Will Earth Day create new life?

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Earth Day is everyone's issue, because it is an issue that represents life or death for humanity. If we preserve our beautiful land, we will create a new life, we will not search for another planet, no negative things will happen, but how? And is it in our hands? The answer is yes, we can, and it is also in our hands, and it really is.  Simple solutions, the most important of these solutions is 1.  Recycling There are simple ways to encourage people to recycle and protect the environment

Increase the amount of public recycling bins: ...

Distribution and allocation of recycling bins: ...

Obtaining recyclable items from the "supermarket": ...

Reduce the price of plastic bags:

Providing boxes in crowded places:

2.  Preserving water, as water is the basis for the flow of this planet through the following:

If you are in the kitchen... Take the amount needed to drink or make drinks without excess. Use the dishwasher when it is full of dishes...

If you are in the bathroom... do not fill the bathtub, but use the shower, and if necessary, fill half of it...

If you are on the street, wash the car with a bucket, not a hose.

If you were in the garden... reduce the use of drinking water for irrigation

3.  Reducing waste and reducing electricity. Alternative energy must be used. Waste can be used as fuel instead of throwing it into the sea.

But what will life be like after getting rid of this crisis????

The first effect on the ozone layer: This is how we prevented the expansion of the ozone layer, and scientists say that the largest hole in the ozone layer in the Arctic is now closed because many are affected by what is happening to the planet and severe anxiety, so science is quick to solve this crisis and the closure of the first hole is evidence of that.

The second effect: atmospheric air and trees, so the air will become more clean and trees can play their role in life.

And the last effect: on the human being: we will not be infected with diseases, especially cancer and childhood diseases such as asthma, infant mortality and neurodevelopmental disorders, and practical activity will increase in the world.

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  • I really like your way of explaining poetic_nature you have mentioned the methods that could be taken by us in small scale. I have a small doubt you have mentioned that recycling is one of the simplest method to protect the earth by reducing waste the points your have mentioned are really good you have mentioned that we should increase the recycling bins in crowded regions but how could we be sure that it will be used in the right way even if people got awareness about it and start throwing their wastes in recycle bins .Do we have the amount of recycling companies in which all the recycleable materials collected are recycled and while recycling there will be certain wastes produced and there are materials which cannot be recycled what will happen to that waste where will we throw those waste again to the ocean?or dumping grounds??.......

    1. I agree because... it is true that recycling can be one of the best option to reduce wastes. But I agree that simply providing more recycle bins is not enough to ensure that wastes are disposed properly. As many suggests educational and awareness-raising campaigns may be a solution for this as it encourages people to dispose the wastes properly. But I suggests,the other way to make people aware is to provide incentives to them. Like I had seen many cities providing their residents incentives and rewards for using the bins correctly. By this People actually make a habit of recycling and to take the time to sort the wastes properly. And in some countries, for example in India we have different colors of dustbins like green dustbins or bags are used for biodegradable or organic waste, such as food waste, garden waste, and soiled paper and cardboard.Blue dustbins or bags are used for non-biodegradable or dry waste, such as plastic, metal, glass, and dry paper and cardboard.Red dustbins or bags are used for hazardous or biomedical waste, such as sharp objects, medical waste, and chemicals. We can atleast follows these colors codes properly so that we can ensure that wastes are managed properly.And I also have to say that while recycling we can't tell that every wastes are recycled, there may be some wastes that can't be recycled. But there are companies who have alternative ways to recycle these wastes. So I think it's important to choose recycling companies that have a good track record of environmental responsibility and to support efforts to reduce waste and increase recycling. And to reduce wastes we can buy products with minimal packaging, avoid buying single-use products like use and throw plastic materials, trying repairing or repurposing items instead of throwing them away.

      1. You've brought up some excellent points regarding recycling and waste management. It's true that merely providing more recycle bins may not be sufficient to ensure proper waste disposal. Educational and awareness campaigns play a crucial role in encouraging people to dispose of their waste correctly. Creating a habit of recycling and taking the time to sort waste properly is essential for effective recycling efforts.

