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Ben Mango is a member of Extinction Rebellion (XR) and also a Quaker. He joined XR after listening to a presentation on the climate crisis in his local area which showed how serious the situation was. Since then Ben has been active within his local group and is also helping to support national initiatives to raise awareness about the climate crisis and its wider connections with other issues, such as social and racial inequalities.

As a Quaker, Ben believes it is important to act on your beliefs and that everyone has the ability to contribute to a fairer and more equal society.

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  • Do you like the idea of ​​pencils that contain seeds that are planted?and do they have a role in reducing pollution, and preserving the environment?

    1. Wow! Pencil that contains seed is a very creative idea 👏👏. And I think that after using the pencil instead of throwing the outer body part we can bury it under the sand so that a plant will be grown. This idea will definitely reduce the pollution 🏭🏭.

  • Hi Ben,
    What is the temporary or permanent solutions to overcome the climatic crisis? And how can we help for that?

  • Hi Ben,
    Actually it's very nice to hear about you.I would like to know about your initiatives and what motivated you to join XR? We will definitely like to hear about it and it may also motivates us

  • Do you think that your national initiatives have succeeded and affected society, or that society cannot accept this type of initiative?

  • Hello Ben,
    being an XR, are you getting positive response from creating awareness on climate crises? what would you do when everything you try to convince people to reduce climate change fails?

  • Mr. Ben,
    Being an XR what is the biggest problem you have ever faced in the climate crisis and what was the solution ? How do you get people who don't care about climate crisis to change their mind ?

  • Hello Mr. Ben
    In my country there is a major climate crisis of air pollution in a rapid pace as a result of using automobiles and generators. Public enlightenment has been given to us about the dangers of this crisis together with providing other solutions but still the climate change is becoming worse. What other advice would you give in order to reduce this crisis?

  • How beautiful it is to be an influencer on a sustainable future!
    I would like to ask you
    Because the obstacle and the catalyst is always the availability of resources, that is, money! And this is what I see logically!
    How can balance between the state budget and increase the number of green projects?

  • Hi Ben Mango,
    From your wide experience in helping your community, can you suggest some ideas or activities that I can do as teenager to help my community in reducing the carbon footprints? Especially, that our economy here in Gaza is really poor and Gaza is very crowded place. It has a bout 2 million Palestinians on some 365 square kilometres.

  • Hey Ben, I want to ask you, if our ecosystems are valid, so will the planet and the people living on it be leading a healthy life? And when do you expect that will happen?

  • I really want to benefit from your experience with the environment
    Can you please give us some tips to make sustainability integrated into our daily routine in our schools and offices?
    Where sustainability becomes a lifestyle!

  • To solve any problem, we must know the obstacles and then propose solutions!
    Therefore, it is good for us to benefit from your experience in finding clearer and realistic research
    From your point of view, what are the obstacles that stand between us and the beginning of continuous environmental protection and international sustainability efforts, as Earth Day does not become a celebration for one day only, but over the coming days and years!

  • Hey there,
    The first time I heard the term metaverse is when the founder of Facebook changed its name into Meta which made me wonder and search about it deeply. So, now
    do you think that virtual reality will replace smartphones in the future?

  • Dear Ben, we are now able to create virtual realities on computers. Do we all live in a place that someone made in the future?

  • Dear Ben, when you wear virtual reality glasses,what do you feel?DO you feel the real experience with this reality and how?

  • Hello Mr Ben In fact, I am very happy because I had the honor to talk to you and ask you about this global issue. My question to you is: What do you respond to who is a racist and started spreading his hostile ideas all over the world?
    Honestly, I asked this question because the situation has gotten worse, and I think it is possible for other people to benefit from this question, and thank you.

  • Hi Ben, as Dr. Abdul Kalam said, 'Youth are the heart of the country.' What do you think we as young people should do to stop climate change? What advice would you give to others who are interested in getting involved with climate activism but may not know where to start or how to make an impact? In your opinion, what are some of the most pressing challenges we face in addressing the climate crisis, and how can we work together as a society to overcome them? You've been involved with Extinction Rebellion for some time now. Looking ahead, what are your hopes and aspirations for the organization and its impact on the world?
    Thank you!

  • Hi Mr Ben, is it possible that soil pollution becomes a global issue and is it true that soil hosts a quarter of the biodiversity of our planet?

  • Hello dear Ben Once you have perfect virtual reality what are you supposed to master?

    1. This might be a good question for Matthew Ball!

  • How do you see the government's role in solving the climate change crisis that we talked about during this competition? I have expressed my opinion, but Kabir.

