#12 - A street near you!

27 November 2020

Skill Description Competition Problem Solving

Winners announced!

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition this week! We were very impressed by the quality of your explanations. The best of the bunch this time are…

clever_atom of Faringdon Community College, who carefully compared the problems and opportunities of a coffee shop, a fish and chip shop and a Tesco during lockdown


discreet_drum of Upton Cross Primary School, who thought about the perspectives of both the staff and customers of Peacocks, a library and Mark One.

Fantastic thinking from you both - well done!

In Session 3 of our Issue about the future of work, we ask you to think about the problems and opportunities that the businesses on Roman Road in London have experienced because of covid-19.

For this week's competition, we would like you to think a little closer to home by telling us about the businesses on a street near you. To enter, you should tell us about problems and opportunities that THREE businesses in your home-town might have experienced because of the pandemic.

Which business might have faced the biggest problems? Which found opportunity? Maybe you know a business that experienced both problems and opportunities? To get you going, here's a structure you could use if you want to:

On a street near me, there is a (insert business here), a (insert business here) and a (insert business here).

I think the business that faced the biggest problems was (insert business here) because...

I think the business that found the best opportunities was (insert business here) because...

TOP TIP: try to choose three very different businesses as this will give you a range of things to consider. For example, you could think about how they make money, if their workers were allowed to work, or whether customers might want their product during a pandemic.

The deadline for entries is Friday November 27th at midday. PLEASE ENTER ONLY ONCE and make sure your work is your own. Good luck!

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  • A street next to me is 'Cheam Common road'. It is having problems as many barbers work there and they are unable to earn money as people are scared of coming in contact with the coronavirus. The workers aren't allowed to work as they come in close contact with the customers hair and the machine they use have been used by other people.

  • Just next to my train station ( which is also having problems because you are not supposed to be having trips that you don’t need) there are lots of newsagents who aren’t able to get many customers because everyone is buying food online.

    1. Although it is not on the same street as the newsagents there is a cinema that is struggling because:
      1. You are not allowed to go to the cinema (obviously)
      2. All the good films have gone on to sky and Netflix

      Similarly, there is a tenpin bowling next to it because:
      1. Lots of people would touch the bowling balls and before they clean it the cleaners would have probably got there jobs.
      2. They would have to miss out some bowling alleys to social distance which means less people bowling.

  • On a street near me, there is a GP, cafe shop and a barbers
    I think the buisness that faced the biggest problem was the Gp because Gp’s are 0aces were people go to find the help they need if they have got a medical issue or there feeling sick. Because of the coronavirus GP’s have had to close down because they are in risk of that places getting the virus quicker. Coronavirus has made lots of Gp’s shut down and they have to reopen at a certain time.
    I think the business that found the best opportunities was the cafe shop because our Prime Minister might let cafe open only for takeaways that way there getting money but with a Gp there not getting money and will probably only get a furlough every month or so.
    Hope you agree with me

    1. Hi decisive_redcurrant, could you provide some evidence to show that GPs had to close down? I would have thought that they were extremely busy during the pandemic and instead, possibly had to adapt how they worked instead of closing.

      1. They had to close down because of the pandemic and that it to risky

  • The pandemic for Kindred Bakery in Whyteleafe has been a window of opportunity when the the local bakers in the village were unable to open .They were able to safely provide general supplies for the community in Whyteleafe. Home delivery service was available for vulnerable or self isolating people.

    The post office in Whyteleafe needed to stay open for the community.However issues arose for example it being a very small shop, there were issues in implementing a one way system whereby people could keep their distance from each other safely. There was also the issue of people not wearing their masks and how to enforce.

    Sharps Barbers
    Sharps is a barbers and due to COVID 19 all barbers have been instructed to close by the government. This has meant financial problems, the barbers still have to pay their rents, bills etc, but have had no income with little or no help from the government.

  • a street near me is Bermondsey street. On this street is St Mary Magdalen's church, a dry cleaners and pound shops. A problem that they all had in common was closing down temporarily because of the lockdown due to Covid-19. They all had to limit the number of people they took in and they all had to make sure face masks were worn at all times. The pound shop and dry cleaners worried about a decrease of money, and how they would be able to keep their shops they are small businesses.

  • a street near me is godstone road it had many problems there because on that road it had lots of shops of food a barbers and other shops and therefor as the pandenic was relised it made a big inpact on the people because only the pharmecey was opened and nobody was going to there shops so they werent geting money so they had to shut there shops down but as it sarted to become less serious they open and lots of people came in there shop

  • On the street near me is A Saint Michaels school, swimming centre and Coffee shop.
    I think the business that is the biggest problem was, The school.
    Schools have faced is the biggest problem in my opinion because. Schools are there to provide kids the best education they could have in their life’s but Because of the Coronavirus our prime minister (boris Johnson) decided that school should not open. In March Schools and places where a lot of people go had to close down and only shops that sells essentials. Could open for only people to buy the things that are important. Up till now, in November schools are still not the same as we have to socially distance, try and stay 2 meter or 1 meter apart from each other. So that’s why I think schools have face the big problem during the pandemic.

    I think swimming centres have also faced a big problem During the virus. Because imagine if there is a huge flood and he didn’t know how to swim and your house was full of water how would you get to safety if there is no way out of the house except for the front door and the front doors by the water is coming in. Also swimming is very good for children and adults health as it can help the agility and they can help the mental health Such as anxiety, depression. Can also help the Hormones In your body That can lead to happiness and well-being. Since swimming, helps some people with anxiety and depression. Then Can’t help people overcome the fear of the virus??

