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  • I think there should be a discussion about "what should be done". Because, we often see a lot of solutions on how to stop global warming and most of us are fully aware that this is a big issue, yet we still keep using AC, use fossil fuels and other harmful stuff, so I want to know, what my friends from all over the world think can be done so that we can still keep living in luxury while not harming our environment.

    1. I agree because... examples of a good way to reduce the rate of air pollution especially in underdeveloped countries include:
      1. More use of incinerators instead of open burning of refuse.
      2. Use of waste (solid or liquid) for compost manure.

      1. I agree to you both as we know that alone we can do so little bit together we can do so much:) Addressing global warming requires a collective effort. Key actions include transitioning to renewable energy, promoting energy efficiency, reforestation, sustainable agriculture, and advocating for policies that reduce carbon emissions. Individual choices like reducing energy consumption and supporting eco-friendly practices also contribute to the solution.

        1. Fantastic point Bold Artist, I would like to ask you a question I think will make a good topic ,do you think the " zero waste implementation" is achievable .
          In my own perspective I think the zero waste implementation depends on the choice of the government and the people. But if peradventure this law is implemented I think it will put an end to waste production.
          This is about making conscious choice to reduce waste in every aspect of our daily be able to achieve this ,we individual are to play a good role by reducing the way we waste product instead we should refuse,reuse ,recycle and reduce products.
          For example bottle water; when we purchase plastic bottle water ,we will find water inside and after consumption we just throw it away,instead of using that same bottle to take water from our home to save us from unnecessary spending.
          Zero waste implementation will help us financially because,their would be a decrease at the rate we spend daily.

          In my own opinion I think"zero waste"is better than Recycling.
          RECYCLING;it deals with the waste people produce. while ZERO WASTE;put an end to waste production.

          1. I totally agree with you admirable butterfly......and I think that the question which you asked me about "zero plastic implementation" so it's basically Implementing a zero-plastic lifestyle involves reducing single-use plastics, using reusable items, and supporting sustainable alternatives. Even in our school there are so many activities which works really hard to achieve sustainable development goals!!

          2. Without a doubt, Bold Artist, your perspective on achieving "zero waste" is spot on! It is a complex process that relies both on government initiatives and individual choices. Your focus on conscious decision-making in our daily activities is crucial to making progress. By reducing the use of single-use items and following the principles of "refuse, reuse, recycle, and reduce," we can truly make a difference. Your example of reusing plastic water bottles perfectly illustrates how small changes in our habits can lead to significant reductions in waste. And your point about the financial benefits is right on the money - less waste means less unnecessary spending. I appreciate your thoughtful distinction between recycling and zero waste, as the latter is about actively minimizing waste instead of just managing it. your insight on achieving "zero waste" is truly remarkable! Your point about the importance of both governmental initiatives and personal choices is spot on. Your emphasis on making conscious decisions in our daily activities, such as reducing the use of single-use items and adapting the principles of "refuse, reuse, recycle, and reduce," is vital to making progress towards a zero waste society. Your example of reusing plastic water bottles perfectly highlights how small changes in our habits can have a huge impact on waste reduction. Additionally, your mention of the financial benefits is spot on – reducing waste means reducing unnecessary spending. Your differentiation between recycling and zero waste is truly eye-opening. While recycling deals with managing the waste we produce, achieving zero waste requires actively minimizing waste production altogether.

        2. I strongly agree with you Bold Artist. One of the most basic lessons of life is that United we stand and divided we fall. If 8 billion people hold hands and take step towards the write direction, what isn't possible.
          If we talk about the World, when two countries have a war, it leads to bloodshed, loss of economy and life resources for both the countries. Whereas if the countries work together, share their resources instead of fighting for them the World and humanity as a whole would prosper.
          Connecting it to environment,I have personally seen how public policy and mentality together can prompt achievement towards the global goals, coming from the cleanest city of India.
          When all of Indore was inspired to join hands to achieve a target that seemed pretty tough to achieve, we joined hands to do what we could have at our own level. Instead of relying on cleaners and the municipality completely we put forward a helping hand, after all it is our own city. Today we have been the cleanest city of India for the 7th time in row, only because everyone joined hands to take a step forward for the environment.
          I would like to pose a question to you, 'Is it actually practical to do it on an even larger scale, say the country or even the World, if yes why, if not then why?'

    2. I agree and here are some ways in which we can reduce pollution;
      1. We should recycle plastic products. 2. Conserve water. 3. Plant a tree.

      1. I like the practical steps to take!

      2. I agree with you on this, because...
        1. Less driving can reduce the amount of carbon monoxides coming out of the car exhaust which causes air pollution
        2.planting trees in your own space alone can do lots of good, talk more of planting in numbers.
        Also, planting trees;
        1. Purify our air and help fight climate change
        2. Safe guards us against flooding
        3. Cools our environment.

        1. Hi,
          I agree with you valuable_reflection on your other points except the point where you said "Less driving can reduce the amount of carbon monoxides coming out of the car exhaust which causes air pollution". I believe that instead of encouraging less driving to reduce the amount of pollution with carbon monoxide in the atmosphere, we should rather encourage the use of renewable energy to power our cars such as hydropower , solar power and wind turbines.

      3. I agree because you suggest on how to reduce climate change.
        And here are some ways to reduce climate .
        1. By planting trees in order for us to breathe in oxygen.
        2. People cutting down trees should be arrested.
        3.people should stop using the car that brings out smoke instead they should be using electric/rechargeable cars.
        Am looking forward to corrections.
        Thank you.

