How sustainable is YOUR community?


At COP26 last year the event organisers made the decision to locally source 80% of the food they were serving. They also decided to serve drinks in reusable cups, which organisers said would save 250,000 single-use cups.

We want to know what you think could be done in your community to make it more sustainable. Could there be more free water fountains with drinking water? Perhaps there could be some new re-use and recycling options? Or maybe there could be some sustainable art or sculptures on display?

We are particularly interested to hear about any news stories about sustainability from your country or local area!

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  • In our area, on the streets there is a lot of rubbish but not just in area probably in every area around the world. A lot of peopel around the world try to help by trying to clean the streets in their area but now matter how much they clean it in a couple of hour sor the next day it will still be there so whatever we do we can not stop it.

    1. Hi @perceptive_vegetable! I agree that people throwing rubbish in the street is a big problem. Can you think of any ideas to encourage people to start using bins?

    2. Then try putting signs to motivate people to stop littering because it is currently one of the main things contributing to the earth dying.

    3. I am with you on this, but if people were more aware and preserved their homeland, this garbage would not exist in the first place. The lack of awareness among these people that this garbage may bring them natural and health problems causes them to throw it in the streets. You should put up banners for these people and hold seminars and conferences to educate people that this behavior is incorrect and not beneficial to the environment.

  • In my country, Palestine, yes, there are springs (tanks) of free drinking water. In every area there is a tank, either one or two.
    Of course, there are some options for reuse and recycling, for example, in my country, they reuse straw into straw bags.
    And the crockery
    They reuse old dress fabrics to make vases and art pieces

    1. I agree because somehow, we are running out of time as we us ethe word,, plastic'' perhaps 20 times a day. One aspect that I have noticed around pubs and bars around the UK is the fact that they have stopped serving any drink by adding the straw and that is a start.
      The idea of free water thanks should be adopted in every country, I completely agree.

  • In my local area, we have a lot of cars around. However, we have created low carbon emission zones, so if you go in there with a specific amount of pollution, you will be fined. This is simple, yet affective, because it causes less cars to drive about, which means less carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere. In my school, we have also tried to make it more sustainable, by installing solar panels to use the sun's rays to get natural elecricity. Also, we have monitors in class to tell us how much Co2 we are producing. I think this is good because it gets us thinking more about Co2.
    Fun Fact: Cows produce the most greenhouse gas-when they let our wind, they produce methane!

    1. It's interesting to know there are low carbon emission zones in your local area. Can you share more how does the amount of pollution being measured? Also, do you think electric cars help to reduce the CO2 emission issue from cars?

    2. I like this idea of low carbon zone ..
      In Pakistan,s northern areas it will be very effective to sustain air purity and beauty of the mountains

    3. I agree because... the fact that fewer cars are allowed to drive around actually reduces traffic pollution; the fewer cars, the faster and more efficient the journey, which is actually a great benefit for everyone because there is less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. There are numerous advantages to driving less, including a lower carbon footprint, lower gas prices, lower road maintenance, and car repairs; it is good for our social lives, which will help us live longer lives; and it is a good form of exercise.

  • Sustainability in my community is not expanding, but simple, and the responsibility of the community members, not institutions and governments, and this is what causes its weakness in us. Glass such as Nutella, jam, and others to preserve foodstuffs or as decorated boxes. We have what are similar to small food banks (small projects) that collect leftover food from homes and prepare a new meal from it. We have clothes recycling, so we have entire markets for used clothes. I consider this A good step by members of society, but presidents and large institutions should be active in this field and vigorously, as our sustainability is weak

    1. Awareness is definitely the answer, most of companies around the UK have adopted recycling bins and this means that the things are moving hopefully to a positive outcome.
      The plastic pets or any plastic product have now an inscription on their leaflet that the product is used from recycled products.

  • We should clean the world up and make it a better place for us and the animals. We need to treat the world like a family member with respect. Animals need help In their climate and we’re the only ones who has started it. Now we need to fix all of our damage we have made and make the world a better place. We can help by picking up rubbish, recycle and stop polluting/ smoking.

    1. Some nice suggestions here ingenious_date! It might be tricky to stop all emissions from human use though. Do you think you could live without any gas or electricity at all?

