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I agree with ur take on this. Artificial Intelligence is very useful to human beings and is a... AI and The Future: Beneficial or Detrimental 27/3/24
I strongly agree with this. Yes, There are specific roles which men and women play in a society... Stereotypes 26/3/24
Artificial Intelligence is slowly becoming one of the greatest parts of our lives... Because of Ai, will the world turn good, bad or good and bad. 26/3/24
The top priority of a prison is punishment. A prison in simple terms is a place where... What’s the purpose of prisons? 28/2/24
International games are extremely beneficial to the host countries and its citizens for various... Which sports “matter”? 28/2/24
Yes and no. If a celebrity has made an agreement with a company to be the face of that company... The “face” of a business 25/2/24
I personally believe that there is no such thing as "too much negative news". The negative news... Too much negative news? 25/2/24
I agree the most with option A. "Increase the pay of prison staff" I believe that this is the... Prison staff 22/2/24
I agree with option A "International Women’s Day is great because it reminds the world about... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 20/2/24
I strongly agree with option A. "Nations that fail women,fail." This stood out to me because,... “Nations that fail women, fail.” 20/2/24
I believe the best possible opportunity for prisoners to change is the Youth Court in New... Reformation 17/2/24
Good day! Boycotts are a common way people use to poorly impact the development of a company... Are boycotts helpful? 17/2/24
I agree the most with option A. "The company that developed the AI is responsible. It shouldn’t... AI accident: who is responsible? 17/2/24
I strongly agree with the statement you made "These root causes, and more, are almost impossible... Prevention or protection? 13/2/24
In developing regions, Artificial Intelligence will have a great impact resulting on many... Will AI transform the emerging world? 13/2/24
A good caption providing a reasonable explanation for this diagram would be: "Small steps in... Caption this! 12/2/24
I am a proud citizen of Nigeria. Nigeria is situated in West Africa and has one of the most... Meet our school communities! 08/2/24
In the classroom, we all discussed this topic and looked at many different perspectives on age... Age restrictions 08/2/24
I strongly agree with your take on this. AI was created as a form of digital "assistance"... AI companion 06/2/24
The topic which I am most interested in is "Breaking news". My reasoning being that I get to... Meet our Festival topics! 06/2/24