Climate change in court

The legal system has been designed to protect the people and it can be used to protect the people against dangerous climate change.

This is a quote from an activist who took a big corporation to court because of the amount that it contributed to climate change.

Listen to the news report to find out about what happened.

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  • Hello! Here are some answers to your questions .

    1. How might the court case in the news report change things?

    The court case could make big corporations more accountable for contributing to climate change. It might mean that they have to pay money or take actions to reduce their impact on the environment. This could lead to changes in the way they do business and the products they sell.

    2. Should big corporations be held accountable for contributing to climate change? What about their staff and their customers?

    Yes, big corporations should be held accountable for contributing to climate change. However, it's not just their fault - everyone, including their staff and customers, also contribute to climate change in some way. So we all need to work together to help protect the environment.

    3. What should be done to make big corporations more climate friendly?

    There are a lot of things that can be done to make big corporations more climate friendly. For example, they could use renewable energy like solar or wind power instead of fossil fuels. They could also reduce their waste by recycling more and using less packaging. And they could encourage their customers to use their products in a more environmentally friendly way, like turning off electronics when they're not being used. By doing these things, big corporations can help reduce their impact on the environment and create a better future for all of us.

    1. A court case in a news report can influence public opinion and catalyze change in legal behaviors and processes A news report can attract interest and attention to a particular issue and can motivate people to action and change in relation to that issue A court cannot directly change the climate, but the decisions of the court And legislation can lead to changes. Laws can be enacted to improve energy efficiency, stimulate the use of renewable sources of energy, and set carbon emission limits for companies and industries. In the behavior of individuals and companies, and thus affect the climate.

  • What is meant by the concept of environmentally friendly projects or green projects? Environmentally friendly projects or "green projects" are those projects that give great attention to making the future environmentally sustainable, as green companies seek to make a positive impact on the environment, both locally and globally. This can be achieved through many practices and strategies, from recycling to sourcing local products to boosting energy efficiency. Green companies - also called sustainable companies - seek to achieve a balance between material profit and preserving the environment, as there is a wide range of services and products offered by companies in this category with the aim of creating this balance. The degree of adoption and implementation of sustainable practices varies greatly among these companies depending on many circumstances, including: Public awareness. economy and level of industrialization. Degree of government support and regulation. Age of entrepreneurs and decision makers in a particular region. However, the green business economy has expanded significantly in the past decade with the aim of preserving the environment, and this economy continues to expand as it is increasingly embraced by green businesses as well as other investors and stakeholders, especially in light of the recent assessment of the imminent climate threat to the planet.

    1. How can companies be held accountable to stick to the standards you outlined in these "green projects"?

      1. hi,
        I really feel there should be a climate change mitigation program which will educate people on the damage they are causing to atmospheric conditions help make climate change less severe.
        People should be able to adopt practices like riding bicycles instead of driving cars that emit unnecessary harmful gases. Do this will be a disadvantage both health wise and to the atmosphere.
        People can also replace incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs, which will save money and electricity.
        Instead of burning fossil fuels that have lots of emissions people can use renewable sources of energy like solar energy, use of wind turbines and the likes of them to produce electricity without emissions.
        People should also learn to travel without emissions, even though most transport vehicles these days rely of the burning of fossil fuels like jet fuel for planes and petrol cars, we can use more of cable cars than buses and
        carrier electric bike/bicycles instead of motor bikes also by adding bus routes, bike paths, and sidewalks.
        Manufacturing, mining for raw materials, and dealing with the waste all take energy. Most of the products that we buy — everything from phones and TVs to clothing and shoes — are created in factories, which produce up to about 20% of the greenhouse gases emitted worldwide.
        We can also use products that are not made from fossil fuels like substituting plastics made from all sorts of fuels with bioplastics made from plants.
        We should be able to try as much as possible to create more carbon sinks (these are thing that help to pull out the amount of carbon dioxide in the air for example, planting trees, bamboo, and other plants increases the number of carbon sinks.

  • If the court prosecutes against the companies and in favor of the climate, it will be a lesson for everyone who does things against the climate. The greatest guilt should be held for the companies and factories in the destruction of the earth. For customers and employees, they should advise the employees or serve the customer + serve the earth in integrating environmentally friendly energy with their machines to help the customer, and so on. Help the land to reduce pollution, increase building, and return the land to its previous era.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. Any person who does things harmful to the climate must also be fined and made to pay a fine.  or imprisonment for a certain period.  This will make people care about climate safety, and awareness must be spread among people, and instructions and information should be published on social networking sites.  For people to understand how important it is to pay attention about climate and its negative and positive impact on our lives.  Climate is a blessing that we must appreciate.  In order to live a secure life full of peace.
      Thanks .

      1. Can you tell me what are the ways to raise awareness in society and the world's population to preserve the safety and security of the world from these dangers??

        1. I will answer your question!
          awareness can be spread in different ways, since there are different age stages in society, it will also have different ways in order for things to respond seriously. For example, children can educate them by showing them stories. For example, if the story revolves around if we throw waste, it will turn against us and will control the globe and make it appear ugly
          As for young people, through making awareness lessons for them about the damages of climate change and discussing with them to propose solutions
          As for adults, employees and workers, climate laws must be enacted on them, which they must implement

        2. Hi poetic nature! I would like to answer your question. Raising awareness in society and the world's population is crucial to preserving the safety and security of the world from various dangers. There are several ways to raise awareness, including:

          1. Education: One of the most effective ways to raise awareness is through education. Educational institutions can play a significant role in educating students about the dangers that threaten our world's safety and security. Governments can also invest in public education campaigns that raise awareness about these issues.

