...Amelie Zilber our activist and UNICEF ambassador!

Amelie Zilber

Amelie Zilber is an activist and UNICEF ambassador. UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation, working to help children in danger – for example, because of hunger, climate change or conflict.

Amelie uses social media to spread political awareness and has millions of followers from around the world! She is also the Founder and Chief Editor of the TwoMinuteTimes – a newsletter designed to help young people stay informed about the most important news stories of our time. She is passionate about helping young, curious minds who want to learn more about the world.

Amelie can talk about several of our Festival topics – but will be especially good at answering questions about young people and politics, and ways they can speak out about issues in the news.

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  • Hello Miss Amelie, It was a pleasure to talk to you. I would like to ask you about the percentage of children that you managed to save? Maybe if you are satisfied with that percentage? Is it possible to improve this ratio in an urgent way or not?

  • As I read about you before, I think you are determined to help young people and trying to know more about the world. How can you help young people to stay informed of the most important news stories? How will you learn more about the world and the world is so big? I know there are many ways to learn about the world. Can you write some ways to learn more?

  • I would like to ask Amelie Zilber
    Since there is currently a World Cup, and this is what concerns most young people now, how can politics be related to sports like the World Cup now? Where I often find men who talk about football, but politics interferes in the context of the conversation

  • Being an ambassador of UNICEF how are u helping child health and nutrition? Especially in
    My country pakistan after floods there after their rehabilitation now they r watching towards all those people who work for social well fair

  • It would b great pleasure if u answer my question ... madam I appreciate ur choice of social media for serious causes aa most of serious celebratites r no more serious on social media ?? How did u manage to do it ??

  • As I have heard that you are the chief editor of a newsletter, I would like to ask, what do you think has been the biggest scenario in the news overall?

    What do you think has been the time where a child has been in danger the most out of all the children you saved?

    What advice do you have for us children to grow our curios minds?

  • It would be an owner to know that How can you use social media platform to help children in the areas which are struck by natural disasters?
    Being an ambassador of UNICEF what steps will you take to help the children suffering from recent floods in Pakistan, the children suffering from malnutrition in Somalia or Africa or the children who are victims of war in Iran, Palestine, Kashmir Ukraine etc?

  • We all know that the sixth goal of the sustainable development goals in UNICEF calls for "ensuring the availability of sustainable management of water and sanitation for all." What methods were used to achieve this goal?

  • As an actress and activist, do you ever have a conflict of interest? For example, influencers tend to contribute to fast fashion. How do you hold yourself accountable?

  • Hello, I am pleased to talk to you, I would like to ask you about the role of social networking sites in changing the world for the better? What is your position on the huge number of victims resulting from wars, such as what happened in Palestine and Syria and is still happening to this day? What is your position on the severe hunger, poverty and drought that Somalia suffers from? What are your steps that you will take to help people from natural disasters in general?

  • UNICEF was founded in 1946 to meet the urgent needs of children in Europe and China after the war. Recently, and in the past few years, wars and conflicts have increased. Natural and moral disasters are what led to the displacement of many children, reaching 37 million refugees all over the world. The number is catastrophic. I want to ask
    Do you think that development and modern technology have a relationship with what we are today in terms of problems, conflicts and disasters, and was life in the past better?
    Can UNICEF issue a decision not to displace children and women and protect them in their area of ​​residence and oblige the world to do so?
    What is your vision for this issue in the near future?

  • How can you help children in the event of natural disasters?? I think it is difficult to help them at this time, and I believe that you are determined to help young people in order to achieve your goal. It is difficult to help the world, as I think, so what methods can be used to help the world? What motivates you to help them?

  • What are the most important achievements of politicians to invest the determination of youth to face the global food crisis and fight hunger?

  • Sorry please what are your organization doing to help stop world hunger and climate change in the world. And how can they prevent it in our society.

  • Hi Miss Amelie, my question is about is about climate change, climate change is refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. These shifts may be natural, such as through variations in the solar cycle according to the United nations, the emission of green house gases are one of the major causes so my question is can the UNICEF no make a law that industries should produce for a specific time and end at a specific time for example the can produce form January to June then from July till December the will stop production to help reduce the gases in the atmosphere cause if production continues the gases will keep accumulating.

  • Hello, in a country where the idea of having young activist is not appreciated but rather seen as an excuse to use social media more and there is a lot of wrong in the community. What do you advice me to do?

  • Hello, it's a pleasure to talk to you
    I have a question for you that interests me a lot. You work at UNICEF and spread awareness among young people and people. You also have a lot of followers on social media. My question is how can you convince these people of your ideas, educate them and attract them to you? Are you using a specific method?
    Thank you

  • What will happen with the Iran players after they will exit the World Cup because they protested when the anthem was sung. And can anybody do something to change what will happen if that will not be good.

  • Hi, Amelie Zilber

    Before being able to help a child for example,how did you get information about this child?

    What led you to do this work?

    What is most common cause in the world?

  • There are countless of school children ( OOSC ) in pakistan UNICeF is briliantly playing their part to solve the OOSC issue through multiple initiatives such as Acceleratrd learning pathways . However ,pakistan still has an ever incresing rate of OOSC. Do you think this issue can be solved by incentivisig children and their families inthe form of monthly cash payments cobdtioned on theor regular attendance to school?

  • Hello ,Amelie Zilber
    children are so honest creatures just like angels and while you are working with the weakest ones of them ,you help to spread humanity and love in the world so let me tell you that you have a beautiful heart
    I want to ask you some questions:
    1 What is your feeling when you help poor children and what led you to do this job?
    2 what is the advice that you want to give it to the world ?
    3 What are the most interesting things that you love in your job ?
    4 What are the difficulties you face when you do your job?
    thanks for your time and care, Good luck

  • Hello, Miss Emily, I am very happy to talk to you. I want to ask you some questions that have come to my mind since reading the Politics and Youth Festival. First, can we do anything that works to develop the capabilities, politics and leadership of young people? Why and why not? My boss in issuing laws and putting them in place? And how is that?

  • You said that you use social networking sites to spread political awareness. Well, the simple question is why did you choose social networking sites specifically?! Such as Facebook and Google, and you did not, for example, choose leaflets and publish them everywhere, or appeals to parents for the awareness of their children, and you have a high position as UNICEF ambassador, so you are able to use other means, or did you use them because they are the most widespread in this time?!

  • Being an ambassador of UNICEF what steps will you take to help the children suffering from recent floods in Pakistan, the children suffering from malnutrition in Somalia or Africa or the children who are victims of war in Iran, Palestine, Kashmir Ukraine etc?

  • Hi Miss Amelie Zilber, It has been my pleasure to present to you my question which reads: "How many people have you helped? How did you do it? How did it feel to save them?"

  • Hello, Mrs. Amelie, I want to ask you, is it necessary to have passion in choosing your future work profession?

  • I'll ask you some questions
    _ What is your organization doing to help stop world hunger and global climate change? How can they prevent it in our society? Do you know how we can solve economic problems or not??
    How can you help a child's health and nutrition?

  • Hi Amelie we ve a very conservative education system based on cramming ..although education ministers r working in my country but there is difference in public nd private education institutions. Did u feel it in urchildhood ?? How can public schools work more on activities as they dont spend too much on resources as in private sector where parents r paying off heavy fees . ?? My question is do u think this difference is a big cause not to producing such people who can effectively play their roles for their countries??