Why are there rules about immigration?


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  • In this day and age, many people relocate to new places, often for reasons such as job opportunities, immigration, or to escape war and conflict. Countries have established regulations to manage the flow of people and to maintain a healthy balance of pollution, security, and cultural diversity. These rules are intended to benefit everyone and prevent any unfairness or imbalances that could put people's safety at risk.

    In my opinion, the regulations for migrants and immigrants should differ because they serve different purposes. Migrants may be in search of work or business opportunities, whereas immigrants are typically starting a new life in a foreign land.


    1. I agree with you but it's not always good to immigrate, as this would cause the country that is being immigrated form to have a certain lack of manpower causing the destabilization of that country in economy, construction and healthcare.

      1. I agree because... I think countries have rules about immigration to prevent overpopulation. If there were no rules, too many people might come in, and while some immigrants are good, others might bring bad habits or attitudes. Without rules, the country might not behave properly, affecting the economy and leading to overpopulation. Criminals might also enter the country. So, it's important to have fair rules. Each country should have its own rules based on its needs. Some countries need more people, while others are already crowded. Some countries need specialists with certain skills. So, depending on the situation, each country should have its own rules.

        1. I don't agree with you when it comes to the part of criminals this law does not only affect those criminals in quote if also affect the good one too like the policy president Joe Biden placed doesn't only affect criminals we also have people who are less privileged because if there is crisis in their country and they loss all their properties due to the crisis , don't you think I going to be difficult for those kinds of people to gather money and buy a ticket , imagine a situation where you put in a lot of effort to get money and you realize the boarder has been shut such a person can even commit suicide, I feel they should be different rules for different categories of people to reduce the adverse effect of those laws on some certain people

        2. I agree because... Without rules there may be overpopulation. This will impact the number of jobs available for people, the number of houses for people to live in and whether people can get good health care.

      2. I would want to ask you
        If there was no migration would a country get more talents and skills from migrants to develop their country.

      3. I agree because... I think that when there are too many immigrants in a country, it can cause a great demand for more resources in the country . I think rather than immigrants moving to another country they should try and solve the problems going on in the country.

        1. Interesting ideas. Can you think of reasons why people might leave their home countries?

          1. Hi Chloe @ Topical Talk
            In my own view I think why people leave their home countries because they Want to work, study or join family, for example. Others feel they might leave because of Poverty ,Political unrest, gang violence, natural disasters, war or other serious circumstances that exists there.
            Thanks for your convenience time.

            1. I agree because I know that alot of people leave their home country too other countries for the sake of study etc While others leave their home because of they feel they are poor gang violence.

          2. Hi Chloe,
            I think that the reason why people migrate from their country to another is due to the following reasons, which are;
            War : this has made a lot of people to migrate from their country to another for safety.

            In search of greener pastures : people have left their country to other countries that are better off than theirs in search of these greener pastures. For example, Nigerian doctors are leaving the country to other countries where they are being paid better off.

            Insecurity : this has made a lot of people run away from such countries to countries that are peaceful because when there is insecurity then no peace.

            Poverty : Due to the overpopulation in some countries which has brought about limited resources leading to poverty has made a lot of people leave such countries to others that are doing well. These are also the reasons why some countries are less populated.

          3. People might leave their home country for different reasons like racism, prosecution of their race, better education, marginalisation etc.
            Racism: A black American for instance might leave amongst racist and might prefer living in a black country.
            Marginalisation: In a country were they are a lot of people, not everyone's opinion will be noticeable. These people whose opinions are not attended to,will probably want to leave their home country with the belief of having a say in another country.
            Prosecution of their race: In Nigeria for instance,a Nigerian who lives in a place where their race is usually prosecuted will want to leave the country, and go to a different country where their race is not endangered.
            Better education:In a country where the students are not satisfied with the education offered, the students might probably want to leave the country and then study their course abroad.
            And those are the reasons I think people might leave their country.

      4. Indeed, it is true, but in a community and society like this, not to mention one that could lead to destabilization, some immigrants may come to live in another country with bad intentions because they believe their home country is suffering and they would like to exact revenge on that nation by causing harm to it.

    2. As we all know, immigrants are those that move from one countries to another.i would say reason why most countries have rules and policies about immigrants is to ensure that they are save in their country,to control population and avoid increase in crime rate.

      Because so many people that go to other countries,they do go there to do all sought of bad things like drug trafficking and smuggling of goods,but with immigration rule all this will decrease.
      If they were no rules for immigrants,many great countries would have been destroyed,some overpopulated and some would have gone in extinct,and it will cause conflict .but setting this rule is a good idea,every citizens should take it upon their selves to make their country a better place.instead of running to another country.

