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Artificial intelligence (AI) is when machines do things that usually require human intelligence, such as, make decisions or design something.

AI can now create art. For example, it can produce images that look like drawings, paintings or photographs; musical compositions; and pieces of creative writing.

This gave us an idea for this week’s poll! This time we want you to think about the question:

For this poll we asked you to share how you felt about the following statement:

Can AI, or someone who uses AI to create art, be called an artist?

The results are in and here's what you thought:

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  • I think that artificial intelligence and painters who use artificial intelligence should not be called artists, as there are many people who can also do what they do, but real artists are those who really love drawing and draw through their creativity and what goes on in their imagination, so this artist can outperform Artificial intelligence with its intelligence and creativity in its drawings

    1. No, I think artificial intelligence is a wonderful thing and it deserves the name of art because it is something that takes a lot of time to learn and it is very difficult so no one can master it. As for drawing, you will find many people mastering drawing, as it is very easy and takes a little time to learn it. Yes, drawing is art and artificial intelligence is art, so the two are things Wonderful, and as I said, artificial intelligence is not an easy thing, and perhaps it will change the world and make it more developed

      1. Thank you for sharing your perspective on this topic. I agree with you that artificial intelligence is a wonderful thing that has the potential to change the world and make it more developed. The development of AI requires a lot of time and effort, and it is certainly not an easy thing to master. In many ways, AI can be seen as a form of art, as it requires creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills. Similarly, drawing is also an art form that requires practice and skill to master. Ultimately, both AI and drawing are wonderful things that can be appreciated for their beauty, complexity, and potential to improve our lives.

      2. Hi balanced forest,
        I disagree with your point, people using AI should not be called artists, because most of the sounds which are made to sound better are made /corrected by the AI. Another thing is drawing is not easy to master, it takes a lot of time to master and also your right AI will change the world and make it more developed someday in the future.

      3. I disagree because... quite alright I get the aspect in which you are coming from but I don't think your seeing the other side stories about AI's.
        In my own opinion, I would say that AI is actually capable of making a lot of errors due to the fact that its completely dependent on the humans who build and train it, AI can be infused with the biases of its creators. And other negative consequences can come with the increasing dominance of AI that aren’t obvious to the average layperson.
        Also I cant be the only one who still sees the act of AI re-making artwork as PIRACY...or am I??? Like for the fact that they just copy another individuals work and the AI then claims the work . It doesn't just feel right to me.

      4. AI and can be used to increasingly concentrate wealth and power, leaving many people behind, and to create horrifying weapons. This is a probable outcome that is inevitable, so the right question is not ‘What will happen?’ but ‘What will we choose to do?’ We need to work aggressively to make sure technology matches our values. This can and must be done at all levels ranging from the smallest unit of society to even the government.

      5. I disagree. AI "art" can't even be classed as art. The definition of art is: The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power (according to Oxford Languages). Focus on the words "HUMAN creative skill". The definition of the word even disagrees, as much as a definition can disagree, with the fact that AI art is still art. AI is not human, so according to the definition it can't be classed as art.

      6. I disagree because... Art cannot be learned quickly, since I have now completed six months to learn it, but there are some skills that I have not mastered yet, so the name of the artist is given to someone who can convey all his feelings in the painting even if he may need more time, and But artificial intelligence cannot do that, it is true that it saves time and effort, but it cannot provide the required sensations, and also you cannot develop your skill by having what you want, I mean that searching for ideas and the thing to be drawn or deduced from the painting will provide it for you Artificial intelligence so you won't find it fun

      7. I disagree because... first AI is not learnt or mastered , it is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines especially computer systems programmed and I believe you know that AI was developed for humans in order to making our surroundings more beautiful; creating records of a specific time, place, person or object; and expressing and communicating ideas. In my view and opinion I believe the production of art should be strictly for human beings and not for Artificial Intelligence due to the fact that AI can first destroy the interest and reputation of other artists coupled with the fact that it would be better than any other of work art since it is better and more accurate.
        Also, AI cant even perform physical activities involved in art such as painting, drawing or sculpture etc. so therefore how would you say AI, or someone who uses AI to create art, be called an artist.

      8. BALANCED_FOREST, you are very inspiring, and I totally agree with you that the AI is a wonderful thing in my opinion it can be a source of motivation and ideas because in my thinking if you don't have an idea of what to do and you just start playing with the brushes and idea can always pop from nowhere. Also, another good thing about the AI is that if you made a mistake, you could always go back. it is also helpful when the artist is starting to have an ARTIST BLOCK (this is a diverse term saying that your motivation stops, or you suddenly can come up with ideas) because the AI can give different pictures or ideas to help you start your work. So, my point is the AI is a FLEXIBILE SYSTEM.
        THANK YOU

      9. They shouldnt be called artists because they are something IN your laptop therefore you can code or like on tiktok just put in the name of the thing and there and its rude to those artists that work hard.

      10. I disagree because this results in a lot of negatives, even if it has positives, but its negatives are more than positives, including: Artists are fighting a battle online and in the courts against artificial intelligence that copies in seconds their styles that took years to develop. I learned that last year an outcry erupted from artists after the release of generative artificial intelligence programs that could emulate their methods and produce works of art identical to theirs. And any user of artificial intelligence programs can obtain pictures or drawings in the style of any artist, but without obtaining his approval, reference to him, or financial compensation. Supporters of the call hope to establish a legal precedent that would allow control over generative AI models that copy the styles of animators.

      11. In my opinion, the controversy over the intrusion of artificial intelligence into the world of art has risen to the point of attacking the original works of artists. Its tools may violate artists’ copyrights by using their works as a basis for artificially generating images, and this raises many crises, which will make artists try to address it. When an artist was asked, he said, “Artificial intelligence programs use works of artists without their consent or attributing these works to them.”

      12. I disagree, you can not call a person who uses AI(artificial intelligence)an artist because a few clicks and the press of a button can not be compared with someone who is dedicated and spent countless hours to make art.Although mastering drawing is easier, a person who types on a keyboard and generates art he/she did not even make has no right to call themselves an artist.People who work hard to make outstanding masterpieces should deserve that title.

      13. AI is a strategic technology that brings greater efficiency, new income opportunities and enhanced customer loyalty. It also helps companies achieve more in less time. It takes a lot of time to learn to make the right predictions. Its drawback is also unclear. AI systems must include clear design documents and machine learning must include testing and improvement.

    2. I agree with you that an artist is not considered an artist if they use AI, which is why I don't support the idea of ​​AI being used in art or music. You feel that artificial intelligence makes things easy and accessible to everyone, so you lose what is called fascination and innovation.

