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07 April 2022
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Winners Announced!

enchanted_mandarin of Makini Academy in Kenya, who chose Picture D and said that women having fewer job opportunities was a bit like women having missing rungs in a ladder


efficient_explanation of Jabalia Prep Girls A School in Occupied Palestinian Territory, who chose picture B and explained that society needs both men and women for it to work properly, just as cogs work together in a machine.

Great comparisons, both of you!

The Competition

We have seen lots of great discussions about gender bias happening - both on the Hub and in your classrooms - so for this week's competition, you're being given a chance to reflect on your learning.

Your challenge is to choose which ONE of these pictures best sums up your conversations about gender bias.

You should tell us the letter of the picture you have chosen and explain how it links to what you've been talking about.

Picture A: a man and a woman standing on opposite cliff faces with a huge gap between them. Picture B: two cogs working together, one with the word "MALE" and the other with the word "FEMALE" etched into them. Picture C: 12 people all have their Picture D
Top Tips
  • Read the other competition entries first and try not to repeat someone else's idea
  • Make your entry personal to YOU
  • You could structure your entry like this: "I have chosen picture A/B/C/D. This picture sums up the conversations I have been having about gender bias because... ."

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  • I have chosen picture “B” it seems to be a conclusion of all what we we discussed about gender bias, because it shows the for both to work they need each other, if one of them is not there, then the other is workless, and this proves the idea of perfection, that a man and a woman can't be perfect by themselves they need each other to achieve this perfection and work normally.

  • I have chosen picture C. This picture sums up the conversations I have been having about gender bias because it emphasizes that no one can work alone. I won't say behind every great man there is a woman. I'll say men and women complete each other and together they can make the impossible possible.

  • Optional was the picture d.
    Where the picture explains the suffering of women to reach the obstacles they want and not to receive any support, unlike men who receive support in any step for them.

  • I have chosen picture D, since it sums my conversations about gender bias. As shown, the man's stairs to success has smaller steps so that he crosses them easily and rapidly, while the woman's stairs has wide gaps between the steps to make it for her more difficult and challenging to reach her top. Thus, this is how men and women are in society, women has way more challenges that men so it's way more difficult for them to be on top.

  • I chose 'D' because it seems that there is an easier ladder to climb for the man than the woman as the gaps between the steps are farther.

  • I am choosing 'D'.
    This sums up the conversations I have been having about gender bias because even though we have different colour skin, doesn't mean we have to be treated differently at all. This also tells us that we can all work together to achieve things that we all want to do and not just of one person's. No matter what our personality or appearance is like, we are not allowed in any way to judge that person because of something that they cannot control in the first place.

  • I have chosen picture 'D' This sums up he conversations i have been having about gender bias because the picture itself, shows the male character's ladder having more rungs than that of the female's ladder. This can represent the prejudicialness towards women for they sometimes tend to have less job opportunities.

  • I have chosen picture C. The picture sums up the conversation l have been having about gender bias because the people in the picture are not discriminating against each other but working together as a team . Both white and black people are together , this signifies unity .

  • I have chosen picture C because it all about our discussion on gender equality we have to practice gender equality by treating males and females equally. We must treat both of them equally without any biases

  • I chosen the picture"D" because it reflects the comparison between the path to success between a man and a woman. The ladder to success for a woman is more difficult and obstacles than a man.

  • I chose the picture "B" because the man and the woman with their union form the life cycle, as the teeth of the clock complement each other; to form the rotation of the hour, because life was created and formed between two, the man and the woman, by taking the necessary steps for a happy and dignified life for both parties.

  • I chose picture (A) This picture summarizes that the gap still exists in the conversations I have about gender bias, and has not achieved the full equality that civil society and human rights organizations seek. Efforts to achieve fair gender equality must be increased. Awareness and gathering recommendations on the best and most successful ways to accelerate progress and bridge the gap to achieve gender equality...

  • I have chosen picture D. For the last few decades, the gender bias has reduced but there are still some gaps and flaws, especially in the working environment but also inside families. Picture D represents gender bias as men can get a job much easier at better salary and get promoted faster. Whilst a women struggles to maximise her full potential. In addition, men have to take "smaller steps up the ladder" to reach their goal therefore it is much easier to reach senior management roles. On the other hand, women find it harder to be promoted in senior roles ( advance on the career ladder) due to having " less steps supporting them. " Of course, I mean this in a metaphorical way as the steps supporting these women could potentially be parents or society.