      There should be different rules for different people,some people go to other countries for work, education,health,to escape punishment and some due to bad climate change in their country.we should not deprive other people of this opportunity because of those who come to commit all sought of crime.
      There should be different rules for immigrants due to the reason their immigrating,but some people do fake identity and reason,that why the rules should become more advanced and strict.

    3. In addition to what you have said about immigration bringing job oppurtunities,here in Nigeria,there is a very high rate of unemployment, so if someone just finishes studying medicine and is unable to get a job in the field of medicine,and possibly the only job that he can get is a cleaning job that he or she is not well paid,and he applies for a job in Britain and he is able to get the job, there is a very high chance that he will migrate to Britain because he has gotten a better source of livelihood.

      1. I agree because... As I read about this topic I noticed that people that immigrate into other countries for more job opportunities, immigration is a really good thing because bit doesn't only increase the population but it also help develop the country. The only problem is that when these people leave their own Country, they leave it because of they want something better from the other country and they think its someone else job to fix the country. The government should try and fix whatever that make people to emigrate.
        In the case of my country Nigeria, the government is not able to make stable jobs that can pay bills and provide food, rent,education,etc and the citizens of my country are thinking of looking to find what they can't see in a country.

      2. Yes, I agree with you. In Nigeria, many people are leaving for " greener pastures". A lot of people are leaving our country to find a better means of sustenance. One really can't blame them, though. After years of primary, secondary and tertiary education and all their qualifications, they either have no job or cannot sufficiently provide for themselves and their family because they don't have good jobs. Once they find a good job abroad, they happily leave. Anyone would, am I right?
        But there are implications of their leaving on their country. They reduce the number of specialists that can work here. People abroad get quality services while we who trained those specialists get nothing. It means they are contributing to the growth and development of that country but not that of their own country. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that they are contributing to the betterment of the society wherever they are, but they are abandoning us, leaving us behind and moving forward but not coming back to help us turn the situation around. Its good that they are finding a better means of surviving, but if Nigeria's employment system continues to run the way it does now, the situation is only going to get worse and soon we'll have no specialists left to help us or teach us.

    4. I agree because... At this time in the society the countries have to establish rules and regulations so that the people will not just come to a certain country freely and feel that they are automatically citizens of that country without doing a single thing.

    5. I agree with you but firstly not usually nice to immigrate, Migration can also cause other problems, such as Segregation, Cultural Clash, Discrimination and Human Trafficking.

      1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

      2. I agree that there are a lot of risks when you migrate to another country like the risk of human trafficking which has 27.6 million victims worldwide at any given time. Despite that there are also benefits of immigration like when war breaks out one needs to escape. There is also the need to travel out to get a better job and living condition.
        For the developed countries there are some benefits and challenges. They might not afford to have more people their amenities and infrastructure will be stretched and their taxes may increase. The people may resent the immigrants for taking their jobs. The benefits include having younger workers as some of the developed countries have aging populations, cultural diversity and variety of food.
        Migrants risk loneliness and homesickness though.

    6. I agree with everything you said. From my point of view the two reasons people immagrate are because of job oppurtunities and to escape war and conflict. Due to the new jobs opening up in this new era of technology and machines, one of the hotspots for them is the U.S.A. I've seen many people even in my country head to the U.S.A for education in order to pursue a job there.

      And with the point on war and conflict it also applies to high inflation aswell, due to the rise of expense with fuel prices and other miscellaneous items and necessities people leave the country and go to other places where the prices arent to high and are actually reasonable.

    7. It's true that immigrants may have a different reasons for wanting to live abroad. These reasons may also benefit and have an impact on that nation. However, does this mean that there will be a large number of immigrants moving to that country? availability jobs, housing, health care and education might not be enough for the immigrants and the people living in the due to the increase in population.This is a very important and critical issue, so we must also consider the practical needs of both that nation and the immigrants.
      Thank You

    8. I vehemently agree with you creative personality. People relocate to other countries because of diverse reasons .
      In Nigeria people feel unsecured and also the economy here in Nigeria is too bad, so rich and influential personality relocate to other countries and still troops into their country at any time.

      1. Thank you for your comment - can you think of some other reasons as to why people would relocate to other countries?

        1. Of course yes. People may also relocate for vacations. Health reasons for surgeries because in underdeveloped countries like Nigeria BBL surgeries are not done, so people fly to other developed countries for that.

        2. People might relocate to other countries for financial stability, education, job opportunities.

        3. In most cases, people may relocate to other countries for financial stability, job change , marketing access and education.