    In my opinion, I don’t think coffee shops is that relevant to what is swimming centre and a school does. Coffee isn’t that relevant during the virus I think we need to think about the more important things and not the things that just are not relevant at this time.
    I think the business that has found the best opportunities were, the coffee shop because you never know they could be allowed to go to work at certain times or to give people takeaway is so that they will not catch the virus. In some shops that I know, they have started to do takeaway instead of people going to sit inside the shop and drink the coffee. I am very happy that you decided to do takeaway is because when you sit in the shop You’re more likely to catch the virus because you’re in contact with loads of other people but since I didn’t take aways it’s more easier because you will be the only one in the shop making the food and given it to the customers instead of you having to go to the customer write the order and take risk of catching the virus.
    Schools on The other hand, have not had as many opportunities as to what a coffee shop earn/gets Because they don’t want children to get the virus and they want to keep children safe. They have not had that many opportunities because, in the school that I go to we are currently not allowed to go on any trips because they want us to keep safe from the virus so I can help our Good. It’s not a fun thing but it’s for a health and safety.

    Swimming centres have not had that many opportunities because, in my opinion if you have the virus and you going swimming in the water all the flames that were on your body will go into the water and somebody else will go into the water and then they will catch the virus and I will keep on going on and on and on. Also sSwimming centres have not had that opportunity because as an example imagine if you’re in the changing room and you finished changing and his touch lots of surfaces in the cubicle such as the door the walls the bench. And somebody else goes in the cubicle and they touch the wall Or the door they could catch the virus from you.
    So I think schools have faced the biggest problems during the virus and coffee shops have had the most opportunities during the virus.
    Hope you do agree with what I am saying

  • In Garlinge high street near my house there is a local bakery, beauticians and a pub. Covid-19 affected all of these businesses in different ways .At the beginning of lockdown sadly all these businesses had to close to public for safety reasons. The pub and bakery were allowed to open because the government said it was safe to but you had to social distance and they had to move the tables so people weren't close to each other. The bakery were able to do take away serves but the beauticians had to wait the longest before reopening because they couldn't stay tow metres away because of the work they did. They tried to carry on making money by selling products online but that wouldn't be anything near what they would earn. Now with the second lockdown they had to close again so this meant they weren't earning enough money. I hope they will reopen again and things will get back to normal.

  • In my street there is a Garage, a Ballet Shop and a Fish and Chips Shop.
    I think the Ballet Shop and the Fish Shop were affected the most because, they had to close down for the whole of lockdown and both of them were really popular before the pandemic.
    I think the Garage wasn't so affected because it was allowed to stay open and, you could still go and fill you car there so I think it was ok during the pandemic.
    The thing they all had in common when more thing started to open was that they all had to limit the numbers in their shops which led to huge lines of people outside their shop.
    Hope you enjoyed!

  • On a street near me there is Screwfix, Tesco and a barber's shop.
    I think the business that faced the biggest problems was the barber's because they were forced to shut during lock down and when they were allowed to open they had to buy lots of safety items and they weren't allowed to have as many people in a day.

    I think the business that found the best opportunities was Screwfix because lots of people were not going to work so they had more time to work on their house.

  • A street near me is Godstone Road. There are three businesses. Jamie's Dry Cleaners, Post Office, and Salisbury's Fish and Chips. I think the business with the most problems was the dry cleaners because the pandemic shut down all non-essential stores and the dry cleaners is a non essential store. The business that had the benefits was the Post Office or Off-licence because it is essential-you need to buy everyday things from that store, and you need to pick up parcels from there.

  • On a street near me there is my Gp , a milkshake shop called Orford Perk and a charity shop called ST Roccos

  • Dale street Is a road near me and has a mass and a school. One thing they have in common is that every where on that
    is road is always busy . Another thing that they have in common is that religious people of all kinds go there

  • 1 Near my street there is a cafe called the 'Whteleafe cafe' the
    the problems this cafe had was that it opened just before lockdown 1 started, and so it might not not of had enough money to keep running!
    they could of got a lot of online orders to attend to, and they will know what to do in a tricky situation.
    2 The 'Radius arms' is a pub and they had to shut down because of Coronavirus, and they have suffered as they have lost the money people would have spent on beer and wine! The opportunities they have had is that he has found out that you he can sell beer, in milk bottles and people can drink can drink them at home!
    3 Lastly there is new kebab shop that opened at the end of lockdown 1,and the cons for that would be that some people might be a bit scared to go to shops at the moment,and the pros would be that competition ( other kebab shops) will have closed during the 1st lockdown and so they could have an easier start!
    All of these 'shops' are on Godstone RD https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.3094277,-0.079827,3a,75y,112.56h,77.45t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s44SieUfi7UuNaoI0X0nXtg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

  • A street near me is green street which has a lot of pound shops and supermarkets,they also have brought sales to support everyone during these times

  • On a street near me, there is a Tesco, a train station and a charity shop.

    Tesco had a problem of many people coming in, and having to place down safety objects like social distancing measures, the checkout glass wall and the queuing. They had an opportunity to make more money with lots more customers.

    The train station had a problem because lots of people were working from home and an opportunity could do some cleaning and maintenance whilst it is quiet.

    The charity shop had a problem that they couldn't open and also people were dumping their clothes on the door way of the shop and the couldn't bring in the donations and sell them to make money. The charity shops in lockdown could do more things online like fundraising and selling things online.

    I think the business that faced the biggest problems was the charity shop because they were not able to open but they still needed to raise funds the help others which could be more needed in lockdown.

    I think the business that found the best opportunities was Tesco because they would be open during in pandemic and sell essential items that would help others and they would make more money.

  • a street near me is tithepit shaw lane . the shop thread bear closed down , due to the pandemic ,co op and a chicken and chips shop as they have less customers.

  • On a street near me, there is a bowling alley, pub and internet providers.

    I believe that the bowling alley has lost customers as they have had to shut down whereas when when the lockdown was over the rules were still restricted and you still were not allowed party's.

