expensive in my country. Those who want to study medicine must study “7” years of medicine in order to become a doctor because the medical profession is difficult needs a lot of study and also a lot of focus to be able to save patients

    1. Doctor's do face a lot of pressure!

      1. Yes, the doctor faces a lot of pressure because there is a great shortage of doctors and also you get a lot of dangerous cases per day every day so they are tense and pressured and this pressure that happens to doctors can make them nervous

  • Would you like to be a doctor or work in medicine? Why and why not? Yes, I would very much like to become a doctor. I have loved the medical profession since I was a child, but studying medicine is not an easy thing. You need a lot of money and many years to become a doctor, but I have to fight all these difficulties in order to achieve my dream. Medicine is one of the first majors accepted by students around the world, ancient and modern, due to its great social and human status. The doctor deals with the most precious thing a person has, which is his soul and body. If you loved studying medicine, then you must realize that you need scientific and human skills and a sincere desire to care for others and be keen to help and save them at all times, then you can become a doctor to enjoy the most important advantages of this great profession.

  • Medicine is the art of treatment; It is the science that brings together human experiences in caring for the human being, and the illnesses, diseases and injuries he suffers from that affect his body, his psyche, or the environment in which he lives, and tries to find treatment in both its medicinal and surgical parts and perform it on the patient.
    Anis Mansour said about medicine "Doctors always face two types of patients: the sick and those pretending to be medicine".

    As for me, one of my biggest dreams and goals is to become a doctor (dentist).
    Because dentists are essential in the health care system, so there is always a need for dentists, which means you are pretty much guaranteed to get a job and a good salary. In any society, the position of dentist is highly respected, and you will be able to create lasting relationships with your patients.

  • One day, one of my relatives was suffering from a liver disease. He went to the hospital, but there he did not receive the proper treatment. Fatigue increased and his condition worsened. On that day, my heart became full of will, persistence, challenge to myself, boldness, lack of fear, interest in medicine and studying it well to achieve my goal, as well as interest in tools. Medicine and its equipment to become a skilled doctor, and I can treat my relatives, friends, and people close to my heart, treat people, take care of people with serious diseases, and make medicines to combat viruses and serious diseases

  • Yes I would love to be a doctor because it just fascinates me how like you tell them your signs and symptoms and they can tell what you are suffering from. I also like the fact that they know almost every drug that can help cure what your suffering from. The other thing would be that I just like how medicine works on the human body.

  • I hope to become like doctors, because they speak from the heart and want to do good. I think it is wonderful to learn and grow to become like these doctors who sacrifice their time and effort to do good and help people. By becoming a doctor to serve my country, help people who are in pain, be a successful person, and create a brilliant future for myself. Today a student, tomorrow a doctor

    1. Thanks grounded_reality. Tell us about what you can do in school to prepare to train to be a doctor.

      1. Seriousness, diligence, and interest in scientific research and doing scientific experiments in the school laboratory. Searching on the Internet for new information. Reading about diseases of our current age and ways to prevent them. Inquiring from my teachers about everything that is new.

  • I would rather work in medicine than to be a doctor because, being a medical doctor is really great. It's stimulating and interesting. Medical doctors have a significant degree of autonomy over their schedules and time. Medical doctors know that they get to help people solve problems every single day.

  • I would not really want to be a doctor but I would want to make medicine thou my mum's dream since I was young as always for me to become a doctor. Yes, I would like to make her dream come true but I have always had this fear that if am to become a doctor God willing that many people will be relying on me and just incase I am to make a mistake and my patient dies because of me I feel like it will always haunt me for the rest of my life and it would traumatize me so thats why I would rather do medicine and just save people in a different way. I need to learn Chemistry, Biology and Math in order for me to persue that career. As per now when it comes to learning the above subjects in my country it is easy for me since my treachers and Uganda had one of the poorest healthcare systems in the 1980s and 1990s. Fortunately, Ugandan healthcare facilities are now better than those offered by most other African countries.

  • Yes, I want to become a skilled doctor, in order to help those who need help and those who suffer from diseases that they thought had no cure and lost hope for a cure. I want to help families who cannot provide the money needed to treat their children, although there is a cure for their diseases.
    in my country Pakistan i would want to build a cancer hospital .i want to cure all the patients without any cost as i have lost my most dear aunt due to this reason our family could not afford her treatment and due to this she died in my life if i would be a doctor i would spend everything for my patient and try my best to trea her properly .i have seen my aunt dying and it was very painful i would treat the beast i could to my patiients

