Nepotism: A Choice To Make

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In short, the best kind of nepotism importance of relationships with respected employees and colleagues to help find and hire employees with similar traits.

'Nepotism is an even narrower form of favoritism. Coming from the Italian word for nephew, it covers favoritism to members of the family. Both nepotism and cronyism are often at work when political parties recruit candidates for public office.'

There are two different types of Nepotism, They are;

  • 1. Reciprocal Nepotism
  • 2.Entitlement nepotism.
  • 1. Reciprocal: A family member accepts a position because they are financially dependent on the employer, they feel a sense of obligation and loyalty or nepotism has become a norm in their family.
  • 2. Entitlement: A family member accepts a position because they feel entitled to it.

Entititlement nepotism is wrong Reciprocal nepotism is equally wrong, because I feel it is still robbing somebody of their chance to get a free chance at something.

Nepotism is wrong because it is based on choosing someone for reasons other than merit.

People who feel entitled to a job due to nepotism resort to unprofessional behavior. They do not respect other people in the team and tend to speak anything they want. Moreover, they take advantage of the situation as they know they will not be held accountable for their actions.

Such management behavior or practice is already considered as immoral because they give undue advantage to someone who does not necessarily merit this treatment.

SO, Topical Talkers, Is Nepotism a choice to make.

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  • Nepotism is our choice to make or to reject .From this famous place I call for anti-nepotism movement in all places of work.
    When nepotism in the workplace has negative consequences, you’ll face frustration from your other employees and from the person you promoted. You want to create an internal raving fan culture for your employees, not one of resentment. If your company doesn’t already have a solid core of dependable, dedicated team members who believe in you and the work you do, nepotism – especially if it involves a family member underperforming – can have disastrous consequences.

  • I think nepotism is a bad choice to make because everyone should be treated the same way if not people will feel uncared for, upset, unvalued and unloved. So, I think everyone should treat their family and friends the same way. Also, I think everyone in the world should love and take care of one another in any type of situation.

  • Favoritism is a mean behavior that destroys and destroys society because of a defect caused by high-ranking officials who exploit it because of their positions for the sake of their family members to obtain a job. As the official hires one of his ignorant family members instead of the most qualified and knowledgeable employee who deserves this job, and this phenomenon is a virus spread all over the world and there is no medicine to eliminate it because they exploit their positions to achieve the goals of their family members or friends. For example: thousands of graduates applied for employment exams, and among these graduates was a member of the official's family or the son of one of his friends, so he would hire those who failed instead of those who succeeded in the test, which affects society and the spread of the dependency and unemployment ratio in it, so every official must review himself And he works with conscience because people are not their enemies and they have the right to work.

  • Nepotism is a choice to make it depends on your point of view, if you feel helping your family member get a job whether deserving or undeserving of it is right then go for it, also remember it is at the detriment of you and society at large, but if you say no to nepotism then go for it because maybe you may just be leading your country to greater heights.

  • Nepotism is a practice of showing favoritism towards one's family members or close acquaintances, particularly in matters of employment or other benefits. It is not a choice as such, but rather a behavior or attitude that individuals may exhibit. The decision to engage in nepotism ultimately lies with the person in a position of power - they can choose to prioritize merit and qualifications over personal relationships or connections.

    While it is understandable to have a preference for working with people you know and trust, it is important to ensure fairness and equal opportunities for all qualified candidates. Nepotism can lead to the exclusion of potentially talented and deserving individuals and can create a toxic work environment where favoritism is rewarded over merit. Therefore, it is crucial for organizations to establish clear policies and procedures regarding hiring and promotions to prevent nepotism and ensure a fair and impartial work environment.

  • I agree with your point on nepotism being very unprofessional and choosing people on things other than merit. Nepotism is a very depraved practice, as it robs both the institution of a potential more qualified person, and it also robs the person who takes the position of the experiences of that particular position, as they didn't earn their position with work, but with family connections.

  • Favoritism is not a good thing to be spread. It deprives opportunities and affects work and makes people hate the person who entered through it because he got the job without any effort. Therefore, I think that nepotism is a wrong thing for absenteeism because of its many negatives
    I think that people believe that entering and working with someone who spends on them through nepotism is not a bad thing, really, it is good out of pure intention to reduce the responsibility for the other person, but if I knew that there was another person who deserved the job more and needed it more than him, I would not have entered the work I believe that we thought about this question before entering a job with nepotism. Favoritism will decrease significantly because it is possible to find other jobs, even if they have a low salary, but money can be made from them.

  • In some cases nepotism is a choice but in others it may be the only way. Some families may pressure the family members to follow in their footsteps instead of choosing and working in an industry of their own. While other people like to use nepotism to their advantage making it a choice. Overall the idea of nepotism being a choice is dependent on the situation.