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I think an artist is anyone Who can express their thoughts by another way than speaking, like... AI poll results! 04/5/23
I don't think that a person who uses AI to create art is an artist. Because when you make art... Thinking questions 04/5/23
I used to think that all of us needed to strike for what we want when we want. But now I... Competition #4 Then and now 04/5/23
Are some strikes traditions or they are still necesary? Suggest a discussion! 04/5/23
I think that AI can help us in everyday life. This programs may improve our schools, hospitals... Student suggestion 04/5/23
I understand your point, but I don't agree with you. I think there are a lot of types of... Are royals relevant? 02/5/23
I also agree with you, there are some unnecesary strikes that have no sense. I think this kind... Can everyone strike? 02/5/23