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Diversity refers to embracing the difference and accepting the beauty of everyone in the society and most people associate it with race and colour mainly the black and white phenomenon. If you ask me, diversity not always about race but there so much more to it in terms ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, religious or ethical values system, national origin, and political beliefs and the need to embrace a world of inclusiveness and involvement.


Diversity in a movie helps bring the idea of an oppression free world where all races are respected and cherished, diversity in race rises awareness among people that everyone should be treated equally no matter their race and colour for example in black panther where we had both blacks and whites representing their races and this actually made the people of either side to fill a sense of belonging and equally brought on board. Diversity in movies could also bring about inspirations for example many young black film actors, children and adults got inspired by the scene of a black superhero movie by marvel(black panther).

In short, movie diversity is actually a key to a change in the world's general opinion of others.

Besides that, people watching movies across the globe to learn how things in other cultures are given meaning for example whites could learn about the African's culture disciplines and way of child nurturing through a movie with great diversity but it also comes back to representation in the films made ,we won't achieve such yields with the drawbacks in the representation in the "so called'' diverse movies.


Actually, we won't be able to yield fruits of diversity if there is poor representation in the diverse movies that are produced in that you may find that in a movie with both white people and black people, the black people are still discriminated due to their colour and therefore all leading or is impacting roles are given to white people. In other cases you find that black people are made to act as rebels, villains, thieves and kidnappers and other sorts of bad people in society while the white people are made to act as the heroes and this also influences the people for example you may find that a policeman in America have shot black people even without evidence of crime but it's just their way since Africans are taken as not "fit" in their society for example George Froyd, a black man in America who was killed by policemen over trivial matters but since nobody values African lives in America, he lost his life.

Well, I take this opportunity to thank the creators, script writers, developers and directors of black panther for having made such a diverse movie with also good representation showing Africans heroically. I wish marvel continues producing such movies because they are the ones that can make a positive change on the world.

"LETS CHERISH EVERYONE" Because every life matters.

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  • And also what happens in the movies, as you said above (they give white people the role of heroes and black people give them the role of criminals). This is not appropriate and never a good thing. They make the black-skinned person feel inferior to him, and this thing is considered a violation of the rights of others. I would like to tell the director not to give the negative role to black-skinned people. And the white-skinned heroes, among the black-skinned viewers, do not like this thing. I do not like this thing.They always underestimate his importance and do not give him his full rights in representation. This is wrong (one hand for the position of inequality between people of different skin colors). We are all people and we are all equal.

    1. I don't think any rights are being violated here because the actors are actually the ones who choose what show they want to be and if the director chooses are all that they do not want they offer to refuse it. For example Chadwick Boseman who was a black American acted as a heroe (Black Panther) in Wakanda Forever and Josh Brolin a white acted as a vilan (Thanos) in avengers. So any person be it their color can take up any role.

      1. I agree with that anyone can take any role but on the other hand I think young black actors are finding it difficult to get beak theoughs and leading roles in movies.They have big dreams but they are just unfortunate as they don't have opportunity due to lack of diversity and even where there is diversity,you find there poor representation where the blacks are given roles associated to evil and whites are given roles associated with goodness like
        Disney's snow white and the seven dwarfs has an evil queen dressed in black and has a black castle with black rats and the protagonist snow White is surrounded by white birds,even in other movies we see witches in black and heroes in white and blacks are used to play rapist,kidnapper roles. So in the same way Black young actors are struggling due to such poor representation they have no choice since they are also hoping to earn a living and trying to build a career.Lucky for Boseman that marvel was going straight to hit that exact spot and intended to produce a movie with good inclusion and representation.

      2. Thanks for your comments
        Oh, well, I understood. You changed my view of the directors, and I understood that the roles are not given obligatory, but with the consent of the individual or the person who is acting. I used to think that the directors do not ask the actors if they like the role or not, but rather force them but thank you all (daring_cherry)،(Balanced pineapple, (perfect song) Thank you so much

    2. I agree with you because in most cases the directors of the movies may not mean it in a bad way by making the blacks the antagonist in a movie but the movie viewers may take it the other way and they might use it as a means to be racist towards the blacks.