        1. I get where you are coming from along with all the reasonable suggestions made above
          How about encouraging discussions about the eco anxiety ,ways to reduce climate change,and lots of environmental friendly discussions, precautions as well as actions to be done to be a subject of discussions in schools since after the family, school is the second place of socialization whereby students get to know more about the importance of it and why we seriously need it as it is going to make a very good impact in the environment

        2. I disagree because if people who are cutting trees are arrested then there will be a great demand for wooden furnitures , Tree removal is a topic of debate for many people. Whether you’re talking about a single sapling in your yard or acres of forest, many people view cutting down trees as harmful to the environment. While unnecessary tree removal is injurious, carefully considered tree removal can provide benefits for you, the landscape and native animal species. Clearing large swathes of trees with no intention of replanting is harmful to the environment. However, conscious logging and modern tree removal, combined with strategic replanting efforts, not only offer an efficient collection of essential natural resources but also improve the forest habitat .

          1. I agree with brave_ plantain because trees are very relevant in our modern day society. If trees are being chopped down the rate of global warming will be increased because trees also contribute to the prevention of global warming and damage of the atmosphere. Also, deforestation that is cutting down of trees can lead to soil erosion, desertification and destruction of natural habitats if not controlled.

        3. Hi,
          I do agree with you on the steps you just stated, but I feel that apprehending those who cut down trees is a little bit over the top, this is because after looking into it I realized that some of these people are left with no other option but to cuts those trees, I know that this reasons doesn't really justify their actions but just think about it what if the government is looking for a land to carry out a project that is meant to be for to betterment of the people especially those in the rural areas, if you notice most places were a lot of trees are found are where the rural areas are stated, so maybe they needed to find a site that will be easy for these people to access and the trees could be taking over possible suitable sites and to access the land they need to cut down the trees, I am not really trying to justify there actions because there could be other better options but sometimes they are left with no other option. In the case of using electric/rechargeable cars these cars are not easy to acquire due to the price, for example in my country, these cars are not produced in my country most of them if not all are imported and when they are sold in my country they tend to be expensive in price due to the cost of the car and the cost of transportation and many other expenses and for the fact that many countries currencies have more values than ours when the amount of money used is converted to Naira the price tends to be outrageous. So you see it isn't as simple as you think, many people do not have the funds to maintain a climate friendly lifestyle so unless the world is ready to make a means whereby everyone can maintain a earth friendly lifestyle this little things that contributes to climate change will continue. I hope you will see it from my point of view to.
          Thank you!

          1. Hello giving_snail
            I fully agree with you, and I do not think we can completely apprehend people from cutting trees, this is because people make their livelihood by cutting down trees, for instance lumber jacks [ people who cut down trees]. Trees are also sources of food and raw materials for example, wood, rubber, apples, paper among others.
            One thing about what you said that really caught my attention is that many people do not have the funds to maintain a climate friendly lifestyle and I fully agree with you. With our present human discoveries and technological advancements, I feel this is not something we are really meant to be talking about, I think that rather than focusing on using technology for some of the bad things we use it for we can use it rather to save our planet and finding efficient, long lasting and suitable solutions to saving our planet. Also, as you said the cost off some of these ecofriendly gadgets and technologies are outrageously high, this is where I think the government and conservation organizations come in to try and help publicize and cut the cost of these technologies thereby making this world a friendly and conducive environment. We all have to chip in to save our planet because one person or a group of people cannot do it alone. WE HAVE NO PLANET B. I hope you see this from my point of view.
            Thank You!!!

          2. I understand your perspective, and you raise valid points about the complexities surrounding environmental issues. It's true that sometimes individuals may feel compelled to cut down trees out of necessity, especially in situations where there are limited alternative options for livelihood or development. Similarly, the affordability and accessibility of environmentally friendly technologies like electric cars can pose challenges for many people, particularly in regions where such options are scarce or prohibitively expensive.

            Addressing these issues requires a nuanced approach that takes into account socioeconomic factors, access to resources, and broader systemic inequalities. While there are no easy solutions, it's important for policymakers and stakeholders to consider the diverse needs and circumstances of communities when implementing environmental initiatives. Collaboration and innovation are essential for finding sustainable solutions that promote both environmental protection and social equity.

            Thank you for sharing your perspective and highlighting the complexities involved in addressing climate change and environmental sustainability.

      4. I agree because you suggested on how to reduce climate change and here are some suggestions:

        1. transitioning to renewable energy
        2. Reforestation
        3. By planting trees
        4. By arresting air pollution

      5. I also agree to your points on how we can reduce pollution. My contribution to your point is also that people should embrace an echo friendly policies where by ,they might just start by setting up a group to cycle to school .
        They could also organise a litter collection by getting their friends
        to participate, it won't take long, and they'll enjoy doing it.

      6. Well that was a marvellous comment straightforward King but I will like you to throw more light on what you mean by recycling plastic products

      7. Well gathered information straightforward_king.
        Here are some other ways we can reduce pollution:
        - Recycling and waste management: Proper waste disposal, including recycling and composting, reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills, which can release harmful pollutants.
        - Encourage tree planting: Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, helping to reduce air pollution. Planting trees in urban areas can also provide shade and reduce the need for energy-intensive cooling.
        - Improve air quality standards: Governments can enforce stricter regulations on industries and vehicles to reduce air pollution.
        - Raise awareness and educate: Educating people about the impact of pollution and providing alternatives can encourage individuals to make environmentally-friendly choices and adopt sustainable practices.
        - Support environmental policies and initiatives.
        - Practice responsible consumption: Reduce unnecessary consumption of products, especially single-use items, and choose eco-friendly alternatives.
        By implementing these measures, individuals, communities, businesses, and governments can collectively work towards reducing pollution and creating a cleaner and healthier environment.

      8. I agree with you straightforward king about recycling plastic and plant trees and conserve water.
        In addition, we can do awareness campaign for people by our school support, so we can go to public places and start talking with people about there opinions, what they can do?, what they want to provide them?From my experience with my school when we had a marathon we was supporting cop 27 andWe were able to pass our idea through the marathon.

