#2 Children's news channel

17 September 2021

Winners announced!

Well done to everyone who took part. It was a difficult competition and lots of students had lots to say!

Please also make sure your work is your own and you do not copy someone else.

Our two winners this week are:

confident_snake of Mymensingh Girls' Cadet College in Bangladesh. Their answer focused on the idea that news is full of experiences and that it's important for these to be shared when reporting the news.

poetic_jabuticabaof Barishal Cadet College, also in Bagladesh. They recognised the importance of making the news charismatic, but also suggested an online platform (a bit like this Student Hub!) to increase young people's curiosity in current affairs.

Well done to both of you!

Our winners this week went slightly over the word limit BUT their answers really stood out. In future, always make sure you watch out for all of the instructions and follow them carefully.

Skill Description Competition Speaking

For those new to Topical Talk, a new competition is added every Friday and we choose two winners. Competitions are a really fun way to get involved on the Student Hub.

There are three important rules:

Only enter once - if you enter more than once, you will not be able to win

Do not update your entries - put time and effort into your first and only entry, so it is your best

Follow the instructions carefully - if there is a word limit, stick to it

Children's News Channel

This competition challenges your speaking skills. You have been approached by the head of a children's news television channel. They want to make the news accessible, fun and interesting for young people. They are brand-new and so they want your help before they go live!

They have asked you for ONE SENTENCE of advice. What would you tell them?

  • You might want to give them a "motto" to always keep in mind, or...
  • You might tell them the kinds of stories they should focus on, or...
  • You might tell them what to remember about children and challenge some myths or assumptions adults might have


The deadline is 12pm (UK time) on Friday September 17th - please make sure you follow the rules above. Enter only once otherwise you cannot win.

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