What are the benefits of immigration?


Robert is the Deputy editor of The Economist, which means he helps to decide what news stories should be in the newspaper.

Watch the video to hear Robert explain what the UK’s Rwanda bill means for asylum seekers that want to live in the country.

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  • I believe immigrants can benefit our country because they bring skills like being doctors or engineers. They help make our country better by using their talents. Companies also benefit from immigrants because they bring new ideas and skills. If a country doesn't allow immigrants, they might miss out on good things. It's important to include everyone and not exclude people just because they come from a different place.

    1. I agree with you polite king because. many people have their different talents and skills and imagine a country with different people with different ideas and skills it will foster their economic growth An adage says opportunity comes but once .like you said the country can miss out on a lot of good things by not accepting migrants I still totally agree with you on this because the might get the opportunity that they have been waiting or looking for throughout this whole years.
      In conclusion to what you have said immigration fosters an economic growth or development.

    2. Hi,
      I totally agree with you that it is good to have immigrants in our countries because of the good things they can bring in such as their skills and talents as doctors, lawyers, engineers and many other professions. I will like to stress that when an immigrant is accepted into a country, the country may benefit from the immigrant but there might be immigrants that will come into a country that will not positively affect the country but negatively affect them. For example a man leaves country A and goes to country B may have gone to better a hospital because he is a good doctor but the man may also bring some characters of him which are not good which may include fraud, lying, disobedience to constituted authority and other characters which may rub of on citizens of the country that may make them bad citizens, and that is one of the many reasons why some countries ban immigrants from specific countries.

      Thank You.

      1. I would love to ask you jazzed tamarillo.
        How would a country band immigrants without knowing their characters whether there would have a good or bad effect in the country they are migrating to?

      2. When immigrants commit crime in the country, do you really think it's good to give them second chance before being banned from the country?

        1. Yes I am one of those people who believe in second chance, therefore I believe that all those who have done wrong deserve a second chance to make up for what they have done. Just imagine if the person gets deported because of ignorance, don't you think it would not be fair to punish someone for his/her ignorance?
          Also it is possible that the person may have intentionally done the crime but it is best to first try to help the person before deporting him/her because most people may change under the love and care of good people, so if the person is accepted into society after what he/her has done he/her might change making it unnecessary to deport the person.

          Thank you.

      3. I see your point, but is immigration really one of the cause of criminal/fraudulent activities? Would you not argue that each country has its fair amount of criminals regardless of immigration?

        1. Yes, If I where the one, I will have to argue that each country has its fair amount of criminals regardless of immigration. Let me explain, in my county, kidnapping has become a serious crime in Nigeria, by Nigerian people and other immigrants. It was said that some people from other country's, so it doesn't mean that the immigrants are the one's that cause crime, each country has its amount o criminals activities, the two country both made contribution to the kidnapping rate in Nigeria.

    3. Immigrants bring new information that can develop our country and widen our horizon. They bring new cultures that can be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on our own cultures and point of view. Immigrants increase a country's heterogenous nature as more cultures are brought into a country.
      Immigrants also raise the rate of demand in the market. They purchase things in the country for survival therefore increasing the country's economy.
      Immigrants also increase the country's workforce and population.
      Countries who don't accept immigrants have a possibility of staying stagnant in development. This is because they do not give room for new ideas because they look more on the disadvantages of immigration (for example, there may be a higher rate of unemployment). Give room for immigration but have reasonable and friendly limits.
      Thank you.

    4. that is actually true but also we should not over look the disadvantages of courses we know that every thing that has advantages also have some disadvantages.
      for instance, immigration leads to increase in population which can put pressure on public services.
      so if there are no restriction for number of people that comes into a particular country definitely unemployment will arise in such country and as we all know that large movement people leads to more security monitoring.
      so as we looking at the advantages we should not over look at the disadvantages.

    5. People from different countries possess a lot of talents and have the opportunity to exhibit and display their talents in the countries that they migrate into. For example, some foreigners might be very skilled in farming which would contribute to the general feeding of members of that nation. They might also be experts at medicine which in turn promotes health care in the nation. So in my opinion, any country that barely accepts immigrants will suffer underdevelopment.

      1. Some people might argue that people within the country should be trained for these roles? How would you respond to them?

        1. Interesting question tiff.
          I believe this is more reason to allow immigrants in.
          In the case of farming
          Some might insist we could train our people with the skill of farming .
          The question that should be asked is Are there experienced teachers and resources available that would enable the teaching of that skill (farming) easily digestible.
          i believe experienced and adequately baked individuals should also be allowed in to do this.
          Africans for example is blessed with land and we were also given the strength for labour.
          We have the best seasons for planting and seeds and vegetables needed .
          Africans are experienced because we have been taught on a early age the skill of planting.
          I believe countrys should not always uphold the perspective that immigrants are not needed, because immigrants also bring something to the table.
          The country could have the material the immigrant could have the skill .
          I believe before a country should conclude on the issue of immigrants being allowed they should also consider the benefits and consequences.

    6. I concur because... People from different nations could go about their daily lives in different ways. Additionally, the nation may adopt their way of life, and we might discover new strategies for reducing our own climate change in addition to learning how to lower theirs.

    7. I concur because immigrants may add to a nation's growth in a variety of ways by bringing their unique abilities, skills, and contributions to creativity and production. Additionally, immigrants might launch companies that mimic economic growth and generate employment opportunities. Not to be forgotten is what polite_king stated: "It is crucial to welcome immigrants and not to reject them based just on their place of origin.

    8. I agree because... I believe that when people from other countries immigrate to a new country, they can bring valuable skills are resources with them. This can help their new country by adding diverse talent and boosting income. It's like having a team where everyone brings something special to the table. By welcoming immigrates, countries can benefit from their unique perspectives and abilities, making our world a richer and more interesting place.