    9. I agree with you creative personality because the hit weather in Nigeria is very questioning. How The poor cope in Nigeria is still of a great amazement to me.
      Many people more especially celebrities like musicians live the countries at any time for concerts or for shooting music videos.
      As at December 28th 2023 wizkid went to Saudi Arabian for a concert. And also at Februay 7th wizkid and shallipopi went for a concert which they sold in the 02 arena for billions of dollars.
      Currently tiwa savage is not in Nigeria she is at uk for shows and hope to be back to her country after the valentine's day.
      Many influential personnel's travelled all the way from Nigeria to ivory coast just for the match, so these are immigrants who leave their country at anytime following the due process.

    10. Thank you for your comments, you made a good point about the fact regulations should differ because they serve different purposes. Can you explain what differences you are talking about?

      1. Migrants and immigrants differ significantly in their intentions and obligations. Migrants typically engage in temporary activities such as vacations or business trips, and their presence may not require strict adherence to local laws. In contrast, immigrants often seek permanent residency, either for a fresh start or as refugees, necessitating compliance with the host country's regulations. Some individuals may also enter a country illegally, evading authorities.

    11. I agree with creative_personality. I also believe that it's never certain if allowing immigrants into your country is a good idea or if they are simply here to take advantage of the progress your nation has made. Additionally, I believe that there are a lot of agreements and disagreements that could result from immigration policy. Some newcomers arrive in your country and are from a specific nation; occasionally, this causes mixed emotions in the hearts of the people living there, but given the chance, immigrants from that nation may have an influence and broaden their understanding of their country. Additionally, I believe that it functions similarly to a trade by batter process in which you add information to theirs that they do not already have and they add knowledge to yours that you do not already have. After all, nothing in this day and age comes for free, don't you think so?

    12. Yes, you very right, because of unemployment, people have to go to go new place to earn a living, instead of you staying in a placed where you do not get a enough money, you then have to go to new places where they can earn a living for their family. Yes also to escape from war, they have to protect their selves from any danger that they can come across in the war. This also a reason why people migrate.
      So, for this, I think that if people migrate I think thank they should be allowed to stay especially if their circumstances are dire.

      1. I agree with you about allowing migrants to stay especially if their situation is serious, but I have one question for you; Should they always be allowed to stay? It's a question going round the Hub and I'd like to see everyone's pint of view. Migrants can make a lot of positive contributions to society in so many different areas, but Migration laws are there for a reason, mainly because everything has both advantages and disadvantages. Despite all the positive contributions migrants can make, some may come with wrong intentions and cause havoc in the society, adding to the country's crime rate. I do agree with helping asylum seekers, but even at that, one will never know whether they are good or bad. At that point in time, they can be helped for the sake of humanity. What does everyone else think?

        1. I really like your question. Should they always be allowed to stay?This can only happen in a dire situation like external war aggression and the safety of the people, don't you think, but this is the question I will like to ask, how will they believe that they are actually telling the truth? will they have to present evidence to show that they are telling truth because nowadays nobody can be trusted again, people now do deceitful things to get what they want, what can actually be the solution to this problem. So, in my own point of view and comprehension on this topic, I think that if they were allowed to stay, so the immigrant in that country are expected to be monitored over the activities and purpose of going there by knowing where they live and other information that they can get about the person migrating to the country.

        2. I agree with your perspective on allowing migrants to stay, especially if their situation is dire. However, the question of whether they should always be allowed to stay is a contentious issue being discussed in the Hub, and I'm interested in hearing everyone's viewpoint.

          It's true that migrants can bring many positive contributions to society in various spheres. Nevertheless, migration laws exist for important reasons, as every situation carries both advantages and disadvantages. Despite the potential positive impact of migrants, some individuals may have ulterior motives and contribute to societal disruption, potentially increasing crime rates. While I support aiding asylum seekers, it remains challenging to discern their true intentions. Nevertheless, for the sake of humanity, they should be helped in their time of need.

    13. I agree because without some specific rules and regulations alot things could go wrong such as overpopulation and overcrowding making life more difficult for people there and some people actually have a hard life in their country already and if there is overpopulation and overcrowding things might get harder and harder for them to live so yes these rules definenetly benefit everyone and cause balance which is the part of your comment I liked the most that it creates BALANCE but even though it creates balance I also think that sometimes its alittle unfair and biased.