  • Mr. Bin Mango, would you allow me to ask you a question, before you became a member of XR, what was your view on the climate crisis?! How did you answer those who asked you about this crisis?! I hope to be the first to get a star

  • Hi,Mr Ben
    How can we balance economic development with the need to address climate change?
    What steps can we take to slow down or reverse the effects of climate change?
    What role do renewable energy sources play in addressing climate change?

    Send a message...

  • Mr. Ben, you said that it is good to act according to your beliefs, but there are many people who act according to a wrong belief, not everyone has a correct belief. The closest example of people who are the cause of the deterioration of the environment by their belief that the environment is not important, they do simple things in their belief that it does not cause deterioration, such as throwing Waste and the use of plastic, and this is something that deteriorates the environment, but I am sure that your belief is 100 percent correct, because you are an active member of the environment and a helper to your country.

  • Hi Ben

    Through your extensive experience and expertise, is technological progress a cause of climate pollution?

  • Hello Mr. Ben Mango, I learned a lot about the climate crisis in this contest and what are its pros and cons.
    But as we think about something to combat the climate crisis, I want to ask you a question.
    What is the role of young men and women in combating climate change?

  • Hi Professor Ben

    1- What is the most difficult problem you have faced?
    2- How long did it take you to solve the problem?
    3- How did you solve the problem

  • Can we reduce climate change, in your opinion, is co² a major cause of climate change?

  • Is it possible to get rid of the problem of climate change forever? and how's that ?How do gases cause the temperature to rise?What are the alternatives to fossil fuels

  • How do you incorporate sustainability practices into your daily life as a Quaker and a member of Extinction Rebellion? What changes have you made or actions have you taken to live in alignment with your beliefs?

  • What will happen to the world after 10 years as a result of pollution and climate change?

  • What are some examples of successful sustainability initiatives, either on a small or large scale, that you find inspiring?What are some of the most promising technologies or innovations that could help us achieve a more sustainable future?

  • Dear Ben,
    We've always been dreaming of a world that is clean, healthy, and pure of contamination. But over time, new viruses appear, new diseases are found, and the infrastructure keeps deteriorating. So, I'm wondering when are we going to live a good life on a healthy planet.
    Another question, do you think that natural disasters are caused by the contamination humans cause?

  • Hello, Mr. Ben, can climate change affect the soil and land, how does this happen... and what is its impact on the surrounding environment, and is it possible to affect the quality of agricultural crops

  • There are some reports saying that inequality is the cause of the spread of crises related to climate and security. It is assumed that we are an Islamic country that must have this law, but unfortunately not everyone is committed to it. Forms of inequality: hereditary monarchy, discrimination, bullying, and others..... So my question to you, Ben Mango:. How can we achieve equality in my region and what are the procedures that must be followed later to preserve the democratic system and eliminate the dictatorial regime in the country

  • I feel happy talking to you because you are interested in the environment and its conditions, but the question that occupied my mind is that there are many problems in the world, but you chose this problem, what is the reason for that / did you experience any side effects resulting from it

  • It is good that there are people who care about the climate crisis and try to help solve it. I have a question about the climate crisis in your area. Did you find a solution to it? After I helped the local group. Can you remember a difficult case about the climate crisis?

  • Hello Bin Mango, I would like to know your opinion on the issue of cutting trees to make paper, and is there another way to make paper

  • Hello Ben Mango, when I heard that you support national initiatives related to awareness-raising about the climate crisis and its connection to other issues, the most important of which is community and racial inequality, it caught my attention that the climate crisis is linked to the issue of inequality. How do social inequalities relate to the climate crisis? And what is its effect on it? What is the importance of this connection?
    In your opinion, what are the best ways to make societies more just and equal?
    I am very curious to know the answer to these questions that occupy my mind.

  • What steps can individuals take to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, and how can these small actions contribute to a wider movement towards a more sustainable society?

  • Hello, Ben Mango/- Do you think that climate change has collateral damage that harms all living things (plant - human - animal) / - Can you provide some useful ways to preserve the climate / - How can awareness be raised among people

  • Hi Ben
    I am very inspired by your hard work. You did everything in you're power to support national initiatives to raise awareness about the climate crisis and its wider connections with other issues.

  • Hello Ben Mango,
    how are you doing ? My first question is what are you experiencing as a member of Extinction Rebellion (XR) and also a Quaker then my second question is what is your plan on making awareness about the climate crisis in your local home area and how to stop the crisis.

  • Hello, Mr. Ben, what are the guidelines that can give society to reduce the climate change crisis? Do you see that climate change is a negative or positive thing, and what is its impact on us as human beings?

  • Hello, Mr. Ben. What is the role of presidents and kings in solving the climate change crisis? Can they contribute to solving this crisis? Also, for us as students, how can we be a hand in resolving this crisis?