    Our local pub has had to shut and may not be able to reopen because they have lost a lot of money and they wont be able to pay staff the right amount of money and their food and drinks will have to be frown away because of how old it is.

    But on the other side, a good thing is that internet providers are getting more money because most people are working from home so they need internet to work and so do children with their school work. Because lots of team activities have stopped lots of people want to play video games and watch YouTube and Netflix.

  • There are three businesses in my area that have went through difficult times because of the Covid19 pandemic:

    A restaurant:
    This restaurant closed its doors at the beginning of the pandemic like many others. They gave away the remaining food they had to charities and stores in the area. But because of that they suffered a great loss of money and had to remain close until the first lockdown finished. When they reopened again they had to make some changes like distancing the tables and allowing a certain number of people in at once. They also offered more delivery services and they made it free to encourage more people to order from home. They started to recover a bit but when the government introduced the 10 o'clock curfew rule they began struggling again and at the moment they have completely switched to delivery service to try to make little profit.

    A martial arts facility:
    This martial arts facility has closed down because of this disease but that still hasn't prevented it from teaching its members. This business has found a way around it by making sure the classes are delivered online which lets the children learn from home without any contact with anybody. Luckily this business has survived and is making roughly the same amount of money they used to make before and still have the same number of members.

    A stadium nearby:
    This stadium has been closed down since the lockdown began and has sacked lots of people in the process. It is now letting around 2000 people in the stands every fixture compared with the 54000 it used to let. Even though there are only that small number of people, there are still some precautions put in place to insure safety. These precautions are that your temperature will be checked before you go in and you are only allowed to go with one other person and the seats will be distanced and you will be given hand sanitizers. This has helped the football club to get money but it is still not enough to recruit the staff members that have been laid off.

    Maybe in the future these business will think of other ways to make profit.


  • On a street near me there is a bakery, a football club and a tesco express. The bakery has has a lot of customers come to get some food because the supermarkets ran out of lots of food because people were panicking and buying all the bread, flour and eggs up.
    The tesco express is small and we had to queue up to wait until we had space to go in and get in the shop.
    The football club has had to change as we can't go to football club at the moment. The football club has lost money as children can't go at the moment.

  • A street near me is Westhall road where there is a shop called the Warlingham Tandoori where they are not aloud people in their shop so they can only have deliveries and that is hard because they need more people to deliver the food.

    There is also a Barbers that can't have anybody in their shop and have had to close. The people that work there will not earn any money. The shop owner will still have bills to pay and it will be very hard for them.

  • On a street near me, there is a Pub, a Coffee shop and a Wholesale bakers. I think the business that faced the biggest problems was the Pub, because it was closed for the entire time of the first lockdown. Even after the lockdown, only a small amount of people were allowed in. I think the business that found the best opportunities was the Wholesale bakers because they opened up their business to produce products for the local's. At the time the didn't sell directly to people, but saw an opportunity to help the local people and keep their business going.

  • On a street near me, there is a (insert business here), a (insert business here) and a (insert business here).

    I think the business that faced the biggest problems was (insert business here) because...

    I think the business that found the best opportunities was Whyteleafe pizza grill because people are unable to eat at a restaurant because of the pandemic

    1. What were the three businesses?

  • On a street near me, there is a Whyteleafe pizza grill, a Vape shop and a Jamie's dry cleaners shop

    I think the business that faced the biggest problems was in the Vape shop because it is always closed and it was never open in the pandemic. The Vape shop falls into a non-essential type of business. I believe that vaping is wrong at this time because people don't need to buy (purchase) vaping equipment. Vaping could potentially spead the virus by blowing smoke around the world.
    I think the business that found the best opportunities was Whyteleafe pizza grill because people are unable to eat at a restaurant because of the pandemic so they order a takeaway instead.

  • On a street near me in Caterham there is a nail beauty shop that has been closed during both lockdowns. They have been effected financially and they have 2 children I hope they still get to celebrate Christmas!

    I think the difficulty that they faced was because they get so close to people when painting nails.

    I think the business that found the best opportunities was East Side because it was originally a small cafe shop but it changed to a small shop to support the community.
    My mummy was a key worker and struggled to get time to go shopping and couldn’t get a food delivery.

    They sold essentials such as bread, milk and eggs as well as some Italian goodies (half my family are Italian so we got a little treat when we could).

    The fact that they changed from selling coffee to ensuring they could help provide for the community made them really helpful!

  • A street near me is 'Green Street' On this street lots of parades happen.This means this Christmas it will be more crowded than ever.What makes it worse are the masks, people with health conditions which make them unable to wear a mask are high risk for the virus.Ill also like to say that nobody wears gloves not even in some shops on Green Street this means if the shop keeper has covid and touches the customers items the customer will likely have covid as well.

  • On a street near me there is the clothes shop (Next) and it is having quite a few problems such as: lots of people not social distancing in the queue and you have to do click and collect that everyone is annoyed about. (I think shops shouldn’t even be open in the first place. And because know one is social distancing if one person had covid that person will spread it to the other person then it will spread again to another person on and on and on

  • On our street there is a small shop that had to close because of lockdown and his shop got robed during that time but he is now working from that and making his shop bigger so he is using that as an opportunity to make his shop better.

  • In a street near me there is a supermarket and because some people near the supermarket have started to use online shopping for food so the supermarket is decreasing in money

  • On a street near me there is; a fish and chip shop, a post office and a Chinese take away shop. ( the fish and chip shop only does take aways ). There are more but I keep these in mind. All of them have no problems because take aways people still use and buy from. The post office has no problems either because most people need to send packages and letters, and buy stamps and cards. I will include the businesses that struggle in this current pandemic. Car M.O.T., beauty stylist and country club. They all struggle. I am going to list why below.
    1. Nobody is going anywhere so we don't need an M.O.T.
    2. Nobody can go to a Beaty stylist because we can't touch.
    3. Nobody can go to public events so there won't be any people.
    If people were allowed to go to these businesses then more people would catch COVID-19 and it would spread.