  • I chose ~B~ because it sums up my belief in gender bias.
    I think that the man will be weak if he is alone, and the woman will also be weak when she is alone too.. In order to address this problem, men and women must unite with each other to become stronger and able to perform any duty or job, and as they said in the popular proverbs (with his union the coal is ignited and by dispersal it is extinguished )
    We must hold together and cooperate with each other and stay away from prejudice in all its forms so that we can obtain what we want from the strength we want. Women are half of society and men are also half of society.💕

  • I will choose the number D because it represents a lot of what we face in our social, scientific and intellectual lives that society facilitates many things and makes the simplest of what it has to achieve success and place it for men, who must leave all difficult areas of life for men to achieve, while women, whether in Arab or Western societies, make it difficult to A woman’s reaching her goal and achieving her goals, then placing many obstacles in the face of this woman to prevent her from achieving her dreams and advancing them.

  • I chose the picture B, because i think it reflects everything i think and learned about gender, that neither of them is perfect so they complete each other so life can go on!
    But, Regardless of how perfect and right this image feels like, but i think it's weirdly connected to the picture A, because it shows that even if women and men are important for each other, they are still separated and far away from becoming one or equal.
    So unfortunately, the picture i chose (b) reflects my thoughts but it's not factual or true yet, i hope it becomes that one day, though.

  • I have chosen picture D. This picture sums up the conversations I have been having about gender bias because for female people, they have to take big steps and a lot of hard work to be able to achieve the best as they are treated differently. For men, they will find that they can achieve the best easily as they are treated better than females.

  • I choose "C" because in this world their is nothing team work can not do whether you are in a time of crisis or not.
    In Kenya team work is something everybody has and is what helps us a lot whether at Home or at Work team work is something needed and that is why I have chosen picture "C".

  • I chose image B; Because the sexes are complementary to each other, we cannot reproduce unless the male and female meet, and each sex has specific functions for it, there are functions that are suitable only for the female and there are functions that are suitable only for the male.

  • I chose Picture "A" because I think there is a big difference between "man" and "woman" in some things like letting a man work, finish his studies, and take a lot of money from his work as opposed to a woman. It is not permissible for her to work as a man or complete her studies, and sometimes they marry her at an early age and do not give her all her rights, and sometimes they deprive her of the inheritance unlike the man, and the man has a high position in society unlike the woman, but the credit goes to the woman with us because she raised generations. Finally, I would say that women are the foundation of society and "behind every great man is a woman"

  • •I have chosen picture D. This picture sums up the conversations I have been having about gender bias because it shows that women always have a bumpy ride to anything, big or small, they can't even reach the level where they can-( at least )- raise Her voice and speaking fluently, so any efforts or rights she had are wasted, and prejudice occurs based on weakness and inability because of difficulty, unlike the man who - (in the past and in many uncivilized societies) - the road is more smooth and easier to reach what he wants Without disabilities, because they see him as a man who can do anything.

  • I have chosen picture D basically because it shows or more so tells us that that ladder leads to the same ( let me say top) apex but that of the female is harder to climb than the man, it shows to me that for a woman and a man to compete for a spot, the chances of the woman getting there first are slim and narrow, and equal opportunity (ladders) should be given.

  • I chose Photo D This photo sums up the conversations I've had about gender bias because it shows that it's always females who go the way to glory a great deal of hard work to be able to do better than men! They have even reached a level where they can say (at least) to raise their voices high and speak fluently. While men work as if achieving the best for men is a very easy point; Because most of them are treated better than females, and society sees men as being able to do everything! This thing creates prejudice on the basis of weakness and impotence for females. This is what I noticed in the picture (D)

  • The picture I have chosen is 'B'. This sums up the conversations I have been having about gender bias because for me, it signifies gender equality(men and women finally coming together). The joining of the wheels signifies gender equality after the bias has been broken.

  • Life is a machine that requires different and a lot of gears to make it work so that is why I have chosen Picture B. In the picture, I see not only two gears but more with different shades of colour, different sizes, and they are all connected to each other in different ways which means that no matter if we are a short man or woman, a dark or fair man or woman, fat or thin man or woman, an able or disabled man or woman, we are all connected together and we all require each other to achieve a common goal. Life is like a machine and if one gear is missing or stops working, the whole machine would not work.