    1. I'm sorry for your family's loss. I imagine many doctors are motivated by experiences they had when younger.

  • I want to study forensic science which to an extend is under the medical path ,but is way different . I personally refused to study medicine not because its hard but because I love solving crime and forensic is the only legal way to express my hate for injustice, but for this conversation if I was to pursue medicine i would have to do the following;
    1. Do really well in my biology and chemistry
    2. For my country there is something called a JAMB cut off mark ,so I have to do well above the JAMB cut off mark for the university I want to go.
    3. I would have to really do well in my 2nd MBBS Medical students' examination.
    4. I need to research
    5. Meet people in the medical field already .
    6. Must importantly I need to have passion for the work, and need to love taking care of people

  • ''medicine is a career pathway for you''
    When I was in lower primary school, I lived with my grandmother in a village and she had a personal doctor that did so much to take care of since she was suffering from so many diseases like ulcers, pressure, diabetes and many more that I didn't know. The personal doctor had sleepless nights while taking care of my grandmother and it was not all about the money she was to be paid but it was that she was so passionate towards her patient and committed to her job as a whole. And due to her love for her job, my grandmother got better and we even had a party to congratulate her and celebrate her life. This moment in my life made me develop the passion for medicine and at that moment, I knew that i had to strive to be a doctor so as to be like the doctor that saved my grandmother's life. So i want to become a doctor so as to play an important role in the lives of the people in my community and my loved ones. I also wish to inspire fellow children in my community to take up such courses and also to be a hero and have a good livelihood.
    However, to achieve my goal i have to take up science studies like Biology, Chemistry and Math whereby these are challenging subjects but with my determination and passion, I know i will succeed with GOD guiding me also. In my country Uganda, the education system is quite challenging due to poor facilities like buildings for schools, scholastics, inadequate electricity, water in rural areas, ghost working teachers that dodge teaching, severe effects of covid-19 lockdown such increased poverty making it hard to pay school fees and what discourages the most is that you might finish your studies and you end up not doing the job you studied for. Honestly, it will be such a difficult path for me but I'm optimistic that I will succeed no matter the odds.

    1. Thankyou for sharing your experience.

      1. thanks for apreciating my experience although i'm well aware that to achieve success,there must be sacrifices and alot of hardwork involved.i wish all my fellow students on the hub to achieve their goals no matter what and argue all of you to work harder for your dreams cause they can only be fulfilled when we are comitted and focussed to our purpose.SUCCESS TO YOU ALL
        ''Light the lamp of wisdom''

  • As a child my dream job was medicine because they save lives, they are friendly and it was so amazing seeing how ill individuals get better by going to see a Doctor. I can remember having a medical set of toys and how I would always pretend to treat my friends of illnesses that never existed but along the line I found out I had phobia for blood and sharp object . Some years later I had a great fall and it hindered me from standing for long, this are some of the reasons that hinder me from being a medical doctor but my passion did not die instead registered in the red cross and I started attending there trainings. Medicine is a great career path to follow and I wanted to be a medical doctor so that I could save a lot of individuals but some circumstances hindered me. I decided to join the red cross since one of their goals is assisting the wounded and it is in line with saving lives.

  • I am a student at my final class at school, so the next year I have to choose the major I wanna enter. A major you choose is something that you'll continue your whole life with, so it has to be a careful and wise choice.
    When I was younger I always though of being a doctor because of how I saw the society respect towards a doctor and his high level in a society, and my parents always wanted me to be one. As I grew up I found myself more into the technology and software so I started searching for majors that's related to that and J founded the software engineering.
    I started comparing medicine major to software engineering one and I found they both are soo profitable but software engineering takes less time to finish the major and with so high demand in all over the world. So I asked myself, why would I choose medicine major which is much more tiring and it costs a lot to finish with the need of so much money over the software engineering major?
    For that I didn't choose medicine, and I stuck on software engineering.

    1. What would be your dream job in software engineering?

  • Yes, I had hoped to become a surgeon one day, but I discovered something that made me hesitate and choose the right job for me in the future. I wanted to become a surgeon, but I found out that the work would be tiring, and it would be about 12 hours a day. Work will take half of my day and the other half I will rest in, but I have other interests so the other half of the day is not enough. My grandfather was a surgeon and he even worked on weekends. He was very tired of his work, but he loved it. But in the end he quit his job because he was too tired. For me: I was going to become a surgeon one day, but with this fatigue, I cannot, even if the salaries are very high. But I found what is the right thing for me and I will achieve it by joining NASA (for space)

  • To study medicine is not simple or easy decision but if I want to achieve my parents dream to be a doctor I will study and work hard also i hope to be a doctor because being a doctor is respected and appreciated from society. We don't forget that job is humanitarian work which helps and saves others life especially in our country Palestine and Gaza strip in particular which faces brutal aggression .
    But in other hands, being a doctor has big responsibilities and prevents us to enjoy in our life because doctor's time is not on his hand , and doctors work in high pressure on their health and mind.
    So i will continue to think about this decision until I graduate high school or secondary school.

    1. Oh, that's an interesting comment! You said you'll think more about your career choice when you graduate high school. Do you think there is a right time to choose a career pathway?