  • On my street there is a corner shop and during lockdown they got robed and they have shut down and are nocking down the walls.the hair dresers and the barbers can’t be in buisnis because you can’t go to get your hair done while coved is still here. So you mite have to order hair sisters on line to cut your own hair at home so boys and girls have much longer hair because they can’t get it cut.lockle business like coffee shops have been out of buisnis because they normally sell cake and they have to touch the cake with rubber gloves but even rubber gloves can’t stop coved or we would be normal but just weren’t ruber gloves. So all of these buisnisess can’t do there job because of how they have been affected during coved-19.

  • i have a bp near me if it and more of them cloased it woad be really bad because all my shops near me are really important such as shops petrall some of them can close but if they all did like once my mum all most ran out of fuel but the Bp was just there

  • On a street near me there is a co op bp garage and the pharmacy I think the pharmacy will be extended. The garage might shut and the co op might stay the same. This is my opinion not yours don't let it throw you off. BYE

  • On a street near me, there is a local food takeaway place called Suttons and they sell bacon rolls and fresh food but they also sell food that are normally in a supermarket. There is also a Co op near me and there is a petrol station near me too. I think that Suttons has an opportunity because a lot of people go there for fresh food or things like eggs or rolls. I think Co op has an opportunity and a problem. For opportunity I think that Co op has an opportunity because it's local and people need more food as you are not going out just to go to a restaurant because of coronavirus they might as well get it from the local shop. For problem, it's a problem because if coronavirus gets worse then you can't go to shops and then no one would come there due to the coronavirus restrictions and if no one is coming then you might not have anough money to pay for your bills. I think that the petrol station might have a problem because people don't go out too often because of restrictions and you won't use your car so you want have to fill it up that often.

  • Dominos:

    It is an opportunity for dominoes because in lockdown people are not bothered to cook as much and they can not go to restaurants so they get takeaway more than they did before the pandemic.

    Hair dresser:

    I think it is a problem for a hair dresser because during the pandemic they have to close. It can also be bad for the customers to because they can do hair at home but you would prefer to sit in a nice seat drinking a drink and being left alone.


    I think B +Q is an opitunity because people have a lot more spare time now during the pandemic so they will be looking at thing for there house.

  • A place near me could be Instead of sainberrys it could be a pet shop , instead of a post office it could be a home decoration shop and instead of a play area it could be a sweet shop they started of with sainberrys ,post office and a play area

  • there is a post office a shop and a kebab shop about five minutes away

  • The shops near me is Tesco Wich I think it is a best thing because you can get food but also it is not the only food you can get so like a takeaway and also you can order it online and buy the food online.
    Clothes shop:
    A clothes sho is a good thing because while the lockdown you can buy clothes online and get it in a package which is a good thing so you can't go and get it.
    That is a biggest problem because covid you can not touch people hair so the hair dresser had to close and people not might be a good hairdresser so that is a problem
    And that is my reason why they should be a bigger problem and a good thing.

  • On a street near me, there is a fish and chips shop, a café and a pizza shop.
    I think the business that faced the biggest problems was the café because they had to close down because they only could do eat-in and not take away or drive through.
    I think the business that found the best opportunities was the fish and chip shop because it was already a popular shop and they could do deliveries.

  • Ok, so, there are:
    Pharmacy, Shop and Chip Shop.
    Chip Shop: They have closed down, but are still running (takeaway, online etc.)
    Pharmacy: People can't get medicine, but now they have opened again!
    Shop: Like Chip Shop, They have closed. But, you can do it online.

  • 1. Near me is a Morisons. Morisons is a shop so it could benefit by people panic buying. Could also increase the risk of covid
    2. kabab shop. has to close but can order online.
    3.chinese shop cant deliver and had to close

  • A street near me is home to many wonderful shops; one of which is called ‘ Hermanz ze German’ . It is a fabulous german shop that provides succulent bratwursts ( even writing about it makes my tummy rumble and my tastebuds salivate in anticipation!) Herman ze German is a small business and like many small buisnesses, has been harshly affected by lockdown. Tragically, the restaurant has been forced to shut down forever, its company is bankrupt caused by loss of customers due to covid-19.

    Another shop near me - a print shop - has also been affected by this wretched virus . This is very unfortunate as a print shop is able to turn a family’s beloved memories into hard copy relics. This small shop has also regrettably, had no choice but to close for the time being.

    Lastly, all of the pubs are being really badly hit by this frustrating pandemic and some may not come back from this. The pubs are a busy environment and usually quite cramped, most friends come to socialize there and mostly come into close contact with everyone else there.

    I think that the business that faced the biggest problems are the pubs, as it is impossible to remain in your own individual bubble.

  • This is my view, hope you consider.

    On the street close to me there is a Kebab Van, a Mechanic and a Tesco shop. In this comment, I will explain everything including all the pros and all the cons in detail. The first business that I want to mention is the Kebab Van. It would be a fairly easy thing to explain as the ordering system is still the same (you can phone in or wait in a queue). This means that business would be good or more or less the same, but there are still some differences including; the queue being social distanced (two metre spaces), masks mandatory (for both the costumers and the owner) and a level of cleanliness that the owner would need to uphold (all surfaces to be continuously wiped, gloves worn while handling food etc...). The next business that I want to mention is the Mechanic shop. This shop would have to put loads of new policies to help stop the spread including; the car to be cleaned and washed as soon as it is dropped in, a mandatory mask needs to be worn when doing anything inside the car ect... The last business that I want to mention is the Tesco Shop. This is the most obvious one in which most people will know. They have the social distancing and mandatory masks.