    3. I very much agree. We should never forget the little things we can do as well. Not a lot of things are in our power as teenagers, so I don't expect switching to renewable energy to be a thing we can do ourselves, but things like proper disposal of waste, switching off your lights, closing your taps, and even planting trees.
      Today I see myself and my classmates becoming global warming activists as we have engaged in planting trees projects, community service, talk shows, practical's, and presentations on climate change. Climate change is even often brought up in subjects like chemistry. Although we may not be able to do some things, we were able to accomplish this much with the power of knowledge and teamwork and that should be considered as well.
      Thanks for your comment, and I hope mine was impactful to you as well.

      1. Great to hear about some positive action being taken!

        1. I think Reducing climate change requires a combination of individual actions, community efforts, and global initiatives. Here are some practical suggestions for mitigate climate change :

          Energy Conservation:
          Use energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs.
          Turn off lights, electronics, and appliances when not in use.
          Consider renewable energy sources like solar panels for your home.

          Use public transportation, carpool, or bike instead of driving alone.
          Choose fuel-efficient or electric vehicles if possible.
          Plan and combine trips to reduce unnecessary travel.
          Waste Reduction:

          Recycle and compost to reduce landfill waste.
          Avoid single-use plastics and opt for reusable alternatives.
          Choose products with minimal packaging.

          Water Conservation:
          Fix leaks and use water-efficient appliances.
          Reduce water usage by taking shorter showers and turning off taps when not in use.

          Sustainable Diet:
          Consume a plant-based diet or reduce meat consumption. Support local and sustainable food producers.
          Minimize food waste by planning meals and composting .I think it might be effect on climate change .

    4. I agree with you and I am here with suggestions on what to be done for climate change and some of which are
      Ending our reliance on fussil fuel
      We also need more renewable energy
      Also we need better forestry management and sustainable agriculture to balance the economic and cultural needs of human with protecting the environment. Those are some of the many ways to help climate change.

      1. I totally agree with you on this, there are so many ways to curb climate change. Firstly, I've realized that the way the picture of climate change is painted makes it seem that it is very difficult to stop it and it is actually easy. For example when people hear about eating more vegetables they feel they have completely turn into vegetarians, but, actually it entails making sure most of your meals contain vegetables and you can also enjoy other foods but a limited amount. Also when people hear about cleaning the environment they feel they have to become street cleaners and it is not so. Instead it can be something like creating a community challenge where people in your community have to pick up waste and at the end everyone gets a reward. In addition, when people hear about spending more time walking they feel they have to abandon their cars which is not true. It should be rephrased into something like creating a timetable whereby there are specific days for walking, riding or driving. My family is an example, my dad has a timetable for days whereby he walks, then rides a bike and some specific days he drives. This will greatly improve the amount of people working towards making the climate better and gradually those unwanted things would be cut off naturally.

        1. I agree totally with you, the climate has always had it effects on vegetations.
          The use of turbines , solar energy, fossil fuel can help in the control measures of the climate change.

      2. Hello!
        I strongly agree with you on your points when you say we need to use more renewable energy and stop our reliance on fossil fuels. Presently with all our technological advancements and us being in the digital era I think we still should not be doing things the way we do. Take for instance the way we burn fossil fuels for our basic activities like cooking, this is a method that I think should be outdated because it has been done for so long and now it is coming back to haunt us in the form of climate change telling us that our mode and style of living has got to change. This is where I think the essence of our generation comes in. We need to use our technological advancements to drastically change our lifestyle and we need to do it fast. Burning of fossil fuels and dumping of garbage and refuse is not something that we can keep on doing because it is visibly affecting our lifestyle. The carbon dioxide released from the continuous and large scale burning of fossil fuels have to be completely stopped and other renewable sources of energy have to be turned to like the use of hydroelectricity solar energy among the likes of others have to be turned to and we must develop a faster and more efficient way of disposing our waste. These are things we need to do to change our style of living and I understand that we cannot do all this in one day rather we have to take practical and intentional step by step processes to accomplish this goal that will benefit us all STOP CLIMATE CHANGE.
        Thank You!!!

    5. I agree in your topic. Global warming is increasing day by day due to which major problems are being introduced. Especially snow of mountains are melting causing in the increase of sea level. Many islands as well as countries are drowning. Few years back Maldives had conducted a programme underwater leaving a message that if this phenomenon continues, then the islands like Maldives will vanish from the map of world. Some effective ways to solve the problems of global warming are :
      1 . Promote the use of solar energy and wind energy than fossil fuel.
      2 . manage the wastes from industries and old vehicles.

    6. Indeed, I have seen many of my community members try to solve the problem for a long time, due to the effects of eco anxiety on their mental health, they try to make a change but ultimately failed. For instance, that time when my mom told me to turn off the AC when the temperature was too high outside, but after an hour or 2 she gave up. My father also tried to go to his work by walking to conserve petrol, but after a day he too gave up. It's not that others are not trying to change their ways, it that they think that they face this problem alone and no one can understand them. They gave up because they felt that a small difference wouldn't save the planet. Truly people should be told what to do instead of just delivering bad news.

      1. Exactly, This is exactly what I am trying to say. People only show it on the outside but they are not able to do it from the inside. People are used to this luxury. But, I also have to say there is hope coming in the future. It's hard for people to walk because they are so used to driving. So we have got hybrid cars. For electricity, we are using hydroelectric power, however, these things might be too expensive for some developing countries, so we have to find alternative ways. The topic, "what should be done" was suggested so I can hear the opinion of my friends from different. We need solutions that are affordable. So I, by suggesting this topic, was hoping to hear some innovative thoughts of my friends that could be easy solution people.