      1. There is no choice with me to choose my career except in high school because it's a time to join in university and specialize in a particular faculty

    2. We are here in Palestine, especially the Gaza Strip, facing barbaric aggression, and that causes many injuries from day to day and increases daily, and this is the main reason why I want to become a doctor, and then this is the dream of my family and my dream too, Given that doctors receive great respect in our society, given the number of patients they go to every day, but this does not mean that I can become a doctor so easily, I have to tire and learn, and put my life on my hands, because this will take away my right to enjoy my life And he will make my life a mockery only to help patients, so everyone must slow down and think carefully, because it is his specialty that will be his life in the future.

  • Doctor, doctor, doctor
    Well why do you want to be a doctor
    Ok, I will tell you that I want to become an orthopedic doctor because this profession gives a person great value and is able to explore other new things, new people, a satisfied life, and the love of others. Some people think that this profession is easy and that anyone can enter it. The answer here is, no, why not this profession It is not easy. If it were easy, everyone would reach it. There are many people who strive and work to reach this profession. I want and dream to be a doctor
    To live a decent and beautiful life, explore people and things, and want to help others. I am now striving and trying hard to become a doctor 👩‍⚕️

  • My Opinion is Simply No, for reasons like spending tiring years, but I am not saying it is useless to be a doctor since you save lives and maybe even your life alone. I still won't change my Opinion about being a doctor since I don't know all that much about any source of medicine, but I'll be honest, I do think it would be very tiring to spend many years to become a doctor in possibly 10 years as an estimate.

  • Hospitals and patients rely on health care staff to evaluate patients and triage them quickly and make sure that they treat each life with respect and the care that it deserves. I talk about myself in the future. I study and strive to obtain high rates and enter the medical specialty. One of the reasons that made my think I would enter the medical specialty is: 1-Ensuring mali's secure future. 2-Exchange of experiences and knowledge. 3-I can change Peoples' life and makes them happier. 4-Afree to choose any specialty in medicine.

  • I dream of being a Paediatric because I spent a lot of my childhood in hospitals . What inspired me is seeing all the hardworking doctors trying to make me and other children better .
    To become a doctor I think I would have to go to medical school which in the UK is around £1000-£2000 per month . It would be quite hard to pay for it due to this cost of living crisis . Some reasons have sometimes wanted to make me change my mind. Doctors in the UK have a 10 hour shift. And a 13 hour shift if needed . They work 40 hours per week (dependes what doctor you are) .

    Although to become a doctor is a tough journey, there are some positive sides for example,

    Helping others:
    You can really make a difference. Unlike many other professions, in medicine, you can have a significant positive impact on the life of someone else.

    Medicine is an increasingly interdisciplinary profession. This means that lots of sub-specialists have to work together: including doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals.

  • In the beginning, the doctor’s profession is a very difficult thing, as he has to study between 5-6 years at the university, with the exhaustion that the doctor exerts in theoretical and practical studies, and then he undergoes a year or two of training in the hospital in order to prepare himself for the work of the hospital. And to help patients, and all of this requires a lot of money (studying and learning), and other than that, there are not many who want to become doctors, in order to help people, but rather to earn money and gain fame.

    But after all this toil, if they do not take the respect they receive and the high, just and fair salaries, they will have the right to leave work. For his health, and this is also why the medical profession is one of the holiest professions .

    In conclusion, I would like to point out that some societies prevent women from studying medicine, and this is unfair, so I suggest that new laws be issued that work to help women learn the specializations they want and that they have the right to choose on their own.

  • A profession is a disciplined group of individuals who adhere to ethical standards and who hold themselves out as and are accepted by thepublic aspossessing special knowledge and skills. There arelots of professions, among them one of them the most hardworking and the deserving should be the doctor. In simple word if we are going to describe a doctor then, doctors are the one who practice medicine and cure the patients.
    If I am asked if I would like to bea doctor, then it would obviously be yes. Also taking about my aim,it is to be a doctor in future. Being a doctor has always been my passion and my future achievement. I really had that aim toward the name Doctor. Also the reason behind,me wanting to be a doctor is the wish of myself also my parents. Being a doctor, what I think is you get thousands of opportunities to save someone's life. It is not simply said that doctors are god in the form of human because they are the last hope of the people who is nearly tho the dead. You are also be going to save a lot of life. Relate it to patient experiences and how you would improve them or how going to medical school would help you care for patients better, given what that contact showed you. Speak about how you developed your curiosity for medicine and the specialty you aim to be in when you are a doctor.I want to become a doctor because I love helping others also I like when people come and thank the doctors for their job. I am motivated after seeing some examples where doctors were saviors. So these are the reasons that I am fascinated to be a doctor.

