Meet our…school communities!


Community: a group of people who belong to the same place or share a common interest.

The Topical Talk Festival brings together lots of communities from around the world so everyone has a chance to hear what people from different perspectives have to say.

We have students taking part this year from various locations around the globe! This means you’ll hear opinions from people who live very different lives to you.

We’d love to know more about the different communities you belong to – so this is your space to tell us more!

Tip: take a look at all the flags that appear in the discussion comments to see where everyone is from.

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  • I'm from London ,I live in Bermondsey and I go to Boutcher Church Of England Primary School.

    1. Hello from Romania! We study English and we learn a lot about British culture. I think it's very interesting that England is and isn't a country. I know that there is no English government because England is controlled by the UK government . I also know that a lot of people call the UK England and that annoys people from the other UK countries . This is different to Romania because we have regions that used to be different countries but now we are just one country with one government.

      1. Hi jubilant_seagull! England is a country, but you're right, it is part of the UK.

  • I am from Pakistan, a country enriched in natural resources.
    My country is on development mode nd I am a student of grade six,enjoying my studies.
    I am enjoying a lot to b a part of this community as I am experiencing a different experience globally . I am feeling these types of festivals must b held for awareness of the students nd we r able to know how much important we r
    As our comments r evaluated nd given importance.
    Otherparticipants are from Uganda Nigeria Egypt UK .america india Palestine Romania nd from my own country. I chk their comments nd learn how they ve different opinions nd having great ideas.
    I want I should read more nd more researches abt undrdeveping courties.

  • I am representing Pakistan. Situated in the south Asia . Geographically we r on very ideal place with the neighbourhood o f India ,China Iran nd Afghanistan . We ve rivers valleys mountains agricultural lands nd much more . We earn a lot from our agriculture specially from rice mango agricultural machinery.
    I am very much excited to b a part of this community . Its giving me a chance to participate in global issues like food crisis protest in Iran space exploration nd much more . I also share my experience with .y family members nd teachers who t supporting me a lot .
    I am knowing abt other participants through comments as of Romania Uganda Egypt pakistan India Palestine uk nd america
    I would like to learn more nd more from this festival

    1. I agree because...I am from Palestine. I was pleased to have you with us and to introduce you to your beautiful country. I liked your talk about its natural and agricultural manifestations and your interest and participation in global issues. That sounds wonderful. Pakistan is a beautiful country with its people, people and culture.

      1. I agree because... topicaltalk festival is such a wonderful forum on which we can exchange what's really we r feeling abt global issues and about global friends 😊

  • I'm from Nigeria, and all in all i'm really proud to be a Nigerian. We may have some downsides, but so does every other country. I'd like to learn more about cultural diversity in areas of entertainment, sports, education etc.

    1. I like that you love your country and that you know that things are not perfect in other countries either. This is a problem here in Romania, and that's why people keep leaving to go to the western countries. They think everything is wrong here and everything is perfect there, but it's not true. All the countries have their own problems and it's up to us to work to find the solutions in our countries.
      To answer your question, Romania used to be quite diverse, we used to have people from Greece and Turkey and Germany and Hungary and Bulgaria and Jewish people and Tatars, but this changed and it's been mostly Romanian people for a while. Now things are changing again, because Romanian people are leaving so we have new people coming, like people from Nepal and Sri Lanka and China and Iran so the population is getting more diverse again. We also have football players and singers from South America.

  • I'm from Romania. A country with wonderful forests and places to visit. The best part from our country are the forests. They are indeed the beauties of the nature. Every forest is special in a way. They have wonderful waterfalls, places to camp or touristic attractions to look forward when you cane here. There is even a legend that some forests are haunted. If your a horror amator you definitely should come to Romania. Expecting our nature beauties we have a lot of urban legends and scary history to share. Dracula legend originates from our country. And we have ,,Castelul Bran" that is build around Dracula legend and is worth it to visit.
    Romanian traditional food is a must in Romanian. Our food is mostly based on meat and a lot of fats. Not everyone is going to like it but you can give it a shot. We have a very variate cuisine.
    The capital of Romania is Bucharest. There you can find one of the biggest buildings in the world. ,,Palatul Parlamentului" is a well build building for sure. I recommend taking a look at it if you come to Romania. The Bucharest it self is a very beautiful city and when the christmas come you will probably wanna move in Bucharest because the beauty of it is unimaginable.
    I have a lot of beautiful memories here. From playing in the snow in the middle of the city to literally running from Dracul when I went to ,,Castelul Bran".
    In conclusion Romania should be on your visit list.

    1. Thank you.. "May flower centre" I liked your description of your beautiful country and I loved the picturesque landscapes and the Romanian food looks delicious. I found similarities between Romanian food and Palestinian food in some dishes such as Sarmal and eggplant salad. I really hope to visit your beautiful country !

