Because of Ai, will the world turn good, bad or good and bad.

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Hello topical talk.

Now onto the bad, Ai taking over jobs will make people have no job which means no money and to improve the bad, you need yourself an Ai in which you control and then you would get money.

Thank you

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  • The way AI is created, used, and governed will determine how positive or negative of an impact it has on society. AI can have simultaneous positive and negative effects. AI-enabled automation frees up humans from laborious or hazardous jobs so they can concentrate on higher-value, more creative activities. AI has the power to completely transform several industries, bringing about a rise in production, efficiency, and creativity.
    Fears of automation-related job loss and economic instability could result in increased unemployment and income inequality. Concerns about misuse of personal data, surveillance, and privacy infringement are major issues with AI-powered systems. It's essential to recognize that AI's impact will likely be a combination of positive and negative outcomes, depending on various factors such as context, implementation, and governance. Balancing the potential benefits of AI with its risks and challenges requires careful consideration of its impact on individuals, communities, and society as a whole. Let's be conscious about AI and used it in positive purpose only.

  • To say that AI will take human's jobs you need first to check out from the AI situation now , until now AI still a stuped tool can't to do any thing by it self and when I say any thing I mean that AI with wrong inputs is just a nothing .
    but for now AI sill a stuped tool and needs a very specific inputs to have an acceptable results , for me I hope if we can develop it more and more because AI is very useful at studying things and it's very useful in getting information .

    1. I agree as I know that right now Ai has been solving problems that you proberly need but later in the future, there will be problems that Ai is doing like there are NOT making common sense and will encounter a problem in the future and to end everything, the world would be peaceful instead of Ai and it will give us flying cars and futuristic trains like

      So what I said, world would be peaceful with no ai

  • Artificial Intelligence is slowly becoming one of the greatest parts of our lives technologically.
    The question of whether it makes the world good or bad is quite presumptuous.
    The world on it's own is neither a pure nor friendly place to begin with, the implementation of AI only had a little effect on an already corrupt world.
    Artificial Intelligence is both good and bad depending on how it is used. It can be the greatest tool ever created in efficiency and accuracy or a weapon of destruction.

  • I feel like the world will both benefit and be harmed by AI. I believe this is the case because many people deal with hunger issues. It is estimated around 1 in 10 people are dealing with hunger issues. If we can make an AI chef, the world can benefit from this. A downside of this, though, is that the environment would suffer from more pollution. If pollution keeps on appearing like this, countries with high population densities will become unsuitable for life. An example is India, with the highest number of people there than on the planet. Soon or later, humans would then have to figure out how to make artificial air, which makes it seem like we do not see the true beauty of nature.

  • I think AI will be both good and bad because it has its pros and cons. Some of its pros are that it can be helpful in education, it can help with Medicare, and help you do many other tasks. The cons are that it's taking a lot of jobs, causing unemployment, and there have been some accidents with AI. In conclusion, AI can do some great things, and bad things, so it can get tricky trying to determine exactly how it may impact the future.