STEP TWO: get ready for the competition

From Monday March 4th you will be able to submit your Standpoint.

Standpoints will not win stars, but you might get something even more special... a place on the shortlist for the Festival 2024 Standpoint Award. At the end of the Festival, our judges will select five winners who will win a goodie bag of prizes, sent to their school!

Standpoints are important because they give you a chance to combine the knowledge and skills that you’ve worked on over the Festival. They're your chance to speak out about the Topical Talk issue that’s most important to you.

Standpoints must be submitted before March 20th.

Here are our judges and their top tips...


Written Standpoints will be judged by...

Henry Tricks

Henry writes every week for The Economist. Henry's top tips for good pieces of written journalism are:

  • Make sure your writing has a clear beginning, middle and end
  • Have a balance of long and short sentences
  • Explain technical words as you go
  • Make sure every sentence says something new
  • Say things as simply as possible

Video Standpoints will be judged by...

Katie Bryant

Katie is a producer of The Economist's films, so she makes documentaries, short videos and video journalism projects. Katie’s top tips for good pieces of video journalism are:

  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Change the tone of your voice depending on what you are saying
  • Make sure your facial expressions match the mood of your Standpoint
  • Use your body language to help communicate points
  • Hold up visual aids such as pictures or charts

Audio Standpoints will be judged by...

Jason Palmer

Jason hosts The Economist's daily podcast, "The Intelligence". Jason’s top tips for good pieces of audio journalism are:

  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Change the tone of your voice depending on what you are saying
  • Speak directly to the listener as if you know them
  • If you use technical words, explain what they mean
  • Make sure sound effects or music are not distracting for the listener

Comments (46)

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  • Hi!
    Learning about the news is important for young people because it helps us understand the world around us, stay informed about current events, and develop critical thinking skills. Sharing opinions about the news allows young people to engage in discussions, contribute to public conversation, and shape their understanding of complex issues. Skills like speaking, listening, problem-solving, and creativity are essential for explaining the news because they allow individuals to analyze information, consider different perspectives, and communicate effectively.
    Through the Festival, I gained new knowledge like enhance research abilities, and I improved my communication skills and it also empowered me to make informed decisions and participate actively in society.

    Thank you!

  • Young people should know about the news because it helps let them know about the world that's around them and they should say there stand points above the news because it shows that they know about the world that's around them.

  • I think it is important for young people to learn about the news to widen our vocabulary,increase our knowledge and help us to know how to interact with people.If young people constitently earn news they can help to help in our aspects of life.Young people should share their opinions about to give us ideas to make things better,if the continue t share information it will take to an astounding higher level.Those five characteristics are qualities needed to understand news.They are explained as follows;
    1.Speaking:it is the act of getting information and expressing it.If young people can learn how to speak it will let us know that the really understand the news.
    2.Listening:young people have to listen to news so that the can easily understand if the do not listen to news the will not know what news is about or will not learn anything.
    3.Problem solving:It is the act of using your brain to solve a case.If we can solve problems it shows we really understand what the news speak of because in the news the talk about cases and how it can be fixed or how it was fixed.
    4.creativity:it is the act of imagining things in your inner mind and making them become reality.News help us to be creative because they show us what we have not seen before and shows us how it was humans like us that made them,this now gives us the urge or ego to do the same and this is why we have plenty people who have created outstanding.

  • Hi there!
    Young people should share their opinions about the news because their perspectives are valuable and important. As the future leaders and decision-makers, their voices can shape discussions and influence outcomes on various issues. By expressing their opinions, young people contribute to a diverse range of viewpoints, fostering critical thinking and dialogue within society. Additionally, sharing opinions allows young people to advocate for causes they care about, raise awareness about social and environmental issues, and hold leaders and institutions accountable for their actions. Moreover, engaging in discussions about the news helps young people develop their communication skills, gain confidence in expressing themselves, and become informed and active citizens in their communities. Overall, encouraging young people to share their opinions about the news empowers them to participate in democratic processes, promote positive change, and make their voices heard on issues that affect their lives and the world around them.

