"Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power."


Watch the video to see Joycelyn’s journey with eco-anxiety.

This video is slightly longer so we recommend you have a pen and paper ready to take notes.

Look at the following quotes:

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    “Sometimes talking about [climate change] can feel like doing something but it isn’t.”

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    “Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power.”

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    “The more I learnt, the more I realised that racial justice and climate justice are linked.”

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    “No one person is so important that without - or with - them it will bring an end to climate change.”

Thank you to TrueTube for letting us use their video for this discussion.

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  • I agree with option A because people only sit down to complain and shout they never try to do anything as we are talking about it and complaining us to we should take action to make a good weather. I agree with option B because we are they ones that cause bad weather because rules has been set for us to follow but we collect bribes and pick bad leaders who only care about themselves. I agree with option C because they are all things we exert on a person for they purpose of correction. I agree with option D because with or without one person we still have enough manpower to make our weather better.

    1. I agree with your comment succinct cheetah people who groan and mumble like those in option A do not contribute anything to eliminate climate change rather they sit and gossip about others option B those who do not complain but yet they do not contribute anything they pick sinister leaders who will not help them in any way possible. Option C as said by succinct cheetah we exert on a person for the purpose of correction, option D states that even if one person does not contribute anything something can still be accomplished.

      1. I disagree because... I think talking about an issue it's like creating awareness. Even if someone is not really doing anything physically or taking any action by talking about it , more people will be aware about what is happening in the planet about the dangers and with or without You knowing it is like indirectly helping stop climate change. So in my opinion talking also makes a difference in a positive way

        1. I agree because not everyone is able to take physical action, but spreading awareness in my opinion is still action. You are still making a difference even if your not organizing projects and on the front lines of climate change. It is a positive way of making change and anybody can do it. This makes taking action against more accessible to people are all around the world.

    2. You are right, sometimes we just sit down and complain but we never actually make efforts and try and help climate change, we should not just complain instead we should take actions such as reducing the usage of fossil fuels, planting of trees and increase in in the usage of recyclable products to prevent climate change, this will take us a long way.

    3. I agree with you because I agree with option A because as you said that we only sit down and complain and shout they never try to do anything as we are talking about it and complaining us to we should take action to make a good weather, yes we should take action to cooperate with scientists to make the weather a better place for us to live. I agree with you in option B because we are the ones given us the bad names to our country by choosing bad leaders that will make our country worst without making it better and comfortable for us and other citizens from other countries to be comfortable in that particular country they entered, and collecting bribes, why they collect bribes from citizens is because of money, because they government don't pay them well this will lead in collecting money from citizens which is not good and this will lead to choosing bad leaders, Yes we do all this things we exert on a person for they purpose of correction, we choose leaders to make the society and country better to cover the evil deed that the previous leaders have done at that time. Yes with or without one person we still have enough manpower to make our weather better, some people will say that we are the ones that choose a bad leaders that we should suffer the consequences that they will not help, but with those that want to make and better our weather we come together to share their ideas on how to make them successful on how to remove the bad leaders and input good leaders.

    4. I disagree with your perspective of option A. You say that "people only sit down to complain and shout they never try to do anything as we are talking about it and complaining us to, we should take action to make a good weather." But you don't really know that discussing it is actually taking action. Before action is taken, an idea has to be conceived. Let's take a look at Joycelyn Longdons video, she said that "her and her friends use to talk about it, but it didn't seem like anything", but this talking actually laid a foundation for her to establish anything. I think that complaining also helped her to summon her inner activist, if Joycelyn never complained she would have never become an activist.
      Complaining plays a vital role in the solving of eco-anxiety as complaining creates awareness and awareness eventually leads to problem solving.


    5. I disagree with you. Although it is true that raising awareness of climate change won't result in meaningful change, I disagree that it is completely useless. It does some good. Honest discussions regarding climate change have the ability to increase awareness, teach others and encourage both group and individual to take action about climate change . Talking about climate change might encourage people to take action by increasing their level of engagement, knowledge and motivation.Thus others can work for climate change. Also, discussing climate change can have a significant impact on policy decisions and can promote cooperation amongst a variety of stakeholders. Even it can inspire people to live more sustainably.

      1. I disagree because if we try we can eventually change some peoples lives the reason why we always have bad weather is because people don't try t advice people even though they advice people they are later deceived by their peers and give up.

  • Hi everyone!
    The parts of the video that felt important to me were the parts that climate change could cause depression and the fact that she stated that those who do the least to cause climate change are those who are greatly affected by this, I think this is important because it tells us that climate change does not just affect those who cause it but those who don't, meaning that every piece of trash you burn, someone out there is suffering from drought and floods.
    This makes me think of all the trash people burn and toss away not knowing or caring that it might affect someone.
    I feel connected to quotes C and D and I agree with quote D because it did not take one person to create climate change not even the huge businesses that burn fossil fuels created climate change meaning that the disappearance of one person caused climate change will increase or decrease climate change is a collective effort so it must be dealt with together.
    I agree with quote C because in racial injustice those who do the least are affected the most it is the same way with climate change those who have done a lot are greatly affected by it.

    1. I feel connected to quote D. Everyone makes a difference in the world. For example, if a person dies, it affects the population number. There are a lot of people in the world so of course we can't notice every change or action, but that doesn't mean there are no changes. The fact you can't see something doesn't mean it isn't there.
      I feel everybody's actions affects climate change positively or negatively, no matter how small. Therefore, everyone should be careful of their actions, even if no one sees you; avoid eye service. Do the right thing at the right time, even if there is no reward attached. Dispose refuse properly. Encourage others to do the same.
      Thank you.

  • The part of the video that resonates with me the most is the reminder that even when we feel like we're not making a difference, we're not alone. There are others working to help, and we should never give up on fighting climate change. As for the quote I disagree with the most, it's quotation D. I believe that even one person can make a difference. For instance, imagine someone starting a petition to save a forest. They're just one signature away from reaching their goal, and when that last signature is added, they've made a difference by helping to save animal homes.

    1. I agree because sometimes people feel like they're not making a difference, and that can make them sad or worried. But there are always people who want to help! So, we should never give up hope. If we all work together, we can achieve any goal we set our minds to.

    2. i agree with this comment in so many ways, every life matters but also every life can affect and damage climate change and even though you might just think your one person, so is everyone else and we have to work together and all put in the effort if we want to see difference

    3. i think this comment is so important as so many people are waiting for someone else to take the first step or do something about climate issues but we can all do our bit to help the climate and every small action can make a bigger impact.