      1. We cannot do that, but we can reduce it. For example, the gas emitted from cars and factories, this gas pollutes the air. We can solve this problem by intensifying the planting of trees. Trees work to soften the atmosphere and give an aesthetic appearance to the environment. Then we can manufacture cars that do not emit gas. For factories, we can make chimneys that we put them on top. The factory purifies the smoke that comes out of the factory and turns it into clean air

      2. Do you think you could live without any gas or electricity at all? I think I would live if I had survival skills if I need food just fish, if you need to call someone make a paper phone with cups if you need to go somewhere walk, you don't need electricity for everything .

    2. I agree because there is a lot of trash on the streets. And trash, cars cause air pollution and with air pollution the animals can hardly serve that .

    3. I agree because of the millions of people who are smoking are making the air around them polluted and it's just nasty to sit in polluted air. I also agree about how animals need their climate helped because people are killing animals and trying to make them extinct. We should help the world.

    4. I agree because if we maltreat the world it will also maltreat us by allowing climate change, green house gases, low soil nutrient which will later result to food crisis. In my opinion we have maltreated the world and disregarded it and it is also maltreating us by allowing climate change to make life uncomfortable. I think when Michael Jackson said "We are the ones who make a brighter day
      So let's start giving, let's start giving
      There's a chance we're taking
      We're taking our own lives" in his song titled" We are the world" he was also addressing how humans have caused climate change. If we start giving care to our environment we would make a brighter day by addressing the issues of climate change, we are taking our own lives by causing food crisis, temperature increase , emission of greenhouse gases and so many more.

  • We have already started trying to mitigate this phenomenon, as we have started making bags of cloth instead of nylon, so as not to harm the environment and we can use them more than once.

    And in my building, people started making a fence around it from trees, and they put a solar cell on the last floor surrounded by many trees so that we could use it as much as possible.

    1. Very good observation on using cloth bags, instead of plastic ones. Do you think there might be environmental impacts from cloth bags too, even if different to plastic ones?

      1. I think that no, and even if there are effects, they are certainly less than the effects of plastic, as plastic decomposes and produces toxic substances, but fabric does not decompose, and plastic is burned in most countries to be recycled, and fabric needs scissors and a sewing machine Only until it is recycled, and also those who do not have the money do not have to throw it away, but will use it more than once, or it can be recycled (cut and add some color may become a scarf), and I believe that this should be implemented in all countries, even Everyone benefits, saving the poor

  • In my local area, there is a problem of littering rubbish everywhere of which the large percentage of the litter is plastic bottles and polythene bags. In my opinion, I suggest that we put strict laws against littering because it is working in certain countries like Rwanda and yes if others can do it, why not us. Another suggestion is that we advise people to reuse plastics bottles, jerrycans for different purposes like farming instead of littering them which leads to pollution and then to climate change. We can also encourage people to recycle because most of the packaging products like polythenes, bottles, made in our country can be recycled. So the government can work together with the manufacturers of those products by saying, the more you recycle, the more you gain( put a campaign to support recycling).

    1. People are trying to keep their surroundings clean. It is obvious that there is a person who likes to keep himself, his house, his country and his city dirty.
      There are so many countries in the world that wherever we go we see cleanliness everywhere.
      But if we think about it, we find that the problem of climate change is worldwide..
      In order to keep the environment clean, so this problem would come up that the smoke coming out of the factories is included in the air, the chemical water coming out from the industries is included in the clean water (river, drains) where the factories play an important role in our life. There are also such problems that cause harmful effects on the health of aquatic life and also for humans living on land, and then many diseases are born. If we talk about the smoke emitted from factories, vehicles, these are damaging the ozone layer, due to which the problem of climate change is arising all over the world.
      What should we do to avoid this problem?

  • We human beings is our role to clean up our world,we need better place where we can build factories or industries in order to stop air pollution which will result out as Global warming which will cause famine and hunger ,people and animals will start dying due to the direct heat and sunlight that will destroy the Ozone layer and we should have recycling industries to reduce the rate of plastics in our area and through picking plastic and python papers in order keep our environment clean and free from climate reactions like global warming

  • Having many industries in the some areas that produce plastics cause land to be bare so we should two industries per area in order to stop land pollution and live a happy life.