  • I choose picture "D"
    This is because in our present day society, most females struggle to climb the ladder of success because there are a lot of setbacks faced because of gender bias. Alternately, males have it relatively easier to climb the ladder of success because the system gives them an"UNMERITED" leverage based on their gender.
    For instance, in Nigeria, it is seen as improper for a man to leave his acquisitions to his daughter when he has a son although she might be the first because the idea of male superiority has been prominent in their minds and therefore women who are successful all by themselves are hard to come by because they will have to struggle to gain their achievements unlike men who have it on a relative platter of gold.

  • I have chosen picture A. This picture sums up the conversations I have been having about gender bias because it depicts the great gap between the male and female gender. The picture tells by mere look at it that there is long gap that needs to be covered for both genders to have that equality we have to put together our resource to pull the females and the males to a point of no gender bias and everyone is treat equally irrespective of his or her gender.

  • I have chosen picture C because picture depicts people living together in peace and harmo0ny despite their gender they are all still cooperating with each other and not being bias to anyone.

  • I have chosen C. This picture sums up the conversation I have been having on gender bias because literally it is passing the message that we can all be equal and work together as one.

  • I choose A because it shows how both men and woman are separated on many subjects and sums up what I have been learning about.

  • Picture D sums up my conversations on Gender Bias perfectly. Usually we discuss gender inequality as directed to women as they have gotten less opportunities in the past - and still do in some countries. There are less rungs in the woman's ladder, making her journey up more difficult than the man's.

  • I chose the picture "C" Because it indicates adherence and work as one team and one hand, only death can separate them

  • I have chosen picture B because I believe the picture summarizes all that has been said through the course of this discussion. I think that the main reason for having the discussion on gender bias and inequality was to attempt to proffer solutions to the problems of gender inequality and this picture just about sums that up. Males and females ought to work together and encourage one another and no gender should feel above the other because we are all equal as human beings.

  • I chose the picture (C), and it is closely related to what I talked about, me and in my opinion, that men and women, can do the impossible together, so why the fight , we all know that there is strength in union and weakness in disunity, and also that Women can think consciously, and men are able to implement what women have thought, they are like two complementary angles.

  • I'd pick ''D'' because gender bias has been a strong matter of consideration within all aspect which have caused the female gender to feel inferior to the male gender and because of the gap, the reach to achievement is hindered due to so many factors which could be INFERIORITY and STEREOTYPES and in my own opinion the gaps in the LADDER REPRESENTS and create ''FEAR'' which establish the idea of them not being able to stand out for their self's, do the things the love and reach to their destination while the MALE's ladder is free and easy going because the gap in the ladder is minimal so therefore ''FEAR'' is minimal also so they don't face many challenges and go through persistent bias and I sincerely look forward in reducing the GAPS hopefully.

  • I have chosen picture C. This picture sums up the conversation I have been having on gender bias because it tells us that we all apart from having different genders, wether it's male,female, transgender or anyone from LGBTQ community, belong to the same community that is humanity.

  • I chose D so that it clarifies and embodies the harsh reality. The world is trying to facilitate the way for men and it is difficult for women. This is clear through the ladder in which the steps of the ladder come closer in front of men, so continuing progress becomes easy, but in front of women they diverge, so it becomes difficult to advance in the course of her life because of the obstacles that society imposed on her

  • I have chosen picture a and I chose this picture because even though the gap in pay between men and women has closed there is still quite a big gap between the two genders which is unfair and that is shown in the picture with the two people being separated rather than being together.

  • I choose photo D, and this photo summarizes the conversations I had about gender bias, because the path that a woman takes to achieve her dream is always very difficult in all areas, but for a man it is easier to reach his dream than a woman in all societies

  • I chose the picture (B) I have a post called "What if there is no gender bias??!" And when I wrote the details, I saw that without the bias of human beings they would work in society like a machine!!
    They complement each other exactly like the machine..!

  • I choose picture c because it shows that everyone is in it and that they do everything together, not being biased nor anything about being stereotype but working together to show people that you don't need to be doing it all alone every time that you can do it together with anyone.