    1. I agree totally agree with you. Young people bring fresh perspectives and unique ideas when discussing current events and news topics. Their perspectives mostly also show the changing dynamics of society and can throw light on issues that might not be paid much attention by older generations. The biggest example of this is gender equality.
      Encouraging youngsters to share their opinions provide platforms for young voices to be heard which empowers them to take ownership of their roles as future leaders and active participants in shaping the world they inherit.

  • I think it is important for young people to hear about the news because it improves their listening skills which allows in the visuals to consider other people's perspective and understand their point of view.
    I also think that if young people share their point of view about the names it is going to improve their problems of any skills which can help provide solution that would improve someone's situation. Problem solving skills are very important as one can readily find a solution to someone's problem by actively listening and understanding their situations

    1. I also believe it is important for young individuals to stay informed about the current news both locally and globally which will improve their listening and problem solving skills. This can inspire them to pursue courses related to sustainable practices and green skills , which can benefit their communities. Additionally, when young people share their opinions, it can lead to innovative solutions to current issues. Considering different perspectives and hearing what others think can help find solutions to the problems at hand. Thanks for your insights. Precious_swan.😄

    2. in my own perspective I think it is important for young people like me to learn about the news because , in this new generation of ours so many young people should be ale to participate or engage in decision making news when it comes business and making country decisions happening around us . I think that young people should be able to share their opinion in the news, I say this because children are the ones to lead our tomorrow so from their young age they should start participating in the news to be ale to to make our tomorrow better.

  • Hi, I think young people like me should know more about news because it gives us a better understanding of what is happening in the world today and helps improves our listening and problem solving skills.
    I think young should share their opinion on the news because young people have young and innovative minds that can help out the world and that means they can get a better understanding about a news topic and problems and find the best solutions to these problems.
    I think that listening and problem solving skills are important of understanding the news because listening is one of the best ways of understanding a person or a news story because if you listen carefully you can point out solutions to problems and find innovative ways to solve these problems, while problem solving skills van help us understand the news better because if you solve problems of the news you can understand why was it a problem and how it can be solved.
    The new knowledge that I have gotten in the festival so far was
    1, people become immigrants because either they are forced out or they want to leave by them selves.
    2, their is a day were women are being celebrated called women's day.
    3, people in Ecuador are being under house arrest because of the latest incident about a gang leader have broke out of his prison.
    4, people get eco-anxiety because they are afraid of what will happen to the world of we don't stop climate change now and they feel that they don't make a difference in the world but they should not be afraid because they are not alone their are other people who are helping out as well.

  • I think listening and speaking skills are important for understanding the news because it allows you to comprehend the speakers perspective and the message they are trying to convey.
    Also problem solving and creativity skills also important in understanding the news because it's enables one to generate viable solutions to address current issues highlighted in the news

  • I have gained new knowledge from this festival about enhanced games. It was the first time I had about it and I was surprised. I had mixed feelings of fear and excitement. I learned a lot about this game and saw that it can be used for good but there are also negative consequences attached to it. I am still on sure about this enhanced games because of the potential side effects of the drugs that might arise. However, I have learned that it can be used in a positive way to show what one is capable of doing to a certain extent.

  • The topic I gained a lot from is on immigration because I used to think that immigrants only brings negative consequences to a country but I now understand that they can also have a positive impact. I have learned that accepting immigrants into a country can boost the economy by allowing them to use their skills and knowledge to enhance the country.
    Additionally I've learned that helping immigrant is a way of helping humanity I'm providing them with a place to stay and work is a good thing. This topic has really changed my perspective

  • Hello topical talkers.
    In my opinion it is important for young people to learn news it helps you to learn to distinguish between fact and opinion news also provide information about a country's economics situation .
    Young people should be allowed to share the opinions about news because sharing is a way to show love to your country home or community.
    Creativity problem solving speaking and listening is important because creativity can help you to improve communication in many ways listening can help you identify problems more faster and easier etc.
    We gain a lot of information and knowledge from the topical talk festival it's helps you to engage in many discussions and helps you understand knowledge and other things perfectly. Thank you

  • I think that it is important for for young people like us to learn about the news because with it we can use it to impact the future generation positively. When we hear about news like climate change, we can try our best to see if we can also participate in resolving it just like the older people.
    Some people think that it is unimportant for young people like us to participate in such activities, they think that it is useless bombarding us with all these activities.
    It is because of such people that some older youths are suffering from eco anxiety and they are trying everything that they can do to help resolve these issues. We do not need to have these type of experiences in our lives, so, why don't we resolve it now as young people.
    We as young people, we can help by going green, reusing, reducing and recycling different things at school and elsewhere. We can also go on the streets and tell people about climate change. We can tell them on how to resolve it and the consequences if we do not.
    These are the reasons that it is important for young people like us to know about the news.

