The blessing of having artificial intelligence.

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Topical talk festival asked us to talk about our standpoints on topics that we discussed before such as: climate,  Metaverse, striks, and others.  But I chose to present my view of artificial intelligence.  In my opinion, artificial intelligence is more like a blessing for many people.  I see people now using it a lot in playing, studying and art.  In my point of view, I really see it useful for us in our practical life.  This will facilitate our lives and make many people creative in their work.  Artificial intelligence exceeds human speed, which will make people quick to finish jobs, and this is wonderful.  Artificial intelligence does many things that some may find difficult, such as:
1. Arts that contain more than one drawing within each other
2. Solve math problems
.  Some people these days use artificial intelligence as a way to get to know new people, and this is also great.  This is my stand point on artificial intelligence.

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  • Is artificial intelligence really a friend? Or, is artificial intelligence our foe? Artificial intelligence is a huge benefit that provides us to work efficiently and retrieve information from a reliable source. However, artifical intelligence can have its disadvantages because it can strip one off of their coceptual creativity and innovative ideas. What I mean by this is that people constantly rely on the AI to do the work for them by giving them outlines or original thoughts and ideas. Today was the King's coronation celebration and their was a competition where we had to design our own crown. The winner would be the most ORIGINAL PIECE. The moment people heard of this competition, they immediately started to look on their computers for exceptional crown drawings. This made me realise that more and more children are lacking the creativity and coming up with the essence and true foundation of what they want to create. So, is artificial intelligence a blessed or an obsessed tool to us?

    1. And what are your thoughts and opinions on the questions you've mentioned?

      1. Personally, I believe both are correct. We are lucky and in simple words blessed to have artificial intelligence as it can provide us with information to enhance our knowledge, it can grant us the daily update of how our distant loved ones are doing, and most importantly, it keeps you safe by providing safety apps. Artificial intelligence is significant to us working effectively and efficiently, and it can be considered an ally in the career field. If the AI did not exist, thousands of companies would not come to be and frankly, more and more people will go on strike because of this. So, the AI can be a blessed friend.

        On the other hand, people, particularly teenagers are sleep deprived because they are constantly woken by messages sent to them on WHATSAPP and the phone or any other electronic device is proven to be highly addictive. Furthermore, it is statistically proven that the quality and quantity of your sleep deteriorates if you are within arm's reach of an electronic device. People are affected mentally and physically from being online as they can be cyberbullied and they may begin to feel insecure. The reason for the latter is that an individual would create their avatar on what they believe is the ideal body. Hence, they may think this perfect appearance is the way they should look thus making them feel ugly or useless. Hence, the AI can be an obsessive tool and a foe.

        Overall, like everything, the AI has its pros and cons. To classify it as a friend or foe is not up to me to decide but to the government, and considering the benefits of technological advancements, I am positive Artificial intelligence will be here for a very long time.

    2. I agree with this, and I liked how you said it’s stripping us of our creativity. I would like to use an example concerning medical intentions. I reckon that there are going to be robots operating on humans very soon, and this idea is very risky because when creating robots, you would have to input codes and commands so that the robot would know precisely what to do. And if even one code is missing or corroded, the robot could do something incorrectly, and then the operation could be a catastrophe. The world is moving closer and closer to this, and people are using technology for everything. Although there are a lot of positive outcomes and some people may be thrilled, others may be scared because they don’t know what to anticipate. How will people be able to work and earn money if robots replace them?

    3. I disagree since artificial intelligence also has a lot of other benefits, but benefits can have drawbacks. Artificial intelligence is not a hindrance, but how?
      First, AI helps us do previously complex jobs without significant financial outlays and frees us up for other duties. The foundation for all computer learning was created by artificial intelligence.
      Second, it has the ability to inform individuals about global issues, including climate change, natural catastrophes, education, the economy, and global health. Awareness of your surroundings is enhanced by significance.
      Finally, it can effectively decrease errors and improve accuracy and precision. With the aid of artificial intelligence, we can prevent the annihilation that can result from human error, which can cause great harm to all.

      1. Fantastic-idea, I believe you have misunderstood my interpretation of the AI. I am not saying that artificial intelligence does not have a plethora of other benefits, I am just listing the pros and cons of the AI because let's face it, everyone has their ups and downs just like machines have their advantages and disadvantages. Yes, I do agree with you when you state that the AI can effectively decrease errors and improve accuracy and precision because we have apps such as Grammarly or even the computer itself that automatically corrects a word we do not know. But, let us think of the cons hear. If a child is prone to be corrected by the device they are using, how will they learn from their mistakes?