    9. I agree because immigrants can bring new skills and idea which we never knew. We should learn to explore different skills from people from other countries they can help us in those things we are lacking in and we can equally help. It is important to allow immigrants come into the country because they help us a lot. If we stop immigrants from coming into our country we would not be able know how things are done in other countries and our country would be boring because we won't be able to explore and learn different things from them.

      1. Hi
        I agree with you celver_redcurrant you are right immigrants can bring new skills and talents to our country people should learn other things from other countries because they can help us in those things that we are lacking. for example Immigration can also help people to understand the culture of other countries and immigrants can even help us in making new things that we lack.

    10. I agree with what you said but just something that I need to know. Do you really think that immigrants bring more skills and talents into the country more than the citizens already existing in the country?

      1. I personally believe that immigrants bring new skills and talents not necessarily more skills and talents. Because the citizens in the country already have skills but immigrants bring new skills that the did not know about and it also helps them to know how they can do things that are more beneficials in their country.
        Immigrants play important roles in the society especially if the immigrants belong to the labour force(working class) because they help to boost the economy.

    11. You have some valid points but I have a question to pose, what if the number of immigrants increases eg doctors will there be enough jobs and accommodation for all of those immigrants?
      I love the fact that you pointed out the positives of immigrants in other countries and how they benefit the countries as well.
      Will the economy of the country decrease if the number of immigrants increases?

    12. Hello Polite King,
      I agree with the statement you are making. I believe immigrants can grant amazing skills such as medical and engineer type of skills. The skills brought can also benefit companies because of the things that they can bring to the table. It is better to bring diverse type of ideas. Companies can get unique ideas that can benefit your company. You cannot knock it until you try it you’ll never know what you’re missing out on until you give it an attempt.

      1. Certainly! It is intriguing how immigrants can bring new insights and original concepts into businesses, particularly during challenging financial circumstances. By leveraging their creativity and distinct experiences, companies can not only boost their revenue but also improve the quality of their offerings. This mutually beneficial situation underscores the significant role that immigrants play in the success of companies and economies.

    13. Hello!
      I agree with you polite_king because immigrants help bring in various skills and talents that can help improve and build the country. These is because immigrants may have a different way of doing things and as such may have specialized in doing a particular job or profession in the place in which they left. For instance (doctors and nurses)immigrants from many other countries are going to the UK and the USA to improve their healthcare system.
      Immigration also helps promote peace and understanding. Take for instance if a country like Germany has immigrants from France the Germans will be able to understand the French better and vice versa for the Germans in France. This would mean that Germany will not want to do anything harmful to France as it has citizens there and vice versa.
      So in essence what I am trying to say is that immigration has many advantage but the right balance ha`s to be found for these advantages to overweigh the disadvantages.
      Thank You!!!

    14. "I agree because immigration can bring doctors and engineers with specialized skills from their home country. They can also contribute their expertise to these fields in the new country, while also sharing knowledge on how to do the job effectively. This can be beneficial for both the immigrant and the new country."

    15. Yes, I concede that immigration has a lot of benefits to a country such as bringing skilled workers as you have said above but I will also dare say that it has a disadvantage which is, leaving the source countries with a loss of manpower, brain drain, reduction in socio-economic income.
      It could also cause overcrowding and congestion in host countries which immigrants migrate to.
      Thank You :)

    16. I wholeheartedly concur with you, polite_king, as immigrants can enrich a nation by bringing in new talent, knowledge, and abilities that it does not already possess.
      Immigrants can teach others how to behave well in their nation.
      However, immigrants may face certain disadvantages.
      1. Presenting the bad actions of their nation.
      2. There are immigrants who come to plunder natural resources.

    17. I agree with you, polite-king, because immigrants can help a country grow and become a great place. There are numerous ways that immigrants can help a country, here are just a few:
      1. Immigrants bring fresh ideas, skills, and talents. For instance, it is difficult to locate a professional doctor these days, so welcoming immigrants will give them the chance to show off their abilities in a different setting.
      2. Immigrants increase employment possibilities and help to the development of a nation.
      In conclusion, as my colleague polite-king out, it's better to include everyone rather than to exclude them all because they come from a different nation.

    18. Hello, polite king

      I agree because... Nowadays, the act of immigration has impacted on many societies and local civilizations in miraculous ways. Immigration has impacted in the following ways;

      1. SURVIVAL:
      Immigration has improved on survival because people immigrate for many reasons, and one of them is education. There are some people that go and study overseas for the purpose of gaining good grades, of to learn new skills. It can therefore give a society better ways on how to go about good living for example people can gain new ways from immigration on how to take care of their society to avoid loss of lives and property due to natural disasters like global warming, and many more.

      As a result of immigration, people can work hard in order to become very successful like Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Yuan, and countless others.

      In conclusion, because of immigration, living and learning has become a lot more easier for people to survive and gain good education to achieve their dream of making it big in life, and I hope that it shall continue to morph and shape people for the better.

      Thank You!!!

    19. Hi Polite King, you made some great points. However, I believe that immigrants could potentially cause higher unemployment rates due to their need for jobs. Additionally, having to provide for the immigrants in the country could negatively impact the economy. Nonetheless, I do agree with the point that immigrants bring new cultures to a country.

    20. Hi, inventive signature.
      I believe you gave some good points, but I would like to state something.
      Even though immigrants bring new cultures and diversity, they also make holes in the original economy and education systems of a country e.g. If immigrants fill the USA there will be competition when it comes to space and job opportunities causing the rates of unemployment to skyrocket and lack of accommodation in the country.

    21. I agree because... If immigrants are not allowed to enter a country people with skills that benefit society and the people around them are rejected and miss out on good things that they might bring for the wellbeing of the society.
      Thank you👍

    22. Hi polite_king.
      I think that you are right but not fully.
      I think that immigrants may come from outside the country. But, how do you know that they will be competent and intelligent? They can even harm your country. If they were so skilled they would not have been expelled from other countries. What is your opinion about this? Finally, I would like to say that immigrants are not always good. Hope you are able to understand.