    3. Of course, I totally agree with you that humans are advancing and creating art more than AI. Maybe I have an idea that I said before, which is...
      To name the artist who uses artificial intelligence is another name for the human artist who uses his hand and heart to draw... But I was surprised by the information that said that artificial intelligence has an artistic sense... But is it possible for them to hold a competition to determine the best among them
      Humane artists... and artificial intelligence art?! If you have ideas about this question, share them with us and explain your opinion, please.
      Thank you ❤

    4. I agree because... in actuality I think that the only way the AI user can be called an artist is for the concept and how much the user impacted the final piece

    5. I agree with you ..
      I think I have a solution to this problem:

      "Artificial intelligence: a virtual world. "
      "And our world: a real world" ...

      I think every artist should be given a name that matches their world.
      For example, art users on AI should be named differently than human artists...

      Thus, everyone has the opportunity to understand what the paintings of human artists are... and who are the AI ​​painters...
      And indeed, I do not deny the beauty and realism of some drawings made by artificial intelligence, but the emotional art of a person is still better ...

      But my question (eg: if you implement my idea, what do you think is a suitable name for artists using artificial intelligence?!)
      and Did you like my idea, or are there some modifications, or did you not agree with them?!
      I'm happy to hear your opinion..

  • Yes, I think that AI and a person who uses AI to create art should be called an artist because art is simply self expression and to me AI is the form that John McCarthy(one of the founding fathers of AI) found to express his mind and thoughts about certain things which invented AI(artificial intelligence)

    1. I agree because I believe that if someone can create something using his or her creativity can do arts anywhere and I think AI is a very good place to create arts

    2. If artificial intelligence carries out everything that a person commands, then there is no art in it at all. He only controls intelligence similar to his intelligence. He just thought how to do it and did.
      By imposing orders, it is not right to be called an artist, as the artist who works hard to obtain this title
      I suggest that they be called by a name other than the artist
      Because they controlled artificial intelligence, and this is a beautiful thing, and they must have a name, but not an artist, because an artist is different from that

    3. I disagree because... AI and a person who uses AI to create art should not be called an artist .for them to become one is by making their own art to be called one, instead of copying and changing it in a different style and vision to make people excited of what type of picture is trending and what will happen in future .
      They don't think out side the box
      They develop laziness

      1. I understand your perspective, but I would like to present a different viewpoint on the matter.

        The definition of an artist can vary and is open to interpretation. While some may argue that an artist is someone who creates original work from scratch, others believe that artists can also include those who utilize AI or other tools to assist in their creative process. Art, like any form of expression, evolves with time and technological advancements.

        AI can be a tool that artists use to explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of creativity. It can assist in generating ideas, providing inspiration, or aiding in the execution of artistic visions. Rather than simply copying and changing existing artwork, AI can be employed to generate entirely new and unique pieces. Artists using AI can combine their own creativity, skill, and vision with the capabilities of AI technology to create something truly original.

        Additionally, the use of AI in art does not necessarily lead to laziness or unemployment. It can actually open up new avenues of creativity and offer opportunities for artists to experiment and innovate. AI can be seen as a tool that complements and enhances the artistic process, rather than replacing the artist themselves. Artists still bring their unique perspective, creativity, and personal touch to the artwork, even if AI is involved in the process.

        Furthermore, the integration of AI in art can lead to the development of new artistic roles and career paths. It can create employment opportunities in fields such as AI artistry, creative programming, or the development and maintenance of AI tools for artists.

        Ultimately, whether someone considers AI users as artists or not may depend on their personal definition and understanding of art. However, it's important to recognize that the utilization of AI in art can be a valuable and legitimate form of creative expression, encouraging innovation, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the artistic realm.

  • The term artist has come to be applied to all those who practice photography, drawing, acting, directing, music and literature in our society, and I see that this is not true.
    From my point of view, a person should be called an “artist” and be worthy of having in his being a genius talent that enables him to draw his paintings emotionally and explain his feelings, and I think that artificial intelligence does not have feelings and sensations, so he should not be called an artist .

  • A person who uses AI to create art shouldn't be called an artist because art is the human activity that involves the physical expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. So if an AI creates the art it won't be called physical expression of human creative skills. For example if a person uses AI to create music,though the lyrics might come from the person but it woudn't be the person's vioce heard it will be the AI's voice heard. Dancing is also another skills that involves making different moves with your body with the AI you can't get to use your body to create new moves..

    1. Is music all about the effect is has on the listener or about the musician?

      1. Music has effect on both the listener and musician.
        People listen to music to take them out of sorrow while others for fun.
        Musicians make songs to earn money while others sing in other to share their live experience. Some sing for fun and others to touch peoples lives.
        Some listeners don't care about the voice but the lyrics because some of the lyrics are indirectly talking about what affects them and in some cases the lyrics is like a solution to their problems. That's why sometimes music is called the food for the soul.
        There are other listeners who don't care about the lyrics but only the voice. They fall in love with the musician voice and don't care about the content of the song. As such touching their lives.

        1. I agree because... It's true that music has a profound impact on both listeners and musicians, and it can serve a variety of purposes for different people according to their situations.Music can help us express our emotions which may be difficult to put into words.In India, music plays a significant role in people's lives, and it has a rich history and cultural significance.Music has a special place in people's hearts, and it continues to inspire and uplift people of all ages and backgrounds.Sad music can be therapeutic by allowing us to process and express emotions in a healthy way. And I agree to what u have said about lyrics and voice. I feel the same that both voice and lyrics matters and play a beautiful, important role in music. Sometimes voice of the musician can evoke certain emotions and connect people in a unique way. A singer with intense or soothing voice can make a song more impressive and memorable.And that what makes people moved. And sometimes even me, drawn to a particular singers voice even if I don't understand the language of the lyrics. At the same time lyrics can be a story or message that connects people with their emotions. Like it can relate to a person's personal experiences. And sometimes it can be a source of inspiration. Like I used to listen to songs which gives me energy to continue my work when I am tired. So both voice and lyrics matters I think.Music has the power to transform our lives in meaningful ways.

      2. I think the one who is affected the most is the listener, because the musician will know the song and he will have heard this music before, because the listener enjoys when he hears this music and he will be very happy

      3. Well for me it not completely all about a particular aspect, Music is very broad so we cannot say it is all about the listener or about the musician, but I think it is more about the effort the musician puts into producing a good piece of music.

        Here is why I think it is more about the musician. One cannot classify a sound as good music if it has no effect or impact on someone, not also forgetting that music is an aspect of art, and art is an expression of human feelings, while listening to a piece of music, the listener should be able to understand the background in which laid the foundation for singing that song even though many may have different opinions, and this can't be possible if the musician does not know how to use maximum expression to make an impact on to listener.

