Clover answers your questions!

Clover Hogan is a 23-year-old climate activist and the founding Executive Director of Force of Nature - the youth non-profit mobilising mindsets for climate action. She has worked alongside the world’s leading authorities on sustainability, consulted within the boardrooms of Fortune 50 companies, and counselled heads of state. Her TED talk, 'What to do when climate change feels unstoppable', has been viewed 2 million times.

Thank you to those of you who submitted questions for Clover. There were lots to choose from, but here are the questions she answered:

quiet_swan: what inspired you to become a climate activist, and what do you think are the most effective ways to engage and mobilise young people on this issue?

remarkable_wasp: what role do you see businesses playing in the transition to a more sustainable and equitable future, and how can we encourage more companies to prioritise sustainability?

enigmatic_salak: how can I create awareness about climate change in my community, when they know and understand so little about it?

flowing_chocolate: What role does education and awareness-raising play in promoting sustainability?

grateful_clam: why do people care more about economical issues than environmental issues?

glad_keyboard: How do you direct people? And what are your ways? [What are some of the ways that you effectively lead others in your activism?

Well done to quiet_swan from Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School, remarkable_wasp from Shri Natesan Vidyasala Mhss A, enigmatic_salak from Rhemaville Christian Academy, flowing_chocolate from Shri Natesan Vidyasala Mhss A, grateful_clam from Alkhansaa Prep Co Ed School B and glad_keyboard from Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School who have each been awarded 3 stars for their questions!

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  • Hello Mr. Clover, you have inspired me a lot about the climate and how we will face it, and also it is nice that you work in a voluntary organization that is all volunteers to preserve our planet, and I have inspired many young people to become like you, I have learned a lot from Mr. Clover and even a few days ago I shared the information with my friends in class and also I told them about you, and there are many questions they asked me and they wanted an answer. Mr. Clover: Was it a big step for you that your organization became one of the organizations that we hear about and emulate, and do many young people accept to become volunteers like you to preserve our planet????

  • First of all, thank u mam for your valuable answer to my question. I asked about what role does education and awareness-raising play in promoting sustainability? And I heard you say that your experience with teachers who encouraged you to pursue your passions and develop the skills to solve problems and i think this is a powerful example of how education can galvanize individuals to take action towards creating a more sustainable future as you mentioned.Moreover, your emphasis on awareness-raising beyond just avoiding climate collapse is noteworthy. It includes creating more equitable political systems, connecting people to the food they eat, building cities with access to nature as a universal human right, and ensuring clean air as a basic human right, And this attracted me because clean air is necessary for human survival, and it shouldn't be a privilege reserved for a select few.I think this comprehensive approach is essential to achieving a sustainable future that benefits all.I can say that your response provides valuable insights into the importance of education and awareness-raising in promoting sustainability. I learnt that your response highlights the need to not only equip people with knowledge but also to create a sense of agency and motivation to act upon it. Overall, your message is inspiring and calls for a collective effort towards a more sustainable future to me.

    Thank u mam.

  • Hi Mr. Clover, I really like the idea of ​​a climate activist A unique invention to increase the levels of uncertainty about our future. The climate activist helped young people to work, think and reflect on the future. The idea of ​​a climate activist really attracted me to reflect on a new way of thinking, which is that youth They are not just victims of climate change. They also have an important role in climate action. By intensifying their efforts, they are accelerating climate action. From my point of view, climate change has contributed to the development and prosperity of the world and the peoples of the world.Despite all that I know about climate change, a question arises in my mind, which is does climate change negatively affect the enjoyment of human rights?!

  • I have learned that people now value tree less than before in fact people value trees more when they are dead than when they are alive which is bad for the environment.

    1. EXAMPLE:
      people make fire wood from trees and they also make charcoal put of dead trees some people also make furniture from wood

  • I was surprised to learn how the cooperate bodies have an impact on the climate crisis and are even stronger than government in their effects on people. Clover is right, we don’t need to make so many shoes, a good product that last long is s better than the mass produced cheap shoes on the environment.

    Thank to Clover, I am now inspired to be a climate activist in my little community. although I’m an introvert from what she said, I don’t have to change my nature to be an activist.

    My response to clover is “ thanks for inspiring me”.

    1. I agree because corporate bodies cause so much pollution. They cause pollution in the process of making their products when getting the raw materials and when making the goods. They pollute the land air and water. The products they make are also a source of pollution whenthey are thrown away. The top 15 U.S. food and beverage companies generate nearly 630 million metric tons of greenhouse gases every year according to engage the The government policy makers have to make sure that the corporations are taking care of the environment tougher climate laws should be applied to corporations too.