  • Recycling is a wonderful thing. In our country, bags and papers are recycled. When the bags and papers are disposed of, we take them to the factories to be recycled. This is how we will preserve the cleanliness of our community environment. Soft drink cups are also recycled. To be more sustainable, we must not spend a lot of water and establish projects. There should be more free water springs with drinking water because it is considered an ongoing charity, and this is an excellent work. It is possible to recycle clothes and homes, there are houses that are unfit for living, but when Recycling it becomes more beautiful. It is possible to recycle wood and make very beautiful sculptures. It is possible to make beautiful works of art from cardboard and othe

    1. I'm not sure about this because you talked about cutting down on the use of water and focusing on free natural springs, but have you considered the fact that countries in the middle east like Qatar do not have the availability of such resources like natural water and therefore have to spend a lot on water to construct their buildings. Cutting down on water use for construction can even reduce the strength of buildings and can even make them collapse and a lot of lives will be lost and the efforts of people will go to waste.

      1. I agree with your words, but there is a wonderful solution to the problem you raised to save water. It is possible to use machines to purify sewage and use it only in construction

  • In my local area, their are not many cars around compared to the traffic -jammed, over-polluted cities such as Delhi in India. However, our school still tries to hinder any Carbon dioxide released into our air by hosting annual events such as class competitions. Whichever class has the most pupils that walk to school gets an award. Since their is such competitiveness between classes, their is always a rise in walkers to school that used to go by car or public transport. Furthermore, we are always encouraged to eat all that is on our plate with stickers ( for the younger years) and golden tickets ( another form of a reward system). Again, this prevents more fresh food going to waste, lessens the amount of vehicles having to make trips to collect waste and thus declines Co2 emissions.

    1. These are some great initiatives brilliant_vegetable and I really admire the use of fun competitions to promote more environmentally considerate behaviour. Do you think there is a way some of these initiatives could be expanded into broader society? Do you think the same incentives would work at scale?

    2. I agree because
      The way your community thinks is wonderful and unique, and in this way you only positively blame the environment But you also positively affected the souls of the students, as we love the spirit of competition And I can say that in this way you may have fulfilled the principle of "two birds with one stone." May all societies be as beautiful, clean and positive as you are

    3. Yes. I do Jen. I believe these class competitions can be expanded into an annual event for our society or even the whole of London. If reports of schools taking a weekly trip to collect the waste off the streets are published, then the UK can even host events where engineers team up with schools to build a robot that can collect or locate waste within the premises of our local area.

  • In my country Uganda, we have many free water sources with enough water but the main problem is people contaminate the water by disposing in waste materials which include; plastic bottles, faeces, urine, polythine bags among others which makes this water harmful to human life so my community can become more sustainable if people are sensitized on proper ways of disposing waste materials, if they are sensitized to do community service and clean the water sources , by teaching them to recycle these plastic bottles , by the community members constructing toilets for the people to dispose their waste. We also have bore holes which provide free water to the community members.

  • In our area, all of our surroundings are covered in litter but can still grow into luscious green grass and beautiful green parks.

    1. Hi @generous_physics. I completely agree that it is possible for areas to be turned into green spaces and parks and that it would be a great idea. Can you think of any ideas/schemes that would encourage people to stop littering?

    2. It is true because if people volunteer they can help make it beautiful.

  • My region made serious attempts in search of a safe and biological solution to the problems and diseases that the soil suffers from in the Gaza Strip. The experiment led them to discover and manufacture “wood vinegar” extracted from the wood resulting from the process of pruning trees at the end of the agricultural seasons.

    For those who do not know the benefits of wood vinegar, it is a natural fertilizer for the soil that enhances vegetative production, increases sugar content in fruit trees, protects trees from viruses, treats soil salinity, and expels nematodes from which farmers in the Gaza Strip suffer.
    The extraction of this vinegar globally requires specialized devices, which are not available in my town, so I decided to manufacture the device with simple tools and according to the available capabilities, provided that it gives results close to those provided by the imported device.

    1. Wow @glad_concept - this is a brilliant idea and ones I've never heard of before, so thank you so much for sharing! Can you share more about how you think it would be possible to do this process globally i.e would it be a national scheme or run by locals and spread worldwide?

  • In my city the idea of ​​a solar pneumatic dryer was implemented.