    Thank you for reading, hope you consider.


  • this is the third time i tried sending my comment after having spent alot of effort of time each time, but lately every time i send my comment i keep getting an error messages back and each time it lost my comments.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that, discreet_drum! Try highlighting and copying your comment before you click send. That way, if you get an error message, you can just paste the comment again.

      1. Thanks for responding!
        I'll try that next time

  • On a street near me is Tesco,s t is about 10 min away

    you really need to be careful

    This could happen to you

    Run over

    not social distancing or wearing face mask


    getting robbed

    the good thing is at Tescos you can buy stuff and give to charity

    A place near me is a post office

    you can get electrocuted

    you can get robbed

    The good thing about a post office is you can send mail

    A place near me is a school 15 min away

    the bad stuff are

    you can get hurt

    people can make you feel bad

    and they can feel unsafe

    but the good things are you can get more education

    you can make friends well

    if you are new people will help you a lot!

    1. Hi jovial_eel, the competition this week is thinking about how businesses have faced challenges or opportunities due to the covid_19 pandemic. Which of your chosen businesses have faced the most challenges or opportunities?

  • Three shop's near me are

    MY barbers


    And a waitrose garage
    I feel bad for the garage because they have not had alot of people going in there because of the pandemic so it is very hard to earn money with no one coming in to the shop to buy anything. If then if they have no money being payed to them then they can't pay the bills to stay open .

    Tesco's are very busy because everybody needs food so they have been getting a lot of money .

    My barbers were told to shut because it wasn't safe to cut people hair, so he didn't earn any money i hope he is ok

  • A local pub near me is doing a click and collect for roast dinners and definitely helped me throughout lockdown 1, its called The Rat Trap

    1. Could you explain how this is an opportunity or a challenge for The Rat Trap?

  • Shops Near me are:
    The Chippy,
    Travis Perkins,
    Leisure centre,
    Local Businesses.

    All of the above have suffered Dire Money Problems over Lockdown and have only really pulled through until now, the Local Chippy has been well known, but they had to close because of the second lockdown and the Money problems will unfortunately continue to pile.

    Travis Perkins have had to close due to the 1st lockdown and its supplier's issues.

    The Leisure Centre has had to close over the 1st wave of COVID because it is a gym, a Swimming Area, School Grounds, Squash courts and Party Rooms, it is a venue used by a lot of the community and is such a shame.

    I live in a small market town were there are lots of small local businesses, these are the businesses that have suffered the most through the pandemic as they have, so much and rely so much on the community.

  • on a street near me there is a medical practice a school and a café I think the café would have suffered the most because of the pandemic.

    1. Can you explain why, hopeful_language?

  • I live close to stratford this would effect all the people who work in the shopping mall and all the people who work in off licences this is because during the coronavirus we are not able to shop or go out alot like we use to do,if the shop owners don't get money or customers they might go out of business which is not good during corona time because it is really hard to find another job and learn how you do it and it might not be the same amount that they used to get which really affects them because if they got less money from before they have to work out how much money do they need to pay their rent and their tax and to feed themselves and their family which is hard so they would have to work full time everyday.
    thanks for listening hope you understood my points :)

    1. I edited your comment slightly to take out the information about where you live for your online safety. Please do not share personal information on the Hub!

  • On a street near me, there is a corner shop, a gas station and a food shop.
    I think the food shop would be effected the most due to the pandemic because not many people would like to go there as most people now just order things from online. I also think the gas station will be effected because if there is another lockdown not many people will be driving so the whole place will be empty.

  • On a street near me, there is a coffee shop, a fish and chip shop and a Tesco.

    I think the business that faced the biggest problems was the coffee shop because no-one was allowed to go to get coffee and cakes and it really affected their income. As they use locally produced goods, their suppliers had to stop working and so they didn't get the goods to sell. They did manage to open for takeaway a bit after the lockdown, but when the second lockdown started, they had to shut again. Not many people could go out of their house, even after lockdown, and so the takeaway wasn’t extremely popular. The lockdown has really affected this shop and threatened its chances of staying open.

    I think the business that found the best opportunities was either the fish and chip shop or the Tesco. I think that the Tesco gained more customers as they are within walking distance to all over town and as people weren’t allowed to drive, they had to walk if they didn’t get online shopping slots. People couldn’t go to their usual supermarket (if it wasn’t this Tesco) and so had to shop a bit closer to home.

    The fish and chip shop also saw an opportunity during lockdown as it started doing deliveries. One of the bad things about this shop previously was that on busy nights, it would be crowded and you would have to wait for ages in a small room with lots of other people. Another disadvantage was that there would never be any parking spaces near it and you would have to walk all the way from the edge of town to the centre. As some of the other food shops in town have not been able to start delivery service, the fish and chips shop has had a massive advantage over most of the other food shops.Starting delivery has made this shop more successful as it has increased the number of customers, removed some of the previous disadvantages, and created a better way to get fish and chips.

    Not everything has been good, however, for the fish and chip shop. They no longer get a rush of customers after big events in town, which boosted their income, and as the big events are no longer happening they do not get very many more customers on one night than another.

  • On a street near me is an Indian restaurant, they have been struggling during lockdown but before lockdown they were doing amazingly by being really busy but during lockdown ,like nonessential shops, they have had to close down it was hard for them. Before the second lockdown they rearranged their restaurant so that people could get a takeaway, it has changed massively so that people can be safe.

    On a street near me is the Co-op. They would have not been struggling and would have been ok since everyone was rushing to shops since all the home deliveries were taken. Most things were sold out so they would have been making a lot of money but on the other hand people are risking their life's going out to shops and seeing people so it is not the safest way to get food.