        My main point is that I will classify the effect music has on the listener under the Efforts of the musician, because if the musician sings rubbish without making any effort to see that his piece of art inspired someone or gave a good impact on someone, the music will definitely not have any effect on the listener,
        But if the musician makes effort to see that his work makes an impact somewhere, it will surely affect the listener positively because hard work is main key to "success."

  • Yes, I feel anyone who uses AI to create art, can be called an artist. People who use AI may be looked upon as Non naturalistic, uncreative, and fake sometimes even untalented. People say this because most times artworks created using AI are inspired by other people's work and the artist are assisted by Artificial Intelligence. In my own opinion the fact that they are able to be creative and turn someone else's work into something else most times even better than the original is impressive and even with AI, it makes it easier and smoother. AI even gives more effects, Beats and so on to make creating art more fun and exciting, giving artists room for more improvement and crazier, fun and amazing inventions. I feel anyone who uses AI has more advantage than an artist who doesn't so why shouldn't they be called or classified as artists? This is unfair to them because they deserve to be appreciated for what they make or create sometimes they are more creative than normal artist and even produce a lot of new ideas, inventions and artworks.

  • Yes a person who uses AI to create art can be called an artist if he uses his/her own ideas/inspiration to create the art. Usually losts of people have ideas/inspiration but they don't know how to make it come to reality because they are either not good in drawing, writing, taking pictures or singing. But when these ideas are used together with the AI , their ideas can turn into a beautiful art. The AI will help bring out their inspiration/ideas into a beautiful work of art as such they become artist as well

    1. Does that mean there is no need to learn art skills like drawing anymore?

      1. Thers's a need to learn art skills most especially in the early years of school. At this age most of the pupils learn with art drawing. They find it easy to express themselves and learn with ease. People have individual difference , some find it easy to express themselves with drawing. Taking drawing skills away will affect them in a negative way.
        The AI of drawing can be used to assist those who find it difficult to draw so that they will not lose interest in drawing. The AI of drawing can also improve the creative drawing of those with good drawing skills.

      2. No, I don't think so, because the art produced by artificial intelligence is completely different from the art produced by natural intelligence For example, there are innovations and inventions that are different, each of which is more beautiful than the other. Therefore, I do not think that it is possible to retire from art

      3. No, not at all! Like so many people have said, art is self expression, whether you use Artificial Intelligence as a medium or not. As for me, I draw because it is fun, and sometimes relieves stress and sadness. I believe that if anyone sees AI as an excuse not to learn creative skills, then they never really had the passion to learn in the first place.
        Artificial Intelligence was created to ease the execution of tasks on humans, whether creative or not. I feel that nobody should ever use technology as an excuse not to learn. Anyone that wants to learn art skills should not be discouraged by the fact that AI can do it too. You learn for yourself, not for others.

  • I feel that yes a person who uses art can be referred to as an artist. Art is a diverse range of human activity, and resulting product, that involves creative or imaginative talent expressive of technical proficiency, beauty, emotional power, or conceptual ideas. Art id diverse and comes it many aspects. It is the choice or the artist to decide on which apparatus he or she wants to use to produce whatever sort of art. Using AI to create art just makes it easy for the artist to produce art. Also, the use of AI to produce art can be the specialty of people.

  • I do not agree with this because this is called theft. It is just like a student studying all night until he passes the exam while another student is sleeping and not interested in this and when the exam the teacher comes and helps the lazy student who did not study to pass the exam, I think this is unfair to other artists . Also, whoever uses artificial intelligence to create drawings and paintings may not have any knowledge of the field of arts, in addition to that, he did not make any effort to draw this painting, so how can we call this person an artist?!!!

    1. Great comment. Can you expand on what the importance of "knowledge of the field of arts" is?

      1. We all know that if someone wants to achieve his dream, he must stay up at night and learn everything related to the dream or the profession he wants, and this also applies to art, meaning that if the user of artificial intelligence calls himself an artist, he must be aware of the basics of art at least and learn more about This topic. Do you agree with me?

      2. It creates man in the golden imagination, and it benefits man scientifically and intellectually, and it increases the imagination of designers in developing works and improving their quality. Art is a means for sensory dialogue and imagination among designers, and the role of art in societies is to enhance the capabilities of education and creativity and to promote the values ​​of diversity.

    2. It isn't called theft in my own opinion rather innovation. Art is diverse so anyone can design/ create art. It a form of expression of the innermost mind of man roused by human activity. Art mustn't be studied before it is created it could even be a talent or area of specialization for some individuals. AI in Art i feel was actually designed to make things fair from my perspective some people like you said don't have the "knowledge of art" but have the passion to express themselves AI can help them do that easily and even faster and be an inspiration to others to since they are not as lucky as those who were born with the natural talent of art. Even helps artist who are well trained create even better artworks that are dazzling an example of such an artist is" sougwen chung" who produces artworks using AI. Besides it is a choice to use AI for art or not it is there for everyone and anyone there is no discrimination on using AI for art.

  • An AI that produces art according to me is not classified as an artist. I am someone who has the passion for art and for me all that art centers around is self expression it more than just mere paintings and drawings it is deep it comes from your emotions there is that drive that pushes you towards it and from my research AI dooe not have true emotions and those that have emotions have being programmed to do so and no matter how good the programming may be it can never be true, it can never have a true passion like a human who does. Also, as someone who holds art at a very high esteem, any art that is not centered around true expression of deep emotions is not an art, so therefore, no matter how good an AI's art may be it is never true and so they are not artist. Lastly, I stand with Master Cheng when he said " AI DOES NOT PRODUCE TRUE ART"

    1. I disagree because...... in my own opinion "AI PRODUCES GENUINE ART" Yes art is aroused and centered on feelings, self-expression and AI just supports people in doing that. AI is a platform where anyone can express his or herself, and even give better ideas as a source of inspirations from someone's work. You said that it doesn't expresses true emotion I disagree because anyone who creates art from the mind is expressing out of true feelings whether using AI or not. Therefore, the work is still based on someone's ideas/emotions so if you are basing your point on true feeling. In my opinion that is not fair to all AI artists.

  • I think yes, the title of artist should be given to everyone who uses artificial intelligence. Not everyone can use it, as it is art, but with the correct use, it may leave a beautiful imprint in our lives.

