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I think that my community isn't sustainable because a lot of people in my community dump their... How sustainable is YOUR community? 14/11/22
The reasons why I believe Batman could change the world is that he is not understanded and is a... Who could change the world? 14/11/22
Making the wrong choice/decision makes you look like a bad leader to many people in your country... Would you be a leader? 14/11/22
The two groups could simply hold online meetings instead of spending all that money traveling to... Are COP events sustainable? 11/11/22
As young people and the elderly are both in their prime and have their minds able to function... How sustainable is YOUR community? 10/11/22
Society may not benefit from having an older government, although it isn't the worst. In spite... Older or younger lawmakers? 10/11/22
Seed Drones is the invention that can make the biggest difference in the world economically... Get creative, save the planet! 10/11/22
Governments that are older aren't necessarily the worst, but they may not be the best for... Older or younger lawmakers? 10/11/22
Our community suffers from air pollution caused by cars, as well as litter and damage caused by... How sustainable is YOUR community? 10/11/22
In my opinion, I would choose a leader who has good character, regardless of whether his program... Personality or Policy? 09/11/22
Should a government filled with older people be good or bad? Well, I agree that older people... Older or younger lawmakers? 04/11/22