    The device was designed locally, and is the first of its kind in Palestine, as it dries agricultural food with solar energy, in order to achieve “food security” in the community and maintain product quality.

    The dryer combines two energy sources, an air solar collector, and a heat pump to fully raise the efficiency and reduce energy consumption, and it takes 16 to 24 hours to complete the drying process, with a quantity ranging from 60 to 100 kg.

    The motives of this invention are many, perhaps the most important of which is the great demand for dryers despite the unhealthy methods of drying such as chemical treatment using toxic sulfur oxides, and their containing harmful additives such as sugar, not to mention the high cost of drying food using electrical energy, and its consumption of large amounts of energy.

  • The area in which I live has used LED bulbs and electrical appliances that save energy. When purchasing, residents make sure that the lights are turned off and the appliances are completely turned off and not just left on standby. A large number of residents used solar electricity generation units to provide part of the house's electrical energy needs.

    1. Good point! Thank you for sharing that.

      With respect to how to ensure residents turn off lights and appliances, do you have any ideas on how we can help more people do that?

  • I think that he made a weekly campaign to clean the community and cooperate between the neighbors so that it becomes a desirable and cooperative society.

  • Environmental sustainability is a necessary thing in society and it regulates the diverse andproductive biological systems and the responsibility of community members such as recycling of clothes. It is possible to recycle waste such as paper and compost for plants, including many benefits. There is a big problem in our region in throwing garbage everywhere, such as throwing plastic bottles and polythene bags. We put laws against throwing garbage everywhere because it ruins our society and causes damage to environmental pollution.

  • In our country, especially in the state I live in which is Delhi, there has been some drastic actions against the emmision of carbon dioxide or CO2 and the spread of garbage around the streets. The government has provided us with an app called the 'swachhata app' which let's us report any form of pollution to get it cleaned and get the perpetrator punished for their deeds. But, I still think there can be improvement in the prevention of these pollutants which are to be implemented, such as -
    Making use of electric or public vehicles for travel,
    The use of reusable items which is very rare in my local area,
    Less cars should be allowed on the road, it could be a similar thing as the odd-even rule introduced by our state government,
    And the very last reduce the use of firecrackers for celebration in festivals.

    These improvements are to be implemented by the public because if the government decides to place a law but the public doesn't follow it, there is no use. But if the public decides to implement these changes nothing can stop sustainability from coming to not just my local area but the whole world!!

    1. I'm interested to hear more about this app! How is it enforced?

      1. This app was basically created to make an easy platform to report wrongdoings related to the enviorment or infrastructure which wasn't taken much seriously by law enforcers earlier.
        The swachhata app tells you to click photos or record a video of the wrongdoing and upload it to the app along with the site's location.

        After posting the picture a team is dispatched to deal with the scene, all of the people sent here are members of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (M.C.D.) who have power to judge the situation and issue a fine, give a warning or take any appropriate actions according to the scene.

        That is all about the enforcement of the app and I think it was a very successful movement because I personally have benefited from this app.

    2. I like what you had said I live in which is Delhi, there has been some drastic actions against the emmision of carbon dioxide or CO2 and the spread of garbage around the streets. The government has provided us with an app called the 'swachhata app' which let's us report any form of pollution to get it cleaned and get the perpetrator punished for their deeds. But, I still think there can be improvement in the prevention of these pollutants which are to be implemented, such as -
      Making use of electric or public vehicles for travel,
      The use of reusable items which is very rare in my local area,
      Less cars should be allowed on the road, it could be a similar thing as the odd-even rule introduced by our state government,
      And the very last reduce the use of firecrackers for celebration in festivals.good job.

    3. I disagree because you said that'' I still think there can be improvement in the prevention of these pollutants which are to be implemented, such as -
      Making use of electric or public vehicles for travel,
      The use of reusable items which is very rare in my local area,
      Less cars should be allowed on the road, it could be a similar thing as the odd-even rule introduced by our state government,
      And the very last reduce the use of firecrackers for celebration in festivals.'' and that is because but I loved it

    4. I agree with your comment, Optimistic artic fox. You have mentioned that we can make use of electric vehicles to reduce emissions but do you think it is suitable for our population? And as 75% of India's electricity is generated from coal, by chance can using more electric vehicles increase the emissions? I'm interested in hearing your solutions for this issue.

