Earth Day: How Tough Are The Climate Laws

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  • Well in my opinion there aren't really any 'tough' climate laws it jut that some are unrealistic and that most people find it hard to adapt to.
    For example the laws about cutting down trees in Nigeria helps the country but the people in the villages have being using firewood all their lives so it will be very hard for them to just change to using the modern type like my grandma prefers using firewood rather than the gas cooker she was being bought
    Likewise, there are also unrealistic laws that needs time before it can actually happen like Nigeria's zero-net target is not really realistic because Nigeria has a lot of green houses so the reduction of the things it emits is going to take a long time

    1. It's understandable that some people might find it difficult to adapt to new laws related to climate change, especially if those laws require significant changes to their way of life.but we have to consider the long-term benefits of such laws for both individuals and society as a whole.

      For example, while using firewood may be a longstanding tradition in some communities, cutting down trees at an unsustainable rate can have serious environmental consequences. Deforestation can lead to soil erosion, loss of biodiversity, and increased greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. By enacting laws that limit deforestation and promote sustainable forestry practices, countries can help mitigate these negative impacts and protect the environment for future generations.Many modern alternatives to traditional practices are often more efficient and cost-effective in the long run. While it may be cheaper to use firewood in the short term, switching to cleaner energy sources like gas can actually save money over time by reducing the need for frequent purchases of fuel.

  • I personally think that climate laws can actually be tough on a few people. Cutting down of trees is very bad and i agree with that. But some people in third world countries still use firewood to cook and do other things. The fact of the matter is that they cannot afford another medium. Battling climate change nationwide can be quite expensive, some countries may not have those type of resources. I believe that some climate laws may cause some people inconvenience. Some people might not even be able to afford obeying all the climate laws. I am not saying they should be left to do as they please. I am saying that they should at least be given the chance to obey the laws however they are capable to instead of pushing them over the edge to do something that might cause them more harm than good.

  • it's great to see you taking an interest in climate laws and how they can impact different people. You make a good point that some climate laws may be difficult for certain individuals or communities to adapt to, especially if they rely on certain practices or resources for their daily lives. It's important to recognize these challenges and find ways to address them, while still working towards protecting our planet and the future of all living things. It may take time and effort, but with collaboration and innovation, we can find solutions that benefit both the environment and the people who depend on it.

  • I strongly disagree because in my country, Nigeria, we don't always follow all the climate laws. This means we do things that harm the environment, like using generators and manual vehicles that cause pollution. These actions can hurt the ozone layer and have a negative impact on the world.
    Using generators and manual vehicles releases harmful gases into the air, which can contribute to air pollution and climate change. These gases can also harm our health and the health of other living beings.
    To make a positive change, we should try our best to follow the rules and laws about the environment. This means using cleaner sources of energy, like solar power or wind power, instead of generators. We can also choose to use vehicles that don't emit harmful gases, like electric cars or bicycles, whenever possible.
    By following the rules and making environmentally-friendly choices, we can help protect our planet and create a healthier world for ourselves and future generations.
    Remember, each of us can make a difference by being mindful of our actions and making choices that are good for the environment.

  • Hello!
    Well, from my experience i think that one day is not enough to save the planet simply because the process of climate change is not something that began in one day, it has been a consistent cycle since the 1990's which has led up to the huge problem in front of us called climate change. This process started when the use of fossil fuels was pioneered and has led to high emissions of green house gases. I think for the procees of climate change to be stopped the use of fossil fuels need to be substituted for renewable energy sources like wind, water, sun and others.