          2. Media: The media plays a vital role in shaping public opinion and raising awareness about issues that affect society. News outlets can report on stories related to safety and security, while social media platforms can be used to disseminate information quickly.

          3. Advocacy: Advocacy groups can also play a critical role in raising awareness about issues related to safety and security. These groups can lobby governments, organize protests, and use social media to raise awareness about these issues.

          4. Collaboration: Collaboration between governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and other stakeholders is essential in raising awareness about safety and security issues. By working together, these groups can pool resources, share knowledge, and develop strategies for addressing these issues.

          5. Technology: Technology can also be used to raise awareness about safety and security issues. For example, mobile apps can be developed to provide users with information about potential threats in their area.

          In conclusion, raising awareness is crucial to preserving the safety and security of the world from various dangers. Education, media, advocacy, collaboration, and technology are all effective ways to raise awareness.

          1. Thank you. You have distinguished between positive and negative technology. Have people in your country really been subjected to a legal issue before, and is it really the consequence of the law, and how can we help remote countries get rid of pollution?

            1. Yes, people in Nigeria have been subjected to legal issues before poetic_nature. The Nigerian legal system has faced challenges such as corruption, inadequate funding, and insufficient resources. One example of a legal issue faced by Nigerians is the case of environmental pollution in the Niger Delta region. The oil industry has caused extensive environmental damage in the region, including oil spills and gas flaring. In 2011, a court in the Netherlands ruled that Royal Dutch Shell was responsible for oil spills in Nigeria and ordered the company to pay compensation to affected communities. To help remote countries get rid of pollution, there are several steps that can be taken, such as promoting sustainable development practices and supporting international agreements and initiatives aimed at reducing pollution. Ultimately, addressing pollution requires a multi-faceted approach that involves government action, private sector investment, and individual behavior change.

    2. I agree it will reduce climate change and make an impact on pollution. If more of these big companies are taken to court it will reduce climate change and companies that don't make anything useful should be shut down.
      Companies that are not causing harm to the environment should be promoted.
      The government should provide the workers with support while they are looking for another job.
      The planet is important to all of us so we shouldn't let a few companies destroy our home. When these companies are being taken to court others will take corrective action making them climate friendly.

  • In my opinion, large corporations wield an immense influence over society and the global economy. As such, they bear a significant responsibility in preventing catastrophic climate change. It is critical for these corporations to prioritize becoming more environmentally conscious by setting pragmatic goals and taking real action if we hope to protect our planet for future generations.

    One effective strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the implementation of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, in their operations. Additionally, a switch to electric vehicles and optimizing energy consumption within their facilities are viable options towards achieving a carbon-neutral target. Furthermore, responsible sourcing and production practices that avoid the unnecessary depletion of natural resources are essential.

    Collaboration with stakeholders to reduce waste generation, achieving carbon neutrality or net-zero goals, and adopting eco-friendly packaging are also crucial steps that demonstrate a brand's commitment to environmental responsibility while enhancing consumer perception.

    It is imperative that corporations recognize their role in mitigating climate change and take proactive measures to address it. By doing so, they not only fulfill their social responsibility but also contribute to a sustainable future for all.

  • Hi there! The court case in the news report might change things by setting a precedent for holding big corporations accountable for contributing to climate change. This means that if companies are found guilty of contributing to climate change, they may be required to take action to reduce their impact on the environment.

    Big corporations should definitely be held accountable for contributing to climate change, as they often have significant environmental impacts due to their size and scale. However, it's also important to acknowledge that both their staff and customers can contribute to climate change as well. This is why it's important not only to hold corporations accountable but to also educate everyone about the importance of reducing our impact on the environment.

    To make big corporations more climate-friendly, there are a few things that could be done. One idea is to incentivize companies that take steps to reduce their carbon footprint by offering them tax breaks or other incentives. Another idea is to require companies to report on their environmental impact so that consumers can make informed decisions about which products and services they choose to support. Finally, companies could invest in renewable energy sources like solar or wind power to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

    Remember, just because we're young students doesn't mean we can't make a difference! Even small actions like turning off lights when we leave a room or using reusable water bottles can help make a big impact on the environment.

  • Here are two ways you can be part of the solution to the climate crisis:

    First, spread awareness

    Encourage your friends, family and co-workers to reduce carbon pollution. Join a global movement like Count Us In, which aims to inspire a billion people to take action and challenge their leaders to act bolder on climate.

    The platform's founders say that if one billion people took action, they could reduce up to 20 percent of global carbon emissions. Or you can get involved in the UN's 'Act Now' campaign on climate change and sustainability and add your voice to this important global debate.

    Second, keep up the political pressure

    Lobbying local politicians and businesses to support efforts to reduce emissions and reduce carbon pollution.