  • The general definition of art is that it is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. The key point I want to talk about is human creative skill. Art is something done for joy by people. An AI cannot feel the joy a human feels when he or she has created a masterpiece. Also an AI will not put as much effort as a human would when creating a masterpiece.
    An AI is a machine so it is made to create only art it is programmed to. Due to this an AI does not have the diversity that a human being has when creating art. Also an AI might not have the ability to express all the emotions the programmer wants it to.
    An AI can only copy. When a human artist mimics another artist's style and pass off a piece of artwork as their own, it is incredibly frowned upon and in some cases could be seen as copyright infringement. But honestly this is essentially what AI art is doing. An AI doesn’t create its own art. It samples everyone else's art then combines it into something else. Art is based on unique ideas due to human differences and since an AI copies and mashes everyone else's, in my opinion it is not totally art.
    Therefore the person using the AI cannot be called an artist because an artist is someone who expresses his/her feelings. Someone using an AI isn't expressing his/her feelings because the AI is doing all the work. Honestly Artificial art lacks its own intrinsic psychic meaning to the agent. AI agents are not creating art rather, they are replicating art.

    1. Great comment. Can you explain the importance to people of "expressing his/her feelings" in art?

      1. ''Painting is another way of keeping a diary'' these were the words of the renowned Spanish painter, Pablo Picasso. According to what I've learnt through all my years of schooling, art is meant to convey emotions that you find difficult to express in speech. As a lover of art I've come to realize that almost every artwork has a hidden story behind it. Art gives us a free platform to to express oneself in many ways possible through poetry, drawings, paintings and also through music you could use these different forms of art to communicate your thoughts to other people. A good example is the song ''How Do I Say Goodbye'' when he wrote this song his Dad was ill with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, he thought his Dad was going to die so he used his song to express how he truly felt through singing and a lot of people related with this song and it moved a lot of people. He truly used this song to express what he was truly going through.

      2. Yes, of course, through art, a person can express his feelings and feelings in a creative way, either through singing, dancing, drawing, or poetry (literary writings, prose, a story) and it reflects on people with positive energy and overwhelming happiness. In the end, a person will have self-confidence, stay away from psychological disorders, develop himself, strengthen social bonds, and develop society.

      3. Well an artist can use feelings and emotions depending on the need and requirement of the artwork. It creates an aesthetic experience that the viewers enjoy. Also, art and emotions work hand in hand to bring meaning to various artefacts. When One expresses his or her feelings through art it depicts his or her emotions. Art can be interpreted differently by different people and it is the artist's emotions that makes this possible. It is widely thought that the capacity of artworks to arouse emotions in audiences is a perfectly natural fact. Good art leaves many of us think about different emotions. This is why it is art. Emotions create feelings that flow naturally. But oftentimes they get mashed up. Whatever emotion you're feeling can be a lot to carry. Expressing emotion through art is an incredible way to release those feelings before they get too deep and begin to create other problems and art is an incredibly efficient way of releasing those feelings.

      4. According to Gustav Klimt “Art is a line around your thoughts.” Focusing on artistic expression has many benefits: it takes your mind off your negative emotions and in addition, it allows you to express these feelings in a healthy way. Work it out – Rather than brooding and letting stress, sadness, or anger get the better of you, transform it into something else. Art allows us to have a deeper understanding of our emotions; it increases our self-awareness, and also allows us to be open to new ideas and experiences.

      5. For example, drawing what is in the feelings of the painter, or what happened to him, something that made him angry, or what he suffered from throughout his life, for example, when they are in a time of distress, so he draws what is appropriate for him, or he draws about the courage of his parents, or what happens with them at work

  • I believe that the existence of artificial intelligence and the arts will make tremendous progress in societies and look at them from an aesthetic point of view, and everyone will pay attention to this issue, and everyone will be able to participate in it, so it will be a matter of attention in the country

    1. I'm not sure about this because when you say matter of attention it is very broad because I'm sure there are other things going on around in the country so I will like to know what you mean by matter of attention ,are there no other things to pay attention to?

  • I would say that people who use AI to create art are not artists because the AI would be doing most of the work and because AI is so advanced they could create something very unimaginary which could be put up for auction to make the owner of AI very wealthy and not giving actual artists a chance to prove themselves.

  • I don't think someone who uses AI to create art should be called an artist because an artist is someone with the talent and skills to conceptualize and make creative works. I also don't think AI could be called an artist because it needs a human to give it orders or controls to allow it to create an artpiece.

  • I disagree with this statement, A person who uses AI shouldn’t be called an artist because, when you use the “artificial intelligence”(AI) you aren’t the one making it, you just use your imagination and type it down which is then presented to you meaning you do not do the hard work you just put imagine and it’s presented to you. An artist is a person who creates paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby, so when you just type down what you want to make on the AI you do not bring your pencil, eraser and paint to draw because the AI does it for you, so it’s not a true artistry.

  • I disagree . It's unfair to call AI an artist . It's true AI is creative but also it's following data managed by humans . Anyone can ask AI to draw anything he wants without any effort and in seconds he can get what he wants . This way we kill the human's creativity . At the same time, the real artist makes his mind and his imagination to create an image full of feelings and emotions. This way we keep the human 's mind creativity . In my opinion if someone uses AI to make pictures to sell them so ,he is clever to use it to earn money and to be a trader not an artist .

  • I guess he shouldn't be called an artist because he is
    1 It is possible to use Photoshop
    2 Not drawing by hand
    3 Imitation of artists' drawings
    4 There is no spirit of challenge
    5 Go for fun and fun
    6 Stealing the foundations of artists
    7 Not knowing anything about drawing
    And many other things

    1. You are right, and I agree with you on this, but with regard to point 4, I think that there are some users who have the spirit of challenge, but do not have the confidence in themselves to draw a painting by themselves. You know, I think that if anyone wanted to use artificial intelligence in drawing a painting or relied on it always, his conscience would not be clear, but some people might feel sad and seek to change himself and learn more and more, and then the spirit of challenge will increase in him and he may become one of the best artists of his time, and who knows ??!

    2. I do not agree with your comment because I have an uncle who has learned over the years to be able to draw what is in the imagination and he is now called the artist and he is also a painter in a university and has the ability to draw all things

    3. I do not agree with you at all, because this prevents him from calling him an artist, because they spend years learning and persevering in order to call him an artist.

  • I don't think that just because the AI ​​makes art and some paintings will make him an artist
    Because I believe that a person is an artist in his paintings with his feelings and feelings, as he transfers them to the painting

    And we all know that artificial intelligence lacks this characteristic
    I would really be glad to hear your opinion about what I have to say

    1. Interesting comment. Can you say why "feelings" are important in an artist's painting?

      1. Because if you want to show the person who sees the painting your feelings and want to attract him and make him feel that it is close to his feelings, you must show your feelings in it.

