Matthew answers your questions!

Matthew Ball is the CEO of Epyllion, which makes angel investments, provides advisory services, and produces TV series, films, and video games.

He is also a Venture Partner at Makers Fund, Senior Advisor to KKR, Senior Advisor to McKinsey, and Co-Founder of the Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF on the NYSE.

Matthew’s first book, THE METAVERSE, was an international best-seller.

Thank you to those of you who submitted questions for Matthew. There were lots to choose from, but here are the questions he answered:

unconventional_petal: Why is the metaverse generating so much excitement?

wise_shrimp: Hi Matthew! What positive and negative impact will the metaverse have on socialising?

trustworthy_currency: Hi Mr. Matthew, I admire you and your accomplishments. Do you expect the metaverse to spread widely, and what will its impact be on humans in the future? Also, how will it affect us as students?

diplomatic_river: Hi Matthew! The idea of metaverse is different but in today's generation people are misusing social media platforms. In that case, if the metaverse is somewhere we can access any place virtually, then how can we be safe?

skillful_jackfruit: What is the biggest problem you face in your job? And what’s the best decision you ever made in your field?

Well done to unconventional_petal from Rhemaville Christian Academy, wise_shrimp from Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School, trustworthy_currency from Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School, diplomatic_river from Shri Natesan Vidyasala Mhss B and skillful_jackfruit from Rafah Prep A Girls School who have each been awarded 3 stars for their questions!

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  • Yes , Mr. Matthew made think different about the metaverse because I use to think that the metaverse is just a waste of good time but after seeing the video when Mr. Matthew is answering questions from my fellow topical talkers he made me see how good the metaverse can be.
    I have learned how the metaverse is generating so much excitement . also I learned the positive and negative aspects of the metaverse on socialization and I learned how the metaverse will positively effect our future in education.
    I would like to reply to Mr. Matthew and ask if he could train me or give me advice on how to become a programmer like him.

    1. I agree because... Really, Mr. Matthew is a man with high skills and the way he answers questions is really humble. I did not care about Metaverses topics, but when I watched the video and PowerPoint topics, I was amazed in the virtual world. We can create whatever we want and what we want, and it made me differentiate between negative and positive things. Really, thank you, Mr. Matthew...

  • Hi Matthew
    Do you think that the metaverse in the future will be more developed than it is now, and what will this development be, and will the whole world become dependent on computers and communication sites in all matters of its life?

  • I see that Matthew looks at the metaverse in a wonderful way, intellectually, and more logically, and I liked his response to the questions. There were many ideas that he mentioned.

  • I think Matthew Paul is an amazing person who has done something useful
    He published his book (The Metaverse and How it Will Revolutionize Everything) in July 2022. This book became a bestseller, as it dealt with the talk about the expected revolution due to the metaverse,

    Matthew Paul believes that the world of Metaverse will become a necessity with the passage of time, and many people will resort to it, and he explained during an interview with the newspaper (Intelligencer), that modern technologies, including Metaverse, will not become an alternative, but will become a complementary technology to existing technologies in daily life, to make them Easier, faster, cheaper and better than it used to be

  • Mathew has made me think differently about metaverse. I used to think that metaverse is only about creating avatars and playing games. After watching this video, I realized that the metaverse can also be used by our teachers as an instructional material. This will help us to have a better understanding of subjects most especially in chemistry, physics and biology. I can't wait for the metaverse to start working so that ours schools can have access to this wonderful experience.
    My only concern is the price range to have access. I hope that Mr Mathew will make it less expensive so that schools around the world will be able to afford it.

    1. I agree because Matthew has made me think that the metaverse has a lot of advantages than disadvantages cause it can help me communicate with the outside world while sitting down in my living room without going anywhere and the metaverse technology will soon be developed and we would be able to use it more frequently. And I can't wait for us to start using the metaverse even in our global conversation.

    2. I agree because... he also made me to trust myself so this is encouraging me to feel that when i grow up i will try and create a metaverse that you would not need an avatar all you will need is just to fix your dressing the way i am thinking to do that is by making the metaverse somewhere more fun by making it possible for us to access the metaverse without needing a VR because i shall make it possible for us to enter the metaverse directly.

