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Hello, candid_keyboard! Well, I agree with you, the topic leading to this conversation is are... The Change of Times 21/5/23
Hello! Well, I definitely think that nepotism undermines equality reason, from the definition... The Incompatibility of Nepotism with the Principle of Equality 21/5/23
Hello! Well, from my experience i think that one day is not enough to save the planet simply... Earth Day: How Tough Are The Climate Laws 21/5/23
Hello! Well based on my research I have found out that nepotism is more of a mindset rather... Nepotism a natural tendency 17/5/23
Hello! Well, yes, I think there is a difference between helping family and friends in a sense... Nepotism a natural tendency 16/5/23
Hello! Well, I think that your views and opinions on this topic are relatively similar to mine,... Nepotism a natural tendency 16/5/23
Hello! Well, when I asked some of my teachers and friends what they thought about nepotism I... Nepotism a natural tendency 16/5/23
Hello! Well, I think as human beings advanced in technological developments there was always... Digital Divide: Could it slow down the enforcement of the Metaverse? 12/5/23
Hello! I feel that I would not want to be a beneficiary or nepotism or be a nepo-baby reason... Nepo-babies in the news 11/5/23
Hello! This was as always, a very interesting and I learnt a lot such as Will Smith's son and... Test your knowledge 10/5/23
Hello! Well, I feel that too many climate laws is better than not enough climate laws and, in... Earth Day poll results! 10/5/23
Hello! In the polls I choose to help and treat my family in a similar way and grant them... Nepotism poll results! 10/5/23
Hello! Well, the prospective of a metaverse is a truly fascinating and interesting topic which... Metaverse poll results! 09/5/23
Hello! Well this is very interesting but I think that these are two unique ways of going on... Which situation is best? 09/5/23
Hello! According to Google "equality is the right of different groups of people to have a... Where does nepotism start? 09/5/23
Hello! Strikes are the refusal of an organization or a group of workers to work because they... Can everyone strike? 09/5/23
Hello! The skill I am focusing on is listening. I think listening is in two parts: hearing and... Competition #5 Standpoint skills 09/5/23
Hello! In my opinion I feel nepotism is a bad thing because in most cases the relative or... Where does nepotism start? 09/5/23
Hello! Well, this is a very interesting topic that I think has being affecting the lives of... Nepo-babies in the news 09/5/23
Hello! Well, I got a 9 in this quiz and I think it was worth it, I learnt that the biggest... Test your knowledge 06/5/23