      2. Because it achieves the unity of construction and integration and gives it excitement and longing in terms of the painting being consistent and integrated (colors, movement, elements, ground, background, and the total or self-unity that stems from the artist’s heart). Thus, the artist communicates his message faster, interesting and great, and others are affected by it, so he enriches literature and science, so literature and novels multiply and develop. Science through creativity.

      3. Yes, feelings are important when we are creating an artwork because it convey emotions and create a beautiful and powerful connection between artwork and the viewer.Art is a way for artists to express themselves by using colors, shapes, and other visual elements to create something that can convey emotions and ideas to the viewer. This means that artists can use their work to communicate things that are difficult to put into words, allowing viewers to experience emotions that they may not be able to articulate themselves. By using different visual techniques, artists can create art that evokes strong feelings or creates a particular mood, which can be a powerful way to connect with their audience.A painting that has the ability to stir up strong emotions in its viewers can leave a deeper and longer-lasting impression compared to a technically skilled piece that fails to connect emotionally.The emotional resonance of a work can leave a lasting impression and make it more likely to be remembered and appreciated by its audience. According to my research and perspectives about emotion in an artwork I will provide you an example where The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is a great example of a painting that conveys emotion through its subject's facial expression. The enigmatic smile of the woman in the painting has fascinated viewers for centuries and has been the subject of much speculation and interpretation. The subtle play of light and shadow on her face creates a sense of depth and a mysterious quality that contributes to the emotional resonance of the painting. Many viewers have described the painting as conveying a sense of serenity, introspection, and even melancholy. The Mona Lisa's emotional impact is a significant reason why it is considered one of the greatest works of art of all time. So feelings are definitely in an artist's painting

      4. Feelings are important in an artist's painting because they give the viewer a higher level of meaning and emotional connection. When an artist infuses their painting with their own emotions, they are able to communicate their emotions to the viewer via color, texture, and other approaches. This enables the artwork to elicit a more powerful emotional response from the viewer, resulting in a more compelling and lasting impression.

      5. Well herein lies the dividing point between real painter and AI painter. The difference between the two paintings is the ability of the viewer to feel the feelings of the painter. It is true that it is possible for the painter with artificial intelligence to fill his painting with feelings, but it is not like you paint a painting with your brush and put the colors in your hand and be creative in it as you like and put the details that you want. In your opinion, what is the way that expresses feelings the most?!!

      6. Yes, feelings are important in an artist's painting .In an ideal world, emotions create feelings that flow naturally. But oftentimes they get dammed up. Whatever you're feeling these days, it can be a lot to carry. Expressing emotion through art is an incredible way to release those feelings before they get too deep and begin to create other problems.

      7. Because it is possible that he is drawing what is in his feelings of pain, sorrow or joy, and this helps him to name him as an artist.

  • It is really possible for artificial intelligence to become an artist because I believe that in the present and future the world has become very dependent on artificial intelligence and I believe that in the future the world will adapt to artificial intelligence very much

  • Can an AI, or someone who uses AI to create art, be called an artist? I don't think so. My grandmother used to say, "I give the baker his bread even if he eats half of it." We must give the artist his due. He works hard, and stays up late to produce a beautiful, dazzling painting. Artificial intelligence does this effort, but not as much as artists in real life. It is easy to use artificial intelligence and drawing. But we don't say a person who hasn't studied medicine is a "doctor." And so in artificial intelligence. My grandfather used to say, "We are all apprentices in a craft in which no one ever becomes a master.." . But the arts in artificial intelligence are very beautiful and I am fascinated by them, but not every artist is an artist, and I hope that my meaning is understood.

  • Yes, we can call him an artist, but in the field of artificial intelligence, you will say why? Well, when a person learns how to use it and its concept, and creativity can be created from within the application, he may be an artist because art is mastery and creativity in a specific field.

    1. I agree
      Because I feel that people who use artificial intelligence in their art are more sophisticated people and like to practice something in a different way. This artist programs the commands and places them, and the device implements them, meaning that they work as a team among themselves, although these paintings lack feelings, but change and innovation of new ideas is something beautiful

  • I am with this to you, I am currently only with this, as now there is a small group of people who can use artificial intelligence brilliantly and draw photographs, but in the future everyone will be able to be artists

  • If an artist uses AI as a tool to support and enhance their creative vision and brings their own interpretation and intention to the final artwork, then they can be considered an artist in their own right. However, if they rely just on the output of an AI system without any active creative input, it is more difficult to argue that they are an artist in the traditional sense.

  • whether or not someone who uses AI to create art can be considered an artist depends on the extent to which they are actively engaged in the creative process, making artistic decisions, and expressing their own unique perspective through the use of AI.

  • I do not agree with this statement, why? Because the word artist is not just a word, but rather it carries great meanings and connotations. Now the word artist is used to refer to every person who does something amazing that dazzles people and is simple. I do not think that an artist who uses artificial intelligence is an artist. A true artist is one who has the talent and skills necessary to develop the planet and the world through technologies Modern technology and the introduction of creativity and good ideas in the establishment of these works

  • Yes. Because what the AI draw is from the imagination of the person. The AI needs the person to guide it to do somethings in minute details . I think this person is an artist in his unique imagination and deep meaning for what he design by the AI.

  • can provide some information on this topic. The question of whether AI can create art and whether someone who uses AI to create art can be called an artist is a complex and controversial issue that has been widely debated in the art world.

    Some argue that art created by AI lacks the creativity, intentionality, and originality that are necessary for a work of art to be considered as such. They believe that art created by AI is the result of algorithms and data processing, and it lacks the human touch and emotional depth that are inherent in traditional art forms.

    Others argue that AI can create new and innovative forms of art that would be impossible for humans to conceive of. They believe that AI can generate novel ideas and approaches to art that are not bound by human biases and limitations.

    In the end, the question of whether AI can create art and whether someone who uses AI to create art can be called an artist is a matter of perspective and opinion. It depends on one's definition of art and the criteria they use to determine what constitutes artistic expression.

  • AI, also humanities recent developing friend has proven useful on innumerous ways. From getting information in an instant to making complicated artworks, AI has done it all and its bounds are lessening day by day. But people overlook what is happening truly and judge AI by just looking at the surface. AI singlehandedly is destroying our creativity in ways we cannot imagine. People give commands to AI to generate a specific art and claim themselves to be so called "artists". Earlier people actually use their imagination to create art and this imagination and sense of progression and curiosity is what it lead us, humans to where we are. But nowadays humans blindly rely on AI, diminishing their once possessed sense of craving for development and imagination. Earlier artists used to roam various places taking inspiration for their artwork and nowadays it just happens with a command, AI truly is decaying our spirit of true love for art in many ways.