    CountSN has some helpful advice on how to do this. Pick an environmental issue you care about, demand the change you want to see, and then try to arrange a meeting with your representatives where you live.
    It may sound scary, but your voice deserves to be heard. If humanity is to succeed in addressing the climate emergency, political leaders must be part of the solution. It is up to all of us to keep up with the pressure

    1. Yes .
      Awareness contributes to making the climate good
      Also encouragement helps a lot in the climate.
      People will be happy when there are people you support.

  • Big corporations should be held accountable for contributing to climate change. They have a responsibility to operate in a way that does not harm the environment or exacerbate climate change. They can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize their impact on the environment,etc. It's important to recognize that the responsibility for addressing climate change extends beyond corporations. Staff and customers also have a role to play in reducing their environmental impact. Staff can work to reduce waste and energy use in their workplaces, while customers can make sustainable choices when purchasing products and services. And addressing climate change requires collective action and a shared commitment to sustainability from all sectors of society.Staff can contribute to reducing their company's carbon footprint,by practicing energy conservation measures,encouraging staff to use public transport, cycling, or walking to work, rather than driving alone in a car, can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of commuting. Encouraging staff to select suppliers and vendors that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility can help promote sustainable procurement practices. And customers too can involve in this by making a more sustainable choices like buying products that have less environmental impact such as those made from recycled materials or using renewable energy sources.Companies can encourage their suppliers to adopt sustainable practices by setting sustainability standards and providing incentives for compliance.Big corporations have significant political power, and they can use it to support public policy that promotes clean energy and emissions reduction.I found some interesting information about Google's sustainability efforts. Apparently, Google has set a goal of achieving carbon neutrality for its data centers and offices. To achieve this goal, the company has implemented a number of sustainability initiatives, such as purchasing renewable energy, reducing energy consumption, and encouraging staff to reduce their carbon footprint through telecommuting, cycling to work, and other sustainable transportation options. These efforts have reportedly resulted in a 40% reduction in Google's carbon footprint since 2007.

  • First of all, big companies need to take responsibility for their environmental impact. This not only means that they reduce their carbon footprint by investing in renewable energy and sustainable practices, but also that they are transparent about their actions and take responsibility when they fail. In addition, governments should take measures that promote sustainable development, such as carbon taxes or subsidies for green technologies. Finally, consumers can play a role by supporting companies that put the environment first and by shopping with companies that are committed to reducing their impact. Ultimately, it takes a concerted effort from all stakeholders to make large corporations more climate-friendly and ensure a sustainable future for future generations.

  • The court case in the news may inspire many people to get compensation for their destroyed lands not only due to oil extractions but also due to nuclear programs of the government, mining, etc. This event may also lead to technological developments in sustainability faster and more efficiently. Our rules for matters in courts may become stricter or more lenient. Big Corporations may realize their mistakes and improve their ways of extraction and manufacturing. But they should be held accountable for contributing to climate change which has led to heatwaves, water contamination, poverty among farmers and fishermen, and many more issues. If trust in the big corporations is lost, then why will customers and staff be attracted to the vendor? Big Corporations should first agree with the surrounding neighbourhood if they are going to start their work and produce sustainable products.

  • The court case in the news can change things since the court case was about a big corporation and the amount of carbon footprint they are contributing to climate change this will make other big corporations to reduce their personal carbon footprint so that they won't be put on trial.
    Yes big corporations should be held accountable for contributing to climate change because the process of making their products is releasing harmful gases that increases climate change.
    Yes their staff and customers are contributing to the big corporations increasing climate change. The staff are helping by making the products while the customers are helping by buying the products and their money is used to buy more raw materials to make more of their products.
    The things that could be done to make big corporations more climate friendly are:
    1, They should use clean energy to make their products.
    2, They should use climate friendly materials.

  • The answers to your questions are here...
    1. How might the court case in the news report change things?
    The court can charge big companies if they fail to protect the environment. They may charge them with fines and if they didn't co-operate they may take severe actions like putting them inside the bars.
    2. Should big corporations be held accountable for contributing to climate change?
    Yes.. It should be held accountable. Corporations produce everything we buy, use and throw. It plays a role in climate change. For example, A recent report says that 100 energy companies have been to blame for 71% of all industrial emissions since anthropogenic was recognised. According to some research, 15 U.S food and beverage company generates nearly 630 million metric tons of greenhouse gases per year.
    3. What about their staff and their customers?
    The staffs and customers should also be held accountable not only corporations because as they are part of it. They should be educated on how to reduce emissions from industries, vehicles,etc.., importance of natural resources.
    4. What should be done to make big corporations more climate friendly?
    There are many ways:
    • Natural resources
    Using products that reduce your reliance on natural resources. eg: rainwater tanks
    • Reducing Energy consumption
    Turning off lights, reducing the use of AC, taking devices off the plugs when it is not needed are some good actions companies can do.
    • Attending meetings in phone calls instead of live and using e-vehicles instead of fuel based vehicles for going to office because it causes pollution.
    • RRR - Reduce, Recycle and Reuse
    Offices should set up different containers for different types of products. Use recycling bins for paper, plastic, soft drink cans, rather than throwing everything in a bin.

  • I think that the court can change Shack by imposing some penalties on these companies that negatively affect the climate, such as imposing a fine or closing the company for some time.