        Incentives can be a powerful motivator for individuals to participate in recycling programs. Cities that provide rewards or incentives to residents for using bins correctly have seen positive results. These initiatives help create a sense of responsibility and encourage people to actively engage in recycling practices.

        The color-coded system for dustbins, as implemented in some countries like India, is an excellent approach to facilitate proper waste segregation. Differentiating bins based on the type of waste makes it easier for individuals to dispose of waste correctly. Following such color codes can significantly contribute to effective waste management and recycling.

        While recycling is beneficial, it's important to acknowledge that not all waste can be recycled. In such cases, it becomes essential to support companies that have alternative methods for waste management and disposal. Choosing recycling companies with a good track record of environmental responsibility is crucial to ensure that waste is handled in an environmentally friendly manner.

        In addition to recycling, minimizing waste generation is equally important. Purchasing products with minimal packaging, avoiding single-use items, and opting for repairing or repurposing goods instead of discarding them are all effective strategies to reduce waste.

        Thank you for sharing these valuable insights into waste management and recycling. It's through collective efforts and informed choices that we can work towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

        1. Thank you for adding to the discussion and emphasizing the importance of waste management and recycling. You've highlighted some essential points that contribute to effective waste disposal practices.

          Educational campaigns and awareness programs are indeed crucial in promoting proper waste disposal and recycling. By providing information about the benefits of recycling and how to sort waste correctly, individuals can make informed choices and actively participate in recycling efforts.

          Incentives can be powerful motivators to encourage recycling behavior. Rewards or benefits for participating in recycling programs can incentivize individuals to adopt recycling habits and increase their engagement in waste management practices. Such initiatives can create a sense of responsibility and foster a culture of sustainability.

          The color-coded system for dustbins, as seen in some countries, simplifies waste segregation and makes it easier for individuals to identify the appropriate bin for different types of waste. This system enhances the efficiency of waste management processes and promotes effective recycling.

          It is crucial to recognize that not all waste can be recycled, and exploring alternative methods for waste management is essential. Supporting companies that prioritize environmentally responsible waste management practices ensures that waste is handled in an eco-friendly manner, even when recycling may not be possible.

          Minimizing waste generation through conscious consumption is another important aspect of waste management. By reducing the use of single-use items, opting for products with minimal packaging, and repairing or repurposing items instead of discarding them, we can significantly reduce the amount of waste generated.

          Overall, adopting a comprehensive approach to waste management that includes recycling, waste reduction, and supporting responsible waste management practices is key to achieving a more sustainable future. Thank you for highlighting these crucial aspects of waste management and their role in environmental sustainability.

    2. I agree because many people are throwing revolting rubbish into the several oceans and rivers which can modify our lives because they were wonderful sources of drinking water. I also really appreciate when you have written that we should be initiating reforestation so we can inhale more fresh air and vegetation can suck carbon dioxide from us when we breathe in. In addition to this, recycling can lessen carbon dioxide which can help the Earth reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the air.

    3. in my opinion it won't create new life it will just make the one we have more convenient and better because as more people are aware about the earth day then more people will make an effort to improve on taking care of the earth.

  • You said “ reduce the price of plastic bags“ and “ provide boxes in crowded areas“ I don’t agree with those statements because if the price of plastic bag are reduced, then more people would buy it and if more people are buying it, it would get sold out quickly then the manufacturers would have to make more since it is all getting sold, so it would make use of lots of machinery thus causing more climate change.
    Also if boxes are always getting provided in crowded areas the same thing will also happen and it will also cause more waste which will also cause climate change.

  • I really admired the way of your explanation it was so brief and amazing in which you mentioned how to preserve our beautiful land in good ways which is the best solution for all living things that are in it .That will make our land stay beautiful and it will also stay clean and healthy.

  • Yes.
    These are great steps to protect the earth and the planet.
    I think your point is really excellent.
    Life will be when you get rid of harmful diseases and epidemics.
    Very comfortable and beautiful.