  • First of all, immigration can be defined as the movement or transportation of an individual or a group of people from one place to another. It can be through cars for travelling to a very close state or city, through air planes for travelling through countries, far away states, continents, and many more.

    Second of all, people immigrate for various kinds of reasons. People immigrate for positive reasons like;
    a. To study overseas to further good education.
    b. To find good job opportunities.
    However, there are also negative reasons why people immigrate from one place to another. Some of them are;
    a. In order to escape legal punishment due to breaking of the laws.
    b. For the purpose of terrorizing or bringing chaos to a peaceful country.

    1. Hello
      I agree with you, and there are many other reasons, and ways of travel regarding immigration. From what I have learned, not everyone gets a safe ride from one country to the other, some people have had to stay on crowded boats for months to seek safety, or travel miles on foot to be able to reach their destination.
      A reason to immigrate can either be a push or pull factor. A push factor is pushing someone away from their home country to another country, like war, or poverty. A pull factor is pulling someone from their home country to another, like a better life, or reuniting with family.
      Immigration has affected my country positively and negatively, a lot of immigrants bring new ideas that have helped build the economy and state of living in my country. On the contrary, there have been stereotypes of certain groups of immigrants that make the country discriminate against them, even after everything they have done for my country. They don't deserve this treatment.

    2. Hello,
      I totally agree with you because immigration has negative and positive conflicts. Many immigrants come just to have a better life or start a new life. If immigrants come to our country there could be a high standard of living which is another reason why it's good to let immigrants in. But as you stated in your comments there are negative effects about this. Many immigrants come just to escape from prison or from a crime they made in their country which could put a risk on the citizens of that country. They could also bring bad kinds of stuff let's say for example many people come with drugs which this is horrible because many people come to get rid of those things just for more people coming with more.

      1. Hi
        I completely agree with you engaging_twillight. Yes immigration has negative and positive conflicts. Many immigrants just migrate to have better life if immigrants come to our country they can help the country in many ways for example high standard of living and immigrants can solve that problem.and some immigrants just want to terrorise a country for example a terrorist can bring some illegal drugs and arms.

      2. Hello engaging twilight

        In accordance to what you are saying because many people migrate for a reason or purpose which some of these reasons might be negative or positive. I feel that most migrant enter for a good purpose which is most time it for a better life and to start a now life but I do not think that the rule is unfair because they are doing these to promote safety in their country and avoid the crime rate increasing I will like to say that the UK government is doing a good job trying to protect the image and reputation of their country.

        Thank You!!!

    3. Your thoughts are totally right.
      We can talk about benefits of immigration or not if first we clarify the purpose of immigration.
      If it's for education or job opportunities this means that the country can benefit from them. They can stay and work in the construction they study after their studies and use all their expertise in their jobs.
      However when we are talking about immigrants that enter another country because of war then we need to form different perspectives and legislations.
      Additionally, the country they are entering needs to be well prepared for those immigrants and have the appropriate knowledge to help them accordingly.

  • Hello, topical talkers.
    In my humble perspective, I will say that a country could benefit from immigrants by making immigrants bring about new traditions that may be helpful to the economy. For instance, if a Nigerian or any other person immigrates to another country, the country could encourage that individual to help the economy by creating a tourism center to educate those who may not know about his/her culture and traditions thereby broadening the knowledge of other people. I also feel that if a country does not accept immigrants, there we be different things lacking in the society; in the sense that people will not be exposed to others that are not within their boundaries. Skills such as preparing of certain dishes will not be found in such a society; It will also make that particular country alien to some certain people. Immigration has affected my country in both positive and negative ways such as increasing the population of the country, increase in demand for goods, creation of new job opportunities and many more.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello allowing peach
      I personally agree to what you are saying because, immigration grants room for respect for traditions between different nations because the immigrants from different countries can teach others how their traditions are, and what the country is lacking ( reference to allowing peach ) which can lead to development. Immigration can also lead to peace between nations because for example if I in Nigeria have a neighbor or a friend that is from another country which maybe the society has painted people from that particular country bad you can change the peoples perspective on how they see them which will eventually lead to peace between those two countries.
      In conclusion, I think that immigration will avoid wars between countries and also I think it can lead to socio-economic development.

      Thank you!!!

  • Well, in the course of my 13 years here in my country, I can say that affected my country in both positive and negative ways. I say this because the government accepting immigrants into my country has helped us a lot. Firstly, immigrants come into the country and introduce some skills like robotics engineering and so on which has helped some of those who are currently studying or are robotic and software engineering.
    However, one of the disadvantages of accepting such people, has resulted in overpopulation and insufficient resources necessary for living like food, shelter and other basic necessities of life and this has also caused high rate of criminal activities and been unable to get such people because of overpopulation.

    1. I totally get it, succinct_cheetah.
      Immigration has its pros and cons. It's awesome that immigrants bring in skills like robotics engineering, benefiting students and professionals in that field. But I understand your concerns about overpopulation and limited resources. It's crucial for governments to find a balance and provide the necessary support for both the existing population and newcomers. By addressing these challenges, we can create a harmonious and thriving society for everyone.

  • I believe that there is one main important benefit of accepting immigrants which is "INCREASE IN THE NUMBER OF LABOUR FORCE". Labour force is the amount of people in a country who are willing and able(by law) to work. The labour force is gotten between the ages, 15,16,17 or sometimes 18 to 64 or 65 depending on the country. If a country should accept immigrants, it will increase the number of people who are willing and able to work for the government and private businesses. When the number of people willing and able to work in a country increases, the production capability f the country also increases, allowing the country to make more profit. When a country should accept immigrants, increased production capability is not the only profit. Reverse brain drain is also a benefit. Labour force which are immigrants often have a variety of skills and specialties which can benefit businesses and also the country. When a country should accept immigrants into their country on a regular or occasional basis, the immigrants can use their skills acquired from abroad to benefit the country.

