The Enhanced Games

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I have been interested in many of the festival topics but the one I most enjoyed is the Enhanced Games. It is very similar to the Olympic Games but you can use many different drugs to give yourself an advantage in your strength, speed and so on. An Australian businessman came up with the idea and is currently trying to raise money to get it started in 2025. The Enhanced Games caught my attention most out of all the topics as I found it quite intriguing because there are many different views on the particular topic and it is interesting to find out what different people think about it.

There are many different perspectives on the topic: gold medal winners, young children and even scientists. Gold medal winners will most likely be disappointed that this is what it has come to and annoyed that they had to work so hard and now people can take performance enhancing drugs to boost their chances of winning. On the other hand some people will see this as an opportunity and will be happy that they get to compete in the Olympic Games with drugs to make themselves perform better. Some people might also find it interesting to see the Enhanced Games take place; they could see it as an experiment. Furthermore, our future generation might think that drugs are right because they see them being used in the Enhanced Games. They might also think that you don’t have to work as hard to be strong or successful in the games so they won’t work to strive for their goal and might not work as hard as they could.

My opinion is that the Enhanced games should not be authorised. One of my reasons for this is that it will be unfair as some countries are richer than others which means they will be able to buy more and more drugs for the athletes representing their country than the poorer countries will, giving the richer countries an advantage. Furthermore, it also plays a big role in your health.What if the drugs were not tested carefully? It is possible that the athletes could still get addicted to it and their health could start declining rapidly. Additionally, some athletes could be allergic to something in the drugs which would be unfair to them and the country they are representing.

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  • I disagree because it is unfair for people who may be allergic to these specific drugs.Also if you take to many drugs it may make you great now but in the future it will be horrible for your body

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Enhanced Games. Your concens about fairness, health implications , and potential disparties between richer and poorer countries are valid points. It is important to take into consideration the well-being and integrity of the athletes in any competitve game.
    Some athletes and fans may see the use of performance-enhancing drugs as a wa to go over the limit and achieve mor , it is important to have values of fairness, and equal opportunities for all players.
    By standing with strict regulations and promoting fair competition , we can assure athletes are competing on a fair ground and the focus still remains the same dedication, perseverance and achievement rather those fake enhancements.
    I did further research and came upon a question for the topical talkers to answer: What are your thoughts on implementing stringent measures to prevent the misuse of performance-enhancing drugs and safeguarding the health and fairness of athletes in competitive sports?.

  • You have really made a good point. The countries that are richer will be able to afford this enhance drugs which will give them an advantage over the other other countries and this would lead to them having continuous victory over the other countries because the other ones cannot afford as much as the rich country. This will definitely make the other athletes to lose interest in the spots as such the games will no longer be fun rather it is only going to be a game of those who can afford it.
    Because of this reason I think it is better not to even allow the use of the enhanced drugs so that the sports will be fun and the athletes will compete fair and square.

  • I completely agree with you that performance enhancement drugs should not be allowed. This is because if they are allowed many athletes lives would be at risk. Also countries with more financial resources could continuously by and administer this drugs so they are athletes jeopardizing their health and future. If the use of this drug is allowed, it can lead to overuse of drugs in pursuit for victory. So I believe it is important to stop the use of this drugs to ensure the safety of all athletes