  • I picked C in my understanding C means to is unity between them when ever we unit everything is possible

  • I have chosen picture D because gender bias has been here for a very long time and this is showing when women climb the ladder, they struggle to climb it and this means they struggle with success and this is true but this is only true because they don't have a lot of chances. On the other picture it is saying that men have to do tiny things to reach easy success and currently in the world, this is still happening but this is only true because women don't have many chances but men on the other hand has plenty of chances. In my opinion this is very annoying for the women and should stop as soon as possible.

  • I choose picture D because it shows how women may have to cope with much more and may have more difficult times in life ,and in order to achieve that they must use more effort.

  • I chose picture (c) because it shows us that if men and women put their hands together without any discrimination or prejudice from each other, it is possible for men and women to be the foundations of the success and progress of society!

  • I chose picture C This picture summarises the conversations l have had about gender bias because gender unity complements society and if women cooperate with men they will be society and there will no prejudice

  • I have chosen picture "D". This picture sums up the conversation I have been having about gender bias, because: when you are a man, every single door is opened for you, while: when you are a woman it's really hard to do something without hearing any negative comments!

  • I have chosen is D.
    This picture sums up the conversations I have been having about gender bias because in the picture we can see that the ladder for the men has shorter steps than that of the women which implies that men have the easy way to success but the women have to work harder to get success. Women go through so much problems are are treated differently from the men.

  • The picture I have chosen is picture D. Because this picture is showing how society has made it very hard for women to achieve their goals. This picture has shown us that before a woman can achieve her goals she has to strive, suffer and go through stress while society has given men a very easy and fast way to achieve their goals without facing any challenge.

  • The picture I have chosen is the C. if you have a close look at the picture, it comprises of hands of both the male and the female, so it sums up the conversation I have been having concerning gender bias because this is what I personally have been emphasizing on, I believe that through collaboration and togetherness we would be able to uplift and develop the environment we live and also "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships," once said a wise man.

  • I choose picture C. This picture sums up the conversation I have been having about gender bias because even though there is a lot of discrimination and inequality between different genders now, there is still hope that in the future men and women will be seen as equals and there will be peace, love and cooperation between men and women.

  • I chose for me I chose C Because it signifies justice, equality and solidarity with each other

  • I will choose picture B, as it gives the full explanation for everything we talked about about bias, and the reason is that if we look at it from a practical point of view, we will find that if one of the gears breaks down, the rest does not workThis is what happens in life if we take sides. For example, women are not just limited to childcare. They can share everything with men and play important roles in several areas, and men must understand that women are not competing to take his role, but rather they want to get their rights without underestimating them.

  • I have chosen picture D. This picture sums up the conversations I have been having about gender bias because, if we can clearly see, the male's horizontal bars are far from each other, meaning if he try to start climbing, he would get no obstacle to destruct him from his goals but as for the female's ladder, she might fall down.
    Because the bars are so close to each other and even destruct her from reaching her goals.

  • I pick picture B, because it backs up my beliefs.
    It shows that both men and women have to work together to make things work efficiently. I believe that men and women are like contrasting forces, which when put together can create a masterpiece, but the problem is competition and bias. If we get rid of bias and competition, we can create one dynamic system.

  • I chose D.
    Because it is showing how hard it is for women to get to where the are meant to be .But for men it a lot is easier .

  • I choose A as the picture because as there is a gap between males and females which says that instead of you being who you are, people see you as your gender and say what you are like depending on it. When the cliff finally joins is when the bias is broken but for now the bias is still happening today, stereotyping men and women on a daily basis.

  • I have chosen picture B because it shows the equality between two genders and it shows also that there is no difference between them

  • i have chosen C because when both genders come together there will be unity among us and also unity comes in the word teamwork

  • I chose picture D because this picture indicates the amount of bias between the two sexes

  • I have chosen C because it tells us to work together even if we are different gender

  • I have chosen to speak about picture B, in this picture we have two gears, the male gear, and the female gear and In my opinion, these gears need to work hand in hand in other for the clock to function properly (In this case the clock is our everyday life). It really relates to gender bias because instead of men hoarding the resources they receive men and women need to work hand in hand together to achieve various goals and end gender bias.

  • I chose Picture (D) This picture summarizes the conversations I had about gender bias because it shows that women are quick to achieve their goals and love long steps because they think they will reach their goal quickly, unlike a man who likes to be slow in achieving his goals and likes few steps to reach the goal, This indicates that they are smart and not deceived by the view.