    Yes, everyone is responsible in these companies that affect the climate, including employees, managers, and any of the employees, even if he did not intend that, as soon as he orders the implementation of a specific task that may harm the climate

    1. I disagree because moving ahead with this decision maybe considered irrational because it's some this companies that provide us the energy we use to carry out our daily activities, not just that, this step you're suggesting will drastically affect the workers and their families, a good example are the filling stations, you may feel that the best action to take is to shut them down but you haven't thought of what we can use to replace the petrol, diesel or kerosene we get from them. I feel that instead of shutting them down we should expose them to use of clean energy. We can replace the petrol and diesel powered vehicles to solar powered vehicles and the kerosene stoves to natural gas stoves so that they can get their fuel from cow dung. Instead of shutting them down this will provide an alternative for the climate change agents and still earn them enough money to feed on.

      1. Many companies still have not adapted to the climate crisis and I agree with your point more pressure needs to be put on them. Do you have any other methods to encourage more greener companies?

        1. Thanks for this question Sir/Madam Ollie. Well, I think we can implore the use of wind turbines to generate electricity, they don't look like much but they generate over 843,000 kWh of green energy per month which is almost equivalent to the average amount of electricity consumed by an average US resident per month, this will reduce the amount of Carbon monoxide released into the atmosphere by electricity generators.
          Another step you can take that will encourage green energy is to collaborate with scientists who are working towards a similar goal as you are because if they are granted the opportunity of meeting sponsors they will be able to utilize their resources so that they can produce a greener, renewable energy, this will bring effective solutions in the future because no one can ever know too much to exceed the knowledge that science offers and with this boundless knowledge we can definitely find the solution to our problem with time.

          1. Excellent suggestions, I love your idea of collaborating with scientists! Can you find an example of companies doing this?

        2. Well, when looking at the matter from a different angle, we find that the companies provide a service to the citizens of the country, and among these services we may not be able to abandon them. I believe that if the government wants to raise awareness, it must give these companies what they need, such as solar panels, which are an alternative to electricity. increase in the problem.

          1. Interesting point of view! Why do you think it should be the government that gives private companies solar panels? Should they not be encouraged to be more sustainable themselves? I would be interested to hear your opinion awesome_history!

  • Companies can preserve the climate by using renewable energies or by innovating new ways to dispose of waste, such as decomposition in soil, etc...
    I believe that there is a responsibility on the state towards these companies and factories, as it must provide for their special needs and at the same time be the owners of control over them

  • Environmentally friendly project ideas You may be wondering now: What projects can I start now and make a profit from, and at the same time be sustainable green projects? Well, in this article, we have collected for you a set of environmentally friendly project ideas, which vary in their needs and start-up requirements to suit all needs and all abilities. 1. Green Consulting and Energy Tracking This idea involves working with companies or individuals to help them implement strategies to reduce their carbon emissions. This consists of examining buildings to assess current energy use, measuring average energy consumption, and then making recommendations to improve efficiency and reduce cost. Start your project now and contribute to saving more money for companies in addition to reducing carbon emissions harmful to the environment! 2. Garden planning This project involves the design of environmentally friendly landscape gardens, as well as sustainable gardens for families containing certain types of fruits and vegetables. The importance of this idea is to take care of the garden, make full use of it, and make it more productive compared to gardens that are built without prior planning. There is no doubt that developing a good plan for the exploitation of the garden is the first step to creating a thriving vegetable garden, as planning includes: choosing the location of the garden. Determine its size. Determine the types and varieties of vegetables for cultivation, in addition to the quantity that can be grown.

  • Essentially, though, there is no difference between the court reporter and any other member of the public in the courtroom. There are three main reasons why journalists report court cases: to encourage public confidence in the law, to help the law deter future crime, and to get strong news stories.
    The media usually supplies the public with the information that forms the basis of the decision on whether to support the government (including the judiciary) or not, and it also, as a primary stakeholder, either directly influences the government with its reports or opinions on government policies and laws.
    The media have the right to enter courts and cover proceedings but not have a duty to attend any court or to report any case. In practice, the media only attend those courts likely to produce newsworthy material.
    Objective, investigative, and interpretative reporting are the three types of reporting.

  • The Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor focuses on four main areas of corporate climate action: tracking and disclosure of emissions, setting emission reduction targets, reducing own emissions and taking responsibility for unabated emissions through climate contributions or offsetting.
    The power of carbon pricing-
    The most widely discussed mechanism to hold polluting sectors accountable is carbon pricing. In its most straightforward form, it is a blanket tax applied to each tonne of GHG emitted.
    Corporations are active participants in producing global waste and carbon dioxide emissions, which means that they are accountable for their distribution of pollution and their part in protecting the health of our planet.
    Manage your business waste for recycling by separating paper, card, plastic, metals and glass prior to collection. Most food businesses also need to separate food waste for recycling. Ensure you do not cause a statutory nuisance which could affect someone's health or annoy your neighbours.
    Business has an ethical responsibility just like consumers, citizens, governments and everyone else in society to help contribute to solving the climate problem.
    Wealthy countries are disproportionately responsible for the climate crisis, and they have the double responsibility to both cut emissions at home and to support developing countries with the costs of replanting crops and rebuilding homes after storms, and moving from dirty energy forms to cleaner, lower-carbon ones.
    How can companies be more climate friendly?
    using products that reduce your reliance on natural resources (e.g. rainwater tanks, solar hot water systems). Learn about saving water in your business. using products that are made from recycled material (e.g. office supplies made from recycled plastic, furniture made from recycled rubber).
    What can large companies do to minimize their impact on the environment?
    Reuse, Recycle
    Recycling is an important way for businesses to address and improve their environmental impact. It can be an easy measure to implement within everyday operational culture, be it paper recycling in an office, or recycling glass and food waste in the hospitality sector.

