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I apologise for not being able to attend the live lesson. The discussion sounded really... Watch our live lesson! 19/5/23
The court case between Friends of the Earth Netherlands and Shell has the potential to change... Climate change in court 19/5/23
Yes, people in Nigeria have been subjected to legal issues before poetic_nature. The Nigerian... Climate change in court 19/5/23
Hi Jen! There are numerous employments that may possibly be influenced by progresses in AI... Is AI an artist?? 17/5/23
AI can really be a useful tool for artists and creators, offering new opportunities to... Is AI an artist?? 17/5/23
Hi poetic nature! I would like to answer your question. Raising awareness in society and the... Climate change in court 17/5/23
Good day, Jen! I'd like to respond to your question. When artificial intelligence has its own... Is AI an artist?? 12/5/23
Hi Khadra! I might want to respond to your question. I truly do feel that later on, AIs will be... Is AI an artist?? 12/5/23
Hello Jen, i would like to answer your question. I believe that parents providing opportunities... Is nepotism acceptable? 12/5/23
The video was brief but packed a lot of significance, and it gave me something to talk about. To... Managing behaviour 11/5/23
I totally agree with this because I feel that everyone should be treated equally and that people... Is nepotism acceptable? 11/5/23
I'm excited to learn more about this new topic! Nepotism, also known as preferential treatment... Suggest a discussion! 09/5/23
Thank you for providing this information! Now I can strive for more stars, conduct more study,... How to win awards 07/5/23
I'm not sure how I feel about this write-up. Because of the following reasons: 1)People can... METAVERSE: FRIEND OR FOE ? 06/5/23
I agree with this, and I liked how you said it’s stripping us of our creativity. I would like to... The blessing of having artificial intelligence. 06/5/23