Can the Metaverse be called an Advanced Technology or just an obsession.

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The metaverse is not yet a reality, but it could be the next evolution of the internet. The idea is that "extended reality" – the combination of augmented, virtual and mixed reality – will become a key medium for social and business engagement. If you’re interested in technology, you’ve probably heard the buzzword of the moment – "metaverse."

The internet has been built by web developers, the Open Metaverse is being built by game developers. If you start paying attention to it, you’ll notice game engines everywhere, which is especially true for Virtual Environments

The metaverse should improve, rather than replace, human experiences. They are programmed to just help us make life easier and faster not to literally take over everyone's purpose or duty and making them feel they have no use in life due to the fact that even individuals are being replaced at their workplaces by robots and advanced technologies,

The existence of metaverse, I wouln't really say it's being too over hyped due to the fact that many individuals are not yet relly exposed to the internet/metaverse.

The metaverse is also being seen as an obsession due to the fact that most individuals are getting too obsessed to the metaverse day by day. Sometimes, they spend less time with family members due to their obsessions over it. It simply just means that the metaverse could also be seen as a distraction due to the fact that we forget about our main plans and goals in life/in a day and get carried away. Even students can't focus on their studies and homework due to their obsessions over the metaverse.

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  • Well in my opinion it can be called both it actually depends on the aspect we look at AI and the metaverse is HighTech and advanced technology developing a new word it is however enthralling and captivating therefore people tend to get addicted to it for example many teens today are addicted to social media. While some youths use it for the betterment of the worsld harvesting all its good fruits and improving on it so in my opinion this topic is quite an interesting one and can't really be answered with a clear no or yes. Rather depending on who or what the case study is.

  • The metaverse is an advanced technology that helps the world to be more comfortable and less stressful.
    It is meant to be a system that accommodates the tedious work human do and make it easier.
    So, the metaverse can be too comfortable and they start to addicted until they are obsessed.
    For example, teenagers forget their house chores all because they are probably thinking of the metaverse(their games or social media).

  • Hello agreeable_language, what an interesting standpoint you have there, i am really impressed with the fact that you dug deep to see the major problems about the metaverse. Anyways, human activities in organizations have been based on our human effort and those that created the AI used it for communication games but as technology grew by the years, it was discovered that those things could help to ease or even take over those human activities in organizations. I know you may feel they are taking over from humans and not helping them but even in car assembling and manufacturing companies in the most developed countries, the AI have not taken over the process, the are still some in-between stages that humans play a part even in developed hospitals when carrying out a surgery the AI don't do everything there is always a medical practitioner there. Here we can see that even with the development of AI, humans are still needed to make them, manage their damages and help in in-between stages of their functions. Also, we may feel the metaverse is becoming an obsession but that is not it's fault, as humans we are expected to imbibe and employ a sense of discipline and without that then you will or may end up wayward, this lack of discipline is what makes people fail to know when to stop using the metaverse. Also to avoid obsession, parents can play a role in regulating the hours their children use the metaverse, may parents avoid that by drafting reading timetables for us and retrieving all gadgets by 8:00 pm in the night and that has helped us a lot.

  • The metaverse should not become an addiction because it will have so many side effects. Prolonged use may put you at an increased risk of injury when engaging in normal activities in the real world. Addiction and too much use of the metaverse can cause seizures, loss of awareness, eye strain, eye or muscle twitching, involuntary movements, altered, blurred, or double vision, dizziness, disorientation, impaired balance, impaired hand-eye coordination, excessive sweating, increased salivation, nausea, lightheadedness, drowsiness, fatigue and so many other side effects can be caused through too much use of the metaverse. The use of metaverse should be restricted. People should not use it for so long. People should monitor and limit their Internet habits. There should be set time limits for usage. People should try to shorten their Internet sessions. This will reduce addictions to the metaverse.

  • I comprehend your perspective on the metaverse and its potential as the next evolution of the internet. I agree that the metaverse holds great promise, but it is important to approach its development and adoption with a balanced mindset. While acknowledging the immense potential of the metaverse, it is crucial to emphasize that its purpose should be to enhance human experiences rather than replace them. The metaverse should serve as a tool that facilitates convenience, efficiency, and connectivity, rather than becoming an all-consuming obsession.

    As we navigate the path toward the metaverse, it is essential to ensure that individuals maintain a healthy balance between their virtual engagements and real-life connections. While it is natural to be excited about new technologies, we must not allow ourselves to be consumed to the extent that it hinders our relationships and distracts us from our personal goals and responsibilities.

    Furthermore, as the metaverse gains momentum, it is vital to provide education and awareness to individuals who may not yet be familiar with its potential. By promoting understanding and guiding responsible usage, we can minimize the risks of over-hyping and help individuals make informed decisions about their involvement in the metaverse.

    Eventually, the metaverse should be viewed as a tool for enrichment and collaboration, enhancing our lives without overshadowing our human connections and aspirations. By embracing a balanced approach, we can unlock the true benefits of the metaverse while ensuring our well-being and priorities remain intact."

