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The question of whether monarchy or democracy is superior or more firm is subjective and depends... MONARCHY OR DEMOCRACY 19/5/23
Royal appearances play a significant role in shaping public perception of the monarchy and can... Royal appearances: how would this affect the monarchy? 19/5/23
The British monarchy, with its centuries-long history, continues to hold an important role in... King Charles 19/5/23
The expert that I learned from is Matthew Ball, he taught me about the negative effects the... Competition #6 Expert learning 18/5/23
1. Running a climate café can be an excellent way to engage your community in discussions about... Expert challenge: Earth Day 17/5/23
It is possible that the situation you are describing could be considered nepotism if the reason... NEPOTISM OR DESTROYER OF LIVES? 12/5/23
No, nepotism is not acceptable as it undermines the principles of fairness, meritocracy, and... Is nepotism acceptable? 11/5/23
1.Being a Nepo-baby can have an unfair advantage by the following ways: Access to Resources:... Nepo-babies in the news 11/5/23
The other steps don't involve nepotism Step 2: The couple has a child called Ema, which implies... Where does nepotism start? 10/5/23
1.If I were in a position of success and fame, I would strive to use my platform and resources... Nepotism poll results! 09/5/23
In my opinion, it would be electricity workers in my country Nigeria. Electricity workers in... Strikes poll results! 07/5/23
My opinion about this is yes workers have the right: Workers generally have the legal right to... strike concept . 07/5/23
Hi caring_fly Strikes are not always the only resort, strikes are often viewed as a last... Are strikes the only resort 07/5/23
I got 8, the fact I actually would want to learn about is investing in education and training... Test your knowledge 06/5/23
I got 8, I realized not all royals are bad and even royals want the chance to live a normal... Test your knowledge 06/5/23
1. No, royals should not have absolute power to do whatever they want. This type of governance... The role of royals 06/5/23
The individual that gives me inspiration to protect the planet is no other but: Nnimmo Bassey:... Who inspires you? 06/5/23
1. Bridging the gap between workers and management can be an effective way to address the... Test your knowledge 06/5/23
1.The right to protest and to strike is an important aspect of a democratic society and is... Can everyone strike? 06/5/23
The role of royalty in the modern world is a topic of debate and has evolved significantly over... Are royals relevant? 05/5/23