    1. Can you explain what brain drain is?

      1. Hi Tiff @Topical Talk, I just want to explain what brain drain is according to the context in which helpful_personality spoke in. Brain drain according to Wikipedia is defined as "An occurrence when scientists, engineers, or other intellectual elites migrate to a more developed country to learn in its universities, perform research, or gain working experience in areas where education and employment opportunities are limited in their home country. " Brain drain is usually caused as a result of unfavorable working conditions of employees in a country. Immigration is one of the ways in which brain drain occurs hence, the working population in a country reduces leading to a decrease in the labor force.

        1. Thank you, and can you, in your own words, give your opinion of how you think 'brain drain' impact a country with regards immigration?

      2. Hi Tiff @ Topical
        I would like to explain what brain drain is according to the context of helpful personality.
        According to Wikipedia Brain drain is a phenomenon where, relative to the remaining population, a substantial number of more educated (numerate, literate) persons emigrate.
        According to Wikipedia Reverse brain drain is a form of brain drain where human capital moves in reverse from a more developed country to a less developed country that is developing rapidly. These migrants may accumulate savings, also known as remittances, and develop skills overseas that can be used in their home country.
        Brain drain can occur when scientists, engineers, or other intellectual elites migrate to a more developed country to learn in its universities, perform research, or gain working experience in areas where education and employment opportunities are limited in their home country. These professionals then return to their home country after several years of experience to start a related business, teach in a university, or work for a multi-national in their home country. Their return is this "Reverse Brain Drain".
        In my own view I think brain drain is also a benefit of immigration this happens when skilled technicians goes to more developed countries to maybe gain working experience in areas where it is banned in their own .
        In conclusion I will say that Reverse brain drain is a benefit of migration because skills people are limited to in their country they migrate to another country and learn more about it and go back to their home country and start maybe an organization or maybe a trade about what they learnt

  • I think that migration can help in increasing the standard of a country reason being that many people come to migration for different purposes as you all have stated @polite_king, @inventive_signature, @grounded_seal and @allowing_peach. I am in total agreement with all your points and will lay the foundation of my points.
    I feel this way because as new people are coming for educational purposes, bringing of skills and talents, and the bringing of different traditions as you all have said, if people migrate, the standard of living of both the country of destination and the country of departure will increase the standard of living. Reason being the country of destination will do things such as;
    1. Trying satisfy the needs of the migrants.
    2. Bringing of new skills by the migrants which are helpful in the running of that country.
    The country of departure will try to increase the standard of living in their own society because they will reason and say "what is making people to leave our society?" and when they see the problem, they will try and solve them in order to get back the migrants who have left their country.
    In conclusion, I think that migration help in developing the standard of living of both the country of departure and destination.
    THANK YOU!!!!

  • In my opinion, countries can benefit from immigrants. The immigrants you accept might bring skills that help your country, like tips to improve farming or new technology ideas, such as a robot that cleans up messes. They could also bring good advice. If countries don't accept immigrants, they might miss out on these opportunities for improvement. Yes immigration accepted my country in a good because the immigrants that came help the farmers in the country to have better produce for a low cost.

    1. You mention immigrants working for a lower cost. Is this always a good thing?

      1. Having immigrants work for a country at a low cost can be both good and bad. It's good because it provides the country with more labor without spending much, saving costs for companies or countries. However, it's not fair to the immigrants as they may be exploited, not receiving fair pay for their work, violating their human rights. It's a complex issue with both positive and negative aspects depending on the situation. I believe there should be policies or efforts to ensure that both the country and the immigrants benefit from each other without one side gaining more advantages.

      2. Title: Pros and Cons of Immigrant Workers

        In my opinion, there are both good and bad sides to having immigrant workers. On one hand, it's good because immigrants often face many challenges and it's nice if they can find work, even if it's for lower pay. However, it's also bad for the government because they might not receive as much income from immigrants compared to citizens. Still, I believe it's better for us to prioritize helping people over our own benefit.

        1. You mean that migrants may not pay tax locally? It's possible, but it's also possible for citizens!

      3. Hello, Tiff @ Topical talk.
        In my point of view, I have to say that assuming whether it is a good thing or not is determined by whether it is accepted by the immigrants working at a lower cost. If they are not informed about the original cost, it will be considered cheating as they do not know about the original cost (which is wrong) . If the immigrant is informed about the original cost and still accepts the proposal of working at a lower cost, it is considered right.
        Immigrants should not be cheated because they do not know much about a particular place but should be given justice in that particular country.
        Thank you.

      4. Hi Tiff@TopicalTalk,
        I'm not sure about this because... immigrants working for a lower cost mean that immigrants accept their salary to be much lower than the average local wage. This could have a knock-on effect on the locals working alongside them, possibly resulting in local workers' hourly wages being suppressed and improving the employers' profitability. This could possibly create a loophole to hire immigrants and get them to work for a lower wage than local workers. Immigrants are attracted by a 'higher' wage as it is still lower compared to the local average and the pay they could get from the countries they came from. This could also be attributed to economic migration, in which immigrants moved from LEDCs to seek a better quality of life, job opportunities, and better pay. 'Push' factor works in LEDCs that lack job opportunities, economic instability, and overpopulation and that people would want to migrate in order to seek a better way of life, while 'pull' factor works in more economically developed countries like the UK where better pay, working conditions, welfare, etc. are offered, attracting immigrants from immigrating to somewhere else. In the meantime, the enlarged profitability for employers would turn out to be beneficial to both local and immigrant workers in the long term because more job opportunities would be created due to the expanded business and higher job demand. Also, the 'entrepreneurs' from some industries that rely more on the immigrant labor force would probably boost their productivity and expand their market share. I wonder if maybe companies rely on hiring these immigrant groups and paying them less in order to be able to keep prices down. That, in turn, could have a negative influence on the need for job opportunities for locals and the overall wages of local workers. I feel this question is so important because it affects more than just the exceptions of people like me who are curious onlookers. When companies utilize the ability to employ lower-cost immigrant workers, it's really easy for them to take advantage of that, and then there's the potential for unforeseen negative effects on the local population's job availability and job wages in countries. Thank you.