  • When I saw this topic, I was very happy for two reasons. The first reason: because this is my dream field, and I have always dreamed of it, and I dream of becoming a cardiologist The other reason: because there are many specialties in the field of medicine that a person always dreams of being included in. For example, my family has many doctors, and this motivates me more to be like them. If I want to pursue medicine, I must follow up and learn from my childhood, and I will try in several ways, for example, watching heart surgeries. And for the rest of the members on the YouTube application, or learning in rehabilitation centers, or taking some information and writing it down in a note from the rest of my family, because as I said earlier, they are doctors, and if my country allows me or not, I will answer as my family allowed، And whether my country will allow me or not, I will answer as my country will allow me, my family will allow me, and I will certainly strive to always fulfill my dream.

  • Since my childhood, I have dreamed of becoming a doctor. Yes, although the field is not that easy, but when a person sets a goal in front of him, he can achieve it and reach it no matter what the cost. I have a person close to me who also dreamed of becoming a doctor, but he gets frustrated from time to time by thinking about the tiring time he spends. Doctors at work, and also his fear of exposure to any medical error that could endanger the patient's life, but now he has become one of the most famous doctors in my country and has fulfilled his dream.

  • Yes, I would like to be a doctor (cardiac surgery), why? Because since I was a child, I love this work and think about it. At the same time, this profession is somewhat adventurous, with a little bit of fear, with a dose of hope and tension. This feeling I like very much, as if it is enthusiastic.
    I think it is difficult to do this for my country because of the large number of unemployment in my country Palestine

  • The medical profession is one of the most prestigious professions that an individual can practice. The doctor, through his performance of his job and his commitment to the health care of patients, not only raises the prestige and value of his facility, but also reaches his influence on the community around him, and may raise the health level of an entire region by participating in the treatment of the wounded and the sick. Increasing health awareness among individuals. For me, I do not feel that I am able to do this job due to the lack of job opportunities for doctors in our country and the lack of large and many hospitals. The last reason is that medicine requires great effort in study and work.
    Therefore, the university student must obtain an academic certificate proving his studies in the field of medicine, receive sufficient practical training, and then obtain a license from the state to allow him to practice the profession.

  • Yes, of course, I want to be a doctor, although I know that this field has many difficulties, but I am confident that I will overcome them, and I will work hard and fight all these difficulties to reach this dream. And exhaustion, and also because it is considered a charitable work, as it helps people in their treatment and makes me look forward to their problems, and to learn about the problems of this world and try to solve them. My dream is to be a pediatrician, because I love children, so I grieve A lot for their illness and pain, and this specialization I have to study and strive, as it needs to work 7 years of study in this field in my country. It is somewhat difficult to study in this field because it is expensive in relation to other countries, and it also requires high rates. allowed to study in this field

  • My dream is to enter the field of medicine, but in my country most of the jobs are in the capital and I am far from it. For this reason, I resort to changing the job that I will study and that I wish I could study. On the one hand, I see that securing most jobs in the capital is important because of the large population there and in its suburbs, but on the other hand, I see that it is necessary to secure these specializations in cities far from the capital because there are many students who change the course of their studies due to the distance of the university to study the specialization from them. I hope that I can reach my dream! Are there any obstacles that prevent you from studying this job in your country? And will you give up your dream because of it?

  • For me hoping to become a doctor was never because of the monetary benefits. Yes, I want to pursue a medical career and to specify I would like to become a neurosurgeon. My wish to become a surgeon was inspired by my own sickness. Seeing myself in a crucial situation motivated me to save as many lives as possible as selflessly as possible. Especially neurology, It makes me so curious. I want to pursue my dream no matter how hard it gets. I very well know how much I will have to study and that I'll have to keep my patience for 7+ years. But still the thought of being able to save people and bring a smile on their faces makes my heart so overwhelmed and joyful. Its like I have to hope to study and get into Harvards to become a surgeon just for the sake of saving lives and making someone smile. I just hope someday, I'll be able to say " Thank god! I saved you."

  • I very much desire that, but there are obstacles that hinder my dream, such as that studying medicine is very difficult, and there are lives in your hand that you must not lose, and despite that, it is a wonderful and arduous humanitarian task, most of the thing, but with determination and will, everything will become Easy, but I, as a Palestinian, cannot enjoy my right to education because of the obstacles and difficulties we face in our country, Palestine, including the occupation.

