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Do you think International Womans day is useful for women in the media?

I and many other people think and can see how International Women’s Day can cause an impact to the world its self and I think it is something that can help and show us the great women that live in the world or who have lived and made an impact to the world and it can show and raise awareness and show off women's many accomplishments in the world,

But I can also see how other people think that it has done nothing and isn't helping women in the media or overall also, it is sadly and slightly accurate as well as what has International Women’s Day actually done, we have been celebrating International Women’s Day for 1011 years (according to google) and many people have asked “what has it actually done for now?” but,

I believe it has helped show off the great women of the world and made their accomplishments more public, but it is important to note that we, as a society still do not and will never (probably) have full equality in the world but with International Womans day it has help to close the gap that had been made between men and women this is one small push to a slightly more equal world.

Thank you for listening.

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  • I agree because... people may ask what it's for, and the results of having international women's day may not be extremely visible or game changing, but there are definitely benefits of it. I personally am proud of the day, and I know a lot of other young women are too.
    Seeing women that have made powerful impacts on the World we live in on social media will always inspire many girls across the World. Learning about the history of the female gender and how we've managed to go from people whom weren't respected or given huge opportunities, to leaders and incredible innovators is very indulging.
    By celebrating International women's day I believe we are making a difference in the minds of young women or even older women who feel like they can't reach their goal. The inspirational stories of women from the past like Rosa Parks and Eleanor Roosevelt, as well as women from our present like Malala Yousafzai and Michelle Obama can be lifechanging for any woman.
    I also believe, together as women, our enthusiasm about international women's day is also part of what makes the day so amazing, and I hope that we remember that one of the reasons we have it, is to remember where we came from and look at where we are now.

  • We should have more International women’s day because technically everyday is international men’s day because international women’s day is only just a day or a few weeks I really don’t would be like 347 days is international men’s day and 18 days just for international women’s day (this would just be my suggestion by the way) but WE SHOULD HAVE MORE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY that’s me for today so

    bye topical talkers!

  • International Women's Day has definitely helped push more equality for women and gives people more knowledge on amazing women in history but it has not helped as much as other events. In my personal opinion, I see way less information during Internal Women's Day since it is only one specific day and not a full month (such as Hispanic Heritage month, Black History month, Asian Pacific Islander month, etc). There would most likely be bigger impact if we changed it from just a singular day of celebrating great, brave historic women to a full month or even a week.

  • I don’t think that international women’s day supports women in media as they focus on the sports side of thing. How the pay gap in football players has lessened over the past few years and they also talk about the Stem side of things how women can now be engineers or scientists such as Marie curie but if you think about it ask any random kid in a park if they can name any famous women in media 1/10 times someone can name someone will answer saying someone such as Oprah Winfrey but despite all these the day is good as it is a step towards a kinder and more fairer world and I agree with some people on this subject that it helps celebrate what we have done in the world how we were their to see it happen how we helped shape our futures and presents. This day creates an opportunity to celebrate women no matter who they are and it creates a sense of optimism for young women as it makes them believe that if another woman can do that then so can they. Which is for me one of the true meanings of international women’s day.