    2. Absolutely! I completely agree with you. Immigration can bring numerous benefits to a country. Immigrants often bring diverse skills, knowledge, and ideas that can contribute to the growth and development of a nation. They can introduce new technologies, innovative practices, and different perspectives that can lead to improvements in various sectors, including agriculture. By embracing immigration, countries have the opportunity to tap into a pool of talent, creativity, and expertise that can drive progress and economic prosperity. It's great to hear that immigrants have made positive contributions to farming in your country.

      Thank you.

      1. Definitely, I agree with you that immigrants can also bring advantages to a country. They bring different skills and ideas to the table for the development of the country. For example, bringing ideas for the construction of roads. They can also help discover talent in people with their creativity and knowledge to help a country grow much bigger and better.

    3. Of course, I agree with you @harmmonious_mulberry because immigrants especially those who have certificates and expertise bring new ideas of technology, robots and even government agencies. This can improve enhances security and reduces errors.

  • Many people believe that immigrants are bad, although they do many things to help our economy and have good reasons to migrate to another country; such as to get better education, to find better jobs, or to escape from poverty. There are also many ways that our country can benefit from immigrants; for instance, they are filling labor needs, purchasing goods, and paying taxes. Our population also grows from immigrants opening up new jobs, higher economic growth, and more! We to can also learn something from immigrants as they might share their culture with or sharing their immigration journey and learning why they migrated here or what's going on in their country to cause them to come here. All in all, we can really benefit from immigrants as they help our economy, contributes to population growth, and can learn a thing or two from their experiences or culture.

    1. Hello,
      I have taken the same stance on immigrants. America is what It is today because of immigrants, and help from other countries. Ever since the 1500s, immigrants have been helping build this country brick by brick. A lot of railroads, houses, and buildings were built by immigrant laborer workers. They have also accomplished more for this country in other fields, like engineering and medicine. Sharing ideas with people from different countries has allowed us to get the best technology, and medicine possible.
      Immigrants have also increased the diversity of the country, there are people from all races, and many ethnicities in the US right now. I am very glad that there is diversity because when a place is more diverse, we widen our knowledge of other cultures, and are more likely to have a more respectful perspective towards other races, which decreases discrimination and hate in the world.

    2. Great idea unique expression ,most migrants go to other country just to explore their culture and traditions.in Nigeria we see so many immigrants who come every year just to experience our unique culture and traditions.and this people are contributing to our economic development, because during their stay they buy our food,go on tour,attend festivals and buy some of our art work.one of the items this immigrants like purchasing is our Aso òké and tye_dye.
      One important impact of immigrants is their ability to create innovative ideas and better solution to a particular thing.
      Am using this as an illustration
      In Nigeria we are know for our rich culture and traditions,before now we do eat with leaf and bare hands,but I guess an immigrant saw this and said the is a comfortable and hygienic way to do this ,so they decided to introduce the use of plate,spoon .
      We do use woods to cook,but now we has gas cook,stove and all that.if this people were not allowed to experience our culture and traditions, would our country have benefited from this great invention.
      One thing fascinate me about immigrants,is their love and respect for culture and traditions.

      1. Do all immigrants have love and respect for culture and traditions? How might it affect someone's opinion of immigrants if they had only experienced people who did not?

  • People used to migrated due to following reasons
    1 medical
    2 education
    3 Job Opportunities etc
    people from village do migrate to city

  • In my opinion that immigration have great benefits, it fuels the economy as the young people who travel or immigrate to work in specific places because they don’t have this chance in their country. increases the productive capacity of the economy, and raises the GDP, the most important thing is cultural diversity as they bring new languages, and new religions as the migration of African Americans from the southern United States to the northern states during the 20th century. some families immigrate to get The opportunity to for a better job to improve their quality of life and to give their children The opportunity for a better education
    Migration has played an important role in Egyptian society since the early 1970s. By the mid-2000s, remittances from migrants accounted for about 6% of Egypt’s GDP, which places Egypt among the top ten remittance-receiving countries in the world. With 5% of Egypt’s population estimated to be living abroad in 2006

  • Accepting immigrants will, in my opinion, greatly help your nation because they can bring fresh capabilities that your country is lacking.
    benefits of immigration.
    1. New talent is introduced by immigrants.
    2. Immigrants contribute to hard labor.
    A disadvantage faced by immigrants.
    1. They are able to introduce the negative behaviors of their nation.
    2. Certain crimes can be initiated by immigrants within the nation.
    eager to see any corrections.
    I'm grateful.

  • Hi
    I believe immigrants can benefit our country because some country need workers badly for example some country need doctors so immigrants can apply for the job so in this way many patients can be cured and that's how immigrants can benefit a country. And some countries can benefit immigrants by giving them job.

    1. I agree because... The immigrants are a benefit to the society by increasing the employment rate in the country.
      In some third world countries, to become a doctor, you will need to spend at least 8 years in the university and since they are in the third world countries some of them might not be able to get well paid job befitting of a doctor and as result seeking opportunities outside the country is always very attractive since it offers them better opportunities.

      However, there is are downsides I this these doctors that had immigrated to the other countries. They leave their own country vulnerable. For example, in my country, the doctor-patient ratio is one-to-eight, there is absolutely no was a single doctor can attend to eight thousand patients.

      1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

        1. Hi Chloe @ topical talk
          I think I know where he found his evidence. this evidence can be found in Nigerian news. There are 4 doctors to 10000patients and that is according to the WHO because in Nigeria people who studied medicine in university spend seven years studying to become a doctor however some doctors from Nigeria travel to other countries and apply for a job in order to benefit from the country's better standard of living and salaries since what they are earning at home cannot satisfy their needs.