        1. At least from this viewpoint can we know that some people are willing, some may stick to their word and try to make an effort, but only a few people are like like that, as letting go of the lifestyles we are used to requires courage and appreciation for the blessings of nature. And, since most of us don't want to let go, the hard work of the people who are actually trying, seem to not matter at all. Hence, they become demoralized and give up. As the saying goes, divided we are weak, but the situation is even worse as the people who gave up, in order not to feel bad for their actions of harming nature try to convince the people who genuinely care for nature saying stuff like that it won't work. They try to make you feel like it won't be worth the hassle, and you are the only one trying to make a difference. But, that perspective of thinking is flawed, and we should try to understand that small differences matter, and that's the main problem here.

    7. I strongly agree with you because even on the news nobody is ever talking on how to fix situations, and I feel here on the hub we should take that step forward to see what can and should be done about it.

    8. I think you are right,most of us talk about ways to prevent climate change but we do not practice it.In my opinion,we shouldn't just talk about it,instead we should talk about preventive measures and we should also act on it.We should always remember that we only have one earth and I believe that if we work together we can save the earth.

    9. As U asked all of us around the world..I too would like to present my views.
      As U said that there should be a discussion on what should be done, I think we aren't lacking the ways to overcome the problems but the thing that we are lacking is really the way how to apply the solution on those problems. We know that we are living in luxury for decades so, obviously it's hard to quit it as soon as we know the term eco anxiety, environmental pollution, climate change, deforestation and many more. It will surely take time. The proper use of energy in our life and reusement of the products can be proved helpful in overcoming these problems. We can reduce the use of plastic and bring paper products in use in order to help our environment to decay those substances and cause no harm to nature.
      Thank you!

    10. I totally agree climate change is a serious topic and whenever people say they are going to make a change they keep on emitting harmful gases like greenhouse gases. Instead they should actually make a contribution and help at least slow down climate change. Just that little thing like picking up rubbish near the sea makes a difference.

    11. I disagree because 2.4 million years ago there was an ice age and now the ice has to melt so that in a few more millions of years then it will all freeze again

    12. Yes I agree with your thought. We should save our planet earth. Here are some ideas for how to save the earth:-1) we should used recycle item which reduces pollution and follow system ♻️ Reuse Reduce and Recycle. 2)We should preserve water as well as other resources around us. 3)We should conduct awareness campaigns.

      That’s from my understanding

    13. I agree with you on this but we must look at the bigger issues of why it is hard not to. Almost every thing in modern day society is powered by fossil fuels or made unable to be recycled, this makes it hard for us as the younger genoration to combat climate change as everything we do goes against how we can do. I suggest we should try reusing stuff in better ways by our own hand. For example, plastic pollution occurs when plastic items accumulate in our environment, negatively impacting wildlife, nature and even humans. Plastics bottles are one of the most common packaging materials used due to their durability and inexpensiveness. Yet, its chemical structure makes it slow to degrade. So why dont we use it to make a watering can or a cool plant pot, pratical for use and also can be astetically pleasing to see. We can also use food waste as compost to stop the waste increase. These simple things a longer way instead of changing our whole lifestyle

    14. I strongly agree with you that we should know a cost-efficient and eco- friendly path for the usage of energy like one could promote the usage of renewable energy , on a large scale we can have solar plants, wind mills hydro-electric plants on our stage as students we can also contribute to this noble cause as every drop makes the ocean, we could save water, save paper and save food. Save electricity and motivate others to do the same as our little steps can help the planet at a great scale .

    15. In my opinion,we should inform The government to stop big and rich companies to use plastic and to find a more eco-friendly and alternative material instead of plastic as plastic damages the earth and pollutes the seas causing marine animals to die by eating micro plastics. Also stop rich people and politicians to use private jets for travels and for fun, stop wars as the machines, tanks are using lots of diesel fuel and causing huge emissions of CO2. We need to stop deforestation and destruction of the nature.plant more trees, stop using chemicals

  • In our society, many lives have been lost and properties have been destroyed due to pollution. There are various ways that we can prevent loss of lives and property in our society. For example, refuse should not be burnt, but put in incinerators. As long as we maintain a good hygiene, the growth and development of the society is assured.

    1. You are correct, but I don't totally agree on the use of incinerators to manage refuse waste disposal. Some waste can be reused to unable us reduce carbon footprint. Reused materials like plastic bottles, cans and used oil can be reintroduce to produce new products. It makes more sense than just burning everything.

    2. I have to disagree, property is not in the risk of loss, forests are, BECAUSE OF PROPERTY. We are destroying forests and trees so we can get more land to build socialization on. Also maintaining good hygene has nothing to do with the loss of property Or pollution. Pollution is their because of luxury. We want to live a luxurious life and thats why we are causing pollution and destroying forests for our properties. Better solutions would be to use hybrid cars and hydroelectric power for far more development of our society

      1. Hello Beloved Octopus
        I understand your point of view. Yes forests are being destroyed due to urbanization which may be because of 'luxury' as you have said but what I have to say is that based on Wikipediae 30% of forests has been lost and 82% of it is by human activities. Because we have lost some of our trees and forests does not mean we should give up instead we should protect our selves, our properties and our natural endowments by having good hygiene in the form of cleaning our gutters regularly to avoid flooding which may endanger plants.
        In conclusion we should maintain good hygiene in our society to avoid any casualty in the form of loss of lives and properties.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion post about the impact of eco anxiety on the mental health of an individual and the coping strategies individuals can adopt to navigate the emotional challenges associated with environmental concerns because every individual is facing an impact of this climate crisis in some or other way in their lives! And by discussing this topic we can understand that how climate crises is affecting our lives and our health, as individuals will be provided with a platform where they can express their mental health associated with environmental concerns and it is rightly said that, "The weight of environmental concerns can become heavy, but within that burden lies the potential for collective action and positive change."
    Moving on to the another challenge here, I want all of us to pay more attention to the topic 'Climate crisis;Regular reminder' as throwing more light on this topic we all will be to come up with more solutions for this urgent threat! By remembering the words of Albert Einstein, "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them doing evil"! Really, how true this is! To end this climate threat we all have to come up together as we cannot neglect this threat anymore! ....
    Moving ahead I'd like to that I have read many articles and news and once while reading the article of New York Times I read an article regarding Eco anxiety.
    It was an article which was consisting that how the lives of Generation Z is affected due to environmental concerns and climate crisis. It also consisted that how we feel regarding global warmings and climate crisis could actually be an eco anxiety!
    And how true this statement is, "Every tree cut down is a chapter of our planet's story erased, leaving behind pages of eco-anxiety in our hearts."
    Thank you!

