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In sport, many sources state that doping is a very unethical way to inhance performance in a dedicated area of expertise. In football, doping is taken very seriously and suitable consequences should be taken if one decided to risk that. Many football players including maradona, edgar davids, pep guardiola, andre onana and paul pogba have all had parts of their careers taken away due to doping and personally i think that people should be more aware of it. In many cases however people have been found guilty when they are innocent so i think that better testing facilities should be invested in. In the case of paul pogba, he stated that the virdict is incorrect, he also mentioned that he is sad shocked and heartbroken that everything he has built in his career has been destroyed, also as a professional athlete he would never cheat fellow atheletes and supporters of any team he has played for or against. As someone from the outside looking in, i think that if found guilty he should face all the legal processes however if found innocent should press charges as he has been prohibted to work without fault of his own.

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  • My personal opinion on football doping is that the game would not really be classified as 'fair' or very 'safe' as such as football can be a very dangerous at times because let's say for e.g if a footballer like Cristiano Ronaldo he is already known for play style and long power shots on the pitch if he took a drug that his shots even more powerful it would be to dangerous for the opponents and especially the teams's goalkeeper and if he were to miss and the ball were to reach the fans it would a safety hazard risk.

  • I think that doping in football would be quite bad because football is a hard tackling sport which means that if you would use drugs it would be hard for other players because you can be fast, strong and overall better and if you are already good like Ronaldo and you use drugs you can be really overpowered and it would be unfair.

  • In my opinion, doping in football will be very dangerous indeed because football is a game that requires you coming in contact with your opponent face to face.
    And because of this if you engage into doping before entering the football field, it will be very unfair, for example someone like mbape who has been known as the best runner in football as of recent get to take drugs before entering the field that means that he will definitely run round the field without getting tired and also as the drugs get to empower him, that means no body is going to stand on his way because you can't withstand his shots and also the the football fans who came to watch are not also safe if by any means he gets to miss his shots and finally the goal keeper life will be in a big danger in an attempt to keep the ball.
    So you see that it wouldn't be a nice idea if by any means performance enhancing drugs is been used by footballers.

  • In my own opinion on doping in football it is not good because a star player that is very good at his defense and he is to play a football game and then he takes enhanced drugs like pills he can injure nothing less five players and it is not good for the other people in his opponent team for example a powerful defend like virgil van dijk takes enhanced drugs to play a football match and if the team he is playing against have more of young players it will not be good for them at all so I will suggest that the should be no use of enhanced drugs in games most especially football soccer game were the have strikers, middle filleders and defenders and don't forget football is a contact game and you can get injured by any one but if you are to add enhanced drugs to football it will not be a good idea also don't forget I has it side affect.

  • Doping in football, well actually, doping in any sport is awful, it could be really dangerous for the player's own health and also his teammates and opponents, doping or druging is never the right way to enhance performance, but Hard work is the right way! Doping has many AWFULL side effects on the persons health and it puts his body and brain in dangerous positions, in football , when a player starts taking steroids to enhance his body .... he is actually putting him self is huge dangerous since he could tear his muscles while playing or even get really sick. That's my opinion on doping/druging !

  • I think the rules should stay the same and to keep doping away as it isn’t just dangerous for the people they are playing with but also the players as it can always go wrong. It also isn’t fair as people who have been training for years are matched to people who are playing the game for money with drugs.

    1. I agree with you as currently all the rules keep it fair and make it so that the people who train harder and have more skill wins. If you bring in drugs this will lead to the fairness of football being who has better drugs instead. Doping is also dangerous and can lead to heart problems. Sport is all about the hard work you put in instead of getting it easy and not having to train much to win and when you bring in drugs that make you better your taking out the element of hard work,skill and working with others.

  • In my own view doping is not fair because Doping is the consumption of performance-enhancing materials and banned substances that are designed to improve sporting performance. In football, that could mean increased stamina or strength.Doping undermines the fundamental values of sport, such as health, fairness, commitment, integrity, and equal opportunities. Doping is deceptive and harmful to athletes, in addition to misleading spectators, organizers and sponsors in their belief that they are watching a fair sporting competition

  • In my opinion doping is not fair because what if someone wants to join a football team and the other team is doping it will not be fair because your team is not doping and you will get hit.