    On a street near me is a football club, this is the club I go to. The coaches, the players everyone was struggling. I love football and it was/is a shame I couldn't/can't go to my sessions until a week. The manager was struggling because he had to pay rent for the place were we play where we weren't playing and he was the one responsible for getting our new kit!

  • My street I am writing about is Guildford because I has a butchers shop , cafe and a new agent . The butchers got effected by only be to do deliverys to people. The café was effected by in the first wave of lockdown they had to shut down until the restrictions were lifted a bit. The newsagent was shut down until October. This goes to show how devastating it could be for small local businesses.

  • For local shops:
    They have more costemas, they have to sell more food
    For non local shops,
    They have less costemas

  • A business down my road is a Indian Resturant called "Amish". Before lockdown they were already suffering from lots of different things like pluming and boiler issues. They were planning to close for a period of time for revamping but due to corona virus that wasn't possible. The shop had been there for over 18 years now so it would've been a real shame to throw it all away. Luckily, the citizens in the area supported to business by donating money. It still wasn't enough to pay for everything and due to social distancing they would fit many people in it so in the end they have decided to turn it into a Indian and takeaway instead. It looks much nicer inside, bussnis has been booming and it still follows al of the government guild lines.

  • I have a co op near me and I think that after lockdown it will not be doing as good as people over lockdown have seen the possibilities in small local shops as sometimes the stuff that the small local shops sell are sometimes cheaper and you can walk to them Wich would give you fresh air, exercise and you would save money on patrol or diesel. I have another shop near me which is called Nisa it is a very small shop that you can easily walk to and a while before lockdown had a small car park that they then brought it and then took quite a big risk by making it their shop a bit like the shop owner.

  • The three business's I have chosen are the chemist, the barbers and the post office.
    During the Covid 19 pandemic each business has had to adapt to the new restrictions. The chemist as an essential shop has been open throughout the year and has made a few changes to the way the shop operates. Only two people are allowed in the shop at the same time and social distance markers have been placed on the floor.
    At the barbers, the shop has had to close during lockdown and when it has been allowed to open it can only have a maximum of two clients at a time.
    The post office has been open all year but now has a one way queuing system and plastic barriers between the shop worker and the customer. It also has social distancing markers on the floor and hand sanitiser at the entrance.
    The barbers has lost money during the year, as it has had to close and limit customers when open. The other two shops have had to spend money on setting up for new restrictions but at least have remained open. I feel sorry for the barbers shop.

  • Hi BNC,
    ingenious_forest here.
    This is my entry to this week's competition:
    I live in a very small village, so I do not have any small businesses there, but I do have some others in mind.
    The local cycling club - The Farcycles - have opened up a little bike shop called ReCycles, and surprisingly- because more people were getting physical over lockdown, they had a lot more business. This was really good for them, and me! They wanted to sell bikes in there, and I wanted a new bike. So, I did up some bikes so that they could sell them, and the money that they get will go towards the overall price of the new bike!
    In Faringdon - the town where this new shop has opened - there is a self-owned barbers shop. I think that this industry has been hit hardest by the pandemic. Obviously, the money they make is from haircutting; during lockdown, not very many people were getting haircuts, and I think this really affected their business.
    Finally, I have one last business/shop in mind; Boots.
    As you will all know, Boots is the biggest chemists business in the UK. I think that during lockdown, their business would have been booming! So many people would be wanting Paracetamol or Ibuprofen to combat COVID-19 in case they got it, that the overall earnings will have shot up!
    I hope you consider these points,

  • The Shell Garage in Whyteleafe- they were allowed to stay open during lockdown but they had to wear face masks and they had to put in screens. however some people refused to wear face masks and didn't social distance because it was a small shop.

    Whyteleafe Grill- they were able to produce takeaways and didn't have to close. However they chose to close for a few months because they got some money from the government. A problem they have is that some people choose to pay with cash instead of a card and if they have Covid then it could pass on.

    Lorimers in Caterham- They had to close in lockdown so they stopped getting money but because of that then they may not be able to pay the rent and have to close forever. They had the opportunity to make lots of money when they opened because everyone wanted to get toys to play with and because they were bored of their old toys.

  • The three businesses I can think of near where I live, have been affected due to the pandemic.

    Peacocks clothes shop - were already doing badly during the first lockdown, that they have now gone bankrupt and the people who work there will lose their jobs from so many of their branches. People are not spending as much as they would have as they're not going out a lot like before and they are ordering online too. It may be a good and bad experience for people, as some of them might be lucky to get a new job in another place different from what they have worked as before and some will have not enough money to keep their family and house running.

    My local library - i miss going to my library to borrow books, and every Saturday they usually have all kinds of fun activities like art and craft, lego bricks, movie times. During school holidays they always had fun and entertaining activities but now they are closed, people cant visit the library and borrow books. And its bad for the staff who work there too as they have to stay at home with no jobs and no voluntary work as well.

    Mark One - is a discount clothes shop where they sell high street brand clothes at very low prices. They were always busy as people liked going to that shop to but alot of things for very less price. Their staff will also suffer not having their shops open.

    I think Peacocks have suffered the most because they are actually closing down because they’re bankrupt so all those people who work there wouldn’t get any money and they wouldn’t have a job either and it’s hard to get a job during covid-19 and lockdown, while the library and Mark One or other shops are just closed until the second lockdown is finished.

  • On a street near me, there is Tesco, A school, a coffee shop and a police station.

    I think the businesses that faced the biggest problem was the coffee shop because it had to shut down because of the Pandemic. Even though Tesco did change a little, the coffee shop has faced the biggest problem because they make their money by selling drinks but because of the pandemic, loads of people would probably stay at home.