    3. I totally agree because me too blockbuster movies made me think that black people were criminals, gangstar or murderers but they're not like that and I d'ont like that too. It's the same for Muslims. They too are usually given the roles of terrorists in movies but we saw the trailer of the last Marvel movies in class and it looks differets. i like it better because as you say we are all equal.

  • "LETS CHERISH EVERYONE" Because every life matters.
    I liked this sentence a lot and I agree with it, but to a certain extent, because if we let everyone work freely without laws or duties, there will be many, many disasters. For example, if we make the doctor do what he likes with the patient’s body, there will be great losses in people’s lives. But I agree with you only in personal private life

    1. Thank you for your comment, I want to tell you that your point of view on this subject is great, but perhaps I can tell you that freedom is also a right.
      It is very good for you to tell me duties and laws, but within a reasonable limit, it is not to hold others back, it should be fair laws and not just strict

      1. Thank you for your reply
        I want to say that freedom is a right, but within legitimate limits, and that it is also a right to be exploited, but also if it is exploited in an inappropriate way, then there must be a law that prevents this with justice and explains the reason for the punishment, and not just be strict
        I hope you got my point

    2. I disagree with you because the phrase "LETS CHERISH EVERYONE" Because every life matters" does not mean to let everyone work without laws or duties but it rather means to appreciate and accept everyone the way they are without excluding anyone because of his rece,colour,sex,religion or ethnicity.Its means inclusiveness of everyone in everything not discriminating anyone in any particular way forexample fully empowering women to do their part alongside the men and not favouring men alone forexample in politics.Take another example, diversification in movies where whites and blacks are fully and properly represented not like cases where blacks are made to play villains,rapists,kidnappers,murderers and whites play as heroes, saviours,good people.That sentence encourages us to love,value, protect,appreciate,treasure and care for everyone equally without divisions or segregation.Its encourages us to create a world of equality, inclusiveness and togetherness.
      Do you somehow understand what I'm saying free_snail.

      1. Thank you for your reply
        Yes, I understand you, but you are the one who did not understand me. I wanted to say that everyone has the freedom to do what he wants in his personal life only without affecting others, to accept others also as they are and to encourage them to exploit their freedom as they want, without considering the evaluation of others. them, but by evaluating them for themselves

  • I feel like diversity and fairness is needed in all movies. Instead of making people of color usually the criminals, or first to die in horror movies, they should get the recognition they deserve and their name and color shouldn't be slandered on movies and tv shows. White people usually take the role of hero, side character, maybe last to die, but POC (people of color) should get both better roles and more kind things shown about them in movies and shows.

  • What is beautiful about diversity in films is union
    (Different customs and traditions, various diverse ideas, different forms of people in height, width, skin color, way of speaking, and anything different that comes to your mind) and transforming **all previous differences** to produce a film of high value and quality for all cultures and age groups.
    To communicate a good idea to all persons.

  • In the year 2022 we are still talking about racial discrimination and different colors and religions so that we open up and see examples of creativity such as Oprah and intends from a raped child to the richest women in the world and Steve Harvey. I consider them among the most important inspirations and influencers. I am not ignorant of the social media and the contents of the films, influencing the dissemination of ideas in the minds of the people in charge of them. There must be censorship over the contents that are broadcast more than the material return. Such a movie, The Black Panther, has a very great impact, so it reaped this huge amount of success and views. I hope that the social media and the contents of the films will be Aiming to get rid of discrimination, especially by mentioning that since time immemorial, monotheistic religions have urged non-discrimination and that there is no difference between human beings.

  • There is quite a lot of diversity in most films but not every film mostly Disney does not have representation in films. Once a little girl had to post a letter for Disney to make a film of a mixed race girl with glasses and that is exactly what they did. So if you don't ask you don't get.