      1. I agree because... Pollution is harmful to all forms of living things. It causes damages to lives and properties and also resources are lost. Serious penalties should be applied to people caught engaging in the act.

  • Clover Hogan, a 23-year-old activist who has spent half her life researching the mental health implications of being too concerned about the current state of our planet. She informed us that right now, more than 70% of 500 young people in 52 countries feel stressed, afraid and even depressed in the face of the climate crisis, highlighting the importance of having the conversation around this mainstream.

  • The climate crisis is a global crisis that requires everyone's help in finding a solution.
    We are facing a huge challenge that requires intensifying all efforts.
    The search for solutions and limiting this crisis requires planting even one tree, i.e. a positive initiative that will bring about change.
    I like the idea of ​​some people volunteering to save the environment.
    Providing a service to the environment for free makes you feel responsible towards your environment, and I will work to spread this idea among the members of my community so that we work together to live in a suitable climate and environment.

    1. Can you explain which kinds of individual actions and volunteering can best support saving the environment? Do these individual efforts make any difference if large corporations are not collectively on board with protecting the planet?

      1. First, in terms of the individual actions one can take to conserve the environment, it is a matter of one's good knowledge of the surrounding environment, including soil, air, sky, trees, and everything that surrounds one.
        Knowing a person more about his environment makes him feel the importance of the place in which he lives and thus preserve it.
        On the other hand, preserving your environment by not littering, making fires and cutting down trees is a good thing that helps, even if by a small percentage.
        There is always a saying in my life, "Start with yourself and let everyone else follow." Individual efforts, even if they have a slow effect, do make a difference, even if by a small percentage as I said earlier.
        Many of the stories that occurred were the influence of an individual in a group.

      2. Welcome
        To me, companies will never cooperate on climate conservation because they don't care. .
        But we, as a group or as individuals, can...

        If not every person throws trash on the ground, the climate impact will be different, if only a little bit...and if me, my family and everyone with their family used recycling for simple things (glass, wood, plastic) as little as possible..but it would have Effect ...
        If schools educate their students through meaningful plays, it will have an impact...
        If the students plant some trees, it will have an impact...
        Not burning trash containers and waiting for a truck to pick them up has an effect

        So what if we did these things together? !!
        (The climate will improve greatly and we will see our efforts later)
        My hand in your hand and my thinking in your thinking have great results

      3. In last two years a campaign was staryed in which our prime minister presnted a new idea of 1 billion trees.This idea was liked by all the states.All readers might think how would some people plant 1 billion and our question is also related to this.
        My answer is yes.It is not possible to plant 1billion trees in a day.This made it possible only with the effort of induviduals.Many Pakistanis planted a tree and then made it possible to plant 1 billion trees in a day.
        So now with a example you could agree that by help of induvidials we make a difference in our planet .

      4. In general I feel like rallies and just youth forums can make a difference if you ask me. The thing is if you ask me big corporations do not need to be on board we just need few influential people to make the difference, that is why personally I feel like celebrities have lot of work to do. What they do is seen and mirrored by youths so yes if you ask me a celebrity caring about what some may call trivial makes it suddenly important in the society. A celebrity starts caring about the environment then a lot of people do the same thing. So yes individual efforts means a lot.

    2. I agree because... Afforestation i.e planting of trees to replace the fallen ones helps in cleansing and making the environment healthy for living things. Laws should be enforced on deforestation i.e illegal falling or cutting down of trees so as to reduce the effect in the environment e.g global warming.

      1. Thanks for your opinion. I would like to ask you if there are proposals other than afforestation to combat climate change?

  • I learned many things from Miss Clover.... Indeed, I did not know that there was a danger to our planet and our climate. I never thought of searching on the Internet on this subject, and schools did not promote and alert students about this subject.. But indeed, you are a woman in whom I saw many ambitions and taught me that our environment is half of our lives, and if we do not take care of it, we will not find anything that pleases us in the future.... But Miss Clover, please, I have a question that I want to know because I want to talk about this subject in my school, but my question is (Which countries have the worst environment and climate around the world and what is the reason for this?!)
    Thank you 🌹

  • I learned many things from Miss Clover.... Indeed, I did not know that there was a danger to our planet and our climate. I never thought of searching on the Internet on this subject, and schools did not promote and alert students about this subject.. But indeed, you are a woman in whom I saw many ambitions and taught me that our environment is half of our lives, and if we do not take care of it, we will not find anything that pleases us in the future.... But Miss Clover, please, I have a question that I want to know because I want to talk about this subject in my school, but my question is (Which countries have the worst environment and climate around the world and what is the reason for this?!)
    Thank you 🌹

  • I appreciate the work of Mr. Clover and I support the prediction of the climate and the spread of science in this field due to its extreme importance in our daily lives. We cannot stop the climate, but we can live with the weather by taking the necessary precautions on a personal level (when I want to go out to my work or to my school as a student, I must Familiar with the temperature on this day (and the year) (when there are predictions of storms or very bad weather, the state must prepare the civil defense to be on high readiness to deal with such times)
    I have an inquiry about the impact of the climate, so is it more effective on land or on bodies of water? And why?