  • What new knowledge have you gained from the Festival?

    The whole Topical Talk is mind blowing in terms of tonnes of information made available in the course of the entire program. But the one that blew my mind away is on the attempt of Aron D S'ouza advocating for legalization of enhanced drugs in sports. I could not imagine the audacity but we live in a world where you never say never so I won't be surprise if tomorrow he begins to get some level of consideration which may eventually lead to adaption of enhanced drug. This made me think of the possible outcome if he succeeds. Would all the athletes who have been stripped of their medals for the use of these drugs go into legal battles with IOC, FIFA, EUFA, CAF, etc? Time will tell.

  • It is very important for young people like me to learn about new because has gone beyond just Mathematics and Languages as good as they are. However, the slogan that 'knowledge is power' is true because we are as learned as the volume of knowledge at our disposal.
    Listening to news is very important to young people because it also helps us to know more about our world and even the career part available to us as this will help us make informed choices in life. Take for instance, the knowledge I have acquired from understanding about AI is shaping my perception about future jobs and how to view and engage them.

  • I want to thank the economist for opening me up to the world of AI. I saw the limitless possibilities in the AI industry. Prior to this time I had no knowledge about AI not even the name talk less of the application but this new body of knowledge has opened me up to a new career part most importantly. I am considering pursuing a career in that direction because I see it as the future in whatever one does.

    I also think a new knowledge I acquired the wide margin in equality in the media while we discussed Women in Media. This also was new to seeing the high level gender inequality in the media world.
    Thank you.

  • It is important for young people like me to learn about the news because it widens our knowledge. The news provides information about both local and global news. Being informed about what is happening around the world helps them to understand the context where they live and they can engage in a meaningful conversation. By learning about new news they can distinguish between right and wrong. They can develop critical thinking skills. Thus, they can form their own opinions. Learning about news enables young people to participate in democratic processes such as voting. They can advocate for change and contribute to the future of their communities and societies.

    Young people should share their opinions about the news because everyone experiences the world differently and has unique perspectives. By sharing their opinions they enrich the public discourse.This can lead to a better understanding of complex issues. By sharing their opinions they can have an influence on decision-making processes and public opinion. They can shape policies and challenge societal norms. It empowers them to be active participants in shaping their own future.

    Speaking, listening, problem-solving and creativity are important for understanding the news because it allows young people to engage in meaningful conversations about the news. It helps to express their thoughts, ask questions and fostering a deeper understanding of complex issues.
    News often provides challenges to solve, they can use their ability of problem solving and creativity to solve the problem. They can widens their knowledge. Creativity plays a role in understanding the news by encouraging young people to think outside the box and explore innovative solutions. It allows them to approach complex problems from different angles, consider alternative viewpoints and propose fresh ideas for positive change.

    1. I totally agree with you. News tells us what is happening around the world. It tells us the pros and cons of AI and women empowerment. It lets us know what precautionary measures should be taken for climate change and eco-anxiety, and at the same time tells us about politics and economy. To remember what all things are happening around the world it is crucial for youngsters to learn about the news. News help youngsters to spread awareness about current affairs for the betterment of the future generations.

      Well it is necessary for young people to share their opinions about news because the coming generation has a different opinion about life. It is not necessary that the people who are experienced and have lived a long life are always right. As the upcoming generations will not have the same perspective as their ancestors because both of them have lived a different and unique life. It is not necessary what life are parents and grandparents have lived we and our upcoming generations will live the same life. As our generation will have new and different challenges it is necessary for youngsters of this generation to share their opinion about daily news as they will be the upcoming leaders and their opinion will be fruitful for the future generations.

