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Hi Tina, I'm so glad to see you. Well, before I start, I want to tell you that you are really... Tina answers your questions! 11/5/23
Hello, Mr. Clover, nice to see you. Well, says the first question, did Clover make you think... Clover answers your questions! 10/5/23
Hi 1 did matthew make you think differently about the metaverse. Yes, honestly, I was inspired... Matthew answers your questions! 05/5/23
Hello, I loved your questions and I will answer them 1- What would you design in the metaverse... Expert challenge: The metaverse 04/5/23
Hello, Mr. Ben, I am pleased to see you. 1 Do you think that young people are strong? In my... Expert challenge: Earth Day 04/5/23
The climate crisis is a widespread crisis in recent times, and this is all because of the gases... Competition #1 News near you 10/4/23