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I used to think that Metaverse makes a person's life bad , but I changed my mind because it... Competition #4 Then and now 04/5/23
The person who inspires me to protect the environment is my mom because sometimes when we're... Who inspires you? 02/5/23
What will happen to the world after 10 years as a result of pollution and climate change? ...Ben Mango! 14/4/23
Hi Mr. Matthew What are the downsides of the Metaverse and How will it affect the world ? ...Matthew Ball! 14/4/23
Will future generations preserve the environment more than our current generation? And why? …Clover Hogan! 14/4/23
By planting and preserving flowers and plants , and by throwing garbage in the appropriate place... Suggest a discussion 14/4/23
I think there should be a discussion a bout the topic (bullying)that happens everywhere because... Suggest a discussion 14/4/23
My country is affected by climate change through floods and heavy rains that occur in the winter... Climate change in your country 13/4/23
The story that affects my area is(lack of job opportunities)and this is a problem that means the... Competition #1 News near you 13/4/23
I think that the lack of sufficient climate laws is the worst because this makes people less... Earth Day poll results! 11/4/23
Certainly, We learned an important lesson about climate change and we understand the importance... Classroom spy... 10/4/23