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The film I Know is "Tomorrow" an animated film directed by Mohammad Shihab Uddin. It's about... #9 Think of a link 01/11/21
From Vice President of America Al Gore_ Basically none is here to take steps to solve the... Meet former American vice-president Al Gore 18/10/21
Well if you are planning to invent a bacteria that would make water pollution free then don't... #5 Innovation for your nation! 11/10/21
Very recent and an important problem in my community is global warming causing climate change.... #5 Innovation for your nation! 04/10/21
I think that a journalist must have due courage to present any news in front of the whole world... #4 Because... 27/9/21
The caption be- Exhausted with the situation like the burning sunray, yet trying to explain it. #3 Caption this 21/9/21
The motto be- "Have Faith in You & Enchant" As children's mind always remain fresh and... #2 Children's news channel 13/9/21
Life- Being alive is a great news for you . Decision-You face many problems in life and at that... #1 Topical Talk triangle 10/9/21