  • I learned something that inspired me from Clover that no matter how young you are, you can fulfill your dream and have a way of making your own hard work.

  • Hello, Mr. Clover, nice to see you. Well, says the first question, did Clover make you think differently about the climate crisis? Well, yes, it made me think differently, because the climate crisis is really harmful to this world, and the climate crisis is an example of air pollution, which is very dangerous, because without air we cannot live because air is very beneficial to us, and when this air is polluted, it harms people's health. I mean, what I want to say is that polluted air harms human health. I mean, people should reduce polluted air, which is caused by smoke. Yes, smoke causes air pollution, which means people should reduce smoke, such as not buying too many cars. It also pollutes the air and companies too. It should reduce factory smoke so we can live without air pollution. Well, the second question is, did you learn something new or was Clover inspired? Well, yes, I have learned something new, and it is that we must not pollute the air because it is very harmful to human health, and people must reduce this pollution, such as, as we said earlier, reduce cars and reduce factory smoke. Well, the third question, which is your response to Clover's answers, or would you like to respond to them? I really answered Mr. Clover's question, and I say that Mr. Clover's answers are very impressive. Thank you

  • Hi Clover, I like what you said that knowledge is power, and that knowledge alone is not enough. how can you give people confidence and motivation and critically the skills to them to translate knowledge into actions to solve the problem, let the people comply and protect our planet?
    how can me as student apply this to motivate my colleages in school and their family to solve the problem?

  • Vanessa Nakate began her journey as a climate activist in 2018. With the climate crisis posing one of the biggest threats affecting the lives of many Ugandans, Vanessa has become more aware and concerned about communities who are particularly vulnerable to the devastating effects of a warming planet.
    Uganda, a fertile landlocked country in East Africa known as the "Pearl of Africa", has been facing adverse weather patterns for some time now with prolonged droughts in the north, landslides in the east and increasingly destructive floods. According to the World Bank, the effects of climate change today are detrimental to sustainable development and efforts to eradicate poverty in the country.

    “If you travel two to three hours away from Kampala to a rural community, you will understand how people struggle to find water and how their crops dry up due to the harsh drought conditions,” says Vanessa, who joined the Fridays for Future movement in Uganda and founded the Rise initiative. AB” to amplify the voices of activists across Africa

  • War affects the sustainable development of every country in our region" - In the latest episode of Awake at Night, Vladislav Kaim, Youth Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on Climate Change, discusses the effects of the war in Ukraine on climate. Work.

  • Before stating my opinion, I would like to thank Ms Clover Hogan because her work is remarkable. Before reading the work of Ms Hogan, I was questioning the awareness raising on educational platforms because I have never really seen any awareness-spreading notices, especially on the topic of climate change. However, after reading the information, I noticed that Ms Hogan focuses on inspire others. She truly amazed me with the climate activist idea because in today's world we really need someone who cares about involving other people into joing campaigns and other ways of persuation. I think that Ms Hogan uses a clever way to persuade others into reacting positively to climate change. Therefore, I believe that Ms Hogan is a true role model and deserves praise for her creative and necessary actions towards the end to climate change.

  • Hello Miss Clover,listining to yoy was so interisting,i have learnt from you that climate crisis isnt just about renewable which is very important also making sure that our homes are supper efficient so that they keeping intelligence is double-edged the wormth in and not leaking lots of heat out that mean that we can use less energy and tangibly that means that someone can pay less for their energy bills..
    2.ofcourse I learnt from Miss clover that to solve a proplem ,firstly I have to articulate it and then articulate alternatives ,vision,mission,solution,oppurtunities? And then help people place themselves in championing that solution.
    3.Miss Clover answers were very simplified an clear

  • Hello, Mrs. Clover, I really admired you and your wonderful performance. I was surprised that at such a young age, you have achieved wonderful and great achievements. You are a great example of a patient and successful woman who proves herself among people. I would like to ask you a question. If your answer is yes or no, why? Can any girl or woman be like you? And thank you.

  • The expert I learned the most from was Clover, we can make our climate stable by individual effort also, as this must be started from earlier age of kid, it's a kind of sense of responsibility, as clover herself realized and started working on it,
    It can be done by in country like Pakistan by:
    * Providing learning opportunities for girls to support their future participation in science and technology, engineering and mathematics related jobs, this awareness is only possible with women's skills, participation and leadership in energy transition.