      Well, It is necessary to have skills like speaking, listening, problem solving and creativity to understand news because change starts from within. An Indian name Jadav planted a forest in 40 years. 40 years ago the time when Jadav saw that the trees near his house were dying the water in the river was flooding and the animal were fleeing i.e "Deforestation". He decided to cut the branches from the trees and put them in the middle of the ground near his farm. He did this for 3 months every year for 40 years and turned this dessert into a beautiful forest that is bigger than the Central park in New York. This is what we see that if we do something everyday for some time we can solve any problem in an creative and effective way.

      The tropical talks festival has helped me a lot to gain new knowledge about politics and climate change. Because of tropical talks now instead of wasting time on social media reels I watch educational videos on Nasdaily and learn about the great invention done by the inventors across the globe to change the world.

      Thank you.

  • The new knowledge I have gained from this festival is on prisons. I used to believe that prisons are only meant to punish individuals and that they are scary places to live. However, after the discussion on this topic I learned a lot more about prisons. I now know that prisons are not necessarily scary places but they are places where people are taken so that they can correct their mistakes and they come better individuals.
    I used to think that once a person go to prison, they come out as bad person but after this discussion I have learned that prisons have the power to rehabilitate someone and that person can come out as a better individual. I have also learned that prisons are what you make of them and that if you have the right mindset you can turn your experience into a positive one.

    1. How do you think prisoners can turn their experience in prison in to a positive one?

      1. Good morning Eva.
        I think prisoners can turn their experience in prison into a positive one by focusing on personal growth. They can join skills training programs available in the prison so acquire new skills and knowledge that will help them find jobs upon their release.
        Additionally counseling they can take advantage of counseling and therapy services available in the prison to work on their personal underlying lying issues. This can contribute to personal growth and behavior change.
        Also by setting personal goals they can find motivation and a sense of purpose during their time in prison.

      2. Good Day mrs Eva
        I think the way prisoners can make their expirence a positive is by change and with the new motif of prison to change prisoner bad habits and to reflect on themselves this change is a step by step process to a positive life and i think it another is for them to make friends with people of their same interest because a problem shared is a problem solved and with someone good its already done
        Thank You 😊😁

      3. Hello Eva,
        I think that prison staff can turn their experience into a positive experience by focusing these key things:
        -Training and professional development
        -Clear communication
        -Ensure transparent communication channels
        -Acknowledge and appreciate prison staff regularly for their hard work.
        By addressing these aspect, prison administrators can contribute to creating a supportive work environment for their staff, which ultimately enhances job satisfaction and their over all well-bieng.

  • Young people like me must know news around the world because by reading the topic they may analyse the topic think about it's advantages and disadvantages they might get inspired to be environment warrior like discussing about eco anxiety like one thing that made me felt a lot inspired is a man from India Mr Naman Gupta who always saw cigrette butts around him he once thought to collect cigarette butts and reuse it then he found a solution to convert cigarette butts into cotton and made it into pillows teddy bears soft toys etc. so if this news or even many other news if reached to each and every house so imagine how many great inspired youngs may make earth a better place to live before living on Mars or moon everyone in this earth must have a shelter and also they must have improved their speaking skills, body language, so in future their future may get bright like getting a good job. It helped me because as when I was not in topical talk I had a poor speaking skills and even I didn't knew many words my grammar was a bit poor when I entered in this journey of topical talk my speaking skills, listing skills got way more better now if I get a topic to write I can even make it shorter and longer. I want to be a doctor when I grow up and being a doctor requires a lot of hard work and if I do MBBS so I require 97 to 100% to get an entery admission council decides to give you an entery with your past achievements and even I got my comments rejected a lot but I am happy that people from BRITISH COUNCIL saw my comments and gave me stars hats off to you topical talk

    Thank you

  • The topic again more knowledge on a centered around the importance of AI and education. Initially I was worried that a I could replace human teachers and I will never see my teachers again in class. However, after the discussion started I learned that AI can actually assist teachers in helping students learn better. By using AI teachers can reduce their workload and students like me can also benefit from it. AI can help me understand my studies better and make learning easier.
    This knowledge has changed my way of thinking and I now know that AI has many benefits. While it cannot replace teachers it can support them in making teaching better and learning easier for students.