  • I believe corporations should be held accountable for all of their actions which contributed to climate change. Climate change is a serious problem which affects not just us, but future generations of people, animals, and we can not just allow certain things to be taken lightly. Strong, impactful action must be made so that the Earth is prevented from being destroyed by its own inhabitants. If that means that corporations must pay fines, rework their factories, and find more efficient ways to conduct business, then so be it. While this might affect the workers, one must think about the greater good of the whole situation. While some workers may lose their jobs, there will always be more work out there.

    1. I agree with some of your points, in the USA some may argue that it is not governments responsibility to legislate on private businesses that they should invest in reducing their climate impact? How should the government encourage companies to become more sustainable?

      1. I think that private companies to be established in the country need a license from the government, which is renewed from time to time, and I think that the license will not be given to the company if it does not comply with the conditions and specifications. Compliance is completed, the license is given to the company, but if the specifications are conformed and after that violations occur, the penalty is imposed and applied, either by withdrawing the license or closing the company for a certain period, or other penalties. I mention an example in my country, where there was a famous restaurant in an upscale area and it was very successful, but hidden violations and abuses harmful to human health were discovered in the restaurant, which led to its closure completely.
        This was an example for other restaurants to adhere to the specifications and not violate. And that no one is above the law.

    2. Hi Quiet_Mode - a lot of people would agree with you that corporations should take more responsibility for their actions. If companies were to pay fines or rework their factories, they would need to find more money. How do you think this would impact prices of the goods that they produce?

      1. Hi Alice, I do not expect that the prices of goods will be affected if the fine is for violations or transgressions of the company..because this is a penalty for their violation, and the prices in competing companies will be fixed according to the expected pricing..if the company that was fined raises the prices of its commodities, then it will lose customers because they will search for the lowest price in the companies. Competition.. It is possible to increase the prices of goods in general in all companies if the customs increase on raw materials, for example.
        If violations and penalties were applied to everyone without favoritism and if companies were to pay fines or rework their factories,companies would adhere to the required specifications and conditions so that their production would not be affected and their reputation would not be lost and they will not have to pay fines.
        Thank you for spending time to read my opinion🌹

  • I believe to make big corporations more climate friendly, there should be a major switch to more clean forms of energy. For example, things should be made using nuclear energy, or electrically. If fuel is needed, then biofuel could be used to power the vehicle. This way, we don't consume our nonrenewable resources and fill our atmosphere with greenhouse gases.

    1. Great suggestions! How do we overcome the challenge of companies focusing on the short term cost benefit of fossil fuels compared to the short term expensive but long term beneficial renewable resources?

  • I think this is actually a good thing. People knew about climate change since the 1900s, but little was done because the influence of activists was limited due to the interference of big and influencial and powerful companies whose main source of power is also the main cause of climate change. I think that giving the common people a chance to take much powerful people to court because of their wrong deeds is a very good approach. They are not only hurting the people but our entire planet at large, i mean they live on the same planet too so they should at least consider taking care of it. I am not saying that they should completely shut down their business, they can just turn to cleaner energy sources such as hydro electricity, solar electricity and if they must continue using coal they should implement the use of coal capture and storage technology. In this way everybody wins!

    1. Hi Humorous_Personality - we're seeing a lot more engagement from individuals with fighting climate change. Taking a case to court takes up a lot of time and costs a lot of money. Do you think this should be left to ordinary people like us?

      1. Why don't we form a group everywhere as part of this large group and call it the Climate Change Warriors, then appoint a leader. Our mission is to educate people everywhere by shooting a video about the magnitude of this problem, showing people how to preserve the environment, then this video will be uploaded to this social media platform. Because people spend long hours on it. As for the task of the leader, it is to raise cases and take care of the companies and educate them. I think this is a good way to run the line of work!

        1. there are lots of groups that are trying to raise awareness of the climate crisis, awesome_history -- including some like Extinction Rebellion, who use very disruptive means to get their message across. In that crowded market of ideas, how would you create a group that gets lots of attention and inspires lots of change?

  • I mean we are at a certain extent in life right now youths are becoming educated we want a better climate not just for us but also for the people after us I mean we cannot sit and watch the planet we have be destroyed when we have no spare. So, no matter what it takes we would do what it takes and yes that includes having to go to court. I mean look at Sofia Olivera and six other children took filed a lawsuit against 33 countries, demanding that governments do more to reduce emissions and safeguard their future physical and mental wellbeing. I mean see the action this is the point where we are past speaking there should be no more words the age for calm people is over, we need action as this point and that is what she is doing I feel generally inspired by this. Look at Saúl Amaru he is just fifteen and he filed a complaint against the Peruvian state for its alleged failure to adequately halt deforestation in the Amazon. They argue that their futures are severely compromised due to the climate crisis, particularly their right to enjoy a healthy environment, along with their rights to life, water, and health and I totally agree with him the Amazon is part of the world most precious gift, so I see his reason.