  • Welcome...
    I don't think he should be called an artist...
    For me, I am a person who has loved drawing since I was 3 years old. Then the human person who draws expresses, so he shows strong, sad, or even happy emotions. As for the AI ​​\u200b\u200busers, they do not use those emotions.... And I consider that the artist who uses AI is merely imitating a fake version of a real artist, so excluding the best at the expense of advanced technology is not fair, and people should encourage artists on social media and in schools so that their number does not decrease because of AI..

    1. I like what you said about "it's an imitation of the real artist". Cool, polite_dinosure In fact, the artist using artificial intelligence draws and designs beautiful things, but they are abstract and devoid of emotion. Giving the name of an artist to an AI user is not fair because the real artist is humans. They paint from their heart, from their emotions.... And I think we can find a middle ground for this to call the art user AI (virtual artist) beacuse he using a technology application and on the realist artist (human artist) also beacause using his hand and feelings of drawing....
      Thus, artists will not have to worry about their scarcity or losing their jobs...
      Artificial intelligence is a world, and we are also a world, and it is recommended to give each person a certain name for his world... and it's just an idea..
      what do you think?

  • Of course no? Not every person uses artificial intelligence, we tell him an artist, why? Because when you see a video, story, explanation, or work of any person who spreads it, and people cheer that he is an artist, but did this person use his mind in the story, video, or work? Did this person not copy another person’s work through artificial intelligence? Did this person take the right path? In creating his work on artificial intelligence? Of course, we will not find the answers to these questions, because what is hidden is greater and shocking.

  • To me AI artist can be considered actual artist because to me artificial intelligence expands their horizon giving them new ideas because to me just because some people decided to use AI to impose other artists work doesn't mean they cannot decide to make original new ideas of styles of art by themselves using AI . AI art, exists in its own category, it is unique to itself, and fundamentally different from what human artists create. Some people may even call AI art a craft instead.
    Another thing is that people may complain that art is a form of self expression which you have to do with your own hands so they don't really see the art in AI art, but nobody ever made it a rule that art has to be done with your own hands in fact in each artwork made their has to be a use of tools and AI can be considered a tool used to make expressing yourself easier. In my opinion AI itself is a piece of art considering the fact that a person or group of people expressed their innermost feelings which was making something to make everything easier and better in the world and they thought of this and they made it and to their joy it is really doing good, so in conclusion AI artists can be considered an artist.

  • Artificial intelligence can be an artist and paint fantastic and amazing paintings, but if we look at the definition of art, it's a variety of human activities, and I think that even if AI were to be painted, it wouldn't be as tangible as humans do.

    1. I agree Because, as I said earlier, my grandmother used to say, "I give the baker his bread even if he eats half of it," including that even if the drawings of artificial intelligence are perfect, beautiful, and wonderful, they will not be as wonderful as the drawings of real artists. They have the special touch that adds beauty and creativity to the paintings. Artificial intelligence, yes, is fast in drawing. But he does not get tired as much as the average artist. But after the artist finishes drawing the painting, he is very happy and proud of himself and forgets all the pain and fatigue. This is really very beautiful.!

  • If the AI is creating an art, we can call the AI as artist. But we can't tell that the one who made the AI is an artist. Because art is not just a job or passion, art is the nature of a person, the art should not be learnt it should be bonded with us as our heart is bonded. We can't say the AI to get a good experience of art because it is just programed as a artist, just like an printer or xerox machine the AI will also create an art easily, so we can call AI as an artist but not the person who made the AI.

    1. Yes I agree with you . Art is not a subject to be learned, but rather it is an instinct created in some people that comes from within. How many people have we seen who say they are artists while they are taking a lot of the ideas of someone who is tired and thought. This is unfair. We must appreciate the person who is the artist, not the one who took art as a game. Rather, he took art as his passion and worked to develop it.

  • In this same conversation "witty_elephant" has said that feelings are very important for the artist. I agree this point but ,a printer prints images that is also an art but the printer does not have any feelings then how could the printer create an art?
    This is my question not only to witty_elephant it is to everyone who belive that art can be done only if the artist has feelings.
    So I think that for AI the feelings are not necessary, so we can make exception for the AI being an artist.

  • No,Because artificial intelligence is true that it precedes humans in performing tasks, but it lacks the human footprint in thinking

  • No, AI or someone who uses an AI can not be called an artist because an artist is known as a person who creates paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby while using an AI is not art it is just like giving an older person to do your homework.

  • According to my knowledge, artificial intelligence is indeed a very exciting thing, and everyone who has the skill of artificial intelligence deserves to be an artist and a success
    But I do not think that the painter is an artist by right
    The painter does not get tired much, that is, he draws, and the drawing does not take much time and effort, as it is wonderful of course, but the artificial intelligence takes a lot of time, as it spends a lot of time, and therefore I think that the painter is not an artist because he does not get tired, but I love the skill of drawing and I appreciate it Everyone who does the drawing
    But more appreciation for those who have learned or are still learning or plan to learn. Artificial intelligence is a difficult thing, but it is beautiful.
    I wish artificial intelligence would become more advanced as it creates great generations..and perhaps people would search and know and explore everything about artificial intelligence..thank you to everyone who read my comment .

  • My opinion is that an AI or someone who uses AI to create art should not be called as ARTISTS ;because the AI works upon the comment(coding) given by that person using the information it has and that person just gives his instructions to that AI. He is not being creative or working hard in making that piece.The importance of an art piece depends on the skills,techniques,history and the hard work that the painting posses so, I think that even if the AI based arts come into the markets our handmade arts will forever hold its position .

  • I think that people who use AI can still be referred to as artists. After all they still express themselves whether on a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone and that is the meaning of art, self expression. Some people might say that people who use AI are simply getting glory they do not deserve because the AI is already a programmed app. They also feel that AI will put a lot of potentially great artists out of business. But AI could actually be utilized by some artists to improve their work. AI can help people explore different art styles, helps to reduce the tedious process of making a masterpiece, makes art more unique because of the diverse art forms and helps to enhance the quality of the artwork. If you ask me this is a good to way to develop skills instead to sticking to the original canvas, paint and brushes. Artists may choose whether they want to explore the wonders of AI art or keep to the traditional way of making art.

  • No I don't agree to the fact that "AI, or someone who uses AI to create art, be called an artist" First, I will go by the fact that AI do not create authentic arts works and they do not actually use their physical and craftmanship abilities to produce artworks unlike human artist which use their natural components and resources to produce good works of art which reflect and communicate different information's and experiences in life. Also, AI uses modern technology and other AI means to create and develop artworks that may be contrary and different from normal artworks that an artists will produce. Lastly I would like to say, the definition of an artist is a person who creates paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby not using AI.