  • I live in the Middle East in occupied Palestine, especially in the Gaza Strip, which is located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, which is distinguished by its small area and large population. Olives, citrus fruits, strawberries, and others. I love the social cohesion between people in my country, and I hope that the future will be better than it is now. The conflict zone will not be a suitable environment for creativity and giving. The diversity of cultures within the competition made us get acquainted with new opinions and countries such as the United States, Pakistan, Romania and India. I want to know more About India, it is a beautiful country with many civilizations, religions, wealth and races. I hope to get to know people from there so that we can exchange experience

  • I'm from Palestine.
    Palestine is an Arab Islamic country located in southwest Asia, and it is the birthplace of the monotheistic religions. There are Islamic and Christian sanctities and various antiquities characterized by its moderate climate and the diversity of its agricultural crops, as well as the diversity of its terrain from mountains, plains and valleys. There is the oldest city in the world, which is Jericho, and the lowest spot in the world, which is the Dead Sea, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is famous for cultivating olives, citrus fruits, and strawberries. I like my country with its good people, their interdependence, cooperation, hospitality, and love for people. There are participants from different countries I had the pleasure of getting to know them and their beautiful countries and culture such as Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Romania, Egypt, Lebanon, and the United Kingdom

  • I am also a student of Boutcher School and I live London. Boutcher is a place of worship to me, as we are a Christian school, and we love to pray and know more about God. However , I am not a Christian myself , but it is a really loving school so they have accepted me and put my difference aside, they have also done this to many other people. Just like Topical Talk, we are allowed to share our ideas on how to change the school to make it even better or you could have a go of sharing your point or message. Our school believes that we should treat others how we would want to be treated , so if you have an idea it must be meant for everyone , it must be meant for everyone to enjoy and not only you. Although we have many rules , the three golden rules of our school are...
    1.Everyone has the right to learn
    2.Everyone has the right to feel safe
    3. Everyone has the right to respect
    They all help us to be more confident and determined whilst doing anything. And we have always been told that if we all follow these rules, we would be a peacemaker , which is someone who makes peace for the world.
    Finally, I would love to know more about inspiring_shrimp's post, as you have said all forest are special in a way , what do you mean by that ?

    1. I share your opinion. Your school looks great. It is good to establish principles and good morals and equality between you and my school. Like your school, the teacher is a good example. The school is my second home

    2. The forests from Romania are surrounded by all kind of legends and stories.
      For example in some forests there are stories with ghosts. There is said that the forest is haunted by the ghost. A very good example would be a story about a bried that died in a unknown way. Is said that now she is haunting the forest trying to find her husband.
      But they aren't surrounded just by ghost stories. In some of the forests are legeneds about hidden treasures or magical waterfalls.
      There are even historical stories. In one of the lakes from one forest is said that the head of Vlad Tepes (a very important man for Romania) was throw in the lake and how if you look carefully enough you can see it.

  • I am from Palestine and I am very proud to be from Palestine

    Palestine is an Arab Islamic country located in the continent of Asia and is bordered by many countries, namely Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. Palestine is considered a link between the three continents of the world, namely Asia, Europe and Africa.
    Fruits and is famous for growing roses and exports a lot of roses to other countries, and also there is the oldest city in history, which is Jericho, and there are mountains in it, the most important and tallest of which is Jabal Al-Jarmaq, whose length is 1208 m, and Palestine has a moderate climate that is not very hot or freezing cold,
    I love my country and am proud of it.

  • It is truly my queen, my country that has stolen the heart of everyone who has ever lived in it or heard of it. All beautiful poems and words fail to describe the beauty of her mountains, plains and seas. It is proudly Palestine, I will share my words with you to can imagine one day in my beautiful country. Close your eyes, and now you wake up in the early morning hours with the quiet songs of birds, and you smell the scent of orange trees everywhere, after that you go to have a simple breakfast that should not be without olives and olive oil with the Palestinians who will be happy because you are among them , they are very generous and kind , they will make you feel that you are a part of them, After that, you will take a tour around the cities of Palestine,absolutely we can't forget our beauty (Jerusalem), to see the old markets that make you feel warm and show you the Palestinian traditional clothes , food and pottery.also uoy should to visit the lowest region in the world, the Dead Sea, which just by looking at It charms you with its beauty, after that you must taste the most famous types of sweets in Palestine, we call it (Nabulsia), I promise you will never forget its taste because it was made with love, In the evening, you will join us in our popular dance (Dabkeh) with wonderful songs .
    my country is the country of beauty and peace Whenever you come, everyone will welcome you, and I am very lucky because I was born in it, and if I were not Palestinian, I would wish to be Palestinian.