  • Well the part of the video that I reacted to the best was no one person issue important that with or without them it will bring an end to climate change the reason that this part of the video was very important to me is because if we think that we are the only one that care about this climate change it will just bring about climate anxiety but if we think that we are together and not alone it will raise a sense of awareness that we need to stop what we're doing and start afresh no one is perfect just one person will never be able to make a difference I think it is high time that we have thought about this issue because it is just overwhelming to see that out of 100% only 21% care about this climate change and this isn't a small issue it is something that is meant to be addressed right now.
    This is my point thank you

  • Quote A and D were the ones I agree with the most.
    With quote A, I talk about Climate Change and just by talking about ONE way to reduce Climate Change , I feel I just saved the whole world. To me , I feel like that just talking about a problem , cures the problem in a instance. It feels like a miracle. It is just like it is a dream that you are a hero but then you find out it isn't. Talking about something helps.

    With quote D,no one is as important than anybody else. We are all equal. We are all the same in different ways. We are all unique. And if one person seems more important than the other, they have the pressure to find some type of way to help the world when they are the same as the rest of us.

    With quote B and C , I don't fully understand it then A and D. A and D are my reality whereas B and C don't really make sense after watching the video.

  • A part of the video that drew me in was the part that she tried to get her message open to the people, but it didn't seem to work out which brings me to the first quotation which states "sometimes talking about climate change makes it feel like you're doing something but in reality, you aren't doing anything" sometimes talking about climate change makes you feel like you are the righteous one, just listing all the problems that some experiments or day to day work processes have caused on the environment makes a person feel like they are not harming the environment in anyway, the second comment states "climate anxiety is the failure of the systems of power this applies in cases that leaders do not care to advise the people on the right thing to do in order to preserve the environment third comment states "the more I learnt the more I realized that racial justice and climate justice are linked, and then lastly "no one is so important that without or with them it will bring an end to climate change.” this goes exactly to the wise saying doctor Suess made in the end of the movie ,the lorex unless someone like you cares a whole lot nothing is going to change, its not .This is my post and good night .

  • I agree with points A and D. There is too much discussion about the environment that we feel that we just stop in theory and not move on to practice. The truth is even with the discussions we have here most of us will only implement little of them. Taking action consists of daily activities , involving us and our family.
    As for point D, we all have to think collectively towards the protecting of Earth and not only for what will happen the next 10, 15 years but not the next future generations if we want humanity to exist.

    1. I'm not sure about this because... I'm not entirely sure about your opinion on discussing climate change. While talking about it may not seem like a physical action, it can create awareness and encourage others to take action in protecting the environment. By raising awareness, we can encourage more people to become involved in protecting the environment.

      1. I agree because talking about the climate crisis is crucial in creating awareness. In my opinion, most people are unaware of what is going on and do not know the severity of the situation. Therefore, if we do not talk about it, they will remain uninformed. Although talking about it may not bring about immediate physical change, it is a necessary action that utilizes our voices to enlighten more people. As a result, everyone will be aware of the dangers surrounding us.

      2. I concur. Talking about climate change might not seem like its actually doing something but it is. Even though its effect might not be seen immediately. It is like planting a seed. It stays in the ground and it might look like its not going to sprout but eventually it does and grows into a beautiful tree. In the same way, talking about climate change might not do much immediately, but being persistent might plant the idea in to people's mind and they might start pondering about it. This will eventually lead to taking action. I do not think it is completely ineffective, it is just passive. Talking about it is not the same as taking action but it is a means to it. It might take a while but when we constantly spread awareness, people will start to get interested. It might not be really effective but it can still create a change, no matter how little.

    2. I feel the same way as many of us just talk and this talk still causes depression the only way we can truly have peace is not to act on our own but to join forces with each other and only then will we truly solve climate change.

  • I agree with option A and D the most
    Firstly, When we talk about climate change we think that we'll solve the problem. But we never try to do so.

  • I think I understand what you're saying. Sometimes, people talk about important issues like climate change, but the conversations don't actually lead to any real action. It can feel like we're just paying lip service to the problem, without actually doing anything to solve it.

    1. To elaborate on that further. This phenomenon is sometimes called "virtue signaling" or "performative activism." It's when someone publicly expresses support for a cause, but without taking any meaningful action to address the issue. In some cases, the person might even be motivated by a desire to look good rather than to make a real difference. This can be frustrating, because it feels like nothing is being done to solve the problem. It can also lead to a sense of hopelessness, because it seems like no one is taking the issue seriously.

  • The video had a powerful message about the importance of individual actions in combating climate change. It's time we realize that our daily choices shape the health of our communities and the planet. The lack of care for many trees receive is alarming, and it's time we take responsibility and work together to create a sustainable future. Option A is a fantastic choice because it emphasizes the need for action rather than just discussion. By supporting bird researchers and organizations focused on tree conservation, we can make a meaningful impact on climate change and preserve biodiversity for generations to come. Let's prioritize collective action and make our planet a better place for all. Together, we can create a healthier world. Thank You

  • The part that interested me is when she shared her feelings with other people. She thought me that if you are determined, you can face every challenge in life. She also thought me that it is good to cooperate with other people to archive your common interest. I will like to make sure that I try my best to stop or reduce climate change.

  • I had the strongest reaction and connection to all the quotes
    Quote A, I agree with it because just talking about climate will not make much difference because you are just saying things and not doing things that will improve climate change. At the end of all the talking you become get more climate anxiety.
    Quote B people that have the power to make a change do not want to make a difference I feel they don't want to spend money to invest in green energy
    Quote C the countries causing climate change are not the only ones suffering from the consequences the whole world is suffering from the actions of the countries with the most carbon emissions.
    Quote D change needs people to happen it can't happen if only one person is the only one doing the work.
    All together

  • Really, the opinion A and D attracted me.
    Climate change is a common problem for now days. I agree with opinion A .
    We often think that talking about environmental change is the only way to do something about it. But, I don't agree with that. Because, we talk about environmental change but then we don't take any kind of initiative. We get busy with each other. As a result, we almost forget about environmental change.
    I also agree with opinion D . We often think that it takes a special person or organization to do any work of environmental change. But, that is not true. As a special person lives, we common people also live on this planet. Therefore, it is our responsibility to protect this planet. If I have a special person waiting. Then it will be seen that no special person will ever come to our aid, wasting our time unnecessarily and destroying the environment. Therefore, we should all work to stop climate change. For all these reasons, I agree with opinion A and D.

  • I don't quite agree with quote D. I understand that an individual can't make big changes. However one person can motivate others by his small actions even his family or friends. Making a life changing decision to be more eco- friendly is a personal choice but that can't stop the pollution from factories and other things that are under control from people with power. They can't do that but they can organize many environmentally friendly schemes and talk about this topic.