  • I think there should be a hub discussion about biodiversity loss and it serious implications , because biodiversity is a very important topic that is crucial for the health and functioning of ecosystems , which helps balance and maintain the stability of nature Biodiversity is super important for ecosystems because it helps maintain the balance and stability of nature. Each species plays a unique role in the ecosystem, kind of like puzzle pieces fitting together. When there's a variety of species, it ensures that different functions, like pollination, nutrient cycling, and pest control, are happening. This keeps the ecosystem healthy and resilient, able to withstand changes and disturbances. Plus, biodiversity provides us with essential services like clean air and water, when we lose this biodiversity there will be disruption of ecosystem functioning, reduced crop yields and food shortages, loss of potential sources of future medicines making it harder to treat diseases. So, it's crucial that we protect and preserve biodiversity for the well-being of our planet and ourselves! 🌿🐾🌎.

    1. I totally agree with you. I have always believed that every life matters whether human life, animal life or even plant life. There are so many different kinds of life you'll find one earth. It is also really shocking how you can find more than one specie of life in a single area. The variety of animals, plants and even microorganisms that make up our natural world are amazing. Biodiversity is essential for the processes that support all life on Earth, including humans. Without a wide range of animals, plants and microorganisms, we cannot have the healthy ecosystems that we rely on to provide us with the fresh air we breathe, the clean water we drink, the food we eat and the raw materials we use. All life forms work together in ecosystems, like a web with different strands of thread connected together all in order to maintain balance and support life. We as humans are also part of this thread. But instead of saving the biodiversity we are destroying it. It is a really big issue we need to talk about. So I think that it is really important that biodiversity becomes a topic for a discussion.

    2. I agree because without biodiversity there will be no balance in the species that exist which will eventually cause alot of species to become extinct and some of them may be crucial to humanity

  • I believe that having a 'how to make a change' topic would be extremely vital because I would love to explore and share different ways to save our Earth with multiple people as I would love to get to know what there ideas are.I think it would be fun to communicate with people from other schools and share ideas about ways to save the planet.

  • I appreciate that this topic was included in this year's topical talk festival because whether it's said or not this topic is highly importance and crucial for the survival of humanity.
    The recent anomalies in the ecosystem calls for our concern as inhabitants of this planet, I'm offering that the topic ECOSYSTEM STABILIZATION should added to this year's topical talk festival in order to see opinions and ideas that may eventually save our ecosystem from destruction.

  • I believe there should be a discussion hub on what we are doing wrong such as burning fossil fuels which has a tremendous impact on our planet. I personally think this hub would be an amazing contribution to anyone who goes to it because it can raise awareness of a plethora of things we do that harms the planet without us even knowing.
    Think about this carefully, how many times have you hurt the planet without realising because its something you do often. An example of hurting the planet without knowing is luxury. Think about times you use things that aren't necessary and are rather hurting the planet such as leaving the TV on while you aren't watching it. Statics show that in the year 2022 Earth had used about 4.39 billion metric tons of oil. We can decrease this amount tremendously just by turning off electrical appliances in our homes while they are not in use.

    1. There are many thing that we, humans, are doing wrong which is destroying the planet day by day. Some of them being:-
      1. Using plastic everywhere eventhough we could use materials like paper and clothes to do the same work.
      2. Not encouraging the use of alternative sources of energy that are eco friendly.
      3. Developing the surrounding without thinking about the environment around.
      4. Polluting the sources of water.
      5. Using too much chemical products in every sector of work.

      And to solve these problems there are many solutions as well like:-
      1. Use alternate sources of energy like solar and tidal energy.
      2. Use material like clothes and paper instead of plastic everywhere.
      3.Use the 3 Rs to keep your environment healthy.
      4.Spread the infromation to educate those who are unaware.
      5. Shop for things wisely.
      6. Use less chemical products.
      7. Encourage the invention of eco friendly product and ideas.

      But we can't just know about these things mentally or theoretically, we should also apply these practically in our daily life activities. If all of us work together and do even small bides of work for saving the environment, the small works will pile up and bring a huge change in saving the environment. Making the planet happy and healthy again.

      Thank you reading my thoughts to the very end!

      1. I completely agree with you. Many people around me say that one person cannot make a difference and continue to use harmful materials. However, nothing will change if everyone has the same mindset. As you mentioned, we need to raise awareness in our communities and work together to protect our planet for future generations.

  • I would love to have a discussion on the question
    "Which is more effective, Individual vs Somatic changes"
    Ever find yourself wondering if your efforts to recycle, reduce waste, and go green actually make a dent in the colossal issue that is climate change? It's a question that hits close to home. Are our individual actions, like using reusable bags or cutting down on meat consumption, just drops in the ocean of a much larger systemic problem?
    Asking whether the focus should be on personal eco-friendly practices or if we need a broader, top-down overhaul in policies and industries taps into the heartbeat of our daily lives. We all want to do our part, but is it enough? Can we truly make a difference on our own, or is the real power in pushing for systemic changes that reshape how societies operate?

    1. I agree because a lot of people believe that the actions they take do not make a big change in our ecosystem and this eventually discourages them. I believe that change does not just happen in an instant, it is the collective effort of many people who are being conscious of their actions on the Earth. This is a vital topic that needs to be discussed.