  • Hi everybody,
    In my opinion, I think if there weren’t any rules, country and society would be in a state of disorder and confusion. Rules provide the necessary construction and guidance for individuals to exist together peacefully and fairly. Without rules, there would be no framework to settle quarrel, protect rights or discourage dangerous behavior. The people would act only based on their own self- interest and the possible for taking advantage. In detail, rules are key for maintaining order, encouraging fairness and protecting the well- being of individuals within a country and society.
    Thank you!☺️

    1. Can you think of two positive effects of immigration?

      1. Hey, Aimee, I think two positive effects of immigration are cultural diversity and economic growth. When the people from several countries come together, they bring their special traditions, languages and perspectives, improve the culture cloth of the host country. Additionally, immigration often contribute to the economy by starting businesses, paying taxes, and filling work space which can lead to job creation and increased productivity.

  • From my point of view, policies and rules regarding immigrants are established by countries to maintain the internal stability of both countries. I mean the country from which people immigrate and the country to which they migrate. Imagine a country where many of its residents migrate abroad for various purposes, whether to search for a job or something else, this will cause a deficit for this country. It may cause labor problems and other problems. As for the country to which many people immigrate, this may become a major problem if there are no policies and rules governing this matter. It is natural that every country has resources. These resources are exploited to cover the needs of the people. If the number of immigrants or asylum seekers increases, these resources will be distributed to a larger number of people and may become insufficient. But regarding the application of these rules and policies to people and not others, this must be taken into consideration. Especially considering the reason that prompted people to leave their country. For someone who leaves his country under coercive circumstances, such as war, for example, we cannot apply the same policies to him as someone who is looking for a job. If we give an example of this, we have the Russian-Ukrainian war, which prompted a large number of Ukrainians to leave their country and search for a safe place to live.

    1. Hi there!
      Rightly said attentive_dinosaur, I strongly agree with you.
      It's interesting to see the discussion about immigration rules and policies. Countries have these rules to manage the flow of people and maintain a balance of various factors like security, cultural diversity, and resources. These regulations aim to ensure fairness, safety, and stability for both the country and the people immigrating.

      If there were no rules, it could lead to challenges like overcrowding, strain on resources, and potential security risks. Having different rules for migrants and immigrants makes sense because they have different intentions and purposes for relocating. Migrants often seek job opportunities, while immigrants are starting a new life in a foreign country.

      It's important to consider the perspectives of different people and have a respectful discussion about this topic. What are your thoughts on this? Let's keep the conversation going!

      1. Absolutely caring_spring.
        Immigration rules are crucial for managing the movement of people and ensuring fairness, safety, and stability. Having different rules for migrants and immigrants makes sense because they have different intentions and purposes for relocating. Migrants often seek job opportunities, while immigrants are starting a new life in a foreign country. It's great that we can have these conversations and share our thoughts.

        1. I agree with you active_beetle because, when a migrant moves from one place to another they are looking for work or better living conditions. While immigrants are people that move to a certain country permanently for better work conditions. Migrants also have good ideas, some of the people of that country might not have as many good ideas as the migrants. It is good that some migrants can do other jobs that the indignities can not do but not all of them. If all the migrants come in to one particular country because it can affect all of the people

        2. I agree with active_beetle but I must say while there are lots of negatives being said about immigrants like immigrants causing crises, bringing in crimes and drugs etc I must say lots of good have also come in from immigrants. If we go back to our history classes we will find out that lots of things might not have existed or happened if it were not for immigrants. Examples include people like Sergey Brin co founder of Google, see how Google is making interactions all over the world a lot easier, another example is Levi Strauss founded the first company to sell jeans see the way youth love wearing jeans. While I agree with different rules for different people I also want to say people should be allowed to migrate to places where the environment will allow the creative genius in them to blossom.

  • Countries implement rules and policies concerning immigrants to uphold security and social order. If immigrants were treated exactly like citizens, there could be loopholes for criminals or other threats to enter undetected. Furthermore, immigrants may bring cultural practices that differ from those of the native population, requiring regulations to promote unity within society. Hence, these rules and policies serve to protect the welfare of the nation. There might be many more but these are the points I can think of responsible for rules and regulations for immigrants

    1. thanks for that comment, but don't you think that if immigrants were not treated exaltly like citizens, if to say that they have good intentions or development for that country, they might decide to keep their intentions to themselves since they are some how not wellcomed to that place.
      so i think immigrants should be given the right to express themselves in any particular country.

      1. Hi there! I think you both raise some important observations on the consequences of setting certain rules for the treatment of immigrants. However, you might not be in disagreement after all. One way of looking at this is to separate between the rules for entering a country and the rules that apply to people already residing in that country. The first set of rules control who can enter and stay in the country, while the second set applies to those people that have a right to reside there (whether citizens or immigrants that gained a right to stay). How do you think immigrants should be treated under each of these rules, and do you think treatment should differ under them?