    1. I must say that i am sitting on a fence when it comes to Option D. You see, while growing up and even now we hear quotes like "Little drops of water make the ocean" or "Be the change you want to see." These quotes tell us that we can make a difference in our own little way and i agree to an extent. We can effect the change we want to see by starting with ourselves, eventually other people will join in and it could become a big movement. This relates to the quote "Little drops of water make the ocean." because little actions will develop with time. But at the same time, the reality of the matter is that we live on a 510.1 million kilometer square planet. Not a lot can be done if only one person decides to change. This is why teamwork is important. When we do it on a small scale, we won't be able to compete with the extremely fast rate of climate change. But when we come together and take action on a large scale, the result will be evident.
      Little actions will grow into large actions as more and more people join in. One person won't do much alone that is why we need help, cooperation and encouragement. So i believe that one person is not so important in fighting against climate change but one person can initiate the fight against climate change.

  • Hi!

    The video made me think about how racial justice and climate justice are connected. It also emphasized that while individual actions matter, solving climate change requires collective effort and systemic change.Agree with the statement that "The more I learnt, the more I realised that racial justice and climate justice are linked", The quote about learning more and realizing the link between racial justice and climate justice resonated with me because it highlights the importance of addressing social and environmental issues together for meaningful change.

    Thank you!

  • I resonate deeply with point c as it suggests that racial justice and climate justice are interconnected in ways that may not have been fully realized. Racial justice, through acts like the racial justice act, aims to prevent bias or discrimination in legal processes based on a person's race, ethnicity, or nationality. Climate justice intertwines the climate crisis with social, racial, and environmental concerns. By examining these topics closely, the link between them becomes apparent. This connection emphasizes that everyone should not be judged based on their actions rather than their identity. People should be free to act according to their beliefs, and those around them should seek to understand their perspectives before taking a stance.

  • The best part i felt about the video was how she managed to get off her depression. Through climate change it may cause depression but the way she took her depression off was the most impressive way and we can lean a lot of things through it. Also, we should know that only not participating in the protest would led the changes, insted we must take a lot of steps to make a real change that is-
    1. stopping use of plastics and other non-biodegradable substances
    2. stopping the dispose of toxic substances
    3. reducing air pollution trough using green energy
    The most agreeable option i found is option D as it asks us to bring a change together without just criticising a single person or regretting for a single person's fault.

  • I think the quote I have the strongest connection with is C because there are a lot of racism happening in my country. Most of the minority tribes in my country are being racist because their tribes are not that popular or they do not have a large number of people so the government can not hear their voices. This will also lead to climate change. So it is easy for them to catch climate anxiety and they cannot even do anything about it.

    1. I totally agree with you because I kind of understand why they feel that they are not being heard, the reason is because ethnicity is one of the major problems that is bringing about the way we are in my country. Some tribes want to be heard and this is causing serious conflict between them. Sometimes this causes chaos and crisis so, What can be done to resolve the bias on ethnic groups and climate change deals with racism, yes, no doubt but how?

  • A part of the video that felt important to me was when the person talked about how many people have three responses: fight, flight, or freeze. Many people freeze, trying to ignore climate change. And everybody always depends on others saying, “Hey, I don’t have to do anything, there’s already a lot of people recycling and helping the environment. It’s not like if I do anything, I’ll make a big change.” This is the main part of why climate change is getting worse. It’s not only a few people doing it, a lot of people are. People depend on one another, ignoring the problem.

    I have a connection with option A. At school, we always talk about climate change and ways we can help the Earth, but it doesn't look like anybody is doing anything at all. It just makes us feel better and helpful to the Earth. I also have a connection with option D. Everybody contributes to climate change, but not so important that without or with them, climate change would end. Every single person on Earth here have a small contribution, and it could either make climate change bigger or smaller.

  • Hello,
    From all the quotes above, the two that drew my attention and made me overthink is option A and B.
    To begin with the former, it is an indisputable true that there is a significant proportion of people that are aware of the critical situation but instead they don't take action against the elimination of the issue. They believe that it is not their responsibility to mobilize towards the resolution of climate change and they stick to words rather than actions when in reality this doesn't solve the problem. It is just a sight of procrastination and nonchalacy. Lastly, just analysing an issue and talking about it doesn't make a change. Otherwise, the mobilization is what counts.
    To continue with the latter, it is a common knowledge that the state and of course industrial businesses are obliged to look after our planet and to make people acknowledged of climate change in order for eco-anxiety to be generated. Nevertheless, both of the aforementioned
    factors seems indifference and they only take into account their personal avail and what they can do to improve their reputation and draw more attention. This of course implies that the protection of our planet is sacrificed on the altar of money, profit and individual benefit.

    However, despite everything we mentioned earlier, I firmly disagree with opinion D, as every little step can make an enormous change to climate change. Although no one is so powerful to eliminate the issue, if we all try both collectively and individually, then we will be able to at least limit it in a way it can't affect our future.
    The most meaningful thing that I learned from the video is that all people from every nation are part of nature. Nature is our most precious good that gives us lavishly its privileges. Thus, harming our world means harming our physical environment.
    Thank you!

  • Thanks for sharing these thought-provoking quotes!
    They shed light on different perspectives surrounding climate change and its impact on our society. It's interesting to see how people view the role of communication, power systems, racial justice, and individual actions in addressing climate change. Reflecting on these quotes can help us gain a deeper understanding of the complexities and interconnectedness of climate issues. It's important to continue these conversations and work towards collective action for a sustainable future.
    #ClimateChange #Reflection

  • Many people believe that when we talk about climate change we are actually helping our planet. Unfortunately for me that's absolutely wrong. I have to admit that talking about it can make people understand that we are in a difficult situation. But to reach our goals bringing to a possible end the climate change, we must try our best and take part in this global project to save our species and planet.

  • I agree with statement D. There is no doubt that nobody can change the world alone. One person may have the idea but this idea must be spread across the world to become real. The key on this matter is cooperation. All we have heard the expression: Together we can! Although some people today really try to make something for saving the planet , we all have ideas to help, but sometimes we don't have the courage and the time to implement these ideas . The sure thing is that if we all "link" our ideas and our green plans we can manage many important things.

    1. Absolutely right! So many innovative ideas can be expressed in actions when we gather together to find the proper way to implement them.
      If we work together we can be more motivated and we have seen in in many green protests the world.
      One idea is used as the motivator and we all can make the change.