  • I think there should be a discussion on mental health issues. Mental health issues or something that we all suffer from and I feel like even in the 21st centuries in this present context a lot of people all over the world are not even aware of this. Which is really sad because it is very sensitive and very crucial for us to discuss. Discussing mental health is important for several reasons. First, mental health is an integral aspect of overall well-being, affecting how individuals think, feel and behave. Open conversations about mental health help reduce the stigma surrounding mental illnesses, creating an environment where people feel comfortable seeking help. Furthermore, discussing mental health promotes awareness and understanding, leading to early detection and intervention for experiencing challenges. It helps break down misconceptions and educates individuals . Furthermore, research also shows that the state of our mental health does affect our environment and the people around us, so it is important that we discuss mental health in order to be able to create a sustainable environment and society for everyone.

    1. Hi fantastic_song,

      You are right mental health is really important and definitely something which is worth discussing. What are some ways you think people can improve their mental health? What are some things you can do to check in on your friends?

      1. Hey Yarima, . Yes metal health is a topic that is worth discussing . In my opinion, the first step to improving mental health requires thoughtful consideration of our environment. Our surroundings play a key role in our personal growth. But we often are unable to provide people with the environment that they require for that growth and development. But you know what? And the reason why we are unable to provide people that attention and the environment they require is because mental health is often stigmatized and people feel embarrassed or blame themselves for their thoughts and emotions. This shame is reinforced by other people's reactions to their claims or feelings. Therefore, in my opinion, creating an environment that provides understanding and spiritual support is key to building a society free of mental health challenges, or at least a society that promotes stability for everyone. sometime Reaching out to people is crucial. Simple gestures, such as asking, "Are you okay?" or letting them know "I am here for you," can make a significant difference. Providing this kind of mental support is essential not only in addressing the immediate concerns but also in creating an atmosphere where individuals feel comfortable expressing themselves and seeking help when needed.

      2. Mental health is an important aspect of our well-being that affects how we think, feel and act. There are many ways to improve our mental health, such as practicing gratitude, mindfulness, self-care, and positive affirmations. These habits can help us cope with stress, anxiety, depression and other challenges that we may face in life.
        Checking in on our friends is a good way to improve mental health you can also offer them support and compassion. Sometimes, we may not know what our friends are going through, so it is important to ask them how they are feeling and listen to them without judgment. We can also encourage them to seek professional help if they need it or join them in activities that make them happy and relaxed. By checking in on our friends, we can strengthen our relationships, reduce loneliness and isolation, and create a sense of belonging and community.

  • Since all you topical talkers are here, why not explore Nigeria using its climate.

    In my country, Nigeria, especially in the northern part where I reside, the climate has two prominent seasons: the rainy season, known as "Damina", and the dry season, referred to as 'Rani'. The transition period between these seasons is called 'Kaka.' In conclusion, Nigeria experiences only two prominent seasons – the rainy season and the dry season

    1. Interesting! What questions could you suggest to get people discussing this topic?

      1. Talking about the dry season and the rainy season, a big question I will suggest to get people talking about this topic is how global warming affects water availability in terms of quality and quantity during the dry season and its implications for communities who lack this basic essential commodity, communities like mine. You see in my community, families struggle a lot trying to water to meet the basic things that water is needed for like cooking, washing clothes and cleaning the house. You see our mothers rising as early as 4 am in search of water that will be used for the day. This is a big challenge not to talk about the health hazards associated with a lack of potable water.

    2. Hello dedicated strategy. I had hearted
      the word of climate in your country. That's really very interesting. But in our country it's totally different. There are 6 different seasons in my country. All this seasons come with different time and looks.
      The name of the 6 seasons are : summer, rainy, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring. And this is our pride that we have 6 different season. And we enjoy different festival at different season.
      So everyone has a uniqueness with them.It can be a country, person or so on.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the potential of inhabiting other planets aside from Earth if things go down hill, because so many believe that we only have one planet like ‘Gregarious_bee’ in the ‘climate change:regular reminders’ discussion, this is a bold and frightening statement to make and it adds to my climate anxiety personally, however, what if there were actually other planets to go to? I’ve watched documentaries and read headlines about the possibility of an inhabitable planet light years away, and this is partly good news, it means that humanity has a second option! Although technology today might not be able to reach that planet let alone take billions of humans with it, it gives a glimmer of hope for the future, which I think is a great discussion! A contrast to Eco-anxiety.
    Participants can discuss about what they might do on the planet, how their lives might be drastically different from life here, how technology over there might be unalike, how humans might put mechanisms in place to prevent the same thing from happening again, the potential of new life! And so much more, the possibilities are endless!

    1. I agree because we may never know if we could actually live on other planets and if we could it could solve many problem we face today such as overpopulation and world hunger because if we move to another planet there would be more food to share

      1. I disagree comment because ,there is one home for humans and that is Earth. Humans are known as the caretakers of this planet, and it our duty to assure the safety and protection planet. Y

      2. I disagree with your comment because , there is no home for humans rather for than Earth. Humans are natural inhibitor's of planet earth and it's fair that we take care and dwell on it. On the other hand over population becomes a pending issue regarding the survival of humanity . I do think that migrating to another planet, even though scientist are are assiduously working on that , may curb the over population situation. It is a zone that would be outside their comfort and if you think migrating to another planet will provide more food for the remaining population then we may not solve the situation but rather we have to work together as people to find practical solution such as engaging in large and small scale farming around the world to increase the food production.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion on ' what we can do to prevent or stop exo- anxiety and ways to spread awareness on climate change '.
    Because, if we can find ways to stop climate change we will surely help our plant and spreading awareness on climate change is a big to stop in saving our plant, the more people know, the more they can join to help this great mission today.