    Another business that has faced the biggest problem are schools. Schools have had to be forced to shut down because of Lockdown. I think that is really bad because kids will not be able to get their education unless it's virtual or on the internet. Even if it is virtual or on the internet, children could have still had better education so they can become someone big in the future. Just keep in mind that some schools have opened however they still have to social distance and try to stay 2 meters apart. So that's why I think schools have faced a big problem during Lockdown.

    I think the business that had the most opportunities is Tesco. Even though there has been loads of changes to the world, people have to go out to get some food otherwise they will get hungry and starve. It is very important that people are allowed to get food from Tesco so that's why the government allowed all the supermarkets to stay open (while wearing a mask).

    Another job that has a lot of opportunities is being a police officer. Police officers have to work because there has to be somebody in the world to stop crime. Just because there is Lockdown doesn't mean that the criminals are going to stop crime. We need police officers. They are heroes. They are also social workers so that's why they have to work. They work to keep the world safe. To keep us safe!

    Thank you so much for reading! I know I wrote Four businesses instead of Three but it's because It was really difficult for me to choose. 😂🥺🥺

  • eager_reflection here,
    On a street near me there is a pub called The Gander, a barbers called The Parade Barber, and a Tesco Extra, which is a supermarket.

    The Gander pub had to close down due to the pandemic, and workers didn't receive money they would have got if they were in business. It resulted in some of their beer to be wasted and thrown away, and they also had to furlough staff. When the lockdown measures were eased in the summer, people began to come back to the pub, so they earned a little bit of money before this second lockdown. They had to invest money in making their premises COVID safe. During the tier system, they had to shut their pubs by 10 o'clock in the evening, so that reduced income from their business. An opportunity they could have is that they could do deliveries of drinks, and that could also become useful in the future.

    The Parade Barbers also had to close down, and didn't get customers. Lots of people flooded in when measures were eased and had to wait outside because of social distancing rules. Staff had to wear PPE when people started coming back to their shop and had to be very careful when cutting people's hair, as they are in close contact with different people.

    The Tesco was open throughout the pandemic to supply people with their food. Inside the store, there is a pharmacy, who provided essential medication to the community. The store had to recruit more staff to cope with the high demand. At the beginning of the pandemic, they had to deal with lots of people panic-buying. This caused entire shelves to be emptied, not leaving anything for key workers after their shifts. This was a problem until people stopped panic-buying because the supermarket adapted by limiting the number of high demand items you could buy. An opportunity they had was that they expanded their online delivery service, particularly to the most vulnerable group.

    I think that the business that faced the most problems was the Parade Barbers, because they couldn't get much money during the pandemic. I think the business that faced the most opportunities was Tesco, because they learned how to adapt to a pandemic, at the same time getting new business.
    Thanks for reading my comment.

  • On a street near me , there is a barber shop and a hairstyle supplies shop.
    I think the business that faced the biggest problems and opportunities was the barber shop a relative works there and he told me that they had lots of opportunities and problems. On the last day before lockdown, they had so many customers; they couldn't have a rest. But on the other side , they had to shutdown since it's not an essential shop, so all the employs had to stay home. So I guess it went uphill then downhill.
    The supply shop has faced the biggest problem. Since they live in the flat above they really don't have to travel to work. For all of lockdown they have been closed which is sad, because I loved their hair ties. So hopefully, later in the year they will be back in business.

  • Near my street, there is:
    A Chinese Food Store (Longdan on Walworth Road) - They weren't doing very well at all during the first lockdown and even now. This is because of racism, stereotyping and many people thinking the products in that store have Coronavirus since they were imported from China. I visit the store sometimes to get some food with my parents so usually I see quite a few people there before the pandemic but the pandemic has basically changed the way they operate. There's not many people in their store now, but luckily they are still open.

    iStyle on Walworth Road - iStyle is a barber shop. They've been closed the entire lockdown and only opened mid-august. There used to be lots of people queuing to get a haircut at that place but now there's usually around 2 people every 30 minutes. And now because of the second lockdown, they closed just 2 months after finally reopening to the public.

    Resturaunts like McDonalds etc. - They were open for takeaway, dine in during the end of lockdown and takeaway again, but since they have less staff, they operate on a limited menu, everyone must wear masks and social distance. So people don't usually have the food they were hoping to get.

    The worst affected for me is Longdan because racism and stereotyping just isn't right. And the fact that people think that the shop has COVID-19 everywhere is just bad. Staff are loosing their jobs and that business is loosing a lot of money more than the others.

  • On a street near me,there is a library and I think it might be hard for them as if they opened up they couldn't have people touching all the books and as it's small it would only be able to have around 10 people in the library at one time and every time a book is returned the would have to clean the books or isolate them for two weeks.

  • The nearest shop is "JUST EAT"
    JUST EAT is a shop that steals delicious restaurants including( McDonalds', KFC, Subway)
    JUST EAT also sells pizza in any kind( cheese, pepperoni, burger, and more)
    what I think about JUST EAT is that it is the biggest restaurant in the entire world.

  • On the street near me, there is a pub, shop and a fish and chip shop. The pub is in the worst position because thy have to shut down.

  • On a street near me, there is a MacDonald but when it went in lockdown it had close because they didn't have the right thing's to use and because the level of cases of covid-19 rised so it had to close but before lockdown tones of people would take up all of the parking place so we would have to go through the drive thru but now the queue goes up to the outside

    On my street as well is a pub, before every night people would go to it and make a lot of noises but now its very quiet
    when I pass I see them cleaning the tables after every person and wearing gloves

  • Near my house there is a shop and it is a really good shop it is a clothes shop for kids and it has had to shut down.

  • on a street near me my mum works at a pharmicy and she has worked so hard that she has got a week off and my dad i hardly even see my dad because he goes to work at maybe 6 30 and comes home at 7 00 and im usally at my nans so i dont get to really see him and there is a candy shop opisite my mums work so when i see him he gives my mum some money so we can get some sweets

  • On a store near me there is a restaurant, a convenience store and a beauty salon.