  • I feel as if my gender bias conversation takes a mirroring view to image A. To me I think this image symbolises how we (males and females) may be on the same level however there has always been a divide between us in terms of equality. Nevertheless what ever earthquake created this division can be solved by building a bridge to connect us back together , perhaps it is our generation’s job to build this bridge so that women can be treated equally with men.

  • For me, I chose picture number (B)As she showed me what you spoke about, that is, the woman is half of the society and society is not complete without her, and she completes the role of the man, and thus there is equality between men and women. 🦋💜✨

  • I shose the "c" picture because I am famous that it expresses unity, intimacy, optimism, equality in work, non-discrimination between males and females, and giving women their rights as a woman and their rights as a man.

  • I chose Picture A. This picture summarizes the conversations I've had about gender bias because some particular sectors are struggling a lot, for example the technology sectors, and they're under-females at all other levels, and so they've been blind to attracting women in a massive way at the entry level in the long run. This means that the gender wage gap for technology employers may rise, but over time it will improve more.

  • I have chose C and it talks about untiy and gender equality is reveling there. They are one people and the bias is not going on it has break and they are one they share everything equal They are one people. The Gender equality is going on

  • I would like to choose C
    Because this picture shows that we are all ONE HAND.
    We all help each other whether it are man or woman.

  • I have chosen picture B. This picture sums up the conversations I have been having about gender bias because this picture show the strong connection and relation between male and female.This also show that the connection of male and female is just like gear system where two connection points are needed.So men and women are also like this so if any one is not present the system does not work properly.

  • I have chosen picture"B" ,that sums up the conversations I have been having about gender bias , because it shows that men and women complement each other . It's like a machine . Can a machine work with one gear? The machine needs at least two gears , likewise men and women do not dispense with one another, and they need to complement each other.

  • I have chosen picture ( D )
    If we look at this picture, we will find that both ladders have an end that both gender can reach , but the only thing different is that a man arrives easier than a woman . But I think , the greatest is the one who overcomes difficulties .

  • I have chosen picture D. This picture sums up the conversations I have been having about gender bias because it shows how both men and women have the same path/ladder to success, only women have to work harder to go up each step. It can also explain the unfairness that society gives to women, but the fact they try to cover it up. It's like they're (society) saying: "we've given you both ladders (although the women's one is harder to climb) so it should be fair". However, it's not. We have been focusing on the problem of bias and how we can break it so I believe picture D sums that up well.

  • I have chosen picture "D". I think this picture best sums up what I've learnt about gender bias because in the picture, the height of the male and the female are the same (indicating that we are all created equal) and yet, the ladder of the female is harder to climb(indicating that the world has unjustly given males a head start and placed them on a higher pedestal) which is wrong because all are created equal and deserve equal opportunities in all spheres of life.

  • I chose picture D because this picture expresses my discussions about gender bias and because it shows that the male can do anything and can easily reach the thing he wants in society, unlike the female, who goes through many difficulties and obstacles to reach the thing she wants and cannot achieve her goals as the male in society.

  • I choose picture B because the man and woman work together, If the other is absent, they can't work, because They complement each other.

  • I have chosen picture C. This picture sums up the conversation I have been having about gender bias because I see hands of different people coming together to join forces and make a difference. At this point I agree that there is unity in diversity, I see these handing overcoming difficulties, challenges and hard times only if they work together as one.

  • I have chosen picture D. This picture sums up the conversations I have been having about gender bias because it is clearly seen in the picture the struggles and challenges women go through to reach and attain a particular height or goal in their chosen fields or career. Looking at the picture the man is required to use little or no effort to getting to the top as compared to the woman who requires more effort to attain her goals seeing that the step to getting there is more tedious.

  • I choose D because the picture shows the conversation of the the male and the female show the conversation.

  • Of course I chose (B)
    This summarizes some of what we discussed in this project that a man without a woman can't live, and a woman without a man can't live..!
    Society needs them both because they work exactly like a machine.!!

  • I will choose picture A because it sums up the gender pay gap to me. This because of the gap that is between them that can be closed if they work together because they can jump at the same time and hit each other.

  • I chose "C" because the image purchases togetherness meaning that whether female or male, boy or girl we cant do without each other and equality is essential in very thing one does.