    2. I agree because... No matter how little our efforts are it will definitely make an impact in our environment. No matter how poor, rich, educated uneducated, old ,Young you think are you can definitely make a change to the world even if you feel less important.
      Walking together and rubbing minds will make us achieve a better tomorrow

  • Nowadays people, in my personal opinion, don't really care that much about the environment. Technology has upgraded our lives but at a cost to the environment. I think that the people of power have a lot of influence into how we view the world. But they are not the only ones to feel responsible. We are responsible too. We caused this massive problem and some of us still find climate change meaningless. Millions in billions is like a drop in an ocean. We have to work together to fix our mistakes along with all the power systems.

  • Indeed, sometimes talking about climate change can feel like doing something but it isn’t. I have so very often found myself talking a lot and sharing my ideas with my friends. Them responding made me realize that there were other people who cared too. After such a talk, I would feel relieved, because it seemed like I was being supported. However,none of us have actually done anything to solve the matter. I think it was because spreading awareness seemed like a reasonable thing to do, although no change was taking place. This feeling left me with the impression that things were getting better. Now, I have learned that while I am not doing anything, nothing will change.
    Another huge problem is the guild that people feel when they think that they are not doing enough. I believe that is the main reason people don't spring to action. They think that if they are not doing the most, then they are not doing enough. In my opinion, it should not be viewed as a competition. You don't need your whole life to revolve around this matter. From my point of view, the essence of this is to contribute to reducing climate change. Nobody can do it alone. This must be a team effort. I think that there would be a lot more people helping, if only they wouldn't be feeling that by only doing something small, they have done absolutely nothing. I believe that Eco-anxiety is supposed to determine you to get involved, not to drag you down. Getting Eco-anxiety shows that you realize what is happening and that you care about it.

    1. Absolutely, sometimes discussing climate change can give the illusion of taking action without enacting tangible change. I have often engaged in conversations and shared my ideas with friends. Their responses made me feel supported, but it became evident that these discussions did not lead to actual solutions. Spreading awareness seemed like a reasonable step, but I now understand that without further action, progress will not occur.

      There is also the issue of feeling guilty when one believes they are not doing enough. This sense of inadequacy may deter people from taking action, as they perceive their contributions as insignificant. In my view, addressing climate change should not be a competition or require one's entire life to be dedicated to the cause. The primary goal is to contribute to mitigating climate change, and this necessitates a collective effort. Many more individuals would be willing to contribute if they did not feel that small actions amounted to nothing.

      I believe that experiencing eco-anxiety should serve as a catalyst for involvement rather than causing discouragement. Recognizing the environmental challenges and caring about them is an important first step toward effecting change.

  • I really can't say if I totally agree with statement B but in a way I am close to it.
    What I mean is that those we have the power have also prior and faster knowledge or ven specialized knowledge on what is going to happen, or already happens in the world. They have the team that can inform them, propose solution and introduce campaigns to motivate all the people towards an environmentally free life. But are they doing it? Or profit are still on their way blocking this green life? Iam not sure but if each of us used the consciousness we have , we can mone to a more green lifestyle.

  • I agree with option a we might think that you are talking about this climate change that is doing something it isn't doing something we need to take action we need to take global action to protect our home

  • I would never have thought that racisl justice is connected with climate justice. But as I was talking with my classmates about it and looking info on the internet I may come to the conclusion that I agree. I have read that we have the tendency to pollute places where marginalized groups live. What an unacceptable behavior! I mean we are living in the same ground and polluting in every corner of the planet is the same. This should be then food for thought for many organisations.

    1. I agree with you because at first I thought that climate change justice was climate change justice and there was no other justice similar but I was wrong. Racial justice is similar to climate justice. I agree with option C. Racial justice is similar to climate justice because both are important and we have to fight for both. Without climate justice or racial justice, the world would be chaos.

    2. This is such a disappointing fact. Racial justice seems to be connected with climate justice. If we walk around poorer areas or areas that refugees live we can understand that this is true. And this unfortunately supports inequality. This is so wrong. Marginalized people should be treated differently.
      Climate action requires an approach that takes account all the communities. We tend to talk about sea levers, weather conditions but we should ficus to those who are more vulnerable. Governments and people in power should provide funds for these communities and activst organizations should raise awareness about this issue.

  • Option D seems to be the most appropriate solution for climate change as it emphasizes the collective efforts of everyone rather than relying on a single individual. Climate change is a global issue that requires the cooperation of all individuals, governments, and organizations to address it effectively. Therefore, we all must work together to reduce the negative impact of climate change.

    1. That's right! When we act collectively there are better and faster results.
      We are all important as a sole person and all together to reduce climate change. Thankfully nowadays more and more people seem to focus on environmental solutions and alternatives to their daily actions. Stop using your car for a close distance, throw your rubbish, recycle as much as you can.

    2. I agree with you. Option 'D' shows that climate change is a global challenge that requires efforts from not only from individuals but also from communities. Although individuals action is important and contribute to positive change, it is not enough for one person. No single person has the power to solve this complex issue of climate change. Addressing climate change needs systemic changes, policy reforms and international corporations. Individuals and international leaders should collaborate with each other to solve this global issue. They need coordination efforts on a large scale. By acknowledging that no one person is solely responsible for solving climate change, we highlights the need for collaboration and unity. It create a lasting solutions and a more sustainable future.
      At the end we all should remember "UNITY IS STRENGTH ".

  • In my opinion, option B is not the best choice. The reason is, that eco-anxiety is a term used to describe the emotional and psychological distress caused by the negative environmental impacts of climate change. If someone is experiencing eco-anxiety, it means that they are deeply concerned and worried about the effects of climate change, which can lead to feelings of sadness and hopelessness. However, it is important to note that eco-anxiety can also motivate people to take action and make positive changes in their lives and communities. By working together and brainstorming ways to combat climate change, those experiencing eco-anxiety can find a sense of purpose and hope for a better future.

  • I agree with opinion A strongly because when people hear about issues or climate disasters , they do nothing but talk, they don't find solution for these problems and they rely a lots on powerful people, governments and machines to fix these problems, but I disagree , to stop disasters, crimes and climate change, we stand up for what right, stop complaining about issues and relying on other but rather we must be the solution. People can contribute to save the planet and help people with eco-anxiety ,whether picking up trash daily to funding money to projects that can help save the environment and the planet, Every little thing to save the planet counts. I also agree with opinion D , firstly Jocelyn's journey is inspiring even when she failed so many she never gave up and she made a huge difference. We to can make a changes to help stop climate change after we are all important and we all play a vital role in saving planet. Whether wealthy or not we can all make a change by collaborating and taking actions now rather than just waiting and complaining about issues we can solve.