    3. I agree with you but reducing the price to get access to the metaverse could be drastic to the climate and environment, the workers and we the users.
      Reducing the price could affect climate because the metaverse causes the influx of greenhouse gas emissions which affects climate and the VR/AR use AI and cloud services which requires a lot of energy and also affects climate.
      It affects the workers because they may not be enough money to pay them salaries which could lead to strikes.
      It affects we the users, because reducing the price of the metaverse could lead to some parts of it being shutdown and we may not have full access to it and the experience will be less fun.
      So I wouldn't suggest reducing the price.

  • Hi, Mr. Matthew I really wanted to ask peradventure something goes wrong with the project of the metaverse do you and your crew perhaps have an immediate solution or not because the metaverse is a very important thing in the world right now and i know that if something goes wrong it would be a very big problem, so do you people have an already planned solution to hacken to any problem that comes your way concerning the metaverse if not I think there should be one for ensured safety, because there could many instances on which problems could occur for example : according to some people there is the challenge of time and space,because the concept of time perception can be different if we compare the real world with a virtual environment, as users tend to be less aware of their bodies while inside the Virtual Reality. So could their be a solution to this.

  • Hi Matthew,
    What are the major impacts that the metaverse has had on the teens of this generation and Do you think in future when the world would evolve due to technology, humans wont have the chance to pursue their dream professions because by then there would be robots who could perform the exact same functions and even make it easier?

  • 1.Mathew made me think differently about the metaverse at first I thought that metaverse is just like another equipment used for certain purposes of virtualising the world but after listening to him I came to know that it is another developement phase of computers developement and it could also be used for the well fare of the students like how we would project a screen and make the students understand better by showing videos and also online classes will become more interactive and exciting as our gesters and reactions would be clearly visible.
    2.I was inspired by the risk taken by Mathew when he told that he left his job in Amazon and created his own company.

    1. I agree because... with you because your inspiration is from the right source. And a shoutout to Mr Matthew because he is so brave. Life is all about taking risks,Infact,it is a risk not to take risks, if he hadn't left his job and face life,he wouldn't be as successful as this,we may not even know about the wonderful creation called the METAVERSE.
      Kudos to you Mr Matthew and same to you productive_redcurrant.

  • I have learned a lot about the metaverse thanks lot for helping me understand

    1. What is the most important thing you have learnt, determined_eel?

      1. The most important thing i have learnt is why the metaverse generates so much excitement

  • Sir Mathew inspired me by showing me that before you can achieve something you need to be a risk taker and that you need patient before you can accomplish your goal.

  • Yes I have learnt a lot!
    Personally I thought the meta verse was another sorry excuse for a Minecraft or fortnight, but currently my mind has done a 180 on me.
    It’s a way of expression in and of itself.
    To me now it’s like a form of art, just like dancing and singing, but this time it is digital, filled with codes and programs.

  • Hello Matthew, what is your point of view in terms of the impact of artificial intelligence on the medical field in terms of medical staff, work efficiency and a healthy environment? As long as this question occupies my mind, because the direction of the world's view in terms of the importance and function of artificial intelligence will be medicine, because over the years the world is developing, the number of people is increasing, and epidemics are increasing.

  • 1- Matthew made me think big about a topic Metaverse In my beginnings with this project I thought that Metaverse It is very similar to the equipment used for certain purposes in order to bring the virtual world into this world, but when I listened to it I knew that another stage of development is to develop some computers and also that we can use for good wages for all students, such as how can we display a screen and make students understand that In a better and very beautiful way, by showing videos to students, online classes will also become more and more interactive and exciting, and our gestures and reactions will be visible a lot.
    3- I was very moved by the risk Matthew is now taking when he tells us that he lost his job at Amazon and is starting his own company.
    Good luck, Matthew 💛

  • Hi 1 did matthew make you think differently about the metaverse. Yes, honestly, I was inspired by the metaverse before, but Mr. Matthew inspired me more, and thanks to him, I really want to program in matevrse. 2 Did you learn something new or were you inspired Matthew. Honestly, yes, I learned something new. To work on adding new things to the virtual world and developing it better as well 3 What is your response to Matthew's answers or would you like to respond to him? I want to ask him to show me how to develop much more than what I learned today about the virtual world. Thank you