        1. I believe that under certain circumstances the people who have the right to enter and stay in the country should be treated differently from the people who reside there. For example: if 2 people are being interviewed for a single job and both are equally impressive than don't you think the job should be given to the person who has the right to reside there or have been living there for a long time. I m not talking about regionalism but according to me the person who have the right to reside there has more right on the job. But majorly they should be treated equally according to me. Well there might be many more examples and everyone might have their own perspectives

          1. Thanks contemplative_fly for developing your thoughts further!

            I encourage you to be more specific when distinguishing between the different groups. If an immigrant has gained a right to remain in the host country, but has not, for example, gained a right to work, then it can well be better to offer a job to a resident who has such a right to work. However, if the immigrant has gained full citizenship rights, following their successful entry process, the host country has chosen to accept them as a citizen, comparable to all other citizens of the host state, whether of immigration background or not.

            In your opinion, should the citizen with an immigration background still be treated differently, and if so, why?

            1. I now understand where you're coming from. It's essential to treat immigrants equally if a country has accepted them. However, we must recognize that they may encounter unique obstacles that others do not. Therefore, it's beneficial to treat them differently in a positive way. Providing extra support and assistance can significantly improve their experience and help them integrate into society. By doing so, we can create a more inclusive and welcoming society for everyone. So i guess treating someone differently doesn't necessarily mean treating them in a negative way. It could also mean treating them with extra care, attention, and kindness.

        2. In my opinion, immigrants are humans like citizens of other countries. Statistics show that 75% of the time, immigrants just get good working jobs to feed their families back home, but in return, some get deported and some get placed in jail for no reason. In my country, so many immigrants benefit us in their diverse cultures, dressing, and many more ways. Immigrants have very bright ideas; take Albert Einstein, for instance, who migrated to the US from Germany in 1933 because of harsh actions that happened in his country. He struggled a bit to adapt to US life, and some factors included the people, but now he holds one of the many groundbreaking works in theoretical physics that are still being taught in schools all over the world, including the US. In conclusion, there shouldn't be anything that differentiates the immigrants from the people; instead, I suggest there should be facilities in place for immigrants that offer jobs and home shelters where they can live comfortably until they can afford proper homes.

      2. Absolutely educated harmonica...
        You have a wonderful point. I agree with you because some countries don't treat immigrants exactly like their own citizens. In the process of this immigrants might experience hardship because they are new to the country and not used to their lifestyle. Therefore the immigrants would see it as discrimination and feel unwelcomed and they would tend to withdraw their good intentions for that country. So, I would suggest that immigrants are treated equally as the citizens of that country and equally be given freedom to express themselves.

    2. Hi contemplative_fIy totally disagree with you because...
      If immigrants are not treated exactly like the citizens of that country, they might feel bad and therefore withdraw their good intentions for that country as they might see it as discrimination. The discrimination might also lead to fights and therefore make them uncomfortable and also make
      them feel unwelcomed. So I suggest that immigrants should be given equal rights like the citizens of that country as far as they don't misuse it so that they can be able to accomplish their good intentions for that country. Thanks.

  • I feel countries have rules and policies about immigrants because of overpopulation. If there weren't any rules concerning this, there would be high rate of overpopulation. I personally feel that the rules should be the same concerning all immigrants not considering such people's race or color to satisfy the rules of fundamental human rights in which all humans should be treated equally.
    Moreover, if it is for safety reasons that citizens should immigrate to other countries, I can contradict the part which I said overpopulation is one of the disadvantages of not having rules concerning immigrants. Hope you understand.

    1. I think your perspective makes a lot more sense, so I agree with it, but I would like to add a few more information and a statement. As previously said, foreign nationals ought to be permitted to journey to safe havens where there is no fear in order to secure safer lodging. For example, if Mr. A were to spend some time travelling, he ought to be able to give back more to the nation he visits, by bringing in more food or cultural objects. Lastly, Mr. A should visit the host country with the goal of contributing fairly, irrespective of the population size.

  • There are rules about immigration to ensure the safety of everyone both those inside the country and those coming out of the country. Some of the reasons why they have rules is to make sure that those coming into the country do not have things that would harm other citizens of the country and also to control the things that are being imported and exported in the country.
    If this rules were not in place there would have been a lot disaster all over the world because people would not be controlled the would be left to do whatever the want to do and also the rights of citizens would be misused.
    There be different rules for different people based on the reason why you migrated, some people migrate for educational purposes while others migrate to change their environment. The rules should differ depending on your reason for migration.