    1. I agree because... Talking about climate change can actually create awareness and might do a little good. But what good is knowing about climate change and yet, not doing anything about it. It's like knowing that you're going to fall in a pit, telling everyone the pit is there, yet you're still walking towards the same pit and falling in. Some may think it's stupid but it is no different from telling everyone about climate change and not doing anything about it. It's just like Benjamin Franklin said, “A well done is better than well said.” Fighting climate change is not just about creating awareness. It is about getting out there and doing something about what you know. We don't just need to know about the problem at hand, we need to be wise about it. Wisdom is knowledge put into action. Knowledge about how to reduce climate change is just like the puzzle pieces and putting that knowledge into action(in other words wisdom), is putting the pieces together. Knowing is not enough, we also need to do.

  • "I agree with Option A because many people believe that merely discussing climate change can solve the problem, but it is our actions that truly matter. Our actions have a greater impact than our words. Therefore, it is our actions that can help us effectively reduce the effects of climate change. The saying is action speaks louder than words."

  • After watching the video, I feel more connected to Option D. In my opinion, whether or not there is a person involved, climate change cannot be stopped immediately. Therefore, we should not feel too important, but at the same time, we should not feel less important either. The most important thing is for us to believe that no matter how small our efforts may be, we can still help protect the planet.

  • The quote I had the strongest connection to was D - “No one person is so important that without - or with - them it will bring an end to climate change.” For me personally this shows that no matter how hard one person tries individually to help with our climate crisis it won't work. It will take the entire world's population to do something positive for the environment before we start to see a significant change.

    I think that this quote truly encapsulates how we need to band together for this fight against climate change and that is why I had the strongest connection with this quote.

  • I strongly disagree with quote D which states that “No one person is so important that without - or with - them it will bring an end to climate change.” I believe that everyone is important in bringing an end to climate change because if everyone is counted as that person that is not important to bringing an end to climate change don't you think it will be impossible? I was taught that small drops brings about the formation of an ocean therefore every drop is important. This also applies to the people, we are like the small drops, and so everyone needs to be present an active for us to take down climate change which will be the ocean formed therefore everyone is important in bringing the end of climate change.

    Thank You.

  • I agree with quote D as it made the most sense to me. It was phrased perfectly when she said that no one person can change the world. I don't understand why people are not taking climate change seriously. Whenever I try to talk about it, people around me say, 'We are not the only ones living on earth, so why should we shoulder all the responsibility?' I want them to understand that even though they are not the only ones living on earth, they are still a part of it.

  • Well,
    The part of this video that caught my attention is when she said, "no one can do it alone". I loved this part as it states the truth about progression and solving of world issues. Before a problem is solved a group of the greatest heads are put together, a good example of this is the COP, all the issues in the COP are solved by group work of activists.
    The quote I would love to oppose is "No one person is so important that without - or with - them it will bring an end to climate change.” I think that this statement doesn't quite cut the chase, I say this because... from this video alone I have seen that Joycelen Longdon as an activist played a huge role in combating climate change. Altough one person cannot do it alone, a single person has an emmerse effect or contribution in whatever he/she does. I love the story of Joycelyn Longdon for another reason and that is "CONVERSION OF ECO-ANXIETY", Joycelyn never gave up although her massive eco-anxiety, she never let it to get the best of her and she produced something magnificent with the negative energy. I think this stands as an encouragement to everyone who has eco-anxiety, you can channel it and always contribute as your contribution has a positive advantage to the environment.


  • In my point of view I believe that racial justice and climate justice are interconnected even if I hope not too.
    We should all have in our minds that we live in the same planet regardless of race or nationality, how rich or poor are.
    Unfortunately the impact of climate change varies according to areas or countries .
    For instance we can see that in poorer areas, are affected more because the government neglects them more and do not provide all the facilities or transport or even recycling bins to them.
    In that case I think that charity organisations can play a significant role on funding these areas with the proper solutions.

  • I strongly agree with option D because putting an end to climate change is a collaborative effort. Some people may think that they are the chosen ones who can save the planet from the impending doom of climate change. Others may feel hopeless and helpless, thinking that their actions don't matter at all in the face of such a huge challenge. Well, both of these views are wrong. No one person is so important that without - or with - them it will bring an end to climate change. Climate change is a collective problem that requires collective solutions. We all have a role to play, but we also need to work together and support each other. So don't be too arrogant or too humble, just be realistic and responsible.

  • I definitely agree with the statement that no person is so important that without - or with - them it will bring an end to climate change. Climate change exists because of all of us, not just one person. Sometimes, it may seem like there's one person doing the most that could be done and that you could never reach up to that. However, I don't think that you need to. Most people are all about doing something big, or nothing. Why is that? The importance of your act doesn't lay in how huge it is. In my opinion, all you need to do is try. For example, if you do something brilliant, but only do it once, it makes it completely useless. Your efforts have to be constant, in order to see something change. I believe that a better way to try to understand this concept is to think about this: When taking medicine, you do it constantly for days, just to get better. If you take all the pills at once, not only does it not work, but it will make you feel worse. So, caring about the environment means that you get involved, but you also convince others to get involved too.
    If there really was someone who could help with climate change all alone, then wouldn't that person have done it by now? I think so. But it wasn't just one person to damage the environment, it was all of us. Personally, I think that saying that your efforts would be helpless without one person or another helping you is just a way of avoiding getting started.

    1. A really nice use of metaphor - well done!

  • I agree with option B because the main problems that cause climate change are burning fuel , cutting down trees , war , burning fossils and throwing trash most of these can be reduced or solved completely by the systems of power . Despite some of them are being solved by making electric cars or making devices 100% recyclable but that is not enough , there has to be more trees especially in crowded cities , the wars should stop , the big businesses should stop burning fossils and none of that will be accomplished by normal people. In my opinion there has to be laws to stop those things and make nature win.

  • The part of the video that felt important to me was when the women realised that she can use climate-anxiety as a weapon against climate change. It was good to know that I could use my fears to fight against what I fear most. The quote in the video that I had the strongest connection to was," The more I learnt the more I realised that racial justice and climate justice are linked," because it felt like we could fix both with one action and that they prevent harm (to people and the planet). We have to watch out for both racial and climate justice in the world and we can ensure that it is happening together.

  • For me, each one of us is important and unique and all of us together equally important.
    In my opinion even one person can motivate a group of people that share the same beliefs.
    Take for example, Greta Thunberg that we talked about her in the classroom. She is a person that made a difference and her speech was an incentive for a movement that supported action for climate change.
    Fridays for Future represent this movement and it motivates even younger ages to react for a better future.

