The media and election.

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In recent years, social media sites play a major role in the elections, it attempts to control the public opinion. As social media becomes a platform for politicians, even on social media site TikTok created for fun there are plenty of political talk.

People are spending more time on their phones so, these platforms can enable candidates to reach voters. About 82% of adults in the United States say they often get news from a digital device that why media can be powerful for the elections.

Theses days we can see social media and elections go hand in hand. For example when someone shares a photo of voting on one of social media sites that can remind others and encourage them for voting.

On the other hand social media can affect elections negatively by spreading misinformatin, fake news and propaganda influence voters toward a particular way of thinking.

Finally, but not least, social media negatively affect the way things are going in the world.

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  • I believe that media can influence elections positively or negatively but at the same time they are responsible for informing us.
    A politician wouldn't be wouldn't be known to the public without the help of media. But I don't think that reliable media control the public.
    It is their duty to inform and nowadays we are mire than ever informed with details about elections.
    This make us more aware of who is the best leader and then it's up to us to decide.
    Let's not forget that a vote is secret so in the end we have the final say.

  • I totally agree with you. The thing you have mentioned in this standpoint is fabulous.
    I believe that during election, the media serves as a crucial intermediary between political candidates and the public. It plays an vital role in informing voters about candidates, their platforms, and important issues. The media coverage can influence voter perceptions, shape public opinion, and ultimate impact election outcome.

    1. I completely agree with you because the media is a very powerful tool during elections. they can influence and change the opinions of the general public. but it has its disadvantages because candidates because they can be bribed and they would give wrong information especially when they villainize the name of another candidate.

  • Hi topical talk
    What I know about the media and election
    The media is a watch dog of the society and their have responsibility of passing the information to the citizens . The election is when electorate cast their votes and choose who will governe them. The media will inform the citizens where and when election will hold, and after the election the media will get information about who wins the election and how many citizens casted their votes.

    1. Hello talented cicada, I want to add to your definition of the media. The media is also a place where news is spread, whether true or not. The media is also a kind of gossip blog. There has been a lot of concerns of the media over the past few years. Some problems like addiction, there are a lot of teenagers out there who stay on their beds from when they wake up till when they sleep, some don't even sleep. Another worry is the constant spread of fake news and one of the reasons why we are yet to resolve that issue is because we don't know the cause. An account owner could just put anonymous as his or her name and we cannot even track them down. So, let's try our very best to avoid becoming like people like that.

    2. HELLO talented cicada,
      I agree with you because the media are the key to our problem, why i said the media is the key to our problem is because the media have the courage and confident to say the truth but some don't because there are shy and scared to say the truth because of the fear of the consequences of saying the truth but i think that should not deter them as the truth will help stir people in the right direction.
      THANK YOU!!!

  • Besides affecting elections, I think that social media also helps people see politicians and what they stand for. How politicians act on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram affects how people see them – whether they're trustworthy and good for the job or not. Social media lets politicians talk directly to voters. So, politicians need to use social media to put out statements and share their thoughts with the public. Depending on what they write and how they act on social networks, people will form their opinions and decide who they will vote for.

  • Hi,
    I believe that the media affects both negatively and positively the elections but it is the social media's fault for informing us. Firstly, someone could post a person voting so it is encouraging us to vote. On the other hand, social media can influence politicians and make people vote for them. Thus encouraging us to vote for that specific person. So today many politicians make accounts on various platforms like TikTok, Youtube e.t.c. Also ,many people will spread fake news and propaganda or insulting someone in order to make someone else the leader. In my opinion, each person has his/her opinion and mustn't be affected by other people's opinion.

  • In today’s world, electronic media in its every form is a big source of mass communicationIt educates people. Through television and radio programs, people get to learn about health matters, environmental conservation, and much more.available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, live; you may quickly get news or business updates on your smartphone, television, or news channel. The largest 
    But it also have dis advantages