  • I think that in Gaza Strip, more wells can drilled and its water treated for free drinking. Containers can be placed in all streets to collect used cups spent plastic products and employ some workers to collect and recycle them into reusable products.

    1. Very good point on using containers to collect plastic products. Can you think of other aspects of our streets and public places that more sustainable approaches?

    2. Thank you for your comment, gentle_cat. If people keep getting water from wells, what problem do you think this could cause?

  • At the outset I would like to say that sustainability is a wonderful thing because it keeps life going well and has a significant importance in reducing the many purchases. Certainly, there are many ways to make our society more sustainable. First, school notebooks can be reused in the coming times. Second, tomato box can be decorated from the outside and use to put pens in our office, so it becomes more organized. Third,
    empty bags of chips can be cut into small pieces, and used for spraying on birthdays and annual holidays. They can also be an alternative to balloons. You cannot imagine the extent of happiness, joy, pleasure and beauty at that time.
    Fourth, empty big cartons can be designed and decorated to put textbooks in them. Fourth, unusable wheels of cars can be colored to make homes and offices seats. Also, we can make basins in which roses or plants are planted. Fifth,
    juice bottles can be reused to make a hand blender, for example.

    Such innovative suggestions can increase sustainability, nature beauty, especially with the magic touch of beautiful colors.

  • Why not make a fire extinguisher that works on the sun's rays when you feel the sun working. It means that it works on thermal energy and can save the world. Because we know that the fire extinguisher contains chemicals called halogens that eat up the ozone hole.

    1. Interesting. Can you say a bit more about how the fire extinguisher would work?

    2. That's true because the chemicals make a lot of air pollution.

      1. How so charming_starfish ?

  • There are a lot of solutions and ideas to recycle and use things again
    For example, in our society, they take the stones resulting from the demolition of houses and break them to use as gravel in the construction. Another example is they use paint buckets after cleaning to keep things in the house
    Another example is that they use canned food (such as cans of beans or ghee) after cleaning them well to make beautiful things and antiques that are placed on the table or in the personal cupboard to put things we cherish in these cans.
    There are many ideas to turn things in our favor by using another, but for fear that I will talk to you for a long time, I will suffice for here.

    1. Are there any government policies around sustainability?

      1. It is possible that there may be a policy of sustainability through building institutions that care about this issue and that encourage individuals to exploit things for the better and convert what is not useful to something useful in a new and distinctive way that draws attention.

        1. Can you give an example of an institution which cares about sustainability? Or of an action an individual might take to convert something no useful into something useful?

          1. Here I would like and suggest the existence of an institution for sustainability, and I would prefer the idea to be implemented because it is beneficial for individuals and for society as a whole. But I really do not know that there is an institution working on this.
            But in my community, there are small associations that women do to recycle things and make them something beautiful to benefit from
            It is a work of creativity and benefit as well

  • Sustainable projects can be implemented in some poor developing countries. Soch as Somalia,Indonesia, Mauritania, where water is not drink able and people have difficulty getting water to drink. In Palestine solar power can be used to remove electriaty from the Gaza strip wind can be used to generate electrucity. Wheels of car and trucks can be turned into roses and trees, give an environmental view and purify the air.

    1. I agree because you said that ''some poor developing countries. Soch as Somalia,Indonesia, Mauritania, where water is not drinkable and people have difficulty getting water to drink.''

  • At the beginning I want to say that we play an important role as individuals

    Simple decisions can make a huge a difference and have a huge impact on the environment.
    So let me tell you about my personal experience.
    My sustainability journey started due to the allergy of one of my family members who suffers from asthma to chemicals included in daily products such as shamboo , soap and shower gel , all of these things encouraged me to buy natural materials first and then move to self-manufacturing of products without buying them. So from here I started to share my experience on social media so others can benfit from this .

  • In my community we have the issue of littering of animal waste especially by nomadic herdsmen. It makes the place smell and unsuitable for road users so as a community we decided to talk to the herdsmen and we all agreed to create a site where their animals can dispose of waste after that it is taken to some farmers to use as fertilizers and locally produce compost which has helped us in growing pure organic vegetables.

  • In my country the government tries to spread awareness about climate change and encourage citizens to keep the environment safe which is through making advertisements that talk about not throwing rubbish in the street and to try our best to recycle things. Additionally,it tries to boost our economy . It also made a go green campaign.