  • After watching the video, I feel more connected to option D. To me it seems that no matter how unimportant one might think they are, they can always make a change. Even those who feel arrogant and proud and think that the world cannot do without them will not be able to stop the climate crisis alone, no matter how much effort they put in. Therefore, what I take from this video is that the weak and the strong, the wealthy and the less fortunate, should all come together to help protect the planet. Together, we can achieve more.

  • Hi there!
    I agree with option A.
    From my perspective, the statement highlights the importance of moving beyond mere discussions about climate change towards tangible actions and policy changes. While raising awareness and initiating conversations are crucial initial steps, they must be accompanied by concrete efforts to reduce emissions, promote renewable energy, and advocate for policy changes. Merely talking about climate change without translating awareness into action can lead to complacency and a false sense of accomplishment. Addressing the climate crisis requires a multifaceted approach that combines education, advocacy, individual action, and systemic change to achieve meaningful and sustainable solutions.

  • I should say that I almost agree with statement A.
    I do believe that talking about climate change is the first important step than totally ignore the topic.
    But it needs to be accompanied with actions that can make a real difference.
    And all the actions need to be supported by the government, corporations, mass media and of course scientists that can provide evidence.

  • I'll go with option A. Most people just sit and talk about how devastating and troubling climate change is and yet all they can do is just act like the situation doesn't exist or even matter when the topic isn't brought up. But in my opinion it's better to know about what is happening around you even if you are imobilised to do anything though it's wrong to believe that your efforts can't make a difference.


    1. Can you explain the benefits of knowing what is happening to the environment?

      1. Yes, for example let's say a person is unaware about a solar flare going on. The person would boldly walk outside thinking nothing is wrong without any protection of any sort and probably get harmed. It's important to know what is happening around you so that even if you must perform a task of some kind, you can know how to protect yourself.

        THANK YOU 💘

      2. Hello Aimee@Topical talk.
        I believe that there are several benefits to knowing about what is happening to the environment. Firstly, it increases our awareness of potential dangers, allowing us to take precautions and protect ourselves.
        Secondly, it makes us feel more knowledgeable about our surroundings, enabling us to appreciate the efforts of others. Lastly, it encourages us to value and appreciate nature, and motivates us to find solutions to the challenges we face.

  • I believe that is important to have Eco -anxiety to help motivate you to take action on climate change, as being worried is to care.I also think that if you let Eco - anxiety overwhelm you it is not a good thing as this could lead to depression. This is way I am not sure if it is good or bad.

    1. You're right that sometimes strong emotions, such as eco-anxiety can be motivating and make people push for change. Do you think people have to be emotionally invested in something in order to achieve change?

      1. Eco-anxiety opens your eyes to climate change and motivates and encourages you to take action. As well as this I believe it is not always nessesary.You can achieve without the pressured anxiety on your shoulders, if you are passionate enough.

  • The part of the video that caught my attention was when she said " Often when we are presented with a threat it triggers one of three responses; fight, flight or freeze". What she said really opened my eyes. What she is saying is true. People react differently to a piece of news. In the case of climate change, some people choose to fight against it with all they have. Some people just freeze at the piece of news. They don't know how to react or what to do. They are just passive even though they know the dangers. Others try to ignore it by running away and assuring themselves that something or someone will save them. I believe that the flight and freeze responses are the ones that come with eco-anxiety. The fight response is what all of us should have concerning climate change. Everyone reacts in their own way. They take bad or good news differently. But putting that aside, we need everyone to respond to climate change with a will to fight against it. That is what we really need but how can we get it?
    I believe that by spreading awareness and taking action, we can get the help of those that choose to ignore or run away from climate change. As for those that do not know what to do, educating them will give them an insight on what to do. No matter who we are or where we are from, we all live on the same planet and as a result we have to take care of no matter what.

  • The part of the video that caught my attention was when she found out about climate change. She didn't just sit back and relax, she tried to find where she fit in the puzzle of climate change. She dared to make a difference which I think we all need to do.
    I both agree and disagree to B “Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power.”
    I agree to this because the systems of power have failed to do their part in reducing the effects of climate change. Governments need to develop their economies in ways which reduce the effects of climate change. Investing in renewable energy, changing main energy sources to clean and renewable energy sources like solar and wind are little ways which governments can help. Some countries are moving towards this, while others are not.
    I disagree because everyone needs to make a move if we are going to make this world a better place. We cannot just blame the systems of power when we have not tried to make a move. Just little things we do like walking, riding bikes, eating less meat and dairy, reducing energy consumption and cutting back on wastes can help the environment. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean and little by little, a little becomes a lot. We need to try our best all together to save the planet.

  • “Sometimes talking about climate change can feel like doing something but it isn’t.” stands out as one of the most powerful quotes from the video for me. While sharing our feelings about these issues is important, it alone will not resolve the situation. What will make a difference is our individual and collective efforts. We don’t need to make revolutionary changes overnight, but by taking one step at a time, we can contribute to a positive change. No single person holds such significance that their action—or inaction—will single-handedly halt or hasten climate change. However, each of us plays a critical role, and together, our small actions can lead to significant impact.

  • I agree with option D because one person can't stop climate change not elon musk not mark zucker berg not even the presdient could stop it but we can we have to work toether to make change in this world we don't need to go to boycott we can plant treesand help our world not littering all of us can make a change in our world we must save us togheter we could be the heros of earth even though we are 1 person we can make a huge change to the planet.

  • Based on the video's information, I had the strongest reaction to quote D. It is true that one cannot do everything by themselves. For example, they cannot stop global warming by themselves because they are not super-natural. We have to work together sometimes to solve problems. We can't stop climate change by ourselves, so we spread the news and work together. If we do this more , problems like climate justice and racial justice can be solved.

  • In my opinion, claim a really caught my attention because when some people talk about helping climate change but then do nothing. some people say they will change their ways but still don't, then do things to hurt the environment even more. Regardless of what you say you should do it no matter what. Nowadays people say "i'm only one person" or "im me i can't change anything". You can still do your part by doing something rather than nothing and just letting us and the world destroy itself because people are not doing anything to help. They would rather live this way then even try to change our earth. Despite all the things the world has been though , there are reasons for hope in addressing climate change. As human beings we can all work together for a better future.

  • Something that caught my attention in the video was the fact that just the little changes we make can affect someone elsewhere in the world. We might not feel the impact ourselves but just little things like the emitting carbon dioxide from industries can raise temperatures and cause glaciers to melt, affecting countries like Pakistan and China.
    Another thing that caught my attention was the fact that nature has a calming effect. There are so many reasons to save the environment and I think the fact that nature has the ability to calm and reduce stress is a really cool reason to save it. Going outdoors can help us relax and clear our minds by providing a mental break. This allows us to temporarily escape the problems of our everyday lives. Exposing yourself to nature can make you feel better in so many ways. It can make you feel better emotionally and also physically. According to ny.gov, "Spending time around trees and looking at trees reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. Exercising in forests and simply sitting looking at trees reduce blood pressure". You do not necessarily need medications to reduce stress, nature is a natural antidote for stress. This is another reason why I believe we need to save the planet.