  • 1.How might the court case in the News report change things?- Everything published in the news is being established among the people and people will be well known about it and they will even start supporting it so an case isstarted in a court then people who are interested in it will start supporting it.This will also be useful for the people who are running the case this will show the government how much people are interested in getting that law or the court case to win.
    2.Should big corporations be held accountable for contributing to climate change? What about their staff and their customers?- Big corporations or not just the thing contributing to climate change because every government as its own laws ,for a company to run it needs to follow few rules like the amount of pollution it could emit and the amount of chemicals it could use those things are also calculated so if we need to run a corporation legally then that Corporation must follow the rules of the government but if that company is running illegally not following those rules then it needs the support of the employees to run illegally so without the staff not even a single Corporation could run so if the staffs were right about the work which they are doing then there will be no illegal activities like this happening.
    3.What should be done to make big corporations more climate friendly?- Even now we are having some laws for running an Corporation but they are not that strict enough so the government could introduce schemes like giving an licence to every corporate company and it should be renewed 3 years once in which all the details including how much toxic gas they are emiting and which chemical they are using beyound the limit could be calculated and if they exceed the limit then their licence will be cancelled.

  • Yes, the company must be held responsible and compensated to prevent any causes of climate change.

    In my opinion, the employee should be thanked for being informed of what this company is doing, because it is these small things that destroy the climate.

  • I accept that big corporations ought to be considered responsible for their part in adding to environmental change. For instance, the marshy character of some of the areas near where I live directly results from mining activities carried out on the land in the past. These activities left behind abandoned mined excavations and empty sample pits, ruining a once rich and beautiful region. Big corporations should have ecological strategies, and companies should consolidate outflows related to an item's entire life cycle. Big corporations are able to influence consumer choices, influence legislative change, and quickly adapt to climate change needs more than any other political or business body.

    1. Some great points! How should I as a consumer put pressure on companies that do not have a good environmental record?

    2. Hi Courteous_Impression - thanks, it's sad to hear of the impact of mining on your local area. If big corporations influence legislative change, would this impact the chance of laws requiring corporations to take responsibility for cleaning up such damage?

  • Holding big corporations accountable for contributing to climate change can have a significant impact in terms of mitigating the effects of climate change. Corporations have a responsibility to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and adopt sustainable practices, as they have a significant impact on the environment. This can be done through implementing regulations, fines, and other incentives to encourage compliance with environmental regulations.
    The responsibility for addressing climate change is shared by all stakeholders, including corporations, their staff, and customers. Corporations have the primary responsibility for reducing their emissions and adopting sustainable practices, but their staff and customers can also play a role in supporting these efforts by adopting environmentally friendly behaviors, such as reducing waste and conserving energy.
    Making big corporations more climate-friendly requires a multi-faceted approach that involves a combination of government regulations, market incentives, and corporate responsibility. Governments can incentivize sustainable practices and innovation through tax breaks and subsidies, while the market can drive corporations to adopt sustainable practices through consumer demand for environmentally friendly products and services. Additionally, corporations themselves have a responsibility to implement sustainable practices, such as reducing emissions, adopting renewable energy sources, and promoting sustainable supply chains.

  • I want to write my comment :
    If the court decides that it will sue some companies in favor of the climate, first it will be a harsh lesson for everyone who stands against the climate. Also, he must bear many of the sins of some companies and factories in destroying this land. As for customers and employees, they must submit a request form to employees or customer service + they must serve the land in the work of integrating environmentally friendly energy with all their devices in order to help the customer, and also, that the land be helped in reducing pollution and building tall buildings and also they must They make a covenant to restore the land as it was before. 💙

    1. Welcome 🫶🏻
      I agree with you, because if the court really decides to sue some companies in favor of the climate, then it should be a harsh lesson for everyone. The climate because he must not stand against the climate and he must preserve the climate and as you said he must bear a lot of responsibility of some companies and factories in demolishing this land. Integrating environmentally friendly energy with all their devices in order to help the customer, and they must really help reduce pollution and build tall buildings, and they must make a welcome pledge to restore the land as it was before and better ❤️.

    2. I agree with your opinion that everyone who tries stand against the climate and the health of the environment should be punished because of the corruption of the earth,and they should try to fix what they spoiled in a short period of time and they should find new jobs that are environmentally friendly