    1. How successful have these initiative been do you think?

      1. It has been so successful lately that most people took it as a rule to follow.

  • In Uganda we have a lot of pollution since people don't mind about the environment but since we have a lot of green plants they help control the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Leaving that alone most of the cause of the pollution in our country is burning of plastics like polyethene's since they are widely used in our community for rapping things so if they worn out people instead burn them. We can solve this by either the government by banning the use of polyethene cause this campaign was already taken on by countries like Rwanda and Kenya is on going with-it so we can also adopt it or the Government should propose a campaign to the manufacturers to start giving money to those that can collect the polyethene and take them to the company for recycle and instead of buying new raw materials let them just recycle the old polyethene for reuse.

  • The other problem in my country that really makes our community unsustainable is the emissions of dangerous gases from vehicles since they are poplar even if one is going for a 100 meter distance he uses a vehicle so this really makes our environment really polluted this can be solved by the government releasing Themes like "WORK TO WORK" or people should start using bicycles to move and this will also help to reduce on some diseases like fatigue, obesity, diabetes, pressure and many others this is really sustainable and healthy

  • My grandfather owns agricultural land and needs a lot of fertilizer, and I studied in one of the subjects how to make natural fertilizer at home from food leftovers, tree leaves and waste, and I helped my grandfather in making natural fertilizer.

    1. That is great, awesome_sea!

      Can you think of other challenges in your grandfather's farm that need more sustainable solutions?

    2. 1- I can start on my grandfather’s farm a project to produce environmentally friendly products free of any chemicals to clean homes and facilities.
      2- Growing organic food without the use of synthetic chemicals, such as pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and does not contain any genetically modified ingredients
      3- It is possible to set up a special store for the production of environmentally friendly organic foods
      4- You can open a restaurant that uses only local foods and sustainable products with minimal food waste
      5- Using solar panels to generate electricity
      6- Growing plants and then handing them over to people or companies so that they can get fresh air

    3. I agree because... it's nice idea..this is a very motivating idea to use food leftover nd tree leaves as fertilizers. Another think I want to add that animals waste is also a good idea of fertilizers as my father use to add in my lawn .for better productivity. Our milkman helps us in this regard .

  • I think something in our community to improve could be the use of plastic lunchboxes. Most of the lunchboxes are non-recyclable so instead we could wrap up our food and put it into a lunch bag, make lunchboxes out of recyclable plastic or make them out of metal which could also keep your food warm!

    1. These are great alternatives you have thought of spirited_thought. What would you wrap your food in? Do you think that would potentially create a different source of waste?

      1. I was thinking of recyclable foil or reusable containers.

  • We were always visited by our relatives and we had to, turn on the air conditioners in the summer, and turn on the heater in the winter . Therefore electricity bills are very high, we decided to see solutions and alternative idea . So we decided to invest in the windows to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room so we don't need to turn on the air conditioner . As for the winter, we relied on solar panels, which had a positive effect in saving..So you have to start with yourself so that the world changes for the better.

    1. What a great point, brave_forest! And good initiative too.

      Are there other aspects of your house (or your relative's houses) that you think we can make more sustainable?

    2. I agree because insulating your homes are a very effective way to get the community to be more environmentally friendly. What would you suggest as energy saving solutions for those in countries that may not have enough sun to have effective solar panels?

  • The society in which i live is quite sustainable but not much because in most of the area there are plastic bags, polythene bags, plastic bottles and more even there many cars and bikes in society which are cause of increasing Carbon dioxide and more over increase in global warming warming
    I am not against in having cars and bikes but i think there should be every thing according to need. people should not be extravagant
    And I would really appreciate those people who always try to keep our society clean but complete cleaness can't happen till the people living in that society dont have civil sense
    "" Causing of smoge ""
    Especially in the start of winter , such type of air pollutants are a major cause of smoge
    Especially in Pakistan.Smog has reached a fairly full scale only because of pollution.
    Smoge really cause serious problems especially to asthma patients
    And just due to smoge my family can't sleep comfortably and have to close our every single door and window every year and this really cause suffocation especially gor me to sleep in close room 😥
    "" Precautions ""
    👉🏻 Reduce the use of personal cars
    Instead should use local cars atleast for the sake of healthy winter
    👉🏻 Factories and industries should remain close atleast during the start of winter
    👉🏻 If industries are necessary the pollutants should be filter again again to reduce the risk of smoke
    👉🏻 We should keep our environment clean
    Because just due to global warming climate changes and Pakistan had to face serious disaster ( flood )
    Moreover now many other countries such as Thialand is also facing flood situations
    I really hope for the society people to cooperate with each other in order to live in a healthy environment

