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I believe that the enhance games isn't really fair as if you see all the people that apply for... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 26/3/24
Well done I have to admit Greece have been amazing and they have posted some amazing ideas and... Alastair Burnet Award: winners announced! 26/3/24
In my opinion,I believe that certain jobs could be better to let the AI do certain jobs as some... AI:Education and the future of work 20/3/24
Hello, in order to look after our world we should try our best to protect it as it will be a... STOP CLIMATE CHANGE 19/3/24
I think that in our world it is important to not just think about all the negatives about all... Eco-anxiety, what can be done about it? 18/3/24
I disagree because if you pick out certain women they have amazing skill and just as good as any... Women's sport 06/3/24
I pick A as well . as it isn't just up to people who care about the environment it is up to... Businesses v the environment 05/3/24
sometimes it can be hard to escape the never ending waves of bad news about the environment that... Too much negative news? 08/2/24
That is true but what if people found out a way to use it against hackers so they won't be able... Jobs of the future 08/2/24
I believe that actual teachers are better than robots because we have more creative knowledge Jobs of the future 07/2/24
AI ( Artificial Intelligence) makes me feel mixed emotions as if you let it be a doctor or a... Jobs of the future 07/2/24
Hi, The reminders about climate change makes me feel many emotions because our earth is an... Climate change: regular reminders 01/2/24
There are still some positives about our actions because we are still a lot of projects going on... Climate change: regular reminders 01/2/24
Hi, The advice I would give to the people in the radio that are saying about the hottest summer... Climate change: regular reminders 31/1/24