#9 - Acrostic Poem

06 November 2020

Skill Description Competition Creativity

Winners announced!

Thank you for all of your fantastic entries to our competition this week! Our winners this time are...

candid_hyena of Cheam Common Junior Academy, who wrote a highly effective poem that showed their own hopes and dreams about work


ethical_song of New Horizons Children's Academy, who creatively used their poem to explain how all workers play a part in a community.

Your challenge is to write an acrostic poem for the word WORK. An acrostic poem is where you put the title word down the side and write a line starting with each letter, for example...

Where people go each day to earn money




See more examples here!

Our Issue is going to focus on jobs and how people earn a living (like when we say someone "goes to work") but you can interpret the word in any way you like!

We're looking for poems that are original, full of creativity and share what the idea of WORK means to you. You might also want to include examples of work, or and advantages and disadvantages of work.

The deadline for entries is Friday November 6th at midday. PLEASE ENTER ONLY ONCE. Good luck!

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