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What surprised me the most was how so many people like using drugs and they don’t like the way... DOPING IN FOOTBALL 15/3/24
I think doping is fair and unfair for example, if you were about to join the Olympic Games and... Is doping fair 15/3/24
I agree on the bit you said more and more people are getting eco anxiety because most of the the... Eco-anxiety, my view 10/3/24
Thank you all the last thing I wanted to say another question for topical talk how does eco... Eco-anxiety, the future 10/3/24
The skill I’m going to be focusing on listening you have to listen because if you don’t listen... Competition #7 winners 05/3/24
I say it is important for young people to know about news because if a child wants to know about... STEP TWO: get ready for the competition 05/3/24
My first idea is to… . Get up and wake up. ... Suggest a discussion 05/3/24
I think we should only be shown bad news about the climate change because we can fix it to make... Too much negative news? 05/3/24
You can make a change by using less electricity and no chopping trees because we need the oxygen... How to make a change 01/3/24
Sometimes I felt a little bit worried because of the animals and all of the tribes that have... "Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power." 24/2/24