  • HI Topical talkers,
    I think young people should learn about the news to learn new things and know what is happening around them.
    Young people should share their thoughts about the news so that they can speak freely and ask questions to deepen their understanding about the news.
    All these skills like listening, problem-solving, and creativity are very important for young minds to understand more about the news because these skills deepen people's understanding so they can gain more knowledge.

    Throughout this festival, I have learned that a lot of animals and humans are not treated fairly. Not only that I have learned that climate change has risen to an extent that it is getting worse causing icebergs to melt, causing heatstrokes, etc.
    I have learned that Ecuador is having a major crisis because the most dangerous prisoner has escaped and that prison staff are quitting their jobs for a lot of reasons.
    Thanks for listening!

  • It is important for young people like me to learn about news because it can improve their learning ability in the future. At a small age, they can look about what’s happening in their country or the world and share their opinion about it and try to solve it.

    Young people should share their opinion about the news because everyone deserves a chance to share what they think about the news. The opinion they have shared can maybe change the whole world or their country. By sharing their opinion, they can develop leadership in the future also.

    Speaking listening problem solving and creativity is important for understanding news because By listening carefully, a person can solve the problem easily, by using their creativity and to share the solution about that problem, they need to speak.

    I have gained so much knowledge from this topical talk festival. I learned so many things from the topics that I have never knew of like the enhanced game. I have never heard about topic but after reading some comments and with the help of my teacher and classmates. I am starting to get to know many things about this topic.

    Thank you!

  • In my own opinion I think that why it is important for young people like me to know about the news, is because news is a way of gaining knowledge of what is going on and what is happening around the world, and as we all know that knowledge is power, and when we get to listen to the news, it also improves our listening skills, widens our vocabulary, speaking skills and more especially problem-solving and creativity skills.
    Also the future of our country and the while world at large depends on the hands of the youths and young people.
    It is also through this news that we get to hear about climate changes and now so many things are been done in order to stop it and as we all know that this work depends more on the youths because our fathers and mothers are already old and also we the youth still have the strength to engage into anything that will safe the world and also make positive impact that the upcoming generations will enjoy from.
    Now take for instance, the knowledge that I have gained concerning women in Media has made me to change my stereotype towards women and it has made me to see women equal with men and I have declared within myself that I will never look down on any women any women that I will encounter on this earth.

  • We need to learn about the news. Because we are the youth. We are one of the people that make a society. People say, student today leader tomorrow. Our opinion can make a very big difference in the society. Let me use this festival as an example. This festival brings to us different news around us. These topics are given to us. We then give our opinion and so many different perspective and so may view point. It can be possible through our comments that a solution has been found to a particular issues, we the youth have fresh concept about particular issues. We have new ideas we can share in this festival and in the society. The youth are very important in the society because we can achieve a lot.
    This are the condition and criteria we need in order to understand a lot of things including the news. If one of this things are not put into consideration, understanding will not be achieve.

  • There are many reasons why is it important for young people to learn about news. The young people now are the future of this world, learning about news in a young age can allow the acquisition of knowledge and this may help them to be special in their communities. Add to that, If children share their opinions about the news, they will build their self-confidence also, they'll learn that one of their rights is to share their opinions. Moreover, Speaking, listening, problem-solving, and creativity are skills they are important because they play an important role in analayzing different issues and this can allow people to understand it.Finally, I've gaind a lot from this festival for example, eco-anxiety was something unknown to me but now I have gaind a lot of knowledge about it.

  • Good day Topical Talkers
    I believe learning about the news is crucial for young people because it helps them stay informed about the world around them. Understanding current events enables them to develop a broader perspective and to become more aware of global issues. This knowledge is essential for contributing to the society in any way they can.
    Skills such as speaking, listening, problem-solving, and creativity are crucial for understanding the news because they allow young people to engage with information and put their efforts. Speaking allows us to spread the message to the people and also standing up and speaking against or in favour of our believe. Listening also helps broaden our knowledge and then it enables us to speak for our views, while problem-solving skills allow them to analyze complex issues and develop solutions. Creativity is important for thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative ideas to address challenges.
    From the festival topics, I have learned about things going on all around the world and how different people come up with different ways of addressing different issues.