    1. I share your opinion. country, Palestine, is the most beautiful country, it is really distinguished by its distinguished hospitality and its ancient traditions, and we are proud of being Palestinians

  • My country, Palestine, is one of the most beautiful countries. It is the birthplace of the heavenly religions. There are the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Church of the Resurrection, the Church of the Nativity, the Omari Mosque, the Church of the Annunciation, the Sea of ​​Galilee, the oldest city in the world, Jericho, and the lowest spot in the world, which is the Dead Sea. It has a height of 1208 and is famous for cultivating olives in Jerusalem, strawberries in Gaza, citrus fruits, oranges and lemons in Jaffa, blessed olive oil and wheat in Safed, and grapes. In Hebron, Palestine is distinguished by its moderate climate and its distinguished strategic location, as it is a link between the three continents of the world. I was pleased to join the topical talk and get to know many of the participants from different countries, and I was pleased to get to know them, their countries and their beautiful culture, and I like to get to know more about other countries for the participants.

    1. Thank you quirky_recipe for speaking in such a beautiful way about your country Palestine. I also live in Palestine. I liked the way you described beautiful Palestine very much. I also liked the way you expressed the beauty of appearances, monuments and other beautiful things in Palestine

      1. Thank you. ..We are proud of our great country,
        the land of love and the landing site of heavenly messages, which brings us together on our land with interdependence. We breathe in its beautiful air and live under its roof with contentment and pleasure. We enjoy its bounties and our authentic heritage.
        I hope that our country will enjoy security and peace.
        We invite everyone to visit and welcome them 💚

    2. Hi grounded_reality you have such a nice country I will love to go there for one of my summer vacations, but I will love to ask you if the conflict between Palestinian and Israel is affecting the educational sector over there ?

  • I would like to hear more from topical talkers from Pakistan because I think their culture is interesting. For example, pottery, especially blue pottery, typical of Sindh and Multan, is loved all over the world for its look. Naqashi, or the art-making of camel-skin lamps, is another example of local craft, along with colourful tile work, which is a Mughal legacy. I would like to find out more about their traditions so please respond to me and tell me more if you're from there!

  • I live in Romania,Bucharest.In Romania the traffic is very busy,Bucharest is in the north of Romania and is the capital of this country. In Romania there are a lot of traditions and holidays.
    I enjoy a lot the community I'm in because the Romanian community has kept their traditions for years and even if in Romania are bad we still have a great history and we still keep the traditions.
    I noticed that some Topical Talkers are from Uganda and in class we had a project to find things about Uganda and I found that 29% of people have acces to electricity and the rest of 71% of people don't have enough money to pay for the electricity and in Uganda is overpopulation and they started draining some wetlands.Water pollution and deforestation are big problems as well,also they have positive things.Over 23% of Uganda is reserved to protect wildlife and they have 1066 bird species,birding in Uganda most rewarding for birdwatchers.
    This is what I found about Uganda.
    My references are from: and destination

  • My country Romania, is a really nice place. It's got really nice people. Another great thing about my country is that everything is cheaper because it is useing the LEU wtich is it's interantional currency and 1 DOLLAR or EURO is equal to 5 LEI so this means that 20 DOLLARS or EURO is equal to 100 LEI. So if you would come to Romania from a country that uses DOLLARS / EURO

  • Hello everyone! I'm from Bucharest, Romania and I learn English at The Mayflower Centre. I'm also in 5th grade and I am a proud Romanian!
    The romanian community is a nice one but we're not really united. Many people like to work by themselves and especially adults can be arrogant but my friends and family influence me and the community to work together.
    I know a lot of things about other countries but I thought some of those countries were non-problematic, well it's not like that. Adept_imagination from Nigeria opened my wiew more and said that no country is perfect (and I add), just like people.

  • Hello! I'm from Romania. Romania is a fish shaped country in Europe. We have fo lots of beautiful places to visit but we have problems too. Living here is not bad. But as I travelled I saw that my country is different to others. We have president we don't have king or queen and people act different.

  • I am from Nigeria. Nigeria has a lot of entertainment centers for example we have "Magicland" Amusement Park. Amusement & Theme Parks • Playgrounds, "Monoliza" Amusement Park etc. Nigeria is a country were everyone is allowed to choose their religion, although the country is suffering from economic challenge, there are two major rivers which are River Benue and River Niger. A lot of activities are carried out in those two rivers like fishing and swimming. We also have museums which have great historical things about our country. Most importantly I will like to talk about or meals. We have three major ethnic groups with different foods and they each have different traditional meals they are; Yoruba("Amala"), Igbo("Isi ewu") and Hausa("kosai")

    1. Thank you.. for your introduction and description of the beautiful. I admired the nightclubs, gardens and wonderful parks
      . I also liked the Nigerian food, it looks delicious, especially the "jollof rice" and the "noodles" on the Nigerian way and "Aba yellow soup". I hope that the economic conditions in Nigeria will be resolved
      I hope to visit your beautiful country !