  • I think doping is a bad behavior because players uses it to improve their performance by increasing the strength and stamina
    and it makes the player run faster and by scoring good look goal so the referees doubt in players that they took steroids after the match they took the player and make to him a blood test
    And their many players took steroids like Paul Pogba , pep guardiola and mardona
    and after that they punish these players

  • I think doping in football is caused by coach pressure, peer influence, and the financial rewards linked to winning. This behavior may result in higher injury risks, adverse drug reactions, leading to decreased physical performance, drowsiness, and even fainting in players.

  • Doping isn't fair. This is because a player's abilities would be enhanced by drugs which you may not even know the effects of. This could cause a dangerous game of football. Many people could get injured and the game would be very one-sided.

  • I think that doping in football is unfair and quite bad as performance of the player can be enhanced therefore being unfair for the opposing team. But in some cases such as Paul Pogba, if the player is found innocent, the legal actions that have been put onto them should be revoked and the player should have the right to press charges as the person did not do anything wrong and has not been able to do work.

  • I agree with you especially citing the case of Paul Pogba who has been found guilty of drug use. I'm sure thorough investigation was carried out therfore he should face the full weight of the law. This will serve as a lesson for those intending to keep in indulging in drug use.
    Athletes are role models to Most of us young people. When their excesses are not checked, the next generation will be ruined because we learn more by observation.
    Thank you.

  • In my opinion, doping in football is bad for the player as a player who was amazing at football had a doping test and it was positive so he got banned from football for a relatively long time. So if your a footballer I wouldn't recommend using drugs as it could get you in a massive amount of trouble by FIFA (Federation of Football Association).


  • I believe that doping in football can get dangerous over the years,as doping is gaining popularity around the sporting industries. However,the UEFA (the Union of European Football Associations) have made regulations regarding these rules. For example,Paul Pogba got banned for 4 years as he was charged with doping regulations.I personally believe that UEFA had made the right choice as they didn't want an unfair game.

  • What surprised me the most was how so many people like using drugs and they don’t like the way they look or they sense weakness in them that they want to be stronger or look better and other people think that they naturally have the power of doing anything if they put there mind to it.

  • I agree with you that a more sophisticated technology should be developed so that people who are innocent will be absolved of any crime. This is where AI technology can come to the rescue.
    Sometimes some of the athletes found guilty always say the banned substance found in their body was prescribed by the doctors for other uses like cold, catarrh etc. The question is to develop a technology that will be able to tell when the substance was deliberately taken.
    I also think the doping agency should be clear with athletes to the quantity allowable in the bodies so they can also be doing periodic check to avoid this career wrecking experience.

  • Doping is really bad for our health. It's like cheating in sports but with our bodies. Those people uses doping drugs in any activities, it can hurt their internal organs like the heart and kidneys, mess up how we grow, and cause big problems later in life or it could even take the users life. So, it's important to play fair and stay healthy instead of using doping.

    It's like trying to cheat nature, and that's never a good idea. When footballers or athletes use doping drugs, it can make their hearts and muscles weak, mess with their hormone regulation, causes serious internal damages and even cause problems with their mental health. Doping contributes in following mental health issues;
    1) Aggression and anger
    2) Anxiety and paranoia
    3) Impaired Judgement

    Plus, doping can lead to long-term health issues that nobody wants to deal with. So, it's better to play fair, stay healthy, and enjoy sports the right way.

    Doping in football really messes with what makes the game special. It's not just about winning; it's about fair play, teamwork, and pushing yourself to do your best. When players dope, they're not only cheating themselves but also putting their health at risk. Plus, it gives football a bad name and makes fans question if what they're watching is genuine or fake. That's why everyone involved in football, from the organizations to the players, coaches, and fans, needs to stand up against doping and keep the game clean and honest.

  • The way I look at doping in football as fair but that means that it is not longer called football it would be called FIFA because you win by more doping there would no be hard work.