  • Yes, I am seriously considering studying medicine and being a doctor
    This is because I see that the doctor gives of his soul to save other lives, and also that doctors enjoy an appreciation from society that is not enjoyed by any other profession.And because I love contributing to my society, I will become a doctor who takes care of her health for the sake of the health of others. I especially loved medicine because I would make my parents proud of me and what I would accomplish, and my country would also be proud of me

  • I wanted to be a doctor thoughI found out that they need 6 years of college. After a lot of work they go to work sometimes 12 hours a day and sometimes they work in the weekend too. Even if they are paid more then regular jobs they work a lot and they usually do that under pressure. On the second hand I think that it would be great to be a doctor because I can help people and it would be intresting there is still a small chance of me being interested in being a surgeon but I now have other interests too. The problems doctors face today has made my decison harder

  • Because this is my dream
    As for me, when I see the doctor in his white robe, I calm myself down and feel reassured, and he spends a lot of time to help people
    And that the doctor is a necessary thing among the human necessities, and that there is no healthy life without a medical profession
    I am sure that I chose the right decision, the right profession, the right dream, and the right job
    I have heard many times that doctors take small salaries, but when it comes to human life, you must focus on human life, because you will be the patient and his grave

  • Medicine is a great human profession, one of the professions of a human nature, that seeks to serve the citizen and society. The doctor is the person who can provide treatment to patients through their diagnosis, so he is competent and educated. The medical profession is of great importance and cannot be dispensed with or live without. The doctor is the person who possesses the mind, but he goes to death himself, and all this is in exchange for treating patients and serving the community. I love this profession and I seek to work in it in the future in order to serve my family and my community and to relieve the pain of patients and help them.

  • Everyone has always wanted me to become a doctor because of the amount of pride they will feel when they say my daughter is a doctor, so I made this my goal to make the people around me happy and live up to their expectations, but during the Corona period I had really a lot of free time so I used to spend a lot of time on the computer and learned Some programming languages, in one way or another, got stuck in this field to the point that I removed the idea of ​​medicine from my head, but after we went back to school, I realized how difficult it is because everyone here considers programming as a hobby and not as a job. No, I am still very confused about what I really want to do.

    1. It's great to hear that you found a new interest during lockdown, rational_poem. It's interesting that some people believe that programming is considered as a hobby but not as a job. In fact coding and programming are considered to be very important by many academics, as so much of our future society is likely to rely on automations and artificial intelligence.

  • I would like to pursue medicine because it is my dream carrier and I want to do this because I would be saving people's lives. I want to do pharmacy specifically and I would do this by taking my sciences(chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics) seriously because these are the subjects related to my dream carrier. And this can be done in my country because people who do pharmacy are on demand and very few people offer this course so I would be earning income while saving people's lives

  • Doctors are very important in a human life. Doctar plays a virtual role in a human life. But now there is a global problem, Actually now days we humans are facing lack or shortage og doctors. The reasons might be as following:-

    ~Poor salary.
    ~A long term education.
    ~Hard to study medicine.
    ~A lot of work, sometimes over time and sometimes have to work on the week -ends and holidays.
    And also,
    If a doctor is payed more in another place as usually in the place where he/she is working, leading to the doctor to transfer the hospital or the place/country he/she was working.

    We can solve this global problem by:-
    ~Paying the doctor as their work.
    ~No over time work.
    ~If over time is needed then a hire a new doctor only for the the over time jobs. With no day work.

  • In my country doctors r highly prestigious nd well paying profession. ..essence of this profession is to serve humanity .in covid -19 our doctors were at front line like soldiers nd ofcourse a salute to them ... nd many of them died during their duties while serving crona patients . ...at that time I had been desiring to become a doctor . Here in pakistan there is trend of opening private clinics side by side government jobs .. I wonder the same doctor cares the patient in good way when he is in his private clinic ..I ve decided to study in public medical college nd also join government hospital..so that my dream com true..
    In our country admission taking is tough enough as most of student pass their MDcat test ... but merit is so high that only limited number of students get admission. I ve started working hard ti get admission .

  • Let us know if medicine is a career pathway for you and your reasons.
    If you would like to pursue medicine, how will you do this? For example, what education or work experience do you need? Is it easy or difficult to do this in your country?

    Personally talking medicine is a very good career pathway. Because doctors that do medicine have a good salary pay rate, because the average physician salary is $260,000 annually while specialists make $368,000 on average
    Dealing in medicine can economically benefit your country. lets say i became a doctor and i discovered the cure to AIDs that is not antiretroviral therapy where this drug only helps reduces the amount of HIV in your body and helps you stay healthy and I as a doctor in medicine, discovers a cure. Every country in the world will be looking for the newly discovered drug which will earn my country a fortune.
    As a doctor in medicine will be helping people survive extinction
    Talking about discoveries, in 2020, an Indian American 14-year-old girl called Anika, won a $25K prize for a discovery that might have led to a cure for Covid-19. this young girl was recognised as a young scientist.

    For me to pursue medicine, i have to up my grades in my science subjects. for me to do medicine i must be able to understand chemistry from ikts introduction to its depth even where scientists haven't been.
    and it is possible to do in my country. many people are doing medicine in medical school and are getting hired by famous hospitals.