  • There are many ways a country can benefit from immigrants but, Immigrants bring numerous benefits to the country they settle in this is because they bring numerous advantages to the country they settle in.
    Economic growth Immigrants fill labor gaps and start their businesses which helps contribute to economic growth
    Cultural Enrichment Immmigrators bring diverse cultures Adopting creativity and tolerance understanding new culture
    Skill Enhancement brings skills that were well used in their country like tailoring carpentry etc which can help drive innovations and expertise in various sectors
    community engagement helps them practice social community and practice their civil rights
    these are all benefits of immigrants
    Thank You

  • Immigrants should be accepted into a country because diversity in backgrounds and skill sets, including immigrants in medical and engineering fields, can bring fresh ideas and progress to companies. Failing to welcome them may lead to missed opportunities. Therefore, immigrants should be allowed to work so they will improve the country's GDP and profit. But sometimes, there might be cons related to countries that accept immigrants. For example, immigration increases the population, which can strain public services.

  • I believe immigrants are beneficial because they come with many skills. They move to the US to work and have better lives. With immigrants we would have more people in jobs a boost in economy. Immigrants also don't expect high pay including how in their past country they would get paid about 2 dollars.

  • Hi,
    Immigration has many benefits for both the country and the immigrants themselves. Economically, immigrants fill employment gaps, create jobs, and contribute to economic growth through taxes which results in the incresing of the countrys GDP. Immigrants support society by spreading their own culturally diverse perspectives, traditions and skills. Like if a immigrant comes to a country then that person can become a doctor, a engineer or anything which will surely take the country to the heights.
    Thank You

    1. Hello! Thank you for sharing your views on the positive impacts of immigration - could you please expand more on how a country would benefit from being exposed to culturally diverse perspectives?

  • In my opinion, the most important way that a country might benefit from accepting immigrants are as follows:
    1) Cultural expansion
    If a country accepts immigrants then the people from the other different countries will bring diversity in culture
    of the country. Immigrants will bring new types of traditions in the country.
    2) Economic growth
    Immigrants will help to increase productivity and helps bring new types of businesses which will help to contribute economic growth of the count.
    3) New skills and technology
    Immigrants will bring new and different types of skill and technology from different countries across the world which will also help in development of the country.
    4) International relationship
    Accepting immigrants from different countries will help to maintain good relationship with them.
    If a country doesn't accept immigrants then they will left behind in respect to other countries in the development like North Korea. The development of the country becomes very slow if it doesn't accept immigrants. My country has also been affected by immigrants.Immigranta are helping to bring new ideas and innovations. Many new types of businesses are also being started by the immigrants.

    1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

  • Immigration has many benefits than emigration, immigrants brings skills and talent to countries why emigrants bring burden to countries. Accepting the traditions , customs, beliges and norms if immigrants can help in developing a country.

  • In opinion I think immigration will affect countries positively by bring news ideas for agriculture and businesses. New cuisines and clothes will be added. The country's economy will increase, and the trading market will flourish. Job rates will increase, and new jobs will be introduced. Immigrates can help the environment by doing a lot of community services. Immigrates can help in fuel growth and start business that improve the economy. Immigrates can help in education by being teachers this way students can have enough teachers, migrates can help in medicines to by being herbalists and even doctors. The native people in countries can learn new languages and learn many effective skills that help grow their economy. Immigrates can creates way to develop houses, schools, advanced technologies. Native people can learn immigrates culture, arts and the ways they display their talents. I believe with the help of immigrates countries economy will flourish like never before.

  • Countries could really benefit from immigrants, the main reasons I am saying this is because:
    1. An immigrant could be a potential entrepreneur.
    2. If the immigrant has good work ethic, that will really benefit the county.
    3. You would never know if an immigrant can bring glory to the country.
    4. When immigrants do labor they can increase the economies GPA.

    1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

  • The most important way a country might benefit from accepting immigrants is to increase the productive capacity of the economy and raise GDP. Without immigrants, our US economy would be a 'disaster,' experts say "Where there's economic growth, there's immigration." Opposing popular belief, immigrants don't take away jobs from American workers. Instead, they create new jobs by forming new businesses, spending their incomes on American goods and services, paying taxes and raising U.S. businesses.

    1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

  • One of the most important ways a country might benefit from accepting immigrants is the diverse number in their GDP. Adding more people can add more jobs, which would make more money and economic impact for their country. This increases the number of capital goods being produced in the country. This creates more economic impact positively because of the increase in technology to create these skyrocketing GDP amounts.

    1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

  • To add on to my earlier comment, immigrants also add diverse changes to the country, so the traditions, customs, people, and holidays would be mixtures and uniquely known. The more unique and different a country is, the more tourists and money the nation creates and earns. If there is something that a nation did not previously have, they would maybe also skyrocket in those fields and boost their economic needs as well as their citizens' needs.

  • According to me, Immigration has great benefits like it helps in stimulating more global connections and increase in economies of the country.
    In recent years we have seen a lot of wars, most utmost ones like Russian-Ukraine war and Israel-Hamas war which lead to a lot of disconnections and fall in economy.
    Immigration can help countries maintain peace and tranquility with each other, it can even increase the number of hands(assets) for countries. Which can help countries to develop economically and socially.

    Thank you.

  • Hello!
    From my perspective, one of the benefits of accepting immigrants into a country is because of increased economic output. This is because the more immigrants are accepted into a country, the larger the labor force will enlarge and the productive capacity of the economy. Therefore there is a great advantage to countries who accept immigrants.
    Thank you!