  • I am from the State of Palestine. To be Palestinian means to be a person who clings to even a small part of our civilized past, We have unique industries, but with the development of time, they have become somewhat marginalized in my city,However, the owners of this profession in the past are still bequeathing it to their children and preserving the transmission of this heritage,Al-Natsheh said that he is one of the inheritors of this profession on the authority of his grandfathers, as he started working in the factory with his father when he was 12 years old, to Al-Monitor:"This industry is the title of the city, and we are keen to preserve it as the legacy of the family, who worked in it from one generation to the next over hundreds of years."
    The ceramic industry in Palestine, which started in the city of Hebron 400 years ago, and this ceramic is distinguished by its beautiful, bright colors, and its use to represent our identity and heritage by drawing on it traditional drawings,Currently, there are obstacles such as a shortage of manpower in the production of ceramics, as the number of workers working in this industry is about 100 workers, at a rate of 4-6 workers in one facility, But as long as the sun shines with its light, this means that we must strive to restore light to this industry and its radiance

  • Yesterday was the national day of Romania. We celebrated the fact that the Romanian countries wanted to unite. The Romanian people also thought a bigger and united country would be stronger than more small countries. At that time, many other countries wanted to conquer us. Eventually, we fought back, so they never really had all of our lands. We always had our own traditions, our own traditional clothes and our own traditional dishes. We wanted to keep them. Since there were many wars back then, Romania's chances to continue existing were more than just small remaining in more small countries. Also, families were separated and the people didn't really like it. So, Romanian people wished for the small countries to unite.

    We see that there are countries now that want the opposite, like Scotland. In Scottland's case, some people believe it could be better if Scottland would be one country, without depending on England. Maybe if Scotland becomes a state so there are less people than in the UK it will be easier to run as a country. We like learning about the United Kingdom and it would be strange if there was no UK but it is not our job from other countries to decide for them.

  • I am from Egypt and I live in Hurghada. I am from Future language school. My city is famous with the beaches and hotels.

    1. I agree Thank you.. I love your country, Egypt. Can you describe and talk about your country more?

  • I have noted that other topical talkers are from countries like Nigeria, United Kingdom, Romania, India and Uganda. And I would like to learn more about Nigerian topical talkers. I as a fellow African would really like to interact with these people because of their outstanding reasoning and we combine some ideas that may probably make a difference in the world.

    1. That's great! Why not try responding to someone's comment directly to see if you can spark up a good discussion? Good luck! We can't wait to see it.

  • Am from Entebbe which is in Uganda. I love this community because it is located near a lake known as Lake Victoria this lake provides people with water, cool air,money through tourism, beautiful view and among all helps in rain formation whereby in my community most people are farmers and some of them cannot afford the use of irrigation method so I really feel like this lake really helps them a lot because with that rain plants are able to grow.

  • I'm from Uganda,my country has so many tribes to the point that we don't have a national or central language,instead we use English as the formal language.The different tribes include the Baganda,Basoga,Banyankole,Banyoro,Batooro,Bagisu,Basamya and many more that I may not know.The Baganda are the most popular tribe in Uganda and they occupy the central region,their leader is called a "Kabaka" and the current one is Ronald Muwenda Matebi 11,they have their cultures that are distinct from the way they dress to the way greet.Their region is mainly plain land. I'm proud to be part of the Baganda tribe because it gives me prestige in society and I really like our culture because it emphasizes the proper upbringing of children and teaches them to respect elder forexample girls greet while kneeling,ladies dress elegantly descent in their shoulder to toe attire called "Gomesi" and "Kanzu" for men.Children brought up in this culture turnout disciplined responsible citizens.We have a lot of wildlife,the fauna and flora,fauna like Zebras, crocodiles, elephants and Giraffes that attract tourists from all over the world.Speaking of tourism,my country Uganda has so many beautiful things that attract many and I wish to tip you off,there are the remains of early man and there even sites where he lived such as Nyero rock paintings and other archeological sites,there so many game parks and bird sanctuaries with flamingos for example the Queen Elizabeth National Park that was named after the late Queen of England.There so many beautiful physical features like Lake Victoria the largest lake in Africa that was named after the Queen Victoria of England,There is also River Nile the longest river in the world and waterfalls flowing from cliffs to the bottom in the beautiful scenery,we also have the Mountains like the renowned Mountain Rwenzori a.k.a the mountain of the moon named by Henry Morton Stanley and it has snow on it's peak.I encourage you to come and visit our country and see for yourself why Winston Churchill called the "Pearl Of Africa"
    #VISIT UGANDA#see the beauty.