Make prisons better for better people!

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Every city has a prison. A prison is very important because it helps the society by keeping the criminals in. Its purpose is to keep the citizens safe but not only that. A prison helps in various ways.

First of all, it prevents the crimes and may stop some criminals from their actions because of the thought of going to prison. This thought could create a lot of anxiety so they could be prevented from doing illegal actions.

Secondly it gives time to criminals to think about their actions. A remote place away from the society and their family can give them useful time to regret for what they have done and reevaluate their mistakes. When they return to their community, they will start a new life.

I believe that still there is room for improvement. For example, the prisons in my country can improve their buildings. They are old enough and not so safe according to my opinion. Other countries have other problems. Some countries can't afford building new prisons and put a lot of criminals in one.

I believe this has a lot of disadvantages. Firstly, if someone gets ill, this person can spread the illness to other persons and it will be difficult to cure each one of them. Secondly, nobody will have space to move freely and relax. This can cause protests that put the safety of the staff in danger.

To sum up, I think that prisons can change people's lives if they aim to making criminals better but also provide better facilities. I also think that prisons can provide the society with "fresh "and "new "people. It's like a circle of life. They go there as "bad "and they come out better citizens.

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  • Hi,
    I believe that development of prisons can actually lead to the rehabilitation. The cleaner and better a prison is, the better for the habitats of that prison. A bad prison will only harden criminals and make them more violent, whereas the opposite which is a good one will hasten the changing processes.
    A sane human being needs a very good environment and a very clean one to be able to learn, and same also applies to the prisoners. The better the prison the better the outcome of the newly reformed civilians.
    The most important thing that makes a prisoner to change is discipline. Application of disciplinarian corses can see to a drastic change in the lives of prisoners.


  • Hello! The reason why prisons are not improved and seem old & unsafe is because prisons are underfunded and overcrowded. Prisons are old and are not fixed (since they are not provided proper funding) which means they are already unstable and the population of prisoners only wear these buildings down further.

    1. I completely agree, this underfunding definitely makes it more difficult to help and reform prisoners. To help this I think we need to move funding towards the prison system, which in the long term will help decrease the number of re-offense rates. However it may lead to a difficult task to choose where this funding should be removed from so prisons are able to gain this extra money. Personally, I think I do truly believe that a better prisoner does need a better prison.

  • I think prisons are very under developed, resulting in prisoners acting in a bad manner. In my opinion, If prisons were more comfortable for prisoners, then they would be more encouraged to listen to the commands of the officers. For example, If you clean dishes, you get to play on the console for an hour etc.

    1. I'm not sure about this because... some time later if theses prisons are comfortable people would start committing crimes just to enter a prison like Otago Corrections Facility, New Zealand, but if the prison is clean, the prisoners and their family members would be able to trust that prison facility with their heath. So therefore the prison the prisons shouldn't be to comfortable and should not be to uncomfortable.

  • I think the way the prison should be depends on what kind of crime the prisoner did if he is just a normal thief and wants to change himself he should be treated with respect in prison but if a person killed or abused someone and does not show any remorse should be treated very harshly

    1. You are right brilliant_swan the prison should depend on the crime but it shouldn't be to horrible for the person because they are criminals. When they realized their wrong they will reform their attitude and become better citizens in the society. Actually the main reason of prisons are for change of behavior and even though we want change of behavior we should treat them kindly and like humans.
      In conclusion, no matter the crime a prisoner committed, he should be treated with respect as the prison facility is for correctional purposes.

  • Hi
    In my opinion the prison should be where can criminal can live. the prisoners should have more facilities equipment should be able to buy it , if they don't buy it the prisoners will not change is way of stealing, they say that prison change criminal but it not true, because it doesn't change is way of can even kill the prisoners for example the food that take it, how the bath, how they sleep and how do you dress. In this my opinion prisons can change the criminals by changing how they think
    Thank you.

  • This is a very difficult task for prisons, I mean to reform prisoners. However we can tackle this challenge with so many ways.
    We can first of all implement therapy sessions for them to change their mindset and at the same time show them that they can be useful members of society if they want it.
    This is one side but we should also consider the facilities. I don’t mean that we have to make super luxurious but they have to live in a clean hygiene environment so as to feel how important it is to keep it like this and how can this clean environment influence our well being .