  • I agree with option B. System of power are the beliefs and practices on which individual lives and institutions are built. As we can see all around us, people are destroying the environment and some of them don't even care. I t is becoming a norm. A norm that needs to be stopped. People see it as normal and don't have a problem with it, this is wrong. Individuals see climate change as just a normal article on in the papers or topic on the news. They are comfortable with it and are not ready to change their lifestyle. I agree that the systems of power have failed.

    1. Hi gutsy_blackcurrant, you have been give a star for this comment because I can see you have thought about this subject and given reasons as to why you chose option B

    2. I must say that I agree with you. As the years have progressed, the systems of power have changed. They have evolved and one common thing is the development of technology.
      In the olden days people strived to take care of the environment because they saw it as sacred. There weren’t even any gadgets or industries around to affect the environment so taking care of it was easier. People ate healthier, travelled in ways that were friendly to the environment and used natures gifts judiciously. I believe that the development of technology, though can be used to battle climate change, also contributes to it. In the past pollution was really rare. But as technology and industrialization came in, their operations led to cases of pollution such as oil spillage, toxic fumes being released into the atmosphere and metal scraps being dumped indiscriminately. The first case of pollution was recorded in the 19th century, when the industrial revolution started. People have come to depend on technology as a system of power and sometimes this technology affects the environment. The thing is that it is normalized and so it is a part of everyone’s life. I believe that if technology can be harnessed properly and judiciously, we will be able to curb climate change and create a new system of power with clean energy.

      1. Yes, the pathway to reducing climate change is the introduction of a new system of power. This can be done through government policies and laws which can help educate the people and put them back on track. The introduction of clean energy sources will also help to reduce the amount of pollution around us. If we are able to alter our norms then we will be able to save the environment.

  • I am really am frustrated with climet change and I hope people can do something about it

  • Hi!! In a way I agree with what is said in option A. But we should keep in mind that with discussions new ideas and even projects can be created . These discussions can lead to new solutions about the way some species can be protected. Talking about environment is the first stage to go from practice to theory.
    Even in very big business these are formal meetings to discuss anything concerning their company. Maybe they can talk about these environmental issues that by discussing it can move forward to planning and using a more eco friendly way .

  • The part of the video that I connected with was when she explained she always had this sort of connection with nature. I, myself, feel the same way when I go outside. I just want to explore and bask in it, so this was of interest and importance to me.

    The quote that interested me was A - "“Sometimes talking about [climate change] can feel like doing something but it isn’t.” This caught my eye because to every extent it is true. For example, we can talk about it in person and even here on Topical Talks, but it won't make a difference unless there is an action to that word. In my school, we speak plenty of climate change and waste, but we still use foam for our lunch trays and that leaves me baffled. We could theoretically do something about this, but instead the executives chose not to, and just talk the talk. I feel this resonates strongest with me and a little bit with everyone.

  • We agree with A: “Sometimes talking about [climate change] can feel like doing something but it isn’t.” As a class we have decided that this is a truthful statement. This can be proved by the amount of climate conferences that have happened however, there is still little to no change. We acknowledged as a class that we are guilty of this statement as we talk about the effects and the possible impacts this may have however, on reflection haven't done much to change.

  • Something that amazed me in the video is that racial justice and climate justice are linked. The skills you use to fight for climate justice, are the same ones you use to fight for racial justice. Talking about climate change can feel like doing something but it is actually not. This might seem heartbreaking for people who have climate anxiety and talk about it a lot but it is the truth. This being said, it is still very important to get our feelings out and tell others how we feel about the climate crisis. Though, there is a way to turn this around. You can turn your feelings into suggestions and solutions. This way, talking can actually be helping. Words can actually become action if we use them right. This will actually help in reducing climate change. This may seem easy but it is actually hard to turn your feelings into action. Though, with support from good friends, you can easily turn your words into action. Creating things like climate change clubs in your school might seem small, but the little steps all put together can go a long way. You can communicate with people that support your idea and they can help you. These people can help you put your plan into action.

  • I actually don't agree with opinion D.
    I believe that every single act from every person is very important even the smallest one.
    Because even one person can make the change and if truly believes that with his actions can influence more people.
    Think of our parents. If they act in an eco friendly way, then their children will be taught how important the environment is and this cycle will continue.

    1. I agree with you. One's choices have a tremendous impact on the environment. Things like the food we eat, which transport we use, what we throw away or recycle can lead to how we affect our planet.
      Our individual acts cam also inspire others , encourage our friends and family to act in a similar way.
      So individual actions can motivate collective action and come together as a society to promote sustainability.
      As individuals we have the ability to make a positive change by ensuring a healthier lifestyle .

    2. In part I'm in agree with you because every single act of any single person sums to the solution of this problem but I also think that people who ties to help by them selves like you or like me have little impact in the society due to our social status, if the people who say this this about climate change is a ruler the impact is much bigger and the message could reach to more people.

  • I think in a way statement B is correct.
    If a person feels stressed about what the future holds concerning climate change then it means that as citizens we are not feeling fully secured. We feel that solutions cannot change the way climate change.progresse and how it will affect us.
    In order all these feelings to be eased government or anyone in power can provide support for projects that are eco friendly, fund organisations and inform in detail what is climate change and how we can prevent it.
    If a nation believes in these people in power will feel more relaxed and ready to act.

  • The quote D is the strongest quote. It says that only one person is not important we need support from people. It affects very slightly if we alone are trying to end climate change. But I will never say that it doesn't affect. If all people think that their individual actions won't make any difference, then who is going to take the actions? Your individual actions definitely affect the climate when supported by many people. We know that little actions can make bigger move. So, we have to take actions and also invite others to change their lifestyle as well as take actions. Everyone actions matter because only by working together we can help to end climate change.
    To protect the climate, its everyone's responsibility. But it is the foremost duty of the government to help the people to take the responsibility to protect the climate. The government need to protect the climate. Many people are suffering from climate anxiety due to negligence of the government to protect the climate and teach those people how to cope with it. Government has to take the action to protect the climate by engaging all the people to protect the climate. We shouldn't just be anxious, but we have to take the proper measures to protect the climate. Our conversation may open up many roots to protect climate, but it will be meaningless if we don't take actions. For this reason, action is must to protect the climate.