  • I am from Pakistan, my country is among developing countries.. but the speed of this progress is not ao fast as required in the perspective of population . I want to b a pharmacist becoz in crona days when there were no such medicines that could work nd we got vaccinations from other countries .I wish our country could make their own vaccunations . Aa compare to doctors the pharmacist could do ...but we ve no madical equipments to work on .making vaccines . . I was very miserable in those days thinking that this epidemic must b overcome soon .

  • I would really want to be a doctor because of the way my family will always have free medical services and the income I would generate from treating people but in Uganda it is not possible for me people to choose medicine including me because when you join A'Level of Secondary school you have to choose the combination you would like to take according to what u want to be in future for example if you want to be a doctor you will have to take Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics and many people have problems with science subjects then when you are done with A level and you go to University you have to study medicine for 5-6years which is too many years for an individual to wait for that's why actually Uganda has less doctors and most of the doctors come from other countries.
    Then another reason why I also wouldn't want to become a doctor is because let me give an example that am performing a surgery on a very rich man is daughter or son and the surgery turns out to be unsuccessful that man might sue me in court and If I win the case he will just hire someone to come after me and my family and you people might ask where I am getting this but I see some of these happen in movies and am 100% sure that they also happen in real life.
    In conclusion, it is not like am trying to discourage people from becoming doctors but if you have a dream or goal of being a doctor go for it and trust in yourself that you can overcome anything that will come your way.

  • I had never been so choosy abt my career earlier but my fathers elergy disease motivated me to become an ENT . He had been visiting different doctors to recover from this disease still he is in this .. now I ve made mind to b a doctor nd cure patients of elergy . For this I ve work very hard ... first I ve to complete my intermediate exam.. in high grades the MDcat test next my MBbs would start then 2 yrs specialization in ENT ..after a copmetivet exam I would get job . This is not easy.. I ve to go through my 7 to 8yrs in medical. So wishes dont come true easily .

  • I see that working in medicine is not an easy and difficult job because it is difficult in it and it is a bachelor's stage in all subjects and it is easy in it that whoever has this dream will do everything to achieve it. And I know that I have to learn many things. And I learned in elementary school that whoever has a dream that he wants to achieve does everything he can for it. I love medicine, and in my opinion, it is not difficult for those who aspire to it

  • As someone who enjoys this kind of stuff and aiming to be a doctor i find it pretty neat, but in my country it isn't as easy as you might think, because there is around 700 students who apply for med school each year and only 100 of them are accepted. How about in your country? Is it easy or hard to get in med school?

    1. Great question, persuasive_memory! I'm looking forward to seeing what other people say too. I wonder if anyone who replies could also suggest ways to improve the system in their country?

  • I do not want to become a doctor, because there are many obstacles that I will face, the most important of these obstacles is that the cost of studying is very expensive and my family cannot afford this amount of money because I have many sisters who need to study. Even if my family can afford to study, the study period is long, it is 6 years to get the certificate, I can’t guarantee to get a job, also if I can get the job, I will have problems at work because the doctor’s work is very hard, it works a lot Even on vacation days, they must take care of patients properly and accurately, and if I went into an operation and it didn't work, I would feel frustrated. ...and other problems.

  • Who doesn't want to be a doctor? Many dream of becoming doctors, perhaps to fulfill a dream or to fulfill their parents' desire that their children become doctors. I guess I'm a little different. From my point of view, I believe that the medical profession is a first-rate human occupation, despite the difficulties of realizing that dream and the difficulties we will encounter while practicing it, but our joy is enough when we see the recovery of children and patients and the looks of thanks from their eyes and the invitations of mothers. The medical profession has been my dream since childhood, but my interest and passion for medical studies increased when I went with my father to the medical clinics for the therapist and I watched many patients children, adults and adolescents, but what really hurt me was the high cost of the treatment fees. I often watched the mother crying because she did not have enough fees to treat her child, or a son went to treat his father and did not have enough to take an X-ray of his father and had to go home. I would have liked one of my parents to be a doctor to have him treat those people for free. And then I increased the design in my heart to fulfill that dream and to help those people who couldn't pay for the treatment. The medical profession is one of the greatest, most honourable, and most humane. Because they serve all strata of society, rich or poor. A doctor studies the medical profession for community service and for the treatment of people. And I believe that everyone has a right to treatment. I wish to become a doctor and fulfill that dream and paint a smile on the faces of children and patients.

    1. It's great that you're so passionate! If you spend some time reading through other comments now you'll find some answers to your question, "Who doesn't want to be a doctor?". Your challenge now is to respond to one of them and say how their ideas make you think differently (even if you don't change your mind about becoming a doctor yourself).