  • In my opinion I think children need news for the sake of their education. This could help them promote their knowledge about their surroundings and about the world. This could help improve our thinking skills, collaboration, public speaking etc. The news could also help with their listening skills and teaching them new things. The news could help them with their confidence and have an impact on their lives.
    Since children are very impressionable, exposing them to the right news will help to shape their perspective well.

  • I think the most engaging topic discussed in this festival is women in media. This is because everyone regardless of their gender support gender people had a wide range of ideas on how to promote gender equality. The atmosphere was positive and everyone supported almost all the points discussed. This topic is not just limited to this festival but it is been talked about worldwide.
    It is exciting to see the progress being made towards gender equality and the achievements of women all around the world.

  • I say it is important for young people to know about news because if a child wants to know about topical talk if you where on news that child would not be able to see what it is because the parents would be blocking news for the children I watch news and you know what’s going on in the world so I get smarter.Let the kids Express what they want to see when the news is on but don’t show them all the wars or stuff that they should not see because there life depends on the future just like ours . Why do Parent to not allow children to watch the news?

  • Firstly, it is important for young people who will shape our future soon and lead our countries to learn about the news. The news is an important way to seek information about the political and physical state of our world. Young people should their own opinions because they may be confused or they do not know why things happen in the news so they want to talk about it with someone or learn why or how things are happening. In our society young people are mostly stated to not know anything and to close our mouths and "stay out of grown folk business" but we need to learn more about the world and the state of it. Speaking about helps you express your ideas and listening helps you gain information. Problem solving helps you make less problems in the world to stop many conflicts. Creativity can help you use problem solving in your own way. This platform as helped me gain a way to communicate how to express my idea and what I am thinking about many topics it has also gave me information about things I have never heard before like how the there is a person trying to make a drug enhanced Olympics.

  • I feel like the people of this generation don't know enough about their surroundings or environment to carry on to future generations. We are distracted by devices, social media and others so we don't pay much attention to the kinds of things happening in the world. In my grandparents days, they didn't have devices, social media, etc so they knew everything happening around them, that is why you always hear them saying "Back in my day...". If the world continues to move on like that then we wouldn't be able to say anything like back in my day.

    Young people like me or older, even younger should discuss every aspect of the news, good and bad and get an understanding of how everyone feels about it and different perspectives about the topic.

    Listening to people's different opinions gives you knowledge about the topic and if you don't understand, because you listened, you will be able to pose a relative question to understand the topic. Speaking is important so you can share your opinions and knowledge of the topic for people to listen to. Speaking and listening are in the circle of a good conversation with opinions and knowledge being tossed around. Problem solving can help resolve conflict to have a peaceful discussion, if there is a part of the topic no one understands problem solving can help brings an idea of what you are looking for that may be correct. Having creative ways to solve problems is also a good element in a discussion to end conflict and to gain a better understanding of an area in the topic.

    I never knew that the Enhanced Games ever existed, had I not been a topical talker I would never had gotten to know that it existed, so I am happy to have taken part in the discussing the topic.

  • Hello
    Is really important for young people to learn about the news because is a great way to gain information and having culture, moreover, watching news is the unique way to understand what is happening around the world. However young people should not abuse of the news because the excess of them can cause negative ideas or perceptions which are wrong. Young people should share their opinion about news because what they think is also important and by sharing this news the young people will become more aware and can have a better learning which is fundamental for their lives. Maybe understanding the news sometimes can be difficult but the four main skills of speaking, listening, problem solving and creativity can help us by allowing to think and to position in other perspectives that are really useful. Since I had been in the Festival I had achieved a lot of new knowledge about the artificial intelligence because before I was not understanding it really well. Also the enhanced games has been really useful for me to waking up with new ideas and concepts, now I am more aware about drugs in competitions and really feel good. This topical talk festival had taught me plenty of things and I am extreme grateful for having the great opportunity for joining such a huge community like this.