  • I think there should be a discussion about how to actually help climate change in easier ways and also to help people with Eco - anxiety. I think this is because people are always writing about how to help climate change and people say they do or they will help but yet people still keep water running even when it is not necessary. Most people don't recycle, they don't do many other things that would help. This is not a good thing as climate change might not be that effective now but in the future if we don't help it , it will certainly affect us.This is why we should create easier ways to help climate change as people will be willing to help if it is easier. I also think we should make a topic about how to help Eco - anxiety as if they keep seeing new things that are bad they might feel worried and probably a range of different emotions . This isn't good as this could lead to something terrible . They might possibly have to visit a doctor or medic as they are really worried and this results into possibly losing a lot of people as it isn't one person who has Eco - anxiety but loads of others. This is why I think we should introduce these topics so people can be aware how dangerous but yet important it is to help.

  • A question I have is if there was an easy stress free non inconvenient way to help the environment would you realistically do it? I think more environmentalists should give more real life examples such as the Salton Sea which I think is a very good example of pollution. What was once a beautiful sea has turned into a monument of decay. Luckily a lot more Americans have been highly concerned about pollution. I believe that with this concern will come change.

  • I believe we should have a discussion about "soil erosion" due to the hazard it poses.
    soil erosion is a major problem that has several negative impacts on the environment and the human society, when dirts gets washed away it lets out carbon that's been stored in the soil making the air dirtier and causing climate change, it's also messes up The homes of plants and animals making some of them homeless. This whole soil erosion thing is a huge problem that messes with our food, water, weather, and the ecosystem.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion post about mental health and self care among teenagers as it is a crucial topic to discuss because at the stage of adolescence is concerned,this stage can be a challenging time with changes happening both physically and emotionally with various pressures. It's important for teenagers to practice self care and prioritize there mental health.
    The important aspect of mental health and self care for teenagers can be thorough open communication in which teenagers can express their feelings,thoughts and emotions freely, and also they should seek help when needed such as seeking help from therapist or school counselors this can aid in their mental health...
    Note,Each teenager is unique, so it's essential to approach self care and mental health with understanding, empathy and open dialogue, this may work for one and may not work for another!
    A little piece of advice to my fellow teenagers is that we should try to prioritize self care and mental health as it is okay to put your self first sometimes and spend your time with your loved ones... Also talk to Someone you trust when you are overwhelmed and also pursuing your hobbies as you deserve it!
    Remember taking care of your mental health is as the same as taking care of your physical health and also don't be afraid of seeking help or apologising to someone when you are wrong.

  • I believe we should have a conversation about "What we have done, to cause climate change" i think this because, we normally use products and appliances that use a lot of carbon dioxide, and some also release fuels out, which hurt the environment. I think we should make a change to this, and use more appliances that use electricity, Electricity uses less carbon than our normal items we find laying around - Cars, for an example - Cars come in variation, electric, hybrid, and diesel, most are diesel..Which is bad, These types of cars can hurt the environment, and cause climate change to increase! Some of our animals are becoming extinct.

    Our society is also hurting habitats. People are chopping down more trees every year, on average, more than 15 billion trees are lost annually to deforestation! The heat is rising too, this causes water levels to rise, and more floods are being experienced. Most animals in the Arctic are endangered now, 882 extinct species have already been confirmed! I want to be talking about this more as people will become aware about global warming.


    1. I agree with your suggestion on this topic. This question is indeed crucial to examine the actions of past generations and our current behaviours, as neglecting this may lead us to a lingering cloud of Eco-anxiety.
      Reflecting on past decisions allows us to identify the missteps and areas where we could have made more sustainable choices. It's not about assigning blame but rather recognising that we have the power to make positive changes moving forward. Learning from our past can guide us toward more responsible and sustainable practices.

  • I belive we could have a conversation about global warming and what we could do to stop it because It's been a long time ago when global warming started and we should do something about it.

  • I would like to recommend something, as I have a great discussion about this topic.

    Firstly, I think there should be a meaningful discussion on "How can we preserve the climate and eco-system?". As my assumption, eco-anxiety is a term that has gained prominence in recent years, describing the psychological distress and unease individuals feel in response to the growing environmental challenges and climate crises our planet faces.

    As to preserve all of these we need individuals who can adopt a proactive stance by engaging in sustainable practices and supporting eco-friendly initiatives, fostering a sense of empowerment, building strong community connections and providing a platform for shared concerns, reducing feelings of isolation associated with eco-anxiety.

    These are all the things I wanted to share. If anyone has any doubts or disagreements, please feel free to reply with your thoughts on this topic.

    Thank You....!

    1. Hello there, I have something we should all be aware of, before talking about this topic.

      Climate and eco-system prevention is not at all, an easy task. Or at least, not an easy task for a singular human being to accomplish. This task requires teamwork, coordination and unity within humanity as a whole. The main reason for why this issue has not been fixed is ignorance and disbelief present in many humans, which causes disharmony between people. But, if we all work together, we can solve this problem within only a few years, which, at first glance, may seem like a long time, but, when compared to the time taken when we don’t coordinate, it is very short.

      So, everyone, keeping this in mind, please give some methods on how we can solve this major issue.

      Thank you

      1. A great topic. What good debate questions could you create on this topic?

        1. I do not have any good debate questions in mind. That is why I am waiting for someone to reply to me with any one of their own, so I can reply with any agreement or disagreement of my own, or maybe give a neutral perspective on it.

      2. I am so glad that you raised your thoughts on my topic.

        As you're saying that this is not an easy task at all but if we use the technological devices like cell phone, internet or any other substances, it will surely work. And as your second thought, the ignorance by people doesn't help us to do it but if we give good education and good knowledge to every single one of them, there will assurdely be an unity among people and many of them will get courage to do so.