        Another issue you have addressed is in simple words, the news which allows us to be aware of other countries in the world and global concerns. As I have stated previously, the AI is a benefit to us since it can provide us with contact to loved ones across the globe. Same with the news and other information one might want to know. As you have stated, a positive for this is that we have awareness of our surroundings and this is enhanced significantly. But, let us think of the negatives. There can be good news as well as bad news and people can experience a rollercoaster of emotions when finding out some distressing issues. This can lead to anxiety and anxiety can lead to drops in grades at school or even causes a person to feel alone and not talk to anyone.

        Overall, as I have mentioned previously , everything has its good side and bad side whether we like or not, whether it is in our favour or not. Fantastic_idea, artificial intelligence will always have a downside and we just need to accept that and move on with life to see what the future holds.

        1. I appreciate your comments on my viewpoint, however our disagreement comes from the fact that much of what you said was unfavorable about artificial intelligence whereas I only mentioned positive aspects. And certainly, I completely concur that any opportunity is always accompanied with an obstacle. Although it seems to be doing just that, in my opinion, artificial intelligence was primarily developed to support human work rather than completely replace it. AI enables human-looking interactions with computers and give advice for specific jobs, but it is not yet and won't be any time soon a replacement for humans. The drawbacks of artificial intelligence are caused by human misuse of it.

          You mentioned regarding autocorrect; for instance, if you were writing an important essay, you could just utilize Grammarly to make the same changes after you were finished. The AI only assisted you in making certain modifications after you had already completed the assignment. The illustration of the youngster being corrected made perfect sense, but how would the child know if they had made a mistake if they were not corrected? In basic terms, AI finds issues that humans may have overlooked because we are all prone to error.

          I don't completely understand what you mean when you say "bad news" regarding the news and other information, but I believe part of the terrible news you're referring to is news about wars and additional occurrences. Well, in my opinion, knowledge is better to ignorance. People are empowered and informed when they are aware of terrible news, and this enables them to make preparations.

          Artificial intelligence is only a helping hand, to sum up. I completely concur with all of your ideas, but what I took away from you was that we should focus on artificial intelligence's negative aspects, but AI was developed to boost the effectiveness, speed, and performance of human efforts.

        2. I agree ،Logical and wonderful thinking, you deserve the stars ✨, I thought about the issue from all sides, as I said, artificial intelligence is good and bad, and also it must be ensured that there is awareness in the environment to reduce the negative aspects of artificial intelligence, but there are societies devoid of awareness, as parents are busy with their work, so how will children learn from their mistakes, are they not young What do you think about these communities?! Thanks again for this article. You did a good job. I mentioned all the elements (concept - pros - cons - examples - its impact on society). Thank you 👌👌

    4. I completely agree with you accurate_atom. AI has undoubtedly provided us with various benefits, such as efficient work and reliable information. However, we should also acknowledge its drawbacks, especially in limiting our conceptual creativity and innovative ideas.

      As you mentioned, people may become too reliant on AI to provide them with outlines and original thoughts, leading to a lack of creativity and individuality. It's crucial to find a balance in utilizing AI as a tool to enhance our creativity and not letting it take over our creative processes entirely.

      In the example of the crown competition, it's disheartening to see people turning to computers for exceptional crown designs instead of coming up with their own ideas. We should encourage people to develop their creativity and critical thinking skills while using AI as a helpful tool to enhance their work.

      Therefore, I think it's essential to use AI in a way that empowers and enhances our creativity instead of replacing it. We should encourage people to use AI as a tool to generate new ideas and perspectives, ultimately leading to more innovative and unique creations.

  • I completely understand and agree with your standpoint on artificial intelligence. It is clear that AI has numerous benefits that can make our lives easier and more efficient in many ways. One important advantage of AI is its speed, which allows us to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently. This can save time and resources, freeing up valuable resources for other important tasks. Additionally, AI can perform tasks that may be challenging or time-consuming for humans, such as solving complex math problems or creating intricate works of art.
    Moreover, AI has become a popular tool for many people to connect with others and foster new relationships. With the help of AI-powered social platforms, individuals can connect with people from all over the world and share ideas and experiences.

