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  • Yes, not only does climate change harm the animals and the vegetation, it also harms us humans too. Greenhouse gases are typically poisonous to us and the environment. Not to mention that effects of climate change can lead to change in weather patterns such as increased floods, monsoons, tornadoes and forest fires. In my country, the coastal regions has faced a lot of recent floods due to the rise in water levels. This has taken away a lot of lives. Where i stay, there has been a drastic change in the weather patterns. The rainfall has become irregular and the temperature has blown sky high. All of these and more are effects of climate change on humans. We need to find a way to stop it.

    1. Good day intelligent orchard.

      I agree with the valid point that you have stated because climate change does not only affect animals in ways like animals may lose their natural habitat through deforestation and firestorms, flood and earthquakes, but in the same way they also affect us humans. In my opinion, I feel that climate change is occurring in our environment because of our ignorance and negligence to the reminders that are being provided for us concerning climate change. In our daily lives, we are expected to follow the reminders, and apply them in our daily living. The ways to avoid climate change include the following:
      1. We should minimize the way that we cut down trees as trees also play a vital role preventing global warming.
      2. Always dispose of dirty water using drainages as not doing that can cause flooding and erosion.

      Thank You!!!

  • Hello,
    in order to look after our world we should try our best to protect it as it will be a better place for the future for everybody, not only humans like you and me but animals all over the globe as stats show that many animal species are becoming extinct due to climate change ( Global warming). If people don't make an effort many animals will certainly become extinct.We are not always thinking about the negatives though we should also think about the positives that are occuring as conservation projects are happening all around the world and it is making a big difference and if that is spread all around the world it will make a better tomorrow for everyone.

  • I strongly agree with your standpoint, we are the cause of climate change, we have destroyed the home we live on an it is affecting us in so many negative ways. We are facing severe global warming, sea levels are rising, droughts, food scarcity,eathquakes etc. Here in Ghana, we are facing severe heat for the past 3 months, this has affected out economy badly. Famers find it difficult to farm affecting citizen to go hungry. The heat has allowed waterbodies to dry up quickly, this caused livestock to die and increased the costs of food in markets. Every year we cut down tons of trees creating a lot of bears lands, and less shade for people and more heat. We have destroyed our waterbodies by being negligent and irresponsible. In my opinion I think people should release their mistake and find effective ways to stop climate change after all we are the solution and hope for the future.

  • In my point of view, sudden climate change doesn't only, harm plants and animals it even harms human beings' health due to global warming only sudden climate changes and non-periodic climate changes are occurring so we human beings should avoid plastic which are harming the environment.