  • The rules for immigration serves various purposes including national security, cultural integration, humanitarian concerns etc. they often reflect a balance protecting the interest of host country and respecting the rights and needs of immigrants.

  • Countries have rules about immigration because they want to protect their citizens and control how many people come to their country. Sometimes these rules are unfair and can hurt immigrants and their families. Sometimes the rules are based on stereotypes and not facts. This is bad, and we should try to make the rules more fair.

    1. You are absolutely right spirited_concept. Countries need to control how many people are moving into them but they need to do these in a very careful manner. All people are equal and we need to help those that are in search of new places because of their suffering in their mother country. Boundaries are ok but people are most important.

    2. I agree because... It is very good for countries to make rules to protect their citizens because security of the citizens is of utmost importance. However, I think that these rules should have a human face and not be stereotyped because I know of a particular country in Africa that the citizens are not being treated well as migrants because some people in that country have previously tarnished the image of the country so the country that they are migrating to assume that they all are the same thereby denying those who genuinely have reasons to migrate the opportunities. The countries should have a policy that should accommodate those who are professionals in their field irrespective of their country of origin because they can contribute positively to the growth of the country that they are seeking to migrate to.

    3. Hi there! You made an interesting point about how the rules in place can often be unfair - can you think of some ways that we can educate people further to ensure stereotypes don't influence policies around immigration?

      1. Great question! One way to address stereotypes and bias when it comes to immigration policies is through education and awareness campaigns. By educating people about the realities of immigration, including the challenges that immigrants face and the contributions they make, it can help to dispel myths and misconceptions. This can be done through public service announcements, online campaigns, and partnerships with media outlets. Another way to address stereotypes is through policymaking that is evidence-based and informed by data, rather than relying on anecdotal evidence or personal bias. It's important to recognize that immigration is a complex issue and that no single policy will be perfect.

        We can teach people the truth about immigration so that we make the right rules. Sometimes people don't understand how hard it is to move to another country and the things that people have to go through. We need to teach people the truth so that they can make good rules. We need to make sure the rules are fair and help everyone. Even if the rules aren't perfect, they should be better than they are now.

        1. Absolutely! By spreading awareness about the challenges immigrants face, we can create more empathy and understanding. This can lead to policies that are fairer and more inclusive for everyone involved in the immigration process. It's all about educating and advocating for positive change. Also educating people about the challenges immigrants face can lead to more understanding and fairer policies.

          Thank you.

    4. I agree because... countries have to have laws on immigration because if they do not have rules everyone will come into that country freely. If it is a country like Nigeria that already has a lot of people as it is. If Immigrants come to Nigeria, the country will be overpopulated.

    5. Yes I agree with you that countries have rules about immigration for the safety of the citizens and also to control the amount of people that come into the country. Leaders of countries would never want to stay and see the citizens suffer for his or her actions. As you have said, sometimes these rules are unfair and can make immigrants feel terrible. This can also make such countries and other countries stop negotiation about extracting and importing of goods and raw materials to benefit the countries. Yes, it may be based on stereotypes and not facts too, these rules should be made fair and attainable for people.

  • Hii,
    From my side Countries have rules and policies about immigrants for several reason but the main reason would be SECURITY because government aims to provide protection for citizens and to maintain national security. Rule and policies may include requirements for language proficiency ,cultural assimilation and adherence to societal norms . And if there weren't any rules than it would risk the life of people living in the country because any criminals or threats can enter the country without the permission. Then it would disrupt the labor markets and affect the economy negatively. And lastly to conclude it I think so there would be need of different rules for migrant and immigrant people because migrant peple move from one country to another in find of jobs and immigrant people completely move to another country for staying habitually.

  • Countries need immigration policy to meet the demand of immigrate people and to control the population of the country. Generally people immigrate to another country for a couple of reason such as for job opportunity, better lifestyle , medical facilities etc. But when a large number of people migrate to another country then it increases the population of the country and also create different problems. For this reason, the country have immigrate policy to control the number of immigrate people and also to ensure the safe life for those immigrants. In Bangladesh we have seen the catastrophic result of giving place to so many immigrant which have resulted in the increased population of Bangladesh.For this reason, country needs to control the number of immigrant people so that they can get help from them rather than creating obstacle. if a country get more educated immigrant then it will help the country to develop the economy. For this reason, country have set different rules and regulations for the immigrants so that the country can get the best benefit from them.