    Overall, it is clear that artificial intelligence is an incredibly useful tool that can bring many benefits to our daily lives. As we continue to develop and refine this technology, we will undoubtedly discover even more ways in which AI can improve our quality of life and help us achieve our goals but how can we best leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence to enhance our daily lives, while also ensuring that we maintain human control over the technology and prevent it from causing unintended consequences?

  • Yes I completely agree on that
    AI have proven to be more resourceful, beneficial and faster than humans in so many ways either it is technically or mentally.
    This too is my stand point on AI.

  • It is undenialable that AI has some benefits. To deny that would be denying the truth; but we cannot deny the fact that Artificial Intelligence has some, if not a copious amount of negatives too. AI is exposing us to new ways of cheating and stealing, ones we've never thought of before. Why should we do our homework if AI can do it for me? Why should I spend hours on my Art project when the AI could do it instead? The more we use AI, the more these thoughts will be entering the innocent, uncorrupted minds of the younger generation.
    Even Snapchat has introduced a new AI system to interact and have almost human chats with it's users. On the 9th of February, 2023, Snapchat was said to have 525.7 million active users, the data is ever-changing. Now, its being planned to enroll the new AI chatbot to all of those users. That is a plethora of people using AI in daily life.
    Elon Musk himself, a famous billionaire who has invested a lot in AI, even says that Artificial Intelligence "stresses him out". He continues to mention that it could be the best, or worse thing to ever happen to humanity, leading to mass unemployment and could potentially be worse than nukes.
    So why are we continuing to develop it? Although, yes, it does exceed human speed, but you wouldn't look at a piece of art that an AI did for you and be proud of it. You'd be impressed, but not proud. However, if you had spent hours on an art piece: one you had poured your heart and soul into, that is when you'd be proud.
    I believe that it is useful, but not useful enough to replace all of these 'human' things.

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  • I agree because... AI makes studies easier. One can use AI to see how chemical reactions takes place instead of just looking at the equations. The AI can also serve as a guide for one to write a creative easy. AI makes one to be more creative and turns ones idea into an amazing piece.

    1. Hi amazing_horse you have mentioned that AI will make studies easier but I have a doubt if a child has a robot which will do whatever work he says in great manner like drawing completing his homeworks etc...then I think that he will become dependent on it ,he will become lazy and make the robot to do his entire work and you have mentioned that it could be used as a guide to do creative writing like essays we cannot be sure whether the students will use it just as a guide or use it entirely to write their essays as every robot will have a different perspective of thinking like how we humans do so fraudism might occur in competitions etc... which will decrease their creativity not increasing it but some students might use it just as guide so ,I think that we should be careful while giving it to students for studies purpose.

  • You said it is useful for us.... Have you thought about its negative aspects, if it is for children (play and entertainment) or even for art (human art), what will happen to it? It will gradually disappear, and artificial intelligence will become all our lives. We depend on it a lot, but this is not a good thing. It causes addiction to the little ones. I have a younger sister who is no more than 4 years old. She gets addicted to the mobile phone. When we take it from her, she cries. That way he'll take all the fame and he won't be there. Any effect of human art gradually. It is a double-edged sword. Yes, sometimes it is useful and sometimes not. Sometimes it saves the workers half of their work through machines and so on. One of its drawbacks is that people depend on it very much from their lives. If it is to do the work on behalf of the workers themselves, then this leads to laziness, I think. It has the ability to inform the individual about global issues such as climate, disasters, etc

  • Well said happy_flower. I believe quite alright AI is blessing, but have you thought about the curse(harm) of these same AI? Well, it depends. A popular adage says ''Every thing that has an advantage also has a disadvantage''. Let me explain. AI is as an outcome of decades/years of industrious, diligent and hardworking Computer Scientists, Coders, developers.
    To me, AI is not a product. It is way of establishing a far better product and it depends on us, and what we use it to produce.
    People say that many jobs will be threatened by AI, it's part truth. Job loss is result of products fueled by AI. But similarly there are some other jobs, that are being produced, but we need intelligent people who can find them by thinking clever and creative.
    As i have mentioned earlier it depends on whether to make it a blessing ... for example, we can use it t help people, improve environmental balance, help to combat climate change, predict dangerous weather disasters and so on or to use it as a curse by using it for destructive things like making virus, nuclear weapons, manipulate others socially, invade others privacy and so on.
    It is just my opinion and nothing else.