  • Hello Everyone! Yes it is very important for young people like me to learn about the news.Some teens read books, some listen to music, some watch movies and some read newspapers. By reading, I don't mean flipping pages and then hooking to Page 3 column. No. Reading means to actually read word after word, paragraph upon paragraph. And then comprehend each and every word in it. Use a dictionary when you are stuck at difficult words. It's not only helps you get good grades in acads, but also makes you consistent in whatever work you do.

    You will not only be well informed about your own country, but also about other countries and what's happening in which part of the world. You will know more than just knowing Arya Stark and Civil War. You will understand in 100% details what's the issue in Syria, that keeps flashing in news day in and day out. It help to develop our reading skill.

  • Hi there! I think.....
    Importance of Learning about the News for Young People:

    Informed Citizenship
    Awareness of Global Issues
    Critical Thinking

    And also......
    Why Young People Should Share Their Opinions about the News:

    Diverse Perspectives
    Active Participation

    Importance of Speaking, Listening, Problem-Solving, and Creativity for Understanding the News:

    Effective Communication

    In summary, learning about the news, sharing opinions, and honing skills such as critical thinking, effective communication, problem-solving, and creativity are essential for empowering young people as informed and engaged members of society.
    Thank you.

  • Hi!
    In my opinion, I think.....
    Why Learning about the News is Important for Young People:

    Informed Citizenship: Young people need to grasp current events to be active and informed citizens.
    Global Awareness: Keeping up with the news provides young individuals with a broader perspective.
    Critical Thinking: Following the news encourages critical thinking skills, empowering young minds to analyze information.

    Why Young People Should Share Their Opinions about the News:
    Diverse Perspectives
    Dialogue and Understanding

    Importance of Speaking, Listening, Problem-Solving, and Creativity for Understanding the News:
    Effective Communication: Developing speaking and listening skills is crucial for effective communication.
    Problem-Solving: News often presents intricate challenges that demand problem-solving skills.
    Creativity: Creative thinking is essential for interpreting and responding to news. It enables young people to generate unique insights.

  • Ok.. lets talk about AI which helped and still helping many people around the world, helping teachers teach their students, students study their lessons, authors writing their novels.
    What is artificial intelligence?
    It's a group of machines, tools, equipments which helps many people in different jobs doing their tasks in an easier way, and for me, I totally believe it must become a very crucial thing in the future, and why would we go so far, it is already essential for some people now who are depend on it as a source of surves to get money much easier.

  • It's important for me to know more about the news to stay apprised of what is happening in the world. It expands my knowledge and widens my outlook. Also it's a good way to improve my listening and solving problems skills. Through news I can upgrade my English vocabulary.

  • It's important for young people to learn about news because this makes us Conscious to every thing is happening around us.
    And we should share our opinions to express our selfes ,explore our selfes, practice our language, gain more ideas, and also to active with our community.
    listening, speacking, problem solving, and creativity are important to understand news,
    because we are able to understand the information by different ways from each other, due to our difference from each other, and by trying, listening, speaking, and problem solving you you will help your self understand the information deeply, and in a creative way, and create your own point of view about it.
    I had known alot of information about AI, Eco_Anxiety, Prisons and justice systems, Business and politics, Elections, and The Enhanced Games,
    Also i learnt a knew vocabs, expressions and phrases,
    I learnt how to describe my point of view at many different topics,
    I learnt to be simple in my explanation as it possible,
    I learnt that to use complicated vocabs isn't as important as allowing people in different levels in language understand your opinion, and the simplicity is the power of the advanced people.

  • Knowing the news is very important for Young people because it can teach them many things about the world The ability to communicate with the outside world and the conditions of other cultures to show their events means knowing what is happening in the world

  • I think speaking, listening, problem solving, and creativity are important because
    1) Listening is a skill not everyone has, many people make decisions before listening to the entire thing. Apart from that, one should also listen to everyone's perspective, opinion, advantages, and disadvantages before making a decision related to news.
    2) Speaking is important because we should know how to keep our stand in front of others. Many people don't speak because they think that their point of view might not be relevant to others.
    3) Problem solving is not a skill, it is something that is achieved. If one has this skill then they might know if the decision taken in the news is right or not. Or what circumstances might the people face because of that decision?
    4) Creativity is important in news because sometimes the issue is so twisted that one might need to think out of the box instead of sticking to the rules and policies. So many people might not get why that decision was taken but when some people are creative enough to get it.