  • After about reading on racial justice and climate justice I concluded that these two are closely connected.
    We can see that in poorer areas or areas where refugees live or where an area is considered a crime area , there is more rubbish and less environmental projects.
    There is even a lack of recycling bins, adequate transportation.
    I don't thing that people in these areas are to blame but it is the government and the community's fault. They need to include every aspect of their city to a healthier life by providing them all the necessary equipment.
    These actions can motivate these people as all of us I believe want to live in a clean and healthy planer.

  • I agree with option A because people can of course sit and chat about it but most people only do so. Once they have spoken about it mostly it just stays a conversation and not an action. People talk about it and forget about it or talk about it for the sake of it, but talking isn't going to change what is happening to the planet. If people talk about it they should take action to help the planet in some way big or small.

  • I agree with quote A as I think that we have so many people talking about climate change yet nothing is changing. I think we need to stop talking and start doing. I also agree with quote B as the systems of power has failed to keep our homes safe. We should not be worrying about what could/will happen to our planet. We need leaders that will stop climate change and help our world. However I disagree with quote D as I feel 1 person can make a big difference for example if one person reduced the use of their car and began to use public transport, walk or maybe even cycle this would make a huge impact. The more people that start doing small things to help the environment like turning off lights, stop buying/ using plastic will begin to make a bigger impact.

  • In the video, I think the part where the narrator said she didn’t fit in with a certain group so she did it her own way was an important message. I think she had climate anxiety because she felt what she was doing wasn’t enough but she was very determined and I think it is excellent how she never gave up and is working on ways to help the environment. Quote A relates to when the lady in the video was with her friends. She felt better when she was talking to her friends but she still knew she wasn’t doing enough and that’s what a lot of people do. We try and spread awareness but not enough is happening. There’s a lot of talking and not enough action being taken.

  • The part of the video that I agree with me the most was when the speaker (Joycelyn) discussed how climate change can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety. This is an important view that is mostly overlooked in topic discussions about climate change. Mental health impacts such as depression are real and need aid, yet they are frequently overlooked in excuse of focusing only on environmental aspects. Also, the statement from the video saying that those who contribute the least to climate change are often the ones most severely affected by its consequences really changed my mindset. It showcases the injustice in the climate crisis, where communities, particularly in the south of the globe, face the effects even when they contributed a little to the problem.
    Among the quotes given, the one that has the strongest connection with me is quote C: “The more I learnt, the more I realised that racial justice and climate justice are linked.” This quote implies a critical perspective that is mostly overshadowed in main discussions about climate change. It talks about the link between various social justice issues and environmental degradation affecting communities. I strongly agree with this quote because it speaks about the need for a better approach to dealing with both climate change and social injustice. By recognising and addressing these negative issues, the world at large can work towards a more equal and sustainable future for all people.

  • I think climate change is a big thing to talk about as it has been around for so long and not much has been done about it. This means all the issues will stay the same and could get worse, this is bad for our country and the world as a whole. I feel like we need another form of travel, boats are good but could also be quite dangerous and also planes are very bad for the planet. We need a safer and more sustainable way to travel around the world, like planes that are powered from waste.

  • I agree with option D. This option (in a nutshell) states that one individual did not start climate change so one individual can’t end it.
    Climate change is the fault of many groups of peoples actions accumulating into a greater negative effect. So to fix climate change many groups of people need to change the way they do things or operate their businesses so that our actions to hopefully reverse some of the effects of climate change will accumulate and do good for our environment. I see no reason why one person could be so significant that they by themselves can do something to combat climate change.

  • I think the video was pretty amazing and I learned a lot. Something that is really inspiring in the video is the fact that as people who are trying to fight climate change, we need to stop putting so much emphasis and looking up to one special person who is going to save us. Climate change was caused because of all the irresponsible and reckless action committed by a lot of people. It was not just one person who caused climate change, so how can one person be the hero? The reason why so many put emphasis on that one "hero" is because they are too lazy to take responsibility for their actions so, they push all the work on one person, expecting them to come up with a solution which I think is a very dumb idea. Someone can try their best individually but the effect will be negligible because of all the other millions of people who are not trying. For us to save the planet, we need to work together. In the video, she talked about how she tried her best individually but, to no avail. An impact was only made when she started working with other people. One voice isn't enough to make a melody, this simply means one person can't save us. We all need to work to save ourselves together.

  • In the one hand I agree with the arguments that the video expones, I think that we should be concern about climate change because is something that involves al the world and that, in the future will be a important thing or maybe we could have fixed. On the other hand, I think that we shouldn't have anxiety for this because is something that little by little is getting better and world leaders which basically rule the world are including actions in their campaigns in order to solve this problem

  • Regarding opinion C "The more I learnt, the more I realised that racial justice and climate justice are linked" I fully agree with it as some communities are more affected by climate change than others. For example, pollution can be worse for communities that are not as strong. It's important to solve environmental problems fairly, just like solving problems related to race. Everyone, no matter their race, can work together to solve environmental issues.

  • Sometimes I felt a little bit worried
    because of the animals and all of the tribes that have to be put in a terrible habit of climate. We should be taking care of are planet just like we take care of ourselves and never give up on what we were meant to do, and never let Fear stop us!

  • I agree with the quote C " The more I learnt, the more I realised that racial justice and climate justice are linked." I agree with it because environmental issues and social inequalities are often intertwined. The quote highlights the connection between racial justice and climate justice. Marginalized communities often bear a disproportionate burden of the negative impacts of climate change. This connection emphasizes the importance of considering social justice and equality when addressing climate change. Recognizing the link between racial justice and climate justice can lead to a more extensive solution of the root causes of both issues. It plays a vital role in transition to a sustainable future.
    We have to address this both issues to create a more sustainable world. By acknowledging this connection, we can work towards solutions that not only mitigate the effects of climate change but also address systemic inequalities and promote social justice.

  • The quote that resonated most with me was "The more I learnt, the more I realized that racial justice and climate justice are linked." This quote highlights the interconnectedness of social and environmental issues, showing that addressing one often involves addressing the other. It's a powerful reminder that we cannot effectively tackle climate change without also addressing issues of equity and justice

  • Climate anxiety it is indeed a failure of system of powers. I do believe this because if a citizen feels stressed in his own country it means that the country has neglected his well being.
    We of course have to talk about solutions and eco friendly ways but we have to include how stressful people are nowadays. If people see that their country failed to protect the environment then they will feel anxious what the future holds.
    A person can do dialy eco friendly actions but citizens need to feel that their country does its best to assist nature.