Robert Guest


Robert helps to decide what news stories appear in The Economist. His previous roles include foreign editor, US editor, business editor, Washington correspondent, Lexington columnist and Africa correspondent.

Robert is a Festival topic expert on immigration and divisive policies.

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  • Hey, everyone out there! By knowing that Robert Guest is a festival topic expert on immigrations and divisive policies and if I could receive the opportunity to meet him, I'd surely be very happy and since I have lots of curiosity about this topic. I'd be really glad to ask something related this topic which would be " how can we promote more inclusive and fair immigration policies that consider the needs of both immigrants and the host country?" The reason behind liking to ask this question among the vast curiosities is because it is important to recognize that immigration policies can greatly impact individuals and communities, so finding a balance is crucial. Thanks!!

  • If I could ask Robert about his thoughts on immigration and segregation, I would be interested to hear what he has to say.

    1. thanks for your question, is there something specific you'd like to ask Robert around immigration and segregation?

  • If I met Robert Guest, I'd ask if he was a president would he let immigrants and asylum seekers into his country? Even if there were past bad experiences with immigrants, would he still welcome others seeking refuge?

  • If I could meet Robert Guest, I would ask him if immigrating is always a good thing. Also, I want to know what rules he would implement in immigration, and I want to understand his opinion on the UK and Rwanda policy.

  • Hi, if I could meet Robert Guest, I would ask him if he has ever been friends with immigrants. If yes, I would ask him about his experience with them. Was it good or bad?

  • Hi, if I could meet Robert Guest, I would ask him for advice on what to do if someone becomes an asylum seeker, considering he is an expert in migration.

  • hi if I could meet Robert Guest I would ask him what inspired him to become a migration expert and an editor at Economist, also I would ask him what trouble he faced when becoming an editor.

  • If I met Robert Guest, I'd ask him how companies and big organizations can help with the issue of asylum seekers and immigrants.

  • If I could meet Robert Guest. I would ask him "how do he thinks the public perception of immigration has changed over time? And what facts has contributed in this change? "
    I would also ask him " Is there any misconception about immigration? " If yes, then what are these misconception?

  • Hello.
    If I had the chance to meet Robert Guest , an expert on immigration and divisive policies at a festival, I would ask him why immigration matters to people. I wanted to know more about how immigration affects the country's economy. Why is immigration policy important? Thanks.

  • " For Robert Guest to become a deputy editor at the Economist, how do you think he feels about his job? It seems like a deputy editor has a lot of responsibilities, given that Robert Guest has previously held roles such as foreign editor, US editor, and business editor. I'm curious to know why he no longer holds these previous responsibilities."

  • If I could meet Robert Guest, I would ask him about the advantages of having an immigrant as a friend or as a teacher.

    1. Why do you believe the advantages would be different if you had a friend or teacher who had immigrated?

      1. Hi, Aimee @ Topical Talk,
        I believe that the advantages for a teacher can vary because they are the ones who educate students in different subjects. If a teacher were to go to another country, they could help children there learn about various things. For instance, in Nigeria, we learn about agriculture and its practices. By teaching the children in another country about agriculture, they would be able to learn about different types of plants and their uses. For example, weeds like dandelions contain high amounts of vitamins K, C, and A. Moreover, they help purify the kidney, liver, and bloodstream.

  • Hi if I could meet Robert guest I would ask him what is the best way for a person to change someones opinion on immigrants if they don't like them.

  • If I had the chance to meet Robert Guest, I would ask him what he thinks on countries that do not allow immigrants, I would also ask him what he thinks about the Rwandan bill, the downsides and the positive, I will also ask him about a country's danger to over immigration and what they should do.