    1. I like when you said ''The society in which i live is quite sustainable but not much because in most of the area there are plastic bags, polythene bags, plastic bottles and more even there many cars and bikes in society which are cause of increasing Carbon dioxide and more over increase in global warming warming
      I am not against having cars and bikes but i think there should be everything according to need. people should not be extravagant''.

      1. why do you like it harmonious_passionfruit?

  • Sustainability in Gaza, when we hear this phrase, we always remember the economic living conditions of the Gazan individual, so sustainability in Gaza may target everything related to money, work and others, such as:
    1_ Contribute to building and raising good production chains.
    2_ Enhancing the survival of professionals and businesses in their fields and maintaining their production and source of income stable.
    3- Providing job opportunities for age groups who lose influence and participation in society. 4_ Contribute to the fight against poverty. 5_ Enabling small enterprises and establishments to continue in the field of production and maintain job opportunities.

    1. Absolutely - great point. A sustainable planet also means everyone should live well and have opportunity.

      With regards to your point in (1), do you have any ideas on how we can do that better?

      1. Thank you very much for your question, I certainly have ideas, examples: _Improve the quality of products significantly, which enables people to turn to them clearly
        _Research in people's requirements and work to provide them on an ongoing basis
        Attempting to lower prices people's stuff

  • Our world must be clean and pure, and that this world does not pose a danger to us and our health, but rather must be positive to our health. Therefore, we must be cooperative in the cleanliness of this world, reform it, and poses a positive impact on us, and this is through recycling and preserving the environment. Pollution by not smoking and not throwing garbage in the streets and on the beach

  • Welcome. I see that the trees that used to fill our environment and the world also began to decrease due to the construction of many houses and buildings and everyone noticed this thing and this is very bad because CO2 will spread in the world more and therefore less oxygen will affect humans and animals, especially on human health in that it will cause him diseases and its impact on The animal will be through its death, and it will not benefit the human being, and this will affect everyone in this universe with harm. Therefore, I advise planting the largest number of trees in order to preserve this world from destruction. Save the planet. Thank you.

    1. Thank you eager_atom - great point! Planting trees can be a lot of work - can you think of any ways where we can plant trees more quickly or in more places?

      1. Thank you. There is a way through which trees can be planted without the need for time or effort by making robots that put seeds in the places designated for them This will be programmed inside the robot, as well as making wells, from which water will be supplied to irrigate crops, and certainly this will be under the supervision of agricultural specialists.

  • India is a vast country. And yes, there are lot of difficulties to make people understand about the cleanliness. In our sub urban areas, earlier there use to be huge dustbins installed at the end of every street. Every household use to dump everything there. The dustbins would be full, and all garbage would be strewn across the place. It was also a haven for the stray animals who always look out for something to feed upon.
    One day I witnessed a cow withering in pain because it consumed some plastics around the garbage area. What a horrifying site it was! I had tears watching how that animal was suffering, crying in pain, bleeding! I then understood how as a family we have been a party to such cruelty done to such animals. Since then, in our household, we ensure that all the garbage items are segregated and disposed off safely.
    After collective efforts of the people in the several neighborhoods, now all the garbage bins have been permanently closed! The local municipality collects garbage bags from each household. Every household have to segregate the garbage bags as vegetable wastes, recyclable and non-recyclable. Thus, this system is also helping those end workers who segregate the very many items available in the garbage mound that are created in every town.
    This system introduced in some prominent cities in India has helped to control the strewed garbage. As a country, we have a long way to go in the upkeep of the place. However, I am happy that one good, small step has already been taken towards this direction.