  • Welcome 🫶🏻 .
    I believe that big corporations should take responsibility for contributing to climate change, because they produce large amounts of harmful emissions, and big corporations have a large carbon footprint due to their high energy consumption, transportation, manufacturing practices, and air and water pollution through their manufacturing processes, which endangers public health. and ecosystem at risk.It also contributes to deforestation, which leads to loss of biodiversity and increased greenhouse gas emissions.. So employees and customers must also take responsibility for improving environmental conditions. I will now give you an example of an Arab company, “A car manufacturing company in Tangiers/Morocco”. FYI, it's the most environmentally friendly company, why? let me tell you:
    Firstly, the factory was built in an area called “Bab Al Reeh” because it is an area where air is available all the time. The factory's founders built "windmills" to harness the wind's energy for power generation. Every country should research, interact with and optimally use its resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions while also saving money on energy costs. Morocco is famous for olive cultivation, they take the olive kernel, then grind it, then extract energy from it, “improving waste management” and that works to reduce waste during the production process. Adopting a circular economy approach that prioritizes reuse, recycling and reuse of materials can also reduce the environmental impact of large companies! Also, I will tell you about another example of an environmentally friendly Arab company: There is a bus manufacturing company in Jeddah that manufactures buses that run on renewable energy!
    Well, but what about the companies that make money by harming the environment! Let me tell you, in my opinion companies that produce large amounts of harmful emissions can be taxed, and legal penalties can be imposed on companies that violate environmental laws, such as closing factories. Companies that have caused environmental pollution or damage to public health can also be sued. Fines can also be imposed on companies that deliberately pollute the environment.
    I cannot talk about more penalties, but this is what he believes, because that is related to local and international legislation and laws, and they differ from one country to another. However, I believe that the most severe penalties include criminal penalties, such as imprisonment and large fines, and these may follow in cases of serious environmental violations.
    We must take action to reduce the impact of big corporations on climate change and move towards a sustainable future 💘.

    1. Hi Daring_Dinousaur - I found your examples very interesting. If companies have to pay more money through extra taxes or legal penalties, do you think the purpose of the taxes/penalties should be to change their behaviour? If it doesn't, has the legislation failed?

      1. Yes, I think the purpose of taxes is to change behavior because we all know corporations are like power-hungry monsters who will do almost anything to maximize their profits. Therefore, if you tax them too much, they will surely start to lose interest in investing and expanding. Why bother taking a risk when you know the government is waiting around every corner to snatch your hard-earned piece of dough?
        And look, as companies are exposed to higher and higher tax rates, they may start to feel like it's not worth investing that much money in their business ventures because they know they're not going to see the same returns because of those taxes. Also, the company will make itself a bad reputation among people and it can be boycotted. This will inevitably lead to its bankruptcy! I think all these negative effects will make it change its behavior!

        1. Thanks Daring_Dinosaur - you make a good point that companies are looking to maximise profits. If the tax is lower than the cost of fixing the problem, the company might decide not to change behaviour and to pay the additional tax. In that case (assuming no boycott!), can you think of any benefits?

  • What should be done to make big corporation more climate friendly.
    The legal system has been designed to protect the people and it can be used to protect the people against dangerous climate change. But how?
    Here are some interesting and educating tips on the solution to make big corporation more climate friendly.
    1. Recycle and reuse: creating bins for recycling is one of the easier and simple way to make companies climate friendly and greener, let's take for instance,one of the effect of climate change is flooding or erosion, which is very unethical which is usually caused by too much of dirt's , irresponsible disposal of waste and many more, which is very unfriendly to to the environment, and that is why solution 1 is recycle and reuse, because if plastics, papers e.t.c are recycled, companies and the environment at large will be more friendly.
    2.showing care: it is also one of the things that must be done to make big corporation more climate friendly, research and findings have conducted made me realize that 75% of consumers consider sustainability before buying a product,and that is why I recommend purchasing of second hand furniture and other gadgets, larger corporation can also be climate friendly if they show care by using sustainable products, alternative chemicals or dispose in a more environmentally sustainable way,perform an Audit cleaning and maintenance of products.
    If this,can be put in practice,big corporations will be more friendly with the climate.

  • Yes, big corporations should be held accountable for contributing to climate change. Many large corporations have significant environmental impacts, including greenhouse gas emissions, water and air pollution, depletion of natural resources, and waste generation. They should be held responsible for minimizing their environmental impacts and transitioning to sustainable practices. Workers and customers can choose to support companies that prioritize sustainability and make environmentally conscious choices.

  • My answer to the first question is that this court case can change things by creating awareness for climate change and the impacts on our everyday lives. My answer to the second question is that big corporations should be held responsible for climate change, but the consumers and staff are also making a huge impact on the environment also. My answer to the last question is that big corporations should act instead of just lowering plastic or lowering carbon emissions, but actually raising money or erasing all carbon emissions will put a real effect on the world.

  • I agree with you
    Really any news issue affects people the most?
    For example, in Egypt, two accidents occurred on the railway lines. The press dealt with this issue extensively to search for the person responsible for this accident: the government or the Transportation Authority. After finding out who was responsible, the head of the Transportation Authority was dismissed. The question now is whether these accidents stopped in Egypt
    Of course it didn't stop.
    I mean here not only the law should be relied upon to protect the environment, but firm principles and beliefs should be established among people.
    I was very surprised when I see many European countries teaching young children to love the environment, but in our Arab countries we study a lot of subjects that do not mention the environment. I think we must first be raised to LOVE the environment and that it belongs to everyone. not for us . It's for ALL

  • Taking climate change to court might be the best way to stand up for the little guy. I mean that some activists do not have enough influence to compete with big, influencial industries that are hurting our planet. Taking it to court actually gives them a way of tackling the problem in an orderly and fair manner. It can also boost awareness for the effects of climate change as people might tune in to watch the court proceedings and actually learn a lot from it. In the olden days, influencial company owners could get away with anything because pollution was not really seen as a crime, but now that we have begun to see changes, they have decided to give people the opportunity to bring climate change into the court room, what a good idea! Now everyone is equal before the law and they will all get the judgement they deserve.