  • I believe that immigration may improve the nation in a variety of ways, some of which are as follows:
    1. New talents and a strong work ethic are two traits that immigrants frequently bring to the workforce, which can mimic economic growth through higher productivity.
    2. Different cultures and languages that they have adopted from their home nations are brought by immigrants.
    3. Immigrants support the continuation of vital services by filling gaps in sectors of the economy that are experiencing a labor shortage.
    4. Despite obstacles, effective integration initiatives can promote social cohesiveness and a feeling of solidarity and acceptance across various communities.
    All things considered, immigrants are essential to the growth and development of the economy since they provide significant contributions that can boost its vibrancy.

  • Hi friends
    I believe that accepting immigrants can have a positive impact on the country because they can introduce new materials that can develop the country even through the smallest way. Also, accepting immigrants can welcome skillful people to work in the community that can even help them. For example, if there are a few amount of nurses in that country, immigrants can have that occupation that will increase the amount of nurses. It is most likely to occur because the immigrants who have come to their country might introduce the country to other co- workers and friends which will make the number of nurses now increase because other people will love to come and live in a good environment.

  • When immigrants come to our country they bring plenty of benefits. Their knowledge could help many things. For example ,their ideas can make businesses a lot better. They bring in plenty of new things not just for their beliefs but their skills. They may not be from our country but that does not mean they can't help. Sometimes immigrants can help more than others since they bring in a variety of new ideas. If a country does not accept immigrants they will most likely miss out on new ideas that could make their country better.

  • HELLO!
    When a country accepts immigrants,it can benefit big time! They bring skills, boost the economy, and add cultural diversity. It's a win-win!

    If a country doesn't accept immigrants, it might miss out on the economic and cultural contributions they can bring. It could limit diversity and potential growth. Embracing immigration can be beneficial for a country's progress and development.

    Immigration has had a significant impact on Nigeria. People from different countries have migrated to Nigeria, bringing their cultures, traditions, and skills. This has contributed to the cultural diversity and economic growth of the country. Immigration has helped shape Nigeria into a vibrant and multicultural nation.

  • The topic of immigrants has always been controversial there are people that support it and people that don't. I believe that immigrants can really help our country because they can create new innovations with the things they were taught in their country whether it be the way they cook, clean, teach etc. Immigrants only want a better life for themselves so i'm sure they would do anything as long as they are somewhat financially stable or have what they need. If a country does not accept immigrants they would be missing out on people trying to create a better life for themselves as well as a different perspective. I doubt any countries don't accept immigrants tho because how would you not accept someone just because they weren't born in your country? you never know what they are capable of.

  • An amazing way I think countries could benefit from accepting immigrants is for economic purposes. As said in the video by Deputy editor Robert, immigrants can bring great ideas from their country into a new one. This way, this country will be open to perhaps new businesses or will feed on the ideas to create new things. If a country were to not accept any immigrants, the country would not be diverse. The country would not advance in a lot of ways. The country would probably be stuck on the same things and even the way the population is treated. Also using North Korea as an example, people are living very miserably compared to my country, here in the U.S. They are under rule much like people were centuries ago. Immigration in my country has put many walls in between all people from different countries. Immigration has brought some people to think they are less because they're from a different country, and what they are doing is wrong.

  • In my opinion, the most important way a country might benefit from accepting immigrants is that the country would hae a good name and bepraised by those in support of accepting immigrants. The country that doesn't accept immigrants would be shamed or supported. My country does not really have institutions to hold immigrants, but I am sure that if my country gets the chance, we would accept immigrants and support them in their time of need. It makes me sad when I hear that some countries tur away immigrants, I mean they are just trying to get to safety away from their dangerous homeland, most with their families. They simply want to keep themselves and their families safe from any danger. If our countries were to be in dangerous situations, we would surely want to find a sanctuary. You need to consider how you would feel in their position.

  • Immagration could actually benefit the country in many ways. When they arrive at the country, they would need a new place and find a job. Finding a job and earning money also means increasing the country's GDP (economic system). Culture is also a main way a country could benefit from accepting immigrants. We get to discover their tradition, food, clothing, religions, and many other! They also bring their skills and jobs. Some immigrants can work as interpreters as they can speak more than one language. They have different experience and practices from their homes and countries and provides different ways to solve problems or do things. Sometimes, they have connections with other countries which could make trading easier and better.

    Many people don't appreciate the benefits immigrants provide for their country. If a country doesn't accept any immigrants, their economic system would probably never grow again. There would be no workers for factories or industries and no entrepreneurs. They wouldn't be able to learn new skills or cultures.

    In my country, there are many different people of different race that work in various jobs. Some are teachers, doctors, accountants, policemen, etc. Now, people are always learning new things about different cultures and practices. It doesn't make the country boring at all!

  • I advocate for the positive impact of immigrants on our nation, as they bring valuable skills such as medicine and engineering, enhancing our country's development. Immigrants contribute to innovation and diversity within companies, enriching our society with fresh perspectives and abilities. Denying immigrants entry could result in missed opportunities for progress. It's crucial to embrace inclusivity and avoid excluding individuals based on their origins.

  • The most important way a country might benefit from accepting immigrants is having all types of different cultures come to the United States. something that might happen to a country that won't accept immigrants is if that country that didn't accept the immigrants in the first place goes into a war I'm more than sure that the country that they did not help would not help them in return. Immigrants have overpopulated already overpopulated areas in the United States. in cases like New York for example New York was already an extremely populated area but with the addition of immigrants and it's just made it worse. not just for the immigrants but for the people of New York as well. it's bad for the immigrants because some people believe that they shouldn't be there and choose to use violence to get them to leave.

  • Primarily ,immigration is the process whereby an individual travel from their initial country to another on order to earn a living I think that immigrant can benefit our country I say this because economically those in need of the immigration argue that immigrant helps in contributing by boosting the economy and adding the labour supply ,And promoting innovation.

