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Favoritism is not a good thing to be spread. It deprives opportunities and affects work and... Nepotism: A Choice To Make 15/5/23
It's not really a good thing that AI can make art, there are many people who can't work, so they... Thinking questions 02/5/23
Yes, of course, absolute power always leads to authoritarianism, as happened with Napoleon when... The role of royals 28/4/23
I have put forward some discussions that I would like to discuss, and they are about the life of... Reflect on the lesson! 28/4/23
In a way, you are right, but I do not agree with you, because I really respect the king and the... The role of royals 28/4/23
From my point of view, I do not think that there is a big difference between the president and... Are royals relevant? 25/4/23
In my town, there is no king and queen, so I do not have much experience in this matter, but in... The role of royals 25/4/23
I think that the first three issues, which are strikes, metaviruses, and climate, form a... Competition #3 Making connections 25/4/23
I will give my personal opinion on Law 2 .. Well, the second law is somewhat I do not like it... The law in your hands? 16/4/23
I got a result of 9/10. This is not bad at all and I had a great experience. In every question... Test your knowledge! 14/4/23
Hi there:) I chose the no-meat law because I thought it was more appropriate for discussion and... The law in your hands? 14/4/23
Hii.. There are many people who do not know that the things they do daily are the cause of... Climate change in your country 13/4/23
Hi there .. You are absolutely right. The lack of awareness is the main and major cause of... Climate change in your country 13/4/23
Hi there;) I think that my city is one of the cities in the world with a high population... Climate change in your country 13/4/23
Yes, the point of all these laws is, of course, to protect the environment, because the... Earth Day poll results! 12/4/23
I think that the lack of laws protecting the environment will be very bad, because people tend... Earth Day poll results! 12/4/23
Hi.. I think that not all instructions and advice that can make a big difference in climate... ...Matthew Ball! 12/4/23
Hi.. You are right, but if the technology has harmful effects, will we get rid of it, throw it... Suggest a discussion 12/4/23
You are right. If we can make protecting the environment part of our daily routine, it will be a... Classroom spy... 11/4/23
Of course, we took the class on the topic of Earth Day, and it was very good, but unfortunately... Classroom spy... 10/4/23