  • The court is doing what is useful, so if we propose to solve the climate problem, you will certainly agree.
    Possible suggestions:
    1- When selling products in international companies, a paper should be placed that talks about the climate.
    2- At school, competitions should be held on climate and prizes should be given to the winners.
    3- Awareness campaigns and campaigns in the streets.
    4- Posting tips for climate change on social media such as: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
    And a lot of popular applications.
    There are many suggestions, but I chose the best, easiest and most important.

  • The court case in the news report might have an effect on how things can change. This is because the news can reach out to those all around the world. It would bring buzz or popularity to the topic, ultimately causing citizens, businesses, and government officials to fight for change in the world. Big corporations should not be held accountable for contributing for climate change. But, they should be able to put money and workers forward to help create opportunities to fight for climate change.

    1. Hi strong_thought, Why do you not think Big Corporations should be held accountable for climate change? If a company makes its profit through Earths natural resources, should they not have to equally protect the Earth? Please share your thoughts

      1. You are right and I agree with you on this, meaning that they have to give as much as they took, but they also meet the needs of the population with these products, meaning that the idea of ​​closing a company that is not abiding by the law will not be in the interest of the citizens, so the best solution in this case is to use renewable energy as an alternative to electricity. If they pay taxes through which we help the environment, but I am concerned about marine organisms that die as a result of throwing industrial waste into the waters of the seas or oceans. I think this must be put to an end.

        1. You raise some good points and have a great awareness of the impact of just closing the companies. An idea is we should consider taxing companies based on their climate impact, however the practicality of calculating this and quantifying it would be tough. Could lead to even more complicated tax systems!

  • yes, big cooperation should be held accountable for climate changes if they do not, track and disclose of emissions, set emission reduction targets, reduce own emissions and take responsibility for unabated emissions through climate contributions or offsetting.
    I believe that when industries ae being sued enough they will think about what they are doing and do the right thing. Because they will not like their company to have a bad name.
    In other for industries to be climate friendly they should do the following;
    1.)Start Thinking Cyclically.
    2.)Go Fully Digital.
    3.)Identify A Greener Main Offering.
    4.)Get Your Supply Chain Partners On Board.
    5.)Implement A Takeback Program.
    6.)Switch To Renewable Energy.
    7.)Go Fully Remote.

    The court case in the news report may change things because it brought awareness and attention to big corporations accountable for negatively impacting climate change. This could cause many of these corporations to act fast and change their ways of doing things, to benefit the climate and positively support it. This court case would also educate others on how their actions may be affecting the climate and how they can stop from doing it.

    I believe that big corporations should be held accountable for their negative actions towards the environment.
    By being held accountable they will find new ways to do things (I have given examples in the paragraph below).
    Their staff would be able to adapt to these new terms, meaning they would be key people in helping our world.
    In addition, these large corporations could influence their consumers to become more environmentally friendly and support businesses that are trying to make a positive impact on our world.

    Big corporations should cut down on their use of fossil fuels, greenhouse gases, plastics, wasteful packaging, non-recyclable things and more. By doing this, the environment would be less damaged by these corporations.

    Thank you!

  • The court case between Friends of the Earth Netherlands and Shell has the potential to change things in a significant way. The case alleges that Shell has not taken adequate action to reduce its carbon emissions and is violating its duty of care and human rights obligations. Friends of the Earth Netherlands success could set a precedent for other climate-related lawsuits against corporations and put pressure on other companies to take more aggressive action to reduce their carbon emissions and transition to renewable energy sources. If the court rules in favor of Friends of the Earth Netherlands, it could signal that companies have a legal obligation to take action on climate change, leading to more stringent regulations and policies. The outcome of the case is still uncertain.

    Big corporations should be held accountable for contributing to climate change, as they are responsible for producing large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. To reduce their carbon footprint and work towards sustainability, corporations should invest in renewable energy sources, reduce waste and emissions, and implement environmentally-friendly practices. Additionally, corporations should educate their staff and customers about sustainable practices and encourage them to make more sustainable choices.

    Big corporations need to adopt sustainable practices, prioritize transparency and accountability, and provide incentives for eco-friendly behavior to reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future. This requires a concerted effort from both the private sector and government.

  • Big corporations are well- known and well... big. Everyone knows them, people take inspiration from them they are charismatic. However, if they are participating in unethical culture, they are in trouble.
    Nowadays, cancel culture is at its highest! Do one thing wrong, you've know been cancelled for an eternity. Careers have been ruined because of it. If a massive corporation gets cancelled, their situation is different. People will still stay loyal to the company, even when given proof. If they all enlighten themselves on ethical and sustainable methods, everything would be easier. They wouldn't get cancelled, have a solid flow of customers and be branded as a good corparation!

  • Welcome ...
    The court is working to solve the problems, and now we are in the (climate) problem. So of course the problem will be solved.
    The climate problem is faced by all people, so awareness and education must be spread to people through the big companies, because millions of people are watching what the big companies are doing.
    It is important for large companies to do the following ways to be climate friendly:
    1- Making announcements about the importance and damage to people of the climate.
    2- Placing a paper talking about the climate with the product.
    3- Because millions love the company, they will do the same as the company does, so an episode should be made on the climate.
    I hope so, but I don't see that companies contribute anything useful.