  • From my personal point of view, I believe that artificial intelligence has become a reality that we must live with, and objecting to it will not change anything, but artificial intelligence cannot replace the artist. Whatever the development of artificial intelligence, it cannot reach the creativity of the human mind.
    Suppose that a company wanted to design a set of flyers for an advertisement for a specific product using artificial intelligence. Most of the designs will be very similar, and this does not work in the labor market. The design and art process requires studying and targeting a specific category and delivering a message through the designs, not just implementation and search words.
    But at the same time, the designer can benefit from artificial intelligence as a tool that helps the designer in many operations, such as cutting, background removal, visual feeding, and inspiration.

  • Is artificial intelligence really a blessing to humanity?
    In my opinion yes and no,but specifically yes.
    It is mainly beneficial in the sense that it is used in virtually every part of our daily lives.However, most people are making use of AI without the prior knowledge that it is considered to be artificial intelligence.For example:
    . Maps and navigation
    . Facial detection and voice recognition
    . Text editors and autocorrect
    . Search recommendations and algorithms
    . E-payments
    . Digital assistants
    . Social media,etc
    If most of these artificial intelligence were eliminated,people would have a harder time in the course of their daily lives.
    The main disadvantage of artificial intelligence in my opinion is the fact that human beings may end up depending on it too much which will lead to a common conception that AI might take over the world. It may also lead to lack of employment in some areas of work as AI might end up taking over.

  • AI is all around us. AI has already been a big presence in our life for years. Siri has helped set reminders for appointments and tell the date.
    It takes decision based on previous data records. By examining more significant quantities of data.
    AI can help identify trends and provide better results to adjust to strategy and decision-making. This can be applied in detailed analyses of operations, customer behaviour and industry trends.
    AI can reinforce and even amplify biases that are present the n you he data they use for training. AI tools have the potential to propagate false information and manipulate data in the digital world.
    AI could give rise to brain computer interfaces or neuroscience based human intelligence enhancement.
    It has the ability to automate repetitive jobs and make data driven judgments more quickly and correctly.
    It has been designed to make our lives easier, make processes more accurate and efficient, and reduce costs.
    People believe that if the machines are able to learn and understand the real world, they would start building emotions.
    AI can predict potential issues in software and provide recommendations for preventive maintenance. AI can help organizations make faster and more informed decisions. This is particularly valuable in high stakes environment.

  • The term artificial intelligence covers a very broad field. While there is hardly any objection to the automated completion of computational tasks, etc., this can look very different for more complex, multi-stage operations. In the aviation sector, for example, weather values and other computers relieve the pilot of a lot of work so that he can focus on the airspace. However, it is difficult if the automated actions are to make the decision of the pilot, for example, to carry out landing in critical situations. Here - though difficult - the pilot must always have the last word in knowledge of all conditions, because no software, no matter how good, can handle a large number of concrete individual conditions such as weather, weight, speed, runway condition, reliability of tower messages, and environmental traffic Traffic and other local characteristics in a specific day can be expected - and if so - to weigh these appropriately against each other. By the way, it should never happen that the pilot no longer understands the behavior of his "smart" aircraft, because he strictly adheres to the rules of his programming, which are not always familiar to the pilot. AI Yes - but within reasonable limits!

  • I believe that artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize many different industries and improve the lives of people around the world. AI has already played a significant role in healthcare, safety, and other fields, and I believe that its impact will only continue to grow in the coming years. However, it is important to be mindful of the potential risks and challenges associated with AI, including issues related to privacy, bias, and job displacement. As AI continues to evolve and become more integrated into our daily lives, it will be important to ensure that it is developed and used in an ethical and responsible way. Overall, I believe that AI has the potential to be a powerful force for good in the world, and I look forward to seeing how it continues to evolve and impact our lives in the years to come

  • I believe that artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize many different industries and improve the lives of people around the world. AI has already played a significant role in healthcare, safety, and other fields, and I believe that its impact will only continue to grow in the coming years. However, it is important to be mindful of the potential risks and challenges associated with AI, including issues related to privacy, bias, and job displacement. As AI continues to evolve and become more integrated into our daily lives, it will be important to ensure that it is developed and used in an ethical and responsible way. Overall, I believe that AI has the potential to be a powerful force for good in the world, and I look forward to seeing how it continues to evolve and impact our lives in the years to come