        If we spread the advantages of climate and eco-system prevention all over the internet in a good way, I hope there will be some optimistic change in many people's mind. There will be unity among people and all of them will know how the advantage could change the view of every person's life.

        I hope all of these thoughts of mine will help your thoughts. If you still got some inquiries left, please feel free to ask.

        Thank you...!

  • I think there should be discussion on "the internet" whereby we get enlightened on how and why interactions on the internet takes place

    1. Can you expand on this discussion topic?

      1. Interactions on the internet are shaped by factors like accessibility, anonymity, platform design, algorithms, and cultural norms. These elements influence how people connect, communicate, and form communities online. Understanding these dynamics is essential for navigating the digital landscape and promoting constructive dialogue in a diverse and interconnected world.

    2. I think you have choose the great topic to discuss on one major point of contention is weather online platform should be accountable for content moderation in order to ensure a safer online environment there are growing concerns regarding the right to free speech and the internet rises questions about the reliability and quality of content

      1. Thank you for your input! Indeed, the topic of online platform accountability for content moderation raises significant questions about balancing free speech with ensuring a safer online environment. As the internet becomes increasingly integral to daily life, concerns about the reliability and quality of online content have become more pronounced.

        While freedom of expression is a fundamental right, it's also crucial to address harmful or misleading content that can contribute to misinformation, harassment, or other forms of online harm. Striking the right balance between promoting free speech and protecting users from harmful content is a complex challenge.

        Exploring approaches to content moderation, such as implementing clear guidelines, utilizing AI technologies, or fostering user empowerment, can help mitigate these concerns while upholding principles of free expression. By fostering discussions and considering diverse perspectives, we can work towards solutions that promote a safer and more inclusive online environment. Thank you for highlighting this important topic!

  • The topic of climate change warrants extensive discussion in order to identify a preventative measure. However, a lot of people are unaware of how badly they are impacting our planet. While many people make every effort to slow down climate change, some people continue to live their lives without realizing the harm they are causing to the planet. It's said that little things, whether positive or negative, have an impact. It is now necessary for all of us to start a conversation about how to raise public awareness of the climate change situation and find opportunities for people to learn about it.

    1. A great topic to discuss! What questions can you create on this topic to get a discussion going?

      1. I'd like to hear from other topical talkers about the best ways for adults and kids to creatively convey the word about climate change. Should we employ AI technologies to do so, or should we assign people to spread the word globally? Additionally, I'd like to hear about potential rules and ethics that should be enforced in relation to climate change, along with the possibility of punishment for breaking them. I look forward to hearing from all of you.

    2. I agree with your opinion. The growing effects of climate change demand immediate action. The fact that there is still a section of the world's population that goes on with their lives without realizing the repercussions of their carbon footprint is concerning. Furthermore, I believe that the use of social media platforms to raise public awareness should be increased. This is not only to remind people of the worsening climate conditions but also to unite us to work for it.

  • One compelling question about eco-anxiety that could spark a meaningful discussion or debate is: "How can individuals balance their concerns for the environment with the everyday demands of modern life?" This question delves into the dilemma many people face when trying to adopt sustainable practices while still navigating their busy lifestyles. It prompts us to consider practical solutions and explore the complexities of incorporating eco-friendly choices into our routines. By discussing this question, we can encourage critical thinking and brainstorm innovative ways to prioritize environmental well-being without sacrificing personal needs and comfort.

    1. This is a good question, but please make sure all suggestions are written in your own words!

  • Hello ! I think that there should be a discussion on "do people really want change" and i know this sounds a little negative but to be honest i wonder if this question is a lot. I said this because even though we see these great activist movements that are helping for example plant trees and take waste out of the ocean we still have yet to make a big difference and i think people should discuss this so that we can see why people aren't helping enough whether it be time or not being told about how they can get involved, and how we can spread these activist campaigns everywhere so people actually know how to get involved and help genuinely make a change.

  • Nowadays, every region has been overwhelmed with new sometimes positives and sometimes negatives. Nevertheless, nobody can be sure whether this news are true and can be trusted. This bring me to my point. In the end, news inform us or misinform us? I believe this a controversial matter to discuss so i want to hear many opinions which might help us come to a conclusion

  • I think there should be a discussion on THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT. Firstly, the greenhouse effect is when Sun's radiation is absorbed by greenhouse gases (Carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide etc.) and not sent back into space. The greenhouse gases trap heat inside the Earth's atmosphere and keeps it warm.
    However, due to air pollution, the amount of greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere has increased, thus, causing climate change and global warming which increases the Earth's temperature by 0.06° Celsius every year! This may seem like a surprisingly small amount but by 2030, water levels will increase by 1°C and will flood the coasts of countries all around the world.
    The reason why I think there should be a discussion about this topic is because The greenhouse effect is the base of global warming and climate change-which later leads to eco-anxiety. So upon discussion, a link will be seen between global warming, climate crisis, eco-anxiety and pollution. Although the greenhouse effect will not completely disappear after reducing the use of fossil fuels, it will help slow down its effect on our planet.

  • Certainly! If you're looking to keep the discussions on eco-anxiety going, consider asking questions like:
    - How can individuals cope with eco-anxiety in their daily lives?
    - What role should governments and corporations play in addressing eco-anxiety?
    - Are there effective strategies for raising awareness about eco-anxiety?

    Encourage participants to share personal experiences and insights to enrich the discussion.

  • As I think,Nowadays pollution is increasing alot and it one of the reason that global warming is increasing day by day. Pollution is damaging the people's health.So, there should be a management to reduce the population. Even, we citizens can help the government to reduce the population around the world by doing afforestation, by not using plastics,by conserving water resources and forest. We can solve the problem of global warming by managing the wastes from factories and industries and vehicles.By doing this kind of activities we can reduce the pollution and can make a healthy and managed environment.