  • Hi Matthew, I would like to know how to become a programmer, how to take advantage of the summer vacation and organize the time to learn programming from a young age, because I really want to live with the developed future full of modern technology

  • Mr mathew has made me think differently because i used to think that the metaverse is a whole new world created that would take over the world. I was a bit scared thinking that our world is going to have a twin and we will also be living in these new world having different lives just like in the TV series THE FLASH were we have different Earths but after listening to his responses i now think differently about the metaverse and my fear has gone away.
    I now understand that the metaverse its like our own video games that we play but in a more creative way. The metaverse is created to make things easy and provide solutions to some of the challenges we're facing.
    I'm so excited about the metaverse and can't wait to try this amazing experience and i look forward to trying another new invention you will come up with.

  • I used to think the metaverse was an uninteresting thing or topic but when I listened to Mr.matthew, and I searched a little, and I realized that it is a good and wonderful thing, and there are many exciting and wonderful things that you can do through it, such as traveling to outer space, looking at the planets, the moon, etc., and seeing the things that you hoped to see in reality, but you could not, and also it can help doctors, by making them feel that they are They perform a surgical operation and learn about its results before starting the operation realistically, for example, if we do this, this will happen.....
    Thank you very much🌹🌹

  • I don't know what I say but sir Matthew inspired me to learn more English so that I can share more and more with him and I coordinated my summer schedule to complete the task of learning English completely without any mistakes.
    Many comments were rejected for me because of errors . This made me sad but I preferred to work on mysalf in order to reach a conclusion and I hope to become the best in English around me and also when I travel to foreign countries Ido not overcome in my communication because I know I have worked hard to reach an amazing result.👌💜

  • Hello Matthew, since I love the English language and am fluent in it at an average level, I would like to know how to be able to communicate with children my age from other countries to learn some English from them and to do projects, programs or games for those of our age during the summer vacation to make use of them with effective actions..thank you

  • I never really knew about the metaverse and its wonders,about the amazing things we can do there.
    When I started topical talk, I knew about it but didn't know the uses,but Mr Matthew gave awareness of the wonderful creation and made me to understand that there are a lot of uses of the metaverse which includes: assisting the educational sector, gaming purposes, transportation,real estate,tourism, defense,and many more,just to name a few.

  • we said previously that AI and every thing related to it sometimes negatively affects us
    if it really negatively affects us why we still use it to this day and why is still developing every day and evry year
    and can it be stopped if we can that how and if we can not why
    i hope you will answer my question

  • Hello! Mr Matthew what gave you the idea of writing the Metaverse

  • Yes, Mr. Matthew has made me look at the metaverse differently. Before I thought the metaverse was just a place to have fun and waste time but now I have realized that the metaverse is a place that can be used to learn things you want to learn. Also like amazing_horse said one of the challenges that might be encountered is the price range of the metaverse so I hope Mr.Matthew will reduce the price of the metaverse.
    for example:
    You can use the metaverse to explore the universe and learn about all the planets.
    Lastly I have one question to ask Mr. Matthew.
    what inspired you to create the metaverse?

  • Matthew Ball has made me think differently about the metaverse, he makes it seem as if it's a positive world for people and I strongly agree with this opinion, he explains the pros and cons of the metaverse and the pros of the metaverse really got to me. I have been inspired by Matthew he is such a positive and kind person, I admire his personality. I would like to ask Matthew why he made a book about the metaverse, it looks so interesting I would definitely read it!

  • In my personal opinion, I benefited a lot from Mr. Matthew. He inspired me a lot, gave me wonderful information, and made me think differently and more beautiful than my previous thinking. I became intuitive. Frankly, the topic of Metaverses is an interesting topic and raises a lot of questions about it, but Mr. Matthew helped me get rid of these questions with ease. Among the things that I benefited from is my understanding and distinction of the positives and negatives about the subject of Metaverses and how it will affect us in education later or perhaps in the future . Thank you, Mr. Matthew. I love your way of answering and educating you. In the end, I have a question. We learned how it will affect, but I could not understand you more when you explained whether it will be developed or will it remain as it is today, that is, it will not become no change or development. Help me with the answer!!