  • You say that our land must be preserved beautiful, but you pointed to reducing waste and reducing electricity, and that waste can be used as fuel instead of throwing it into the sea. This is how you treated pollution with greater pollution. How do I use waste as fuel? Isn’t fuel also pollutants? Transportation decreases. I hope that waste is not burned. I hope that we preserve trees and gardens that purify the air for us, and that we all cooperate in planting trees everywhere, even if it is small. I hope that we try to preserve cleanliness and water

  • Earth Day is a celebration of our planet and the importance of environmental protection. While it may not directly create new life, Earth Day serves as a reminder of all living things and the need for conservation efforts to preserve biodiversity and ensure a healthy future for our planet. By raising awareness and inspiring action Earth Day has the potential to contribute to the preservation of existing life and support the possibility for new life to flourish in the future.

  • Let's save the Earth First, everyone must preserve climate change, as there are many problems 1- Because of global warming 2- Because of the large use of electricity in all areas of our lives 3- Because of environmental pollution in all aspects, land, air, or even marine, such as the spread of waste everywhere, even in Beaches and public places must be taken advantage of. As for air, oil and other gases pollute the air, such as the very large consumption of oil in the use of cars, as well as the gases emitted from factories and their waste, or even the waste of companies. It spreads when the ozone layer is eroded, which causes a lot of diseases for all living organisms. Man works to raise the incidence of skin cancer, which is known to burn the skin, and this is a problem for people whose skin is light because of the lack of melanin pigment, which makes them more vulnerable to these diseases. 4- High pollution in the sea In the Gaza Strip in particular, sewage water is poured into the sea, and this is a very disgusting thing. One of the solutions to this problem is: 1- Everyone should reduce the use of electricity. For example, we can take advantage of solar energy by making solar cells, so the solar energy works by converting into electrical energy that is stored during the day and remains Humans are exposed to bright sunlight, but at night they are used, and this is possible in cars, so it is possible to invent cars that work through solar energy, because the temperature of the nucleus in the sun is about 16 million Celsius, and its center is 6 thousand Celsius, which means that the temperature is very high 2- Campaigns Awareness of the prevention of throwing waste in the sea or on land 3- Building factories far from homes.

  • I agree with all the methods you mentioned except for 1 of them which says " reduce the price of plastic bags". If the price of plastic bags were to be reduced people would buy them more and when they are done with the plastic bags they just dump them all around them and that can result to land pollution. Also the companies who make the plastic bags will have to make more and the machines that will be used to make more plastic bags will produce a high amount of smoke and the smoke will result to the increase in air pollution.

  • Earth day inspires people to commit to environmental protection. It encourages them to take action, however small, and be a part of the global movement dedicated to saving the planet we call our home. Earth day celebration draws attention to the global issues of pollution, global warming, overpopulation, etc.
    Future changes are expected to include a warmer atmosphere, a warmer and more acidic ocean, higher sea levels, and larger changes in precipitation patterns. The extent of future climate change depends on what we do now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The more we emit, the larger future changes will be.
    From a spiritual perspective, Earth Day is an opportunity to reflect on the interconnectedness of all life and recognize the sacredness of the natural world. Many spiritual traditions view the earth as a creature worthy of respect and care and emphasize the importance of living in harmony with nature.
    One of the best ways to connect with the Earth is through cleanups. Go on a walk with a trash bag and help to clean up any plastic that you find. Perhaps you know of a nearby ditch or drainage area around the corner that is polluted with trash! You'll start to realize that plastic permeates every aspect of our lives.

  • Hi poetic_nature,
    I really love your standpoint and I must really commend you for your good work. Earth day could really help to improve and also save our planet. Earth day helps create more awareness about environmental issues and as more people begin to realise the different problems our planet is going through and how it could endanger the lives of the different species on our planet. They will begin to take action and try their best to save our planet because they will realise that some of the things we do are gradually destroying our planet and they will try to also encourage other people to take care of our planet to prevent it from going into extinction. If we all begin to become more conscious of our environment it would help preserve our planet.