      1. I read all the comments and many of the comments were remarkable. Many wish to study medicine because it's such a great career. But many of them are also under no circumstances, either as a financial burden while in medical school or even just thinking about how hard it would be to do it later. Or they're afraid that they haven't been able to get the doctor job. I know very well that practicing medicine is never easy, and it is very hard. It's enough to see patients and hardships every day and how that will affect their psyche. But I know that when God created us, the first thing that beats in our body is our heart. The heart is the source of feeling and emotion, and we are human beings. As soon as I saw those scenes, my heart really hurt. And really pushes me to pursue that wish. I wish from my heart to be a doctor, but if the circumstances were such that I could not wear a doctor's gown and a Stethoscope , I would work hard to help people, even morally.

      2. Thank you for caring about my comment and appreciating my feelings.

  • Of course, it is a dream for all countries of the world, as it is more than just a game. Hosting the World Cup in our country will make it the focus of attention of millions of people from the world for more than a month. Beyond the World Cup there are many, there are major changes in sports, the economy and international relations, where football is the phenomenon The most cosmic in the era of globalization, and the World Cup is the most watched event globally. Hosting the World Cup in our country means benefiting it economically on the one hand, and enhancing its mental image among peoples on the other hand, which puts it at the center of global attention, and also makes it gain a global reputation and a favorite destination for tourists. Football is not only a matter of life and death, it is much more important than that, it is part of sport's diplomacy and its soft power.

  • I cannot decide whether to become a doctor or not, because medicine is not that easy to choose It is not a children's game, but a difficult profession, and you want merit and determination, and not by saying yes, I want to become or no, I do not want to become I make my decisions correctly and without hesitation or fear, because medicine requires determination, will and strength of heart.

  • Yes, of course, I am very inclined to medicine: I want to be one of the reasons for the success and appeal of medicine. Why do not I deal with the problem of lack of doctors? I will be an outstanding doctor.
    2_ I am now very keen on my level of education, and I wish to remain as I am. My father made me a promise to open my own clinic in my line of work, and this is one of my biggest motivations in this field.
    _ In order to become a doctor, I must enroll in medical school after obtaining a high school diploma
    I asked if it was easy: it is easy for someone who wants to build himself up and insists on being a doctor (this is from a personal point of view)
    But as a country, doctors definitely face some challenges like lack of experience and lack of equipment in hospitals which makes them hate the field of medicine

  • During the summer vacation, I participated in a workshop ofMedecins Sans Frontiers
    , I learned first aid for burns, mistakes in dealing with burns, and the best methods used to treat burns, and I accompanied doctors when they provided medical aid to people deprived of health care.
    And I learned that the organization has more than 65,000 people from around the world, so I hope to become one of the doctors in MSF to help people affected by conflicts, epidemics and disasters.

  • Dr Ruth pfau is my crush that's why I also want to be a doctor she was a German marvelous doctor who did not work for her own country but also for Pakistan at the time of dire need in 1996 when a lot of patients suffering from leprosy .At last disease put under control. Her services are admired and her role is remembered in 'golden words'in our 5th grade syllabus I also wanted to be recognized as her not only in my own country but also in the whole world because of shortage of public medical colleges and universities they have to keep very high merit .So here in Pakistan your good marks enables you to get admission. Twelve yrs education and after that 5 yrs on MBBS 1 year for house job further
    2 years for specialization and then you can get a job.

  • I would like to be a doctor and i would like to specialize in gynaecology though the thought of doing surgery is quite scary. Coming to think of the doctor shortages it scares me every time but what the question that rings in my head is how we can overcome the doctor shortages, what can we do overcome the challenges that the doctors face?

    1. Can you think of any possible ideas/answers to the questions you've raised in your comment inventive_artist?

      1. In the aspect of becoming a doctor though this might be very challenging I feel that students should make a reasonable study schedule/time table that shows the time they are meant to read.Though the workload may be too much to handle they should create a method which suits the individual best to help him or her workout their workload. They should know their strengths and limitations also medical students should know their study pattern for example a particular learning pattern like cramming notes can work for your course mate but you can't say same for yourself. So i advice that medical students should know their study style and the learning pattern that works best for each of them.

  • To become a doctor is the biggest dream that i wish to achieve , and it isn't only my dream , but the dream of my entire family and it's a dream that l'm striving to achieve now .
    But this is difficult , and in order to become a doctor , l have to be diligent in all subject s in order to get

  • Yes, I believe that medicine is the career path for me, because I have the qualities of patience, not despair, and try until success, and I can pursue medicine by going to the Faculty of Medicine and learning in it. This helps me a lot to succeed in the medical profession. In my country, medicine can be learned not easily because there is nothing easy In life, we must strive in order to succeed, and we must also be determined, challenged, and not give up in order to achieve all our dreams (nothing is impossible).

  • I would very much like to learn medicine and learn the basics of medicine because medicine is very important for life and in the necessities of life. Children are afraid, so this age that has passed us taught me many things, the most important of which is the comfort and health of my family, so I strongly desire to learn medicine because our famous saying, which is the basis of science, medicine, health is a crown on the heads of healthy people.