  • In my community, we pick up plastic bottles in large amount in big sucks and we take them for recycling, this helps make our environment cleaner and prevents soil pollution. We also use these plastics to make products of more value like bird feeders, flower vessels and plastic bag baskets. We also make briquettes since they are non-pollutant alternative renewable sources of energy and this enables us to reduce the air pollution in the environment of our community. THIS WAY IT'S MAKING OUR COMMUNITY SUSTAINABLE

  • In my local area, people over pollute the land, water and air in ways like throwing plastics on the land yet people can take them for recycling like in some countries like America where by if you recycle they give some money and this can also be promoted in Uganda to encourage people to recycle, people can also use these plastics to keep in liquids at home or store their stuff in. The government can also employ people who fine those that are found littering because this littering contributes to the easy spread of diseases since germs harbor in such dirty places. Factories produce carbon monoxide in form of gas which can be controlled if people plant trees because they absorb it. On the other hand factories also excrete their wastes into the beautiful seas and people also throw in rubbish and urinate in the seas which contaminates them increasing on the death risks of aquatic animals so the government should advise those factories to stop the pollution and if not acted upon they should shut down the factory.

  • In my local area when you take back any sort of plastic bottles to the companies in return the companies give the person some money. This helps encourage people to recycle their plastics more often. This is not in my local area yet but they are planning that if you by an electric car you pay little to no taxes on it so it also encourages people to switch from fuel consuming vehicles that produce greenhouse gases to electric vehicles that don't produce any kind if greenhouse gas.

  • We have a high chance of living because we have lots of people and people have money the more money the more things we buy the more things we buy the more factories the more factories the higher the chance of living is.
    In fact we have a higher chance of living more then any country in the world.
    isnt more factories supposed to lower our chance of living?

  • Our area is not that sustainable because the more we buy stuff the more factories that are going up and the more factories that go up the more air pollution gets worse. Plus there is a lot of cars where I live so even when the factories going up the cars are destroying our earth to. But the coal produces a lot of black smoke and when the black smoke rises the air pollution is getting worse every single moment.So sometimes people dump there garbage A landfill site, also known as a tip, dump, rubbish, garbage dump, dumping ground, is a site for the disposal of the waste materials. Some changes I think should be made are we need to stop dumping garbage in a landfill cause it’s causing more air pollution and we need to stop leaving cars in the open because the car is making everything worse.

    How do you think we can help our area be more sustainable?

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. Does your school have some sustainable practises? What do you think should be done with all the rubbish if it doesn't go to the dump?

      1. There's a engage club in my school and we talk about Helping out the homeless with a Fundraiser and we talk about giving them food shelter snacks and other good stuff. And we have plants outside we grow plants So i feel like that very sustainable.Things i feel like we should do to be more sustainable are Clean The Environment more.

        What do you think we should do to be more sustainable?

  • in the area some people in the streets that pick up trash and clean. in the world now there is trash and people leave
    water bottles and soda cans on the ground i see trash but not all the time that is because some people pick it up.

    1. Do you think that there's anything that your local area could do to tackle this?

    2. It is true because every time I walk outside I always sees trash.

  • There is an increasing number of of plastic wastes in my local area so they people have decided to use the plastic bottles for planting more crops this way the amount of plastic wastes has reduced and also it has helped to solve the problem of shortage of land for growing food. the people have also reused the bottle top of plastics for making bags which are very attractive. this way they have helped to reduce soil pollution.

    1. These are all very good observations! Can you think of any problems in your local community that need a solution to help become more sustainable?

  • My country really not sustainable for that much people because there are a lot of people in Clayton County,and just because there are a lot of people,there would be more road trips and plane rides everywhere and that is a high chance of adding onto air pollution."Why would there be a chance of adding onto air pollution by that"Well since there would be a lot of road trips and plane rides, the chemical smoke from the exhaustions will pollute the air more than there all ready is so my country really is not sustainable for a lot of people.

  • In my local area, There is a lot of pollution on the ground and even in the trees. Also i see that there are a lot of gas power cars but i never see an electric car so that means that there is a lot of gas going into the air and that is air pollution. Another thing that i see is that there are no recycle bins anywhere in the area. But sometimes I see that some people use more electric things like solar panels. What does your local area look like?

  • Most communities aren't sustainable and they litter a lot and that will make more of every pollution and pollution is not good for people to live and pollution could make new born babies sick."Why does this happen?"It is because all the grills and planes etc. and most places now aren't sustainable.What caused all this in the first place?