  • Hello
    Well recently i heard about this "Canada will soon launch a citizenship path for undocumented immigrants. Canada's Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, revealed the nation's intent to introduce a broad and comprehensive program, facilitating the application for permanent residency for numerous undocumented individuals."
    I think there should be a Hub discussion post about everyone's view on this, Should it be permissible or no and why so?
    This can be related to any country and not specifically Canada

  • I think that countries have rules about immigration to maintain cultural stability. This stability will get shattered if a lot of people from a different culture join a lot of people in another culture. Also pollution is a big reason, more people means more pollution.
    If there weren't any rules to regulate immigration, countries would have people coming from everywhere. Take Finland, or Switzerland for example: both are beautiful countries with top-of-the-line housing and education, logically, a lot of people will want to go to these countries. That would disrupt the natural balance of the countries and anger their people, that is just a price that big, rich, and successful companies have to face. With laws about immigration that price is now less.
    But different people will have different policies. If these people have a similar culture and economy to your very own country then there will be no cultural or economical instability. Also migrants are usually in search of work, while immigrants are in search of a new, healthy, stable life. The two have a very big difference.

    1. Absolutely! Immigration rules play a crucial role in preserving cultural stability and managing environmental impact. Each country tailors its policies to maintain balance and address specific needs, ensuring a harmonious society. Differentiating between migrants seeking work and immigrants seeking a better life is key to understanding their distinct motivations and contributions to society.

  • I think that countries have policies for immigration, because the wrong people could try to enter. For example, people with bad behavior, who might abuse the rights from another country. Such people are dangerous, since they are not bothered by the law. I have noticed that there are way too many people who believe they only have rights and that the rules and punishments don't apply to them. So many have told me that they demand respect. I have seen them laugh when they do something terribly wrong, but cause a lot of drama, when others do the same thing to them. It doesn't seem fair to me. You can't choose what rules apply to you. If you don't face the consequences, then you can't t benefit from the civil liberties either. I think that it is both or nothing. In addition to that, you can't force respect. You need to earn it.

  • Governments implement immigration policies to regulate the number and origin of people coming into the country. This is because if a country allows too many people in, it can lead to an increase in the population, and if any of the migrants pose a threat to the existing population, it can cause harm. However, it is important to note that different people should be subject to different rules, as not everyone is the same - there are good and bad people in every group.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts - can you explain why you believe people immigrate in the first place and the positive effects it can have on a country?

      1. People immigrate for various reasons, like seeking better opportunities, safety, or reuniting with family. Immigration can bring diversity, innovation, and economic growth to a country.

    2. I am actually of two opinions here as it has to do with different rules for different people. As the popular proverb says "One man's meat is another man's poison" so is the case of having different rules for different people. On one hand I think the rules should remain the same for everyone because to one person the rule might be okay, but to another person, he/she may feel mistreated and might not contribute meaningfully to that society. I also think if the government was to announce the same rule over the people it would create a better choice of opportunity and unity. It would again bring people together and the collaboration will be stronger. Why I think different rules should be put in place for different people is that it might help marginalised people to get better opportunities in areas of work, education and so on.

  • Hi Topical Talkers
    Under normal circumstances, a country is supposed to have the rules and regulations guiding their borders so the sake of safety in the country. To me, the main purpose of putting up the rules for the immigrants is because of some citizens who illegally enter into different countries without their vicer and therefore making it insecure for the people in the country because they will be scared of the person and may call the citizen a terrorist.
    It is also very important to have rules and regulations that will be guiding the immigrants in the country because if actually there is no rule for immigrants, a lot of crime will be regularly occuring in the country and endangering lives of innocent citizens.

    Lastly, everybody is equal to the rule of law and so there is no one that should be given special rule. The rule given to the poor should also be given to the rich to maintain the safety of the country.

    1. Hi,
      I agree with you but here's a question for you to answer do you think is right there should be different rules guiding each country concerning immigrants?

      1. I'm looking forward to seeing what other Topical Talkers think about this question. What do you think?

        1. Hi Katie,
          Am glad you are looking forward to see other Topical Talkers think about my question it's a pleasure.
          I think I will be so excited to see my fellow students in the hub to think about my question critically.

      2. Yes. This is because there might be immigrants coming into a particular country to develop the country by introducing different methods that the country can do to make things faster. These type of immigrants should be accepted continuously. There might also be immigrants who come to the country to cause commotion and crime. The immigrants from that country should be totally declined although it can be an obscurity for non - criminals.

      3. I think that there should be different rules for each country because every country is different and so their ways of life is also different. If the rules are the same, everyone can get up and go into to any country they like. This will make criminals take advantage of that and destroy most countries.

        1. Have you jumped to any conclusions in this comment, or made any assumptions?

        2. Hi eloquent pie,
          Do you think if other countries in the globe have different rules it will stop criminals to take advantage?