  • I want to answer the question (of whether artificial intelligence or anyone who uses it to create art can be called an artist)
    The question of whether individuals who utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to produce art or even the AI itself can be classified as artists remains a topic of ongoing debate and interpretation.

    Those who support the idea that AI-generated art can be viewed as true art argue that these systems can create works that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also rich in meaning and significance. They contend that the individuals who train or develop these systems should be acknowledged as artists in their own right since the process involves significant levels of creativity and human input through programming and design choices.

    On the other hand, opponents assert that art is an essentially human endeavor that requires the ability to express deep emotions and thoughts in a meaningful and authentic way. From this perspective, while AI-generated art may be impressive and visually appealing, it does not possess the same level of emotional depth and authenticity as human-made art.

    Ultimately, whether AI creators should be considered artists or not depends on one's individual perspective and the context of the situation. While some argue that AI-generated art can indeed be regarded as true art, others hold different views. It is important to recognize the innovative contributions and creative potential of those who work with AI to create art, while still acknowledging the unique qualities and value of human-made art.

  • It's a good question, though. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Unique and inventive works made by AI are often more capable than those made by humans. However, it is still debatable whether or not someone who uses AI to create art qualifies as an artist. Some contend that in order for something to be considered art, a human element must be present during the creative process because the creation of art necessitates creativity and emotion, which machines lack. Others contend that using AI is just another tool that artists can use, like paintbrushes or cameras. There isn't a simple solution, as there rarely is in life. In the end, it comes down to personal opinion

  • Artificial intelligence is a modern technology through which specific applications are created and used to create manually created tasks with higher quality and efficiency. Artificial intelligence can help local and global companies by providing data. I believe that one day in the future, that intelligence will be relied upon by informing people that the advantage of intelligence is a global competitive advantage. Computing, programming, and websites must also be available with great quality at reasonable and low prices. There are many success stories, including: Companies that rely on machine learning, receptive learning, and other fields can improve their quality by positively exploiting this intelligence. Each experience has obstacles. One of the consequences that faced artificial intelligence was that few companies spread the idea of ​​intelligence to large areas of the world, because the intelligence projects were very expensive and expensive.

    1. Can you share a real example from the news of one of the "success stories" you mentioned?

      1. AI has a lot of success stories because of the number of benefits it has. Like, in the healthcare sector, artificial intelligence is helping researchers in better drug creation for diseases like cancer with minimum effort and time. Hospitals are having less stress when making drugs especially for cancer.
        AI also helps in the automotive sector by creating autonomous vehicles such as drones and self driving cars. Google, Tesla and Apple are utilizing AI with over 30 other companies.

  • I do not agree with this because this would not be true that the artist who uses natural intelligence (his ideas) gets tired and stays up nights in order to present the best and the best, while the one who uses artificial intelligence does not get tired, but in five minutes the drawing will be ready for him and this will not take him time or effort

  • I agree with you in that it saves time and effort, but we cannot call this real art art because it is a means in which the artist expresses his depths and his opinion. No matter how creative artificial intelligence is, it cannot equal real creativity. I do not agree that artificial intelligence can create art, so with this Artists can return to artificial intelligence comprehensive dependence From my point of view, I cannot call painting and art on artificial intelligence real art, because anyone can open artificial intelligence and create art, so artists cannot be distinguished from others

  • The debate over whether AI could be considered artists has arguments on both sides. Those who argue against AI being considered an artist claim that it lacks the true creativity and originality that human-made art possesses. Despite AI's ability to create significant and powerful work using algorithms and data input, this form of creation lacks the emotional depth and subjective understanding that humans have. Those in support of AI being acknowledged as an artist, on the other hand, argue AI can expand art and create new ideas. They can create unique works from different ideas and inspirations. Art is diverse and utilizes expressive talent to create many types of pieces. Whether or not AI should be considered artists really depend on how the person views what art is and how they view the genuineness and ideas of AI.

  • I believe that artificial intelligence constitutes a negative form for employees, because it increases unemployment and lack of job opportunities for workers, and this leads to poor living conditions. It is true that artificial intelligence causes many negative things, but it helps in many things.

    1. excellent_conversation can you explain how it helps in many things?

      1. Although, AI has it's disadvantages which is normal because every thing has it's own disadvantages but it also has a lot of advantages. AI has made significant contributions to the field of medicine, with applications ranging from diagnosis and treatment to drug discovery and clinical trials. AI has also helped in decision making , it helps to make smarter decisions in a short amount of time. AI saves humans the stress of performing parlous tasks.

      2. For example, the new Human AL device, which is a bracelet on the hand, is considered a revolution in the world of technology. It does not need a phone. We send an order and give immediate information, and it is associated with the person throughout the day. We can benefit from it when shopping and give us quick information about the product. It gives a summary of what happened in terms of meetings, appointments, analyzes, or what happened during The day is accurate to the minute. It recognizes visual and digital patterns, even audio patterns, making it easier for him to live and do his work. I will add to the negatives that it lies in revealing privacy, data and information, even the privacy of others in the street is available through recording visual patterns, and it can be exploited by Unfit people, bullying and financial and psychological draining.

      3. You know, I consider art a weapon and it is possible to make it in our favor, that is, instead of workers going on strike, why don't they paint paintings, for example, that communicate their feelings and requests to their governments? For me, this is a really effective method and does not have negative effects that may harm society like a strike, so why don't people implement this idea? !!

  • I think no as using AI is a bit like answering maths test questions with a calculator. Most reasonably clever people could type in simple commands on an AI computer, or tap in 206 x 44 on a calculator.

    Also, say that you really had a passion for art; you’d saved for years to get into a good painting college, you’d stayed up really late at night trying to study for your exams. Then, the golden day arrives. You qualify from the art school with a full degree… but no one wants to buy your work. Not when you can buy a painting for £10 or so that is made by AI.
    In this way, lots of artists could lose their jobs, all because the public are in favour of affordable pieces of art that are just as nice.

    But then again… is this wrong?

  • I disagree people that uses AI cannot be called an artist becuase the person didn't make it by his/ her self and also he/ she is not using their imagination.Art is what you imagin an put down on paper, you can either copy something or think about something else.You can even make something that doesn't make sense as long as it has a pattern. Dance is also known as art that involves the movement of the body so an AI cannot replecate that movement that the body makes as its dancing. Music is also a form of art that involves and indivisual using his voice to make a pattern of sounds that sounds nice so if a person using an AI creates music it is not the person making the music it is the AI so that person cannot be called a musical artist.