  • There are many benefits to immigration! It can contribute to economic growth by bringing in new skills, talents, and innovation. Immigrants often fill labor market gaps and start businesses, creating jobs for both themselves and locals. Additionally, cultural exchange and diversity can lead to a more inclusive and tolerant society. These are just a few of the positive impacts of immigration. It can help to increase knowledge skills opportunities and help in building up the community and understanding the culture of the people around it.

    1. I agree with you. Economic expansion, cultural interchange, cuisine, learning a new language and speaking a different dialect, and changes in fashion are all advantages of immigration. Immigration has increased the number of people living in each country and given rise to a large number of employment. Part of this increase in population has come from inter-immigrant marriages between natives of the host country and immigrants. As a vital component of education, migration is also beneficial for the advancement of education. For instance, when professors and instructors relocate, they carry with them a greater body of knowledge from their home nation that will benefit students in the new location.

  • Hi,
    I realized that this topic in general has a lot of different perspectives and a lot of complex concepts, and it is a little hard to understand what the real aim of these immigration policies, some people may be against it, others may see it as a very good step and some may not really have much to say about it, like they are unsure of how it makes them feel, I am actually among the people that are unsure, but I didn't let my feeling get it in way of researching about this topic and though these policies have their disadvantages but they also have their advantages, and we can't judge because everything has a good side as well as a bad side and these laws are not excluded, they may not always be in favor of everyone but they ae made for the good o everyone and not with bad intentions. One of the main advantages of immigration policies that caught my attention is that these policies can bring about economic growth and innovation in a country. Migrants if given the opportunity to gain access to different parts of the world can bring a lot of growth and development in their economy, as a come from different places and backgrounds and they also have different and diverse skills, knowledge and even expertise that could even improve or enhance the level of productivity off that country, like if you go to countries that have a small population and also shortages of skilled workers in different aspects, Migrants could help a lot in changing and turning that situation around. This is one of the many advantages of immigration policies, so no matter what we shouldn't have a negative mindset on everything because not everything is entirely bad especially these immigration laws. I hope of have done justice in my explanation.
    Thank you!

  • Hi everyone.
    I think the most important way a country might benefit from accepting immigrants is through economic growth. Accepting immigrants can help a country's economy by filling labour shortages in sectors where there may be a lack of local workers, such as healthcare, agriculture, and hospitality. Additionally, immigrants often start businesses, creating jobs and stimulating economic growth.

    If a country doesn't allow immigrants to come and work, there might not be enough people to do important jobs like healthcare, agriculture, and other essential work. This could make it harder for the country's economy to grow.

    Yes, immigration has had a significant impact on Ghana. Historically, Ghana's immigrants have contributed to the diversity of Ghana's cultural landscape, bringing with them different traditions, languages, and practices. This cultural exchange has enriched Ghana's societal fabric and contributed to the country's multicultural identity.s been a destination for immigrants from neighbouring countries, such as Togo and Cote d'Ivoire, as well as from other parts of the world. This influx of immigrants has influenced various aspects of Ghanaian society, including its cultural diversity, economy, and labour market.

    1. I agree because... If a country were to stop accepting immigrants, the country’s economy would most definitely suffer. Immigrants increase the number of people working in a country. Immigrants have the ability to bring scarce skills that add to the skills that the workers in the country already have. If countries were to cut back the rate at which it accepts immigrants, there would be a very negative effect on the whole country and the quality of life in the country will reduce. The country's potential and economic growth would slow down and the country will become less productive. The labour force in a country will also be low because of the fact that population is low. Immigrants increase the supply of labour in the society. More people willing and able to work means that there will be more goods and services being produced by the country and businesses. Because of this, the amount of a country's output will increase, providing more money for the country.

  • Hey,
    I feel a country could benefit a lot from hosting or accepting immigrants, this is because immigrants are from different cultures and also different backgrounds when they migrate to other countries, they promote diversity among people in the country bringing together people of different tribes and cultures. Diversity could really be of a great advantage to many countries, some of these advantages are firstly, the people of the host country will be given a chance to interact with people from different backgrounds or countries, the immigrants could also introduce people of the host country to new ideas and perspectives on different issues or topics and can also expose them to foreign cultures that they did not know about. It could also help prevent echo-chambers as diversity helps people to be exposed to people from different backgrounds with different opinions. So people will not be restricted to only information in their country.

    Another advantage immigrants could provide to their host country is that they could create innovative and lucrative business ideas and develop businesses which could be of a great advantage to their host countries economy. An example of businesses which could be created by immigrants is the establishment of Nigerian restaurants in Canada. These restaurants are mostly owned by Nigerian immigrants who found a way to make money by providing the citizens of the host country a taste of food from their homeland or country. These immigrants, with the aid of their businesses are also helping their host countries economy.

    1. Thank you for using real examples in your explanations. Those restaurants sound great!

  • I can quite say that while living in my country, I have met a considerable number of immigrants, some from Lebanon, China, India, Syria, and many more, and living amongst them has been a great ride and it still is, all of them work in their own way to make my country a better place, some educate, some brought their technology from their home countries, what I am trying to say is that immigrants have really helped my country and Nigerians in other countries have helped those countries in which they have migrated to. Every country has the potential to be great but what they need is the help of others, immigrants can bring their technologies from their country to their place of settlement, they too can also contributions to, look at Barrack Obama, his father was an immigrant from Kenya, and Obama became the first black president in the United States, countries should understand that although immigrants are different, their differences can help make that country greater.
    Thank you for reading my views.

  • Accepting immigrants can help the nation. There are several advantages to welcoming immigrants, not the least of which is that a welcoming nation will gain international recognition.
    However, there are situations when it will be extremely difficult to accept immigrants since some immigrants are bad citizens. If a country accepts these people, it would become corrupt and its population will become initiated.
    It will be extremely difficult for our nation to welcome immigrants because some came only to take advantage of our natural resources before fleeing.
    Therefore, you should be aware of their origins if you plan to welcome immigrants.
    eager to see any corrections.
    I'm grateful.