  • Yes ,l would like to be a doctor do that l save people's lives because l don't like people dying yet there was a chance of saving them. But l am always scared what if the person dies in my hands. Well l need to put much effort in science subjects like Biology. The country l am in has hospitals for doctors bit they are not that good which may lead to brain drain.

  • Working in medicine is a good and beautiful thing and a beautiful opportunity, but to get to a degree we need a lot of work and study.If I want to work in medicine , not because I'm afraid of blood and I don't like to see people in pain .

    1. You are right that working in medicine requires a lot of work and study.

  • _ The doctor is an angel of mercy, it is a humanitarian profession, but it is difficult.

    Being responsible for someone's life is what makes it such a difficult responsibility.
    And the doctor's goal is: to rid the patient of his suffering.

    To be a doctor, you must have the following qualities:
    1. To be serious and sincere in your work.
    2. To be diligent and educated in all fields.
    3. To keep pace with medical and scientific development.
    4. To be discreet about the patient's secrets.

    Given my superiority in scientific subjects, the encouragement of my father, and the conformity of my qualities with the previous qualities of a doctor, made me want to set a goal of being a doctor for people who need me in my country and outside my country.

    In my country, there is a college to learn medicine and its various fields, but it is financially expensive.

    1. Thanks for this persuasive_trombone. Tell me more about why you say that doctors need to educated in all fields.

      1. The doctor should be educated in all fields of medicine, in order to know the doctor’s disease and be able to prescribe medicine for him. One of the areas of medicine is the field of dentistry in which the doctor specializes in order to treat dental diseases.

  • The plant needs sunlight, air and water to grow properly, and it is also possible that some people come to spoil this plant.
    Likewise, a person who learns medicine also needs basics and components to complete his educational career. At first he does not know anything about medicine, but gradually he becomes skilled, and in the end he thrives and grows like a flower and becomes a doctor. First, he needs sunlight, which is determination and perseverance, and secondly, water, which is the continuous support for the person who learns medicine. and feedhis mind and reviving his body to study medicine, and thirdly, the air, which is the skill of the person without which he will not be able to complete the study, and finally the failed person who comes to spoil your educational path to medicine, but you, with your will and determination, will reach your goal for which you worked so hard
    Therefore, we must appreciate the doctor for what he gets tired during the education period

  • First of all, I would like to say that my dream was to become a doctor from a young age, but I insisted on that dream last year since we are an occupied country with wars. I saw my people fighting death and there was no one to save them. Since then, I decided to become a cardiac surgeon. I want to study in India because India is the best country in the medical field in the world. I know that I have to study 7 years to become a doctor, but there is no problem. Outside the country to receive the necessary treatment, I tell myself why can't we treat them instead of traveling abroad, but despite the presence of doctors in my country, they do not have sufficient experience in treatment, so I would like to I learn medicine in India because it is one of the advanced countries in medicine
    I say if the people of my country think the same as I do, our country will develop and no one from my country will travel for treatment outside the country. I will tell anyone who wants to become a doctor.”
    Medicine is a blessing provided that good intention is invoked, or it becomes only a duty. It is a job and a source of livelihood like any other job.” Because many doctors cause the death of many people because of their inadequate experience. I also say to those who want to become a doctor, do not give up, stay behind your dream until you achieve it. Do not let people frustrate you 👍👍

  • Would you consider being a doctor or working in medicine? Why and why not?
    Being a doctor or working in medicine was also a dream of mine since I was young. I also loved the color that the doctor wore to the point that this color made me feel reassured and comfortable. I want to be a doctor in order to ensure the comfort of patients, relieve their pain and ensure his comfort and save the lives of many people as I love To help them to spread the spirit of cooperation, love and happiness among the society in a way that brings together doctors are great people and they are wonderful and sincere people in all their work to the fullest extent. Medicine is a wonderful profession that only the person with strong will and determination can join.

  • The question above just remind me my past that how i really have a urge to become a doctor but now I don't want to be a doctor yet i want to be a chemist or something like that ..
    It doesn't mean I don't like this career but the thing is that i am much more interested in biotechnology or feilds related to chemistry especially organic one.
    So may be in future i could serve my self in medical feild may be as a biochemist or something else but not as a doctor.
    It's really a very sensitive and concerned job i really solute the doctors who just forget their sleep and families only for humanity. We should really care about doctors.

    1. How do you think governments could better support doctors to stay in this demanding profession?

      1. Honestly in my country the medical study is very very expensive for a normal person to afford so many students have to crush out their dream of being doctor just because of the fees they take.
        The government could help by reducing fees and providing more scholar ships to the student of medical.
        The next thing which a government could do is to give enough facilities and salaries to the doctor because many doctors serve themselves to foreign countries because they don't get enough facilities in their oen country