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01 October 2021

Winners Announced!

For last week’s competition, we asked you to show off your reasoning skills - and you did not let us down! Thank you to everyone who entered. Our winners this time are…

romantic_wolf of Rafah Prep (B) Girls School in Occupied Palestinian Territory, who explained that they thought creativity was the most important quality for a journalist to have because it helps to make more people interested in the news


amiable_shrimp of Sylhet Cadet College in Bangladesh, who thought that courage was the most important quality because it helps journalists to speak out and “magnify” what’s happening in the world.

Well done, both of you!

If you're new to Topical Talk, welcome to the Weekly Competition! A new competition is added every Friday and we choose two winners. There are three important rules:

  1. Only enter once - if you enter more than once, you will not be able to win
  2. Do NOT copy - your entry must be totally your own. If you are found copying you will not be allowed to use the Student Hub
  3. Follow the instructions carefully - otherwise, you cannot win

Your challenge this week is to explain which of the following qualities is most important for a journalist to have.

You must use the word "BECAUSE..." in your answer to win.

Your entry should be ONE sentence.

For example, you could say "I think that CURIOSITY/CREATIVITY/COURAGE/HONESTY is the most important quality for journalists to have BECAUSE..."


The deadline is 12pm (UK time) on Friday October 1st - please make sure you follow the rules above.

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