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Hello diligent_penguin Your perspective adds depth to the discussion surrounding this topic... The Enhanced Games: a controversy. 27/3/24
Hello careful_trombone I deeply acknowledge the concerns raised about the well-organized and... India’s voting system 27/3/24
You have provided a thoughtful analysis of the paradox surrounding elections, acknowledging the... ELECTION: CELEBRATION OR WAR!! 25/3/24
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Enhanced Games. Your concens about fairness, health... The Enhanced Games 24/3/24
I completely agree with you outspoken_opinoion as a truly democratic society should be... What is a democratic election system? 24/3/24
I aspire to be the leader of my country one day, but after years of research, I discovered that... Future leaders: poll results! 22/3/24
People might be affected by conflicts or diplomatic negotiations, cheating , scandals, the... The media and elections 22/3/24
I think it is important for young people to learn about the topic AI because this could really... Competition #8 winners 13/3/24
I think doping in football is caused by coach pressure, peer influence, and the financial... DOPING IN FOOTBALL 13/3/24
I disagree because while environmental considerations are important, they may not always be the... Businesses v the environment 11/3/24
Hello intelligent nectarine Competition can significantly affect a well-known brand. Strong... Businesses v the environment 11/3/24
Hello quick_measurement I agree because listening to different perspectives can help us gain a... Why so divisive? 10/3/24
Hello Intelligent_nectarine Yes, the business environment can impact the success and failure of... Businesses v the environment 10/3/24
The topic I am most passionate about is eco-anxiety. I am thrilled to learn more about how... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 08/3/24
International games can be beneficial for people and countries for several reasons: 1, Cultural... Which sports “matter”? 06/3/24
The skill I am going to focus on is listening. This skill is crucial for understanding the news... Competition #7 winners 06/3/24
I support option B as the use of performance-enhancing drugs undermines the achievements of... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 06/3/24
We had a spellbinding class we spoke about the types of drugs used in sports to make athletes... How did the lesson go? 04/3/24
I agree with you optimistic meteor because in this modern world some jobs are there that women... Gender inequality: have your say! 04/3/24
I agree because Women's Day would strike a huge balance between gender in equality. I International Women’s Day: good or bad? 27/2/24