    2. Can you explain why you believe there will be an increase in crime rates if more immigrants enter the country?

      1. Why I believe that there will be high rate of crime if immigrants enter the country is because before any person enters the country, he or she is supposed to enter with his or her visa. For example, if me as a Nigerian wants to enter into USA, I must go with my visa and that is why it is known that any citizen who enters any country without a visa is feared because the citizen must have something bad in mind to do in that country that he or she is entering. If the citizen has a clear conscience, he or she will enter legally and it he or she success in the act of entering the country,the citizen might end up doing what he or she wants to do to hurt the people in the country so that is why it is very dangerous.

      2. I've read this comment and disagree. I don't think that the crime rate will necessarily increase as a result of immigration.
        Not all immigrants are criminals, some come to a new country with skills which help that country. For example teachers, medics, researchers etc.

  • The people moving from one place to another have to follow different rules set in the country in which they are going. The country have set different rules for migrants because the migrants do alot of population. So the countries have the rule of visa in which the visa is given for 6 months and it is not easy to get the citizenship of that country. Immigrants create alot of issues as the are new to that country and they are not aware about the rules.
    If there were no rules for immigrants then the people would go to a country whenever they want and may create problems for the people living there. Without rules for immigrants, there would likely be challenges in maintaining order and addressing issues related to immigration. Establishing guidelines helps regulate entry, protect national security, and address economic and social impacts. However, the specific consequences would depend on the context and the nature of the rules in question.

    1. You've assumed all people who want to enter without a visa have bad intentions but why else might people enter a country illegally?

      1. I think the people entering in a country without visa or passport can do anything because if they are not following this rule they may not follow other rules also. It teir intentions are not bad then they can enter the country by using certain rules and regulations. The people who are having good intentions follow all the rules. For eg: people going jobs, education, etc. Not all but some people can be there from that category. Some people who want to create a conflict or if they are spying. There can be many more reasons. Not all are same.

  • I think rules about immigration are important, because some immigrants could bring with them diseases. It is a harsh truth, but still the truth. They could do this, without even realizing. That would be a huge problem, because if they don't know that there's such a possibility, they won't tell anybody. That could result in spreading the illness. If such a thing happens, the authorities will have a hard time finding the root cause. It could definitely affect the economy of a state.
    Another important aspect is that some countries already have a big population. Being overcrowded might mean that the government can't take care properly of neither its own people nor the immigrants. So, nobody would receive the help they deserve. From my point of view, an even bigger problem appears when the refugees can't find a job, so the government has to provide for them. It could really cause an economic crisis. What needs to be done then? Probably introduce some immigration policies. I believe that it is best to prevent, rather than deal with the whole situation all at once.

  • As we all know immigration is a hotly debated topic especially in countries where people are forced to enter because of a war, better life or workplace.
    In order to achieve balance, the country they are entering needs to set regulations. These regulations can help the immigrants to follow a certain path in their new life. How to apply for a visa, how to enter the workplace, learn about the country's laws and taxes. It's nothing different than those living already the country they immigrated.
    It would be totally chaos if no regulations were there, as it would mean that by moving to a new country are free to do what they want.

  • I think if there weren't any rules about immigration, there would be a lot more overpopulation in some parts of the world. At the same time, there would be plenty more opportunities for less fortunate people to immigrate and have a chance at better living. For instance all the people who try to migrate to the United States from places like South and Central America, being a child with immigrant parents I see their points of views where they try to escape from the horrible living conditions and build themselves in a better place.

    1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

  • One reason why there are rules about immigration is based on the reunification of families. Another thing is admitting immigrants with skills that are valuable to the U.S economy. The next reason is protecting refugees. The final reason that there are rules for immigration is promoting diversity. These are all reasons for rules of immigration to stay but some people feel like immigration should be allowed.

  • Hi wonderful topical talkers
    I feel that countries have policies about immigrants because if there are no rules there will be too many people coming from different countries to live there which will increase the country's population. Ever human being uses resources such as electrical energy that are needed for appliances. This will cause a lot of energy spent by the country which can also cause climate crisis. Also, when there are no rules and many people come to the country, it can serve as a platform for commiting crime by other criminals known as "immigrants". It will be hard to spot them because they can blend in as an immigrant and no one can recognize those criminals because they are too many. In this case, they can plan a theft or robbery at any time without you even thinking that it can occur. I also agree to the fact that different rules should be used for different people because there might be a country that commiting crime is very prominent and if you allow them in your country, they might cause commotion and crime in your country so a minimum amount of people from that country should be accepted as immigrants but if possible, none of them.