    Remember, the development and adoption of the metaverse should be guided by thoughtful consideration of its impact on individuals and society as a whole but as we explore the possibilities of the metaverse and its potential impact on our lives, let us contemplate: In a world where boundaries blur between physical and virtual reality, where connections transcend geographical limitations, and where digital experiences become increasingly immersive, what will it truly mean to be human in the metaverse?"

    1. The metaverse actually has the power to be more inclusive than the offline world.
      A comprehensive approach is essential to address inclusion at every touchpoint.
      Inter-organizational initiatives and individual ownership will be key to jointly building the metaverse.
      The metaverse can be seen to be a continuum, a spectrum of digitally enhanced worlds, realities and business models.

  • I agree the metaverse can be called an advancement of technology because you can be anything you want . for example you can be an astronaut or a famous basketball player or actor or actress or something fictional like a power ranger or an elemental master. Also you can go anywhere you can or cannot even imagine of going for example let’s say you always wanted to go and explore space and you don’t have the money to do that you can use the metaverse to explore space and other galaxies very fast . If you’ve always dreamed of seeing a volcano erupts in person but you can’t because it is extremely dangerous but with the metaverse you can do it.
    Yes the metaverse can be an obsession because when a person is using the metaverse they will be so focused on it they won’t know what is happening around them. For example a person that is addicted on the metaverse, he/she will be distracted and can miss school homework and some important events.

    1. I agree with you because I believe metaverse changes alot of people life.In the Metaverse you can do alot of things you want for example you can go to school,meet new friends and even create a whole new life with homes pet's and job online and also explore to where you want like dangerous or impossible places to go in the real world such as deep sea ,space as you mentioned. Just like in the real world the Metaverse will provide opportunities for people to flourish and to fail for example you could win races,buy houses and pass exam.The metaverse would let you be whoever you want you could be a rock star ,you could change how you look or even be a different creature entirely you can have more than one character and live multiple lives at the same time metaverse can also be a source of distraction to the community like for student the cool 😎🆒 stuffs in metaverse can have an effect on their studies like choosing to spend most of their time in metaverse.So I agree that metaverse should be called an advancement of technology.(School)

    2. I'm not sure about this because... for now the metaverse can be called an advanced technology but in the future it might not be called an advanced technology but the metaverse can never replace the real world so not just seeing a volcano erupt but how about swimming in a volcano and if the metaverse would distract student from studying then they can just go to school in the metaverse because you know the metaverse is not just for having fun but also for education, shopping etc.

    3. No, I disagree with that the metaverse is always an obsession. Ok I know that some people may become addicted to it and neglect their responsibilities, but this is not a universal truth that applies to everyone who uses the metaverse.

      Many people use the metaverse as a tool for work or socializing, and they are able to balance their use of it with their other obligations. The metaverse can provide a way for people to connect with others from all over the world and expand their horizons in ways that might not be possible otherwise.

      I think whether someone becomes obsessed with the metaverse or not depends on their individual tendencies and habits and their ability to manage their time and priorities effectively. We have to be aware of the potential risks associated with use of the metaverse, we should not assume that everyone who uses it will develop an unhealthy fixation.

  • Hello agreeable_language. I understand the aspect in which you are coming from and I completely agree with you. I'm in support or your standpoint due to the fact that the metaverse could actually be seen as a distraction to students. Some teenagers are even capable of entering into the metaverse without their parent's consent. By such acts, the students get carried away from their studies which affects their grades eventually.

  • Can the Metaverse be called an Advanced Technology or just an obsession?

    In my opinion it can be both the metaverse poses many things that we would not be able to do or go. The metaverse can be a way to travel, chat, and do anything you wish. Although the metaverse is a good aspect to certain human lives. It can also just be your addiction. The way you get addicted is through repetition, the brain and individual eventually begin to rely on that experience to feel good, and eventually to feel normal. With the metaverse being an addiction it poes many threats and makes us think that we live in the metaverse. As we get addicted to the metaverse we tend to believe the metaverse is our own and sustainable life. Some tend to find the metaverse their happy place but this is only harming them. I do believe that the metaverse can be a good place for many and if this advanced technology can be an addiction.

  • Metaverse has actually become an obsession to some. They cannot just do without it. Everything can become an obsession no matter what it is and something as attractive, fun, educational and thrilling as the metaverse has to be an obsession for some. I mean who wouldn't want to always be in a world where you can go anywhere and do everything you have ever dreamed of? The impossible becomes possible. Even though metaverse can and has become an obsession to some,there are still ways to prevent and stop the obsession.
    One way is to spend a little time away from your phone and other gadgets that can be used for the metaverse. If you spend time away from them, you won't be so tempted to go into the metaverse. You should monitor and limit your Internet habits, set time limits for usage and try to shorten your Internet sessions. Use external shut down devices on your computer and phone and use applications that can limit your time online.

  • Nowadays, people have become very obsessed with the virtual world. They want a fictional world far from this world. They look at the virtual world in a different way from the real world. They dream of living in a world free of all that they live in the real world. Indeed, people have gone too far in the virtual world. They have become addicted to it. Very terribly, which will negatively affect their lives. People will become lonely and isolated. People will become introverts. They will stay away from their relatives. They will neglect to sit with their families. This is all because of their vast imagination in the virtual world. What a wonderful worldWhat a wondrous world😓