    I think the business that found the best opportunities was the convenience store because more people would come there to buy their essentials than they would, before the pandemic. This is because larger retailers and supermarkets would've ran out more often with their stock as some people were panic buying, so convenience stores would've been the next best option.

    The business that faced more problems was the restaurant because lockdown caused most restaurants and cafes to close down, so this stopped cash flow for the restaurant. This suggests they could've permanently shut down and the business would've struggled with profits. In fact the overall sales of pub, bar and restaurant groups decreased to -57.6% at the beginning of lockdown. On the other hand, the restaurant near my street still had a delivery service, which means they still would've had some income coming through.

    In my opinion, I think the beauty salon had to overcome the most problems because unlike restaurants and stores, the service being provided isn't necessarily a product, but rather cosmetic treatments on a person. This means that no customers would've been coming in because close contact services were told to stay closed during lockdown. This makes me reflect on the workers who would've struggled, having to find other jobs for the time being. For example, my grandmother is a nail technician and that is her main field of work so she struggled in finding other part time jobs to support her financially.


  • A street near me has the businesses Tesco, an Elderly home and a Pharmacy.
    A shop near me is called Tesco, due to the pandemic people are no longer allowed to leave their houses. This means that Tesco would have financial difficulties because they won’t be selling as many products, but then this would also mean that they wouldn’t have to spend as much money buying things into the shops to sell. However the pandemic would have a positive effect on a shop like this because customers might think that because we’re going into lockdown that they have to panic buy, this means there will be high levels of sales within he industry, this would also result in the company running out of stock at times which could have a negative effect on the business. A shop like Tesco also sells all types of goods which would also result in high levels of sales because they are one out of a few businesses that have stayed open.
    Another place near me is an old people’s home and due to the pandemic this could result in the elderly not having the resources to be able to go to the shops. The elderly also might not have the strength or bravery to go to the shops or out at all because the CoronaVirus is more effective when it is in contact with older people. The pandemic would also have a negative effect on the service users within the facility because they wouldn’t have been able to see their families during lockdown.
    The third shop near me is a Pharmacy and the Coronavirus could effect this place because the Pharmacy helps people to get better but people who a vulnerable could catch the Coronavirus easier then other people, people might be scared to go out because they are already vulnerable.

  • On a street near me, is Tesco and I think that they are having problems because lots more people are getting delivery to be safe and they have to work more and it is really tough.

    The hairdressers/barbers: because you can't touch people and their hair, they are closed.

    Another place is my local swimming centre because they are closed at the moment and every Monday I would g swimming and have so much fun but now we can't.

    Another thing is during the time, lots of people are loosing their jobs.

  • Tescos stayed open because it sells essential items and you have to wear a mask now.
    The opticians was closed unless emergency appointments.
    The card shop had to close and lots of money lost and people may have lost their jobs.

  • Near me I have a KFC, coffee and creams and a bakery.

    I think that coffee and creams would have the biggest problem because they had to shut at the first lockdown and it is just a small, inside shop that sells lots of delicious food drink and much more.

    KFC has not shut down much and has mostly been serving take away in lockdown and has always done that. I love KFC!

    The bakery is shut and has been shut quite a bit in lockdown. It dose not sell much, but has cookie that I devour in seconds. It is very small.

  • In my street there is a cafe and a school next to me.
    Like many other schools this school had to be shut down in lockdown and that slowed down the progress the children were already making in Lockdown. They had to do virtual or internet classes and like many of us they had gotten distracted and didn't focus if it was face to face. Now we are in our second lockdown the little children are struggling to follow the guidelines.
    This cafe had just opened recently before lockdown and was really starting to boost up its profile. However due to lockdown it all had to shut down and it wasn't even open after lockdown as it was too small so the owners decided to keep shut down. They lost a lot of money and they still are. This Lockdown has made them suffer financially.

  • reflective_artic_fox here, this is my competition entry.
    Near a street near me (Guildford Road) is Boots Pharmacy, the Co-op, and a church called All Saints' in Lightwater.

    Boots Pharmacy all over England has been affected by the pandemic, but according to the Government's new rules on which services are allowed to run and which aren't, Boots is allowed to continue trading their products in most businesses. However, Boots has temporarily closed 60 stores because of a lack of footfall (customers), particularly stores located in airports, stations and city centres. That could be a problem, since already 60 stalls have been closed, and decreasing amounts of buyers can be quite detrimental, particularly money-wise. The pharmacy has been affected not as severely as other businesses, but quite badly, since anyone could believe that anyplace can contain coronavirus, and since Boots might have to treat patients-or try and find a cure-people might be wary of it.

    The Co-op have had to be more careful, since The coronavirus outbreak caused very high demand for their free home delivery service and many more, such as funeral care, insurance and prescriptions. The shop is open, but they have had to adjust. An example of this is that most of their employees were face-mask. Similar to Boots, they also have a Pharmacy. Co-op Health uses technology to link directly into people's GP system. Now, if you place an order through their mobile app or a their website, your GP receives a notification in their system, and can approve your order. I think that they also have a rule that there is only allowed to be one or two shoppers, not a whole family of them.

    For All Saints' church, they have also had to adapt to current issues, as such demonstrated by online Teams meetings to host some school assemblies, instead of going there. The Church is currently open for private prayer during the daytime each day except for Friday, with social distancing. It is scheduled that on the 2nd December it will reopen communal worshiping to the public.

    Overall, I think that the one that faced the most problems was the Pharmacy, since they could have much less customers, and had to remain open during the pandemic, when some shops didn't, so it sort of increases the strain. I think that the business that faced the most opportunities was between the co-op and the church. The Co-op because it has all these items that are usually limited, and the Church because they could have prayers about preventing the virus.