  • Greetings Topical Talkers!

    It's important for young people to learn about news because it can connect them to the current world and improve their guiding skills. They would be able to make current affairs by themselves and can sharpen up their minds. SO, IT'S IMPORTANT FOR YOUNG PEOPLE TO LEARN ABOUT NEWS.

    People should share their opinions about news because it can help them with making decisions, talking with an open mind, sharing their thoughts and feelings not hesitating while speaking. SO, PEOPLE SHOULD SHARE THEIR THOUGHTS ABOUT THE NEWS.

    It is important for people to listen, speak, be good in understanding and to be creative because it can help them throughout their lives and can make them successful. SO, LISTENING, SPEAKING, UNDERSTANDING AND CREATIVITY ARE IMPORTANT FOR PEOPLE.

    The knowledge I have gained from the festival is that it's important to not hesitate while speaking, the news about the conditions of different countries around the world and new words with their meanings.
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  • To learn about the news is important for we young people as well as for old people. Bit young people should be updated with all the news to be in the discussion with their group . news is something which tells us what is going in our surrounding , in country,as well as in world. To be updated we need to watch news channel or read newspaper but now these things are boring for young people like us we see the news on internet. We should on the notification to be updated by the news. Listening to news and giving your opinion is good but the point which you keep should have a reson.

  • I like to believe that young people should share their opinion about the news is because one of their opinions can change another's person perspective and now they change the whole words perspective about a situation. Everybody should have a voice when it comes to political and just new in general. Young people need to be educated on the daily news.

  • I feel like its important for young people like me to learn about the news because it could help kids get more involved into their own community and as well it can help them formulated their own opinions on their world around them. I also feel like its important for young people to share their opinions about the news because it shouldn't only be comprehensible to adults or only for adults to see because us as young people are the future and if people would like the best from us I feel like that would have to include us knowing about our worlds issues and such.

  • Hi!!
    Why it is important for young people to learn news ?

    To learn news is important as young people will be updated by current affairs. If you listen to the news you will get to know about global issues, local issues etc. They can help their local area by raising their own opinion on any social media website

    What knowledge do you have gained from this festival?

    I got to know about many things. Women in media is one of the most informative topic for me . I discussed the issues women were facing and still in some of the countries . I got ways to conserve our environment
    Now I can also inform people how to protect our Earth by social gatherings etc.

  • If we learn about news then we know more stuff like we get to know about the weather and what happened over the week and I think it good knowledge to know about what's happening in the world too, for example if there bad storms happening we need to know that so we are safe and dont get hurt.

  • For me, It's super critical for youthful individuals like us to memorize approximately the news since it makes a difference us remain informed about what's happening within the world around us. By being mindful of current occasions, we are able way better get it the issues that influence us and others. It moreover makes a difference us create basic considering aptitudes and frame our possess conclusions.

    Youthful individuals ought to share their suppositions around the news because our points of view matter! Our voices and concepts can contribute to imperative talks and shape the long run. By sharing our considerations, ready to rouse others and empower a differing extend of viewpoints.

    Talking, tuning in, problem-solving, and imagination are vital for understanding the news since they offer assistance us lock in with the data viably. When we talk and tune in, ready to trade thoughts and learn from diverse perspectives. Problem-solving abilities offer assistance us analyze complex issues and discover arrangements. And imagination permits us to think exterior the box and come up with imaginative ways to address challenges.

    So, let's remain educated, share our conclusions, and utilize our abilities to form a positive affect on the world! 🌍💪

  • It is important for young people to learn about the news because young people are the ones that are going to be making the most crucial decisions in the future. My teacher always says, "The children are the future". If kids are informed about what is going on right now, they will be able to start thinking critically and will help them prepare for the future. Young people should share their opinions about the news because, it provides a different opinion/view than how adults would think about things. Kids think differently than adults. A new opinion may lead to new ideas that might help the economy.