  • I don't believe that people who use AI to create art should not be called artists, especially if they have copied because that is considered stealing. When people copy art and use filters or change the color of the work to alter someone else's original work, they are doing a grave injustice to the original creator, especially if no credit is given. When such acts are committed, there is a decrease in the imagination and creativity in society, and as a result, lower quality products may soon float into the market spaces.

  • AI is an artificial machine that uses software to replicate what humans are supposed to do. No one should copy other artists' work because other artists work hard to create songs, and you come around and simply use the AI device to copy what others have done. This is not good. Remember the golden rule: do to others what you want them to do to you. I believe we should all put this into practice in our daily lives. Nobody should be duped.

  • Reason 1: They created something new out of what someone else had created. Occasionally, works like this would have an advantage over the original piece.
    Reason 2: They used a better imagination to create the art, and if a lot of people like the art, they should be called artists.
    So what is art? Art is an expression or application of one's creative abilities and imagination. So, I believe that the ability to improve on a piece of artwork requires creativity.

  • I do not believe that artists who use AI should be called artists because they may become famous without giving due credit to the owners of the artwork used, and especially because they did not use their natural ability and the work was never their original idea. They may also gain a lot of fame and respect, which may lead to the neglect of the original idea's owners.

  • I do not think that AI should be called an artist because it takes real people's styles and parts from it's database and uses it to imitate their work without copyright permission.
    For example, In April 2022 AI created a song that was made to sound like the voices of Drake and the Weeknd.

  • Art is something that people differ on its definition, but what we all agree on is that it is beautiful and rare and conveys a specific message, and the artist is the one who creates this artist by mixing his ability to create (drawing, playing, acting, ..) with his feelings and some suffering in his production So he comes out with a masterpiece that everyone admires and everyone seeks to see or buy it, but these specifications do not apply to artificial intelligence or to its users. The artist creates rare masterpieces, but artificial intelligence does everything it does and imitates the copies it has learned and does not create a style and artificial intelligence when He paints because it does not carry meaning, so it raises controversy and minds to understand the intent of the painting. There are many painters who draw illogical things, and they raise controversy and disagreement between the councils of critics and analysts, and this is the most thing that artificial intelligence lacks to be called an artist (mind).

  • The definition of an artist can be subjective and open to interpretation. Some people may see the use of artificial intelligence as a tool to create art as a form of artistic expression, while others may not.
    In my opinion, whether someone who uses artificial intelligence to create art can be considered an artist depends on the intent and the process involved. If the person is using AI as a means to enhance their own creativity and vision, and is actively involved in the creation process, then they could be considered an artist. However, if the AI is doing all the work and the person is simply pressing buttons or making minor adjustments, then it may be more difficult to consider them an artist in the traditional sense.
    Ultimately, the question of whether someone who uses artificial intelligence to create art is an artist or not may not be as important as the quality and impact of the artwork they produce.

  • I would give answers on different perspectives:

    Thumbs up (AI can be called an artist):
    - Art is about expressing oneself creatively, and AI algorithms can produce works that are unique and aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, if an AI system can create art that resonates with people, it should be considered as art, and the creator of that AI system can be considered an artist.
    - AI can help humans create art by augmenting their creative process or suggesting new ideas. Thus, using AI as a tool to produce art does not diminish the artist's creativity, but rather enhances it.

    Thumbs down (AI cannot be called an artist):
    - Art requires intentionality and consciousness, which AI lacks. AI algorithms produce art through a set of predetermined rules, and there is no consciousness or emotion behind their creation.
    - Art is often about conveying a message, expressing emotions or personal experiences, and connecting with other humans on a deeper level. AI-generated art may look beautiful, but it lacks the human touch and emotional connection that makes art meaningful.
    - The term "artist" implies that the creator of the artwork is human and using it to describe AI-generated art blurs the line between what is human-made and what is machine-made.

    But I think, giving AI artists the title of artist is not correct, but they also need some names to refer themselves "so I think 'AI artists' would be good."

    "The topic 'AI-generated art' is a matter of debate."

  • I believe that the artist's effort to paint a painting with his hand deserves more appreciation than a painting made by artificial intelligence.
    Because it is part of the thoughts and feelings of a human being, not a machine.
    Likewise, the feelings contained in the artist's voice cannot be equated with a voice generated by artificial intelligence.
    Things that come from the heart reach the heart.

  • It is important to recognize that individuals who create art using AI are not necessarily traditional artists. While AI can assist in the creative process, the output is still a result of programming and algorithms, rather than the unique vision and skill of a human artist. Therefore, it is not accurate to categorize these individuals as traditional artists in the same way that we would classify painters, sculptors, or other creators who rely on their own creativity and expertise. From my perspective, I firmly believe that artworks created through the use of AI technology should not be showcased or displayed in Museums or Art Galleries. While it is true that AI technology has significantly advanced over the years, it lacks the emotional depth and creativity that human artists bring to their work. The essence of art lies in the unique perspectives, experiences, and emotions that artists infuse into their creations. Sometimes, they also produce art of their true personal accounts or aim to promote something positive. Machines can only create visuals and do not contain any emotions or aims. Moreover, AI can sometimes contain negative emotions or aims in their art due to human algorithms and minor flaws in the algorithms.

  • I noticed that all the comments talk about two types of art, singing and painting. However, art has wide fields, such as fashion design and decoration design, and it may include the construction of modern buildings in strange and wonderful forms, as well. Landscaping requires art. And a lot of different things that artificial intelligence can do.

  • If we come to look at the artists in the ancient era, there are many British artists who inspired the world with their art, such as the British artist Turner, who became famous as the "painter of light" and the artist Theodore von Hols, the first artist to draw the novel "Frankenstein", and do not forget the most famous painting of the most famous artist, the Mona Lisa Drawn by the great artist Leonardo da Vinci, and do not forget the virtue of painters to change our view of nature.

  • I agree with the statement, I believe that the creativity is a fundamental dimension of the art, and since AI lacks the creativity, subjective perspective, emotional dimension as well as the artistic eyes and a unique sense of aesthetics, which are the core of any artistic expression.
    But, AI can be a tool which enhances human creativity in ways that were previously impossible. So, the role of the human creator in this process is still essential to select the input data, design the algorithm, and set the parameters, which ultimately determines the output, therefore, it is an artist even though he/she is using IA.

  • I found from the voting that more than 70% vote for NO, That is, most believe that AI or whoever uses it should not be called an artist. In my opinion, he should be called creative and genius because he took advantage of this intelligence in a smart way and